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but Kawano said he was confident the Japan Self Defense Forces (JSDF), as the military is known, would win over public opinion.

Kawano must also have in store a plan to implement a military draft. Today's young Japanese who opt for military service look at their jobs as a 9~5 gig; they haven't the will to fight foreign wars. Forced conscription is right down the road, mark my words.

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The seeds' of war and repression have been sowed. These ares not the words of a histrionic liberal, but rather a man of Jewish heritage who has seen such "low-key, innocuous" acts in the name of protection of freedom and the homeland go genocidally awry in the dark past.

Japan being essentially a one-party state like China for the last 65 years(or much more) has leaders resorting to the same shenanigans of yore: What you can't have (economic prosperity) through peaceful means becomes a pretense for creating phantom enemies. War - and the endless preparation thereof) - is good business not just for the zaibatsu forces but for the real enforcer and big brother, the good ol' USA.

Taking away liberties is not usually an overnight process. The artful-and-designing LDP has de-fanged all political opposition and now they will muzzle them totally with this new law.

There may be legal responses to this Abe power play (see below), but the legal system has - until this point - been just a rubber-stamp, wimpy estate for nuclear energy, rampant corruption, and illegal acts shirked off as inevitable.

Here is the silver lining in attacking this horrible law in higher courts:

Article 16. Every person shall have the right of peaceful petition for the redress of damage, for the removal of public officials, for the enactment, repeal or amendment of laws, ordinances or regulations and for other matters; nor shall any person be in any way discriminated against for sponsoring such a petition.

Article 17. Every person may sue for redress as provided by law from the State or a public entity, in case he has suffered damage through illegal act of any public official.

Let's hope that a miracle happens: The legal system will give The People a chance to level the playing field against the boorish LDP and their war-mongering, liberty-threatening policies.

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Dumb and dumber apathetics of Japan: Get ready for forced conscription. I predicted it with the rise of Adolph Abe, and now it is ever closer.

Japan is the true bitch of American hegemony in the Far East, and the artful-and-designing provacative acts of visiting the Yasukuni Shrine annually and buying islands under dispute amply convey the hawkish, diabolical relationship between the the US and Japan.

If push comes to shove, the Communists of China are more able to control and suppress the masses civily than the quasi-democracy called Japan with its sordid history.

Japanese better get ready for jack-boot cops smashing down doors to capture the insurgents - that's virtually everyone in Japan who will - at that moment of truth - seriously regret having let Adolph Abe rise from the ashes.

And the Americans may find that Abe (and his more high-handed henchmen waiting in the wings) may turn out to be another corrupt, genocidal,uncontrollable, unpredictable Hussein clone somewhere down the short road.

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There is no crime here and nothing to be sorry for on a criminal front. Hypocrisy from all those apologizing.

It should be the parents who repent because obviously they never said No to their lovely. When she got on her own, she was ill-equipped to deal with consequences for her recklessness and selfishness. So many parents unwittingly create monsters, though they may be cute and voluptuous and beyond reproach in their formative years.

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