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Sue Jones comments

Posted in: Nishikori reaches new milestone at French Open See in context

Wife just told me if you want to watch him you have to pay WOW WOW.

Internet streaming is easy to find any live sports

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Posted in: Starbucks comes to Tottori; poster compares it to Perry arriving in Japan See in context

My choice then was always Mister Donuts. Decent coffee, cheap, and free refills. And still a pretty good bet, but you won't find any in central Tokyo

Um, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Sangenjaya, Shibuya........ Aren't they central Tokyo?

It's true, pre-Starbucks days were dismal. Much better now. Even if you don't like them you have to give them credit for giving the old coffee shops here in Tokyo the motivation to improve atmosphere, prices and options

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Posted in: Citigroup seeking to sell Diners Club business in Japan with retail unit See in context

It's not a "rumor" that Citibank is leaving Japan, it's a fact. They are selling all the retail business and will close all branches. As an account holder, I'm waiting to see which bank buys it before transferring everything to my Shinsei account. Shinsei basically does all that Citi does for me but cheaper (free domestic transfers, no minimum deposit).

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Posted in: Kate Bush returns to stage after 35 years See in context

I'll be at the concert next week!! Been a fan since she first appeared on Top of the Pops singing Wuthering Heights. Couldn't believe it when I got through to buy tickets on my iPad. Was in Shinjuku frantically entering my cc details at Yoshinoya lol! Lost the figure (haven't we all), but apparently her voice is still mesmerizing. Can't wait!

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Posted in: Man arrested after jumping from aircraft at Narita airport See in context

Besides why did he do it, I want to know why no other passengers tried to stop him.

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Posted in: Maeda to lead Japan against MLB stars in November See in context

Anybody know any news when the tickets go on sale?

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Posted in: Neymar cried 'I can't feel my legs' after challenge See in context

Knobby, I think broken noses for 2 US players count as well

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Posted in: U.S. key to Uniqlo's global aspirations See in context

I was surprised to see the US stores just had the same sizes as Japan. They'll have to make other sizes to sell more in the States. It's not just a matter of fat, many Americans are simply taller with longer arms, legs, shoulders than Uniqlo make.

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Posted in: Magnolia Bakery opens very first shop in Japan to huge crowds See in context

Popular for some time, then on the trash heap that is trendy sweets in Japan, joining Cinnabon, nata de coco, belgian waffles, Krispy Kreme, Mrs Fields etc etc

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Posted in: United changing how travelers earn mileage rewards See in context

This will lose me about 5000 miles for a round trip between Narita and San Francisco. Thanks a lot United

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Posted in: Japan slowly begins to openly discuss crossdressing men in heterosexual relationships See in context

It's true, most men like to wear trousers, but what the majority does doesn't have to be called "normal", it's just most common. "Normal" implies the rest is abnormal. If most people in the US prefer beef it doesn't mean eating fish is abnormal, if most people are Christian in the US it doesn't mean being a Muslim etc is abnormal. Most common does not equal normal

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Posted in: George Takei sees gay pride beginning in Japan See in context

CGB SPENDER, you have an overly simplified knowledge about evolution. There is a scientific theory as to why homosexuality exists in the animal world. If you accept the fact that it's genetic (ask any gay person and they will tell you that they were born that way), the passing on of genes benefits when there is a homosexual family member. Here is a simplified explanation.

Heterosexual couple A, have a child A, which is raised by two adults.

Heterosexual couple B, have a child B which is raised by two adults. One of the people in couple B has a gay sibling. Since that gay sibling doesn't have their own child, they put their effort into the child of their sibling Child B. Child B thus has 3 adults looking after it which gives it an advantage over Child A.

In the big picture of evolution, Child B's genetic line will prosper over Child A's. Child B is a genetic descendant of a gay person with their genes, so homosexuality is passed on even though the gay person didn't have a child.

Remember, this is over the course of millions of years, but that's how evolution works. Certain lines of genetic pools get an advantage. This is why a species cannot survive with 100% homosexuality (unless it reproduces asexually like bacteria, some plants etc), but clearly explains why a certain percentage of homosexuality has come to exist in many animal species.

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Posted in: United Airlines to launch San Francisco-Haneda flights See in context

@rickyvee It's not for everyone, but for many who live near their station, just take a limousine bus from Haneda and it'll drop you off right near your home.

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Posted in: Japanese World Cup visitors warned about crimes in Brazil See in context

Basically you need common sense, but that unfortunately is not something that Japanese tourists have in abundance.

@knowbetter Yes I agree exactly. Had many friends mugged in Brazil, but I've been spared

@mikihouse I've had my apartment broken into in Tokyo by someone who climbed up the drainpipe and cut the balcony glass door. Never burglarized anywhere else. Crime does happen here, not as much as some other places, but you make it seem like its nonexistent

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Posted in: Cartoon book explains New York City dos and don'ts See in context

If a police officer says "freeze", then dont move.

Lol! So true!

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Posted in: China's Xi vows 'decisive actions' after Xinjiang attack See in context

Violence is never going to work for the Uighurs.

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Posted in: A's trounce Rangers to complete road sweep See in context

are there a lot of Oakland A's fans in Japan or is this just some random MLB news?

One of the games was vs Darvish. Texas has a following in Japan due to him

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Posted in: Akie Abe joins gay parade See in context

but I, like other posters, have always wondered why you need to proclaim you are gay. Is it some kind if attention seeking ploy?

Many straight people like you don't seem to realize that EVERYDAY is a straight day parade! When you walk with your opposite sex partner arm in arm, give them a kiss in public, put your family's photo on your desk etc etc you are proclaiming to the rest of the world that you are heterosexual.

Why is it sooo offensive to you that gay people want to proclaim their gayness too?

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Posted in: 6 killed as man rams car into pedestrians in China See in context

The Chinese need to make the punishment for "revenging the society" much more harsh.

I guarantee he will be put to death like others before him. Can't get much harsher than that I think. It's not Japan where a deep bow and verbal apology can get you off the hook

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Posted in: Officials vague on rumor Japanese support was refused for S Korean ferry See in context

Well it wouldn't be the first time a nation refused help with tragic consequences. Soviet Union with the Kursk submarine disaster, and Japan with the JAL crash. In both cases there were documented survivors from the initial accident who died due to a delay in rescue

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Posted in: 16,000 police mobilized to protect Obama See in context

Used to land at Yokota Air Base. I saw Air Force 2 there when VP Quayle visited way back

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Posted in: Abe offers sympathy, help to S Korea over ferry disaster See in context

Well seeing that the ferry was built in Japan fairly recently, Japan can help by investigating any structural problems with the ferry.

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Posted in: Pair of mangoes fetch Y300,000 at auction See in context

News summary-rich idiot buys mangos. Nuf said

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Posted in: Obokata apologizes for mistakes but says her conclusions were accurate See in context

Well in a nutshell, she needs to demonstrate the stap cell technique with cameras rolling and observers looking over her shoulder, otherwise she's a liar. Simple as that

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Posted in: Yankees give Tanaka a win in Major League debut See in context

@ben Jeez do you have to take it so seriously? It's an expression for goodness sake. Yea he sold out to get the big bucks and the 'glamour' of the Yankee uniform. If he was serious about winning he wouldn't have joined them. Rather St Louis, Texas, Boston etc

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Posted in: Fake brand-name goods confiscation at all time high; 90% originate in China See in context


Interesting though is how at the big markets in Shanghai and Beijing, almost all the shoppers are non- Chinese tourists who create the demand for these goods in the first place.

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Posted in: RIKEN weighing retraction of stem cell paper See in context

I agree with davestrousers. It would be absolutely ridiculous for her to think that she could publish Nobel qualifying research without her background and the research being checked out. Either there is an explanation for all this, or she is a complete fool who has destroyed her future in science

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Posted in: RIKEN weighing retraction of stem cell paper See in context

Regarding general ethics this is a breakdown from her PhD from Waseda. Only the colored parts are different, everything else is copy and paste. There are now issues with not only this paper but her PhD to start with.


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Posted in: 9 injured as Cathay Pacific flight hits turbulence over Hokkaido See in context

@Mexicano Lol. Yuri meant the chance was small, not the airplane. Lack of punctuation did make it sound that way though

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Posted in: What's your favorite coffee shop chain in Japan? See in context

Never heard of Starbucks, eh?

They WERE talking about Starbucks. Sutaba is the Japanese pronunciation

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