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Well Strangerland, I see you didnt look at the numbers,

When the FED decided to print money, instead of directly giving that money to the very same banks that made the terrbile choice to give mortages to risky lender, they should have let those banks fail, and reinvested the interest free money back into a deregulated industry in order to get production moving again.

Ill give you a clear example. Before, You would buy a stock based on things like; expansion, pay increases, innovations, etc. Now that logic doesnt apply. Now; whatever the central banks statements are... is what moves the markets today!

So, Obama really really really missed this chance and struck out the States!

As far as Obamacare. 20 million more people now have basic coverage at the expense of a 40-50% increase for the average holder and more regulations for employers. It might as well just been an additional tax and socialized, that wouldve been more simple. Seems to work OK in Canada.

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