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SugarFreeGummyBears comments

Posted in: S Korea to stop using Olympic flag with disputed isles See in context

It's owned by South Korea, and populated by South Koreans. (http://en.dokdo.go.kr/pages/s01/page.html?mc=7228) Classic case of pot calling the kettle black. The same could be said for Kuril Islands.

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Posted in: Abe sends ritual offering to Yasukuni Shrine for war dead See in context

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sent a ritual offering to the Yasukuni Shrine for war dead, seen in China and the two Koreas as a symbol of Japan's past militarism

And some people wonder why Korea and China still raise Japanese revisionism as an issue and harbour pessimism toward the Japanese government's "apologies."

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Posted in: Nicolas Cage had no idea he was being turned into a snack food in Japan See in context

What does it taste like?


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Posted in: Japanese companies struggle to hire, retain staff as labor shortage worsens See in context

"That can include looking to housewives and the retired to come into or rejoin the labor force. In some cases it means offering better working conditions for some staff, even if this requires raising prices. In others, companies are reducing the services they offer, perhaps by cutting opening hours, or delaying expansion plans."

I mean they certainly can but most of them are not doing anything. Why would anyone want to work for minimum pay (

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Posted in: Abe's election gamble may pay off as N Korea crisis gives him tailwind See in context

Sheeple politik...

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Posted in: S Koreans vote for new president See in context

Great. This is all working into North Korea and China's hands. And North Korea didn't even have to do anything.

OssanAmerica, care to elaborate? How is the new likely president going to lead SK against its own best interest? What are SK's best interests?

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Posted in: 95 lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine; Abe sends offering See in context

Timing and basic sensibility are certainly not their strong suites, it seems....

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Posted in: Turkey warns 'fascist' Netherlands will pay in rally dispute See in context

Speaking at a rally in the French city of Metz—which was allowed to go ahead—Cavusoglu described the Netherlands as the “capital of fascism”.

America : "Hold my beer."

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for shooting girl with air gun from car See in context

Very relieved to see that drive-by shootings in Japan involve air guns, unlike some different country we all know about.

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Posted in: Buffeted by change, U.S. auto workers resigned to uncertainty See in context

whenever things go south for corporations, it's always the junior employees that get hit. Senior executives, however, start talking about their bonuses.

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Posted in: What do you think of when you hear the words "Cool Japan?" See in context

"Cool" part of Japan has nothing to do with government interference or, in this case, encouragement. It's always the efforts of each individuals living their lives trying to do what they feel most passionate about, and that has always been the coolest part about Japan, whether it be technology, visual arts, media, comedy, appearance, fashion, and numerous other categories I cannot mention in here.

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Posted in: Mio Yamamoto leads social entrepreneurship in Japan See in context

JT, Thank you for the inspirational article.

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Posted in: Democrats sue Trump for alleged voter intimidation in four states See in context

i don't understand - what are poll watchers gonna do to me if I vote for Hillary, shoot me?

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Posted in: Teamwork See in context

I really applaud the kids for their ability to care and understand each other. While adults spew politics, these kids are spreading love and friendship.

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Posted in: On the move See in context

Paralympians are truly inspirational... These men deserve more attention and respect.

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Posted in: So sorry See in context

Isn't this old news from back in April ?? Someone please clarify if I'm missing anything

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Posted in: Seoul: Surviving sex slave victims will receive $90,000 See in context

Actually, the ex-sex slaves are vehemently against this payment because they believe it comes without any apologies...

I say take what you can and move on with the past, there are more important issues in the present!

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Posted in: Abe adviser says Japan needs Y10 trillion stimulus in each of next two years See in context

Stimulus packages only provide a temporary solution, and are losing their effect (as evidenced by topix trend lately)... Can we please move on to the third arrow he promised years ago?

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing refrigerator, other items from hotel room in Takasaki See in context

Takahashi was quoted by police as saying, “I couldn’t make ends meet and my fridge at home was broken so I planned to use the hotel one for myself.”

Rookie mistake. Shoulda said "I was drunk, and I don't remember anything."

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Posted in: Agony See in context

Watched this news first thing in the morning, and managed to hold back my tears... until she mentioned her late father and her disappointment in herself and I cried like a bitch

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Posted in: Pokemon Go matchmaking events announced in Japan See in context

MsDeliciousAUG. 17, 2016 - 08:26AM JST What is with the price difference? Men should boycott and women should complain. i usually ask the same question. assuming this includes food/beverage (which i doubt for this price) men usually eat/drink more than women. other than that, it is offensive to both genders.

Common practice... have you ever been to Aisekiya, or any clubs in general?

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Posted in: Tears of joy See in context

She deserves every millimeter of the medal, and no one can deny the trio's efforts were realised.

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Posted in: Trump rips into media, not Clinton See in context

Noooo no no no no guys guys don't talk about Trump, don't question his judgment, let's talk about Clinton!

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Posted in: Trump suggests Clinton emails linked to Iranian's execution See in context

You gotta hand it to America these days.

They'd rather argue about a snarky tweet than discuss economic policies before an upcoming Presidential election.

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Posted in: Trump is 'unfit,' Obama says, challenging GOP to end support for him See in context

Funny thing I find about many Trump supporters is that, just because they find other flaws in Hillary, Trump's racist bigot comments and policies ("there's going to be a beautiful wall") are justified...?

Just because someone else doesn't have clean hands, it doesn't make it "okay" to spread baseless accusations and lies.

Go for it, vote for Trump, and still try to brag about being the best country in the world with equal protection of rights and freedom for all citizens regardless of their heritage or choice of religion.

At best, Trump for President would be a funny social experiment for all the other G19 (minus Murica) nations when they 'trump' America in all aspects incl. education social governance foreign policy etc.

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Posted in: Republicans divided ahead of big Trump speech See in context

Come November all these intelligent Muricans will vote Trump to be the next president so he can finally do what he promised to do, "figure out what the hell is going on."

Isn't that wonderful?

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Posted in: Ultraconservative lobby Nippon Kaigi backs constitution revision See in context

Hardly surprised anybody. I'm more concerned about:

seek to restore Japan with more self-respect, traditional family values and principles under the emperor as head of nation

What do they mean by "traditional family values and principles," hmm? Maybe a trip back in time to the good ol' days when foreigners and women did not deserve or have the same rights as men...?

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Posted in: Abe says it is his duty to revise constitution; calls for debate See in context

For gaijin residents like myself this whole thing is pure spectator sport. As unfortunate as Abe's win seems, the Japanese people have spoken...

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Posted in: N. Korea says US sanctions on leader 'a declaration of war' See in context

“The US dared challenge the dignity of the DPRK supreme leadership, an act reminiscent of a new-born puppy knowing no fear of a tiger,” the statement said, using the official acronym for North Korea.

Who's the puppy and who's the tiger?

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Posted in: Protests turn violent outside Trump rally in New Mexico See in context

Another classic performance by Muricans "slow clap"

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