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Posted in: KFC Japan creates new fried chicken eating gloves to keep grease off your hands and smartphone See in context

sounds like something you can carry around with you

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Posted in: Protest held in Okinawa against landfill for U.S. base transfer See in context

I totally get why it would be a bad idea to relocate. After staying in Ginowan for 4 months, every day I saw accidents caused by Americans, as well as poor habits brought from America to Japan. Their base is use as is, and takes away a lot from the beauty of the island. Moving to another location doesn't seen to benefit in anyway. There is only so much land in Okinawa as is.

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Posted in: FamilyMart relaxes customer service rules for sake of foreign workers See in context

I can see when that might become confusing. Once you start getting use to one saying, you might slip every now and then.

On the other hand, it seems very odd for FM to keep changing such a remark. It might be that they are trying to help solve the "problem" after receiving feedback from employees. Or they don't know how the solve the "problem" whatever it actually might be. Good luck

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