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Someone dressed as a cop and a sign saying instant fines of 20,000 yen for lingering at the dentists, 30,000 yen for littering, and 50,000 yen for jaywalking would probably have solved most of the problem here. Most of the people are wealthy Asians, and they will have been to or know about Singapore. Singapore has huge fines for chewing gum and littering. Nobody cares whether this is unfair or will put tourists off. Singapore doesn't want litter or chewing gum and makes sure it doesn't get them. Japan is too soft.

Kyoto and Tokyo too should consider steep instant fines for littering in crowded areas.

This person stated that a fine system should be introduced. I agree with this comment. Not many foreign tourists have an impact on the region, but some do, as this article shows. Therefore, a fair fine system should be introduced. However, more often than not, just putting up signs is not enough to get through to foreign tourists. So they should be given proper guidance. But how do we get them to receive proper guidance? When foreign tourists come to Japan, they always board an airplane. I think guidance should be given there. There are monitors on airplanes, so we should alert them there. Or, it would be better to advise them through in-flight announcements. If we do this, the impact of foreign tourists on local communities will decrease and Japan will become a better tourist destination.

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