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Suginamiguy comments

Posted in: Ex-AKB48 singer Maeda appointed ambassador for Tokyo Int'l Film Festival See in context

I never realised how short she was until I actually saw her at that press conference. I was very surprised that she could walk in the heels she had on, they were seriously BIG!!!

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Posted in: Declining kanji-writing skill of Japanese blamed on cell phones, computers See in context

I wonder what the end result will be. If this trend continues, will Japan have to reconsider its writing system? I doubt that would be anytime soon, but in 10 or 20 years (or even longer) it might be conceivable. There are so many positives and negatives to the whole debate that it will be very interesting to watch.

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Posted in: Japanese firms shut China plants See in context

FDI is down from last year and China is on a verge of losing her status as a "factories to the world" with the increase in wages.

I was just listening to the radio and Chinese factory is planning to open a factory in Australia of all places. It might only be only factory at the moment, but what does this say about China if they are opening a factory in Australia? Australian wages I thought would be much, much higher than those in China.

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Posted in: Japanese firms shut China plants See in context

Even though I live in Japan I side with no one about ownership of the islands as I really dont know enough about that particular issue. However after watching the news today and seeing people rampaging through department stores and destroying property I honestly wish Japan would close all its factories and businesses in China and work on finding markets in other places. It surely isnt worth continuing it in that country.

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Posted in: Weariness from prolonged heat causing health problems See in context

That is modern life for you. The amount of people with diabetes is about to explode. I can't see Japanese people returning to their traditional diets. I read an article recently where even in India, there is a diabetes boom and they aren't even as rich as Japan yet. And if you look at the so-called, "western countries" they were exactly the same a long time ago before the advent of fast food.

Anyone who is 50 or 60, can you remember how many obese people there were in your country when you were younger? Bet it was a lot less than what we see now. What is commonplace in so many countries now, will be commonplace in Japan's near future. When I first came to Japan 20 years ago, I seriously can't remember see a morbidly obese person, now I see at least a couple every day if not more.

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Posted in: Japan to boost island defense capability despite budget cuts See in context

But the ministry plans to earmark 2.5 billion yen in next year’s budget to buy its first four armoured amphibious vehicles, which could be used to counter threats against remote islands.

There was a time when, if I remember correctly, when Japan was the world leader in amphibious vehicles for military use.

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Posted in: Soccer player Honda says Japanese not patriotic enough See in context

what ever happened to enjoying the game? let go of all the damn patriotism. skorea go away you ruined soccer. BOO

Thoroughly agree. Patriotism will destroy the game. Honda's comments will just encourage people to get fired up, which in turn will aggravate the other side, leading to vicious cycle of escalation. Just play soccer and enjoy the game.

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Posted in: Fast food service in Japan vs America: 2 videos tell the story See in context

Generally speaking I've found MacDonalds in Japan to have good service, but you do find the occasionally surly person. But First Kitchen? Whenever I've been into that place, I don't see anything special about their staff, they've got no enthusiasm in them, and look distinctly unhappy to be working there. I find articles like this just love to bash anything about America. Talk about tarring everyone with the same brush.

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Posted in: Project to preserve Rikuzentakata 'Miracle Pine' draws criticism on Internet See in context

How many (even new) houses could that money buy? Spending money on that tree is a waste. It was pure chance it survived that tsunami, pure chance and nothing else. There was absolutely nothing special behind its survival. And if they can get the money to spend on this one dead tree, obviously they are loaded, and don't need my donations ... or anyone else's.

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Posted in: As gasoline stations shut down, will 2013 see a fuel crisis? See in context

Relics of the bubble economy era I would imagine. Would be better to kill them off quickly and force their owners into other more profitable and needed businesses. Over 60,000 in 1996, and now down to about 37,000. Doesn`t seem to be any negative impact from that loss, so the land and money could be better used in other areas.

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Posted in: Clothing ad touting Japan’s beautiful tradition features no Japanese faces See in context

The interesting thing about advertising is that it shows what is acceptable or most sought after in a society. I think these ads reflect what Japanese people feel what other societies have and their own lacks. Look at advertising in general (this ad plus others like Yamazaki bread), the use of English in Japan, endless conversations on cross-cultural comparisons and the list goes on.

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Posted in: A Japanese woman’s guide for getting a date See in context

So if you can't find a boyfriend through being you ... just go out and trick someone into liking you! Yep, men love to be deceived and tricked. Then when they find out what the woman is really like, I wonder how long the relationship will last?

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Posted in: Ainu eye political power See in context

Wouldn`t that put that cat amongst the pigeons! Good luck to him :)

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Posted in: Three brothers dead in apparent murder-suicide See in context

What the murder rate in Japan is like in 2012? Seems to be skyrocketing.

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Posted in: S Korean soccer player barred from medal ceremony over political message See in context

This is another reason why I never watch the Olympics anymore. The "Olympic spirit" just doesnt exist, its been destroyed by this kind of nationalism, polititics and professionalism.

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Posted in: Customer service in Japan vs Europe See in context

Sounds like the writer has been brainwashed by someone.

I've been to plenty of shops and seen Japanese staff eating right in front of the customer, using their mobile phones in the corner pretending not to see customers. The list goes on and on. It's only at the big, famous stores where the good service exists. Everywhere else it'll be dependant on the individual staff's attitude to their work.

And I'd have to agree with ultradork about Softbank. I used to use them in Hamadayama, and their staff were grubby, distinctly unfriendly and not very efficient.

And I think the Japan Times recently carried an article about the "international" airport in Ibaraki (hopefully I have the place correct) that accepts a lot of traffic from China. Apparently they have a lot of problems as since the Chinese just land their and then shoot straight off to Tokyo, they don't spend much money in the local area. This has led to many, many complaints about the level of service at the airport, "The Chinese don't spend much money here, so we're not going to do much for them", so things have become pretty bad. Maybe the writer should visit there?

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Posted in: Japan's women soccer players likely to get flight upgrade home See in context

They don`t deserve an upgrade, they just should have been sent business class in the first place. If you want your athletes to win, you need to treat them like champions in the first place ... not treat them like champions only after they win.

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Posted in: Parents of bullied high school boy file criminal charges in Miyagi See in context

Fantastic news, really great. Finally someone has been able to take that first step to legally combat these nasty people. I dont know if they will win or lose, but that is not important, just taking the action will have some effect for the better. It will really get this problem out in the open where people wont be able to ignore it anymore.

The problem, as far as I`m concerned, has been the Japanese mindset - trying to get along with everyone, trying to avoid making trouble, which just made the problem worse. Sorry to say this, but I truly believe the Japanese mindset was the root of this problem. Now someone has finally drawn the line in the sand, we will probably see some very positive changes in this country.

It`s a pity that foreign news agencies never take a serious interest in local Japanese events, that also would have brought attention to this problem much earlier.

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Posted in: ALT is 'Gaijin #1' under new residence management system See in context

I wonder if 007, 86 and 69 have been taken? If I can`t be James Bond, then Maxwell Smart or 99 would be fine.

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Posted in: Beloved U.S. actor Andy Griffith dies at 86 See in context

What a great entertainer, brought a lot of happiness to people over the years. Did anyone else watch Junkyard 1? He was a guy in a junkyard who built a rocket.

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Posted in: Japan city seeks funds for dying 'miracle' pine See in context

If the tree is dying, that would hardly make it a miracle. It was pure chance that the tree survived the tsunami.

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Posted in: 46 things that surprise foreigners in Japan See in context

The only thing that surprises me about this country is how self-absorbed some its inhabitants can be.

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Posted in: More women in their 40s dating younger men See in context

Men marry younger women all the time, why wouldn't women marry younger men? Besides, women live longer than men and older men start compalining about aches and pains once they are over 40. Who wants to listen to that every day?

Thats a terribly dogmatic statement to make Foxie. Im well into my 40s, reasonably fit and no one hears me complaining about aches and pains, and I`m reasonably confident in thinking most men are the same.

Anyway, good luck to these people, I wish them the best. But I think that once these women hit their 50s and are looking at 60, theyll be wondering about their husbands fidelity. I think once these guys grow up and get a bit more of real-life experience they`ll be after something a bit younger.

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Posted in: 4 Japanese arrested for drug smuggling in Iran See in context

Whenever there is a large amount of money involved, youll always find some people silly enough to try stuff like this. The amount of people executed in South East Asian as well as other countries for drug-related activities has been no deterrent. Its a real pity that we can find no other solution.

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Posted in: Pediatric emergency services in Japan – How to locate help and what to prepare See in context

A sad indictment of the Japanese healthcare system. The rotation system is just pure craziness at its worst.

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Posted in: Prosecutors in Nepali's case are 'sore losers' See in context

Nikkan Gendai is pretty good in my book. In my experience, Japanese people even without knowing the facts will quite often blame the the foreigner. Very rare we see such criticism in Japan. I don`t know the facts either, but this article does seem very objective.

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Posted in: Man, woman stabbed to death in random attack on Osaka street See in context

He stabs a man, runs off to stab another person, then comes back and stabs the first guy again. I'm pretty certain he'll be hanged for this. Coming back to stab the person again is pretty much a statement of intent to kill, which is something the Japanese courts look for when the death penalty can be used as a punishment.

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Posted in: Racism rears its head on eve of Euro 2012 See in context

It shows how low quality people really are

I agree with you entirely anglootaku, just a pity that the people who are responsible for it probably see themselves as perfectly decent people. There is very little chance that they`ll see anything wrong with what they are doing. As a race, we humans are pretty low.

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Posted in: Science fiction writer Ray Bradbury dead at 91 See in context

The feeling I have every day is very much the same as it was when I was 12,” he said on his 80th birthday.

Best thing ever!

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Posted in: Hotel company president gets down on her knees to apologize for fatal fire See in context

People like this are just so shallow. It's difficult to believe they truly regret the incident. If they did, why didn't she make sure the hotel met the local government safety requirements in the first place? I think they only regret it because they got found out.

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