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Posted in: Nara schoolgirl arrested for drug possession See in context

And why is this news?

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Posted in: NZ may lose 'Hobbit' filming over actor dispute See in context

^^ I'm Austrlian, Leeroy, and I couldn't agree with you more. It's pretty disgraceful behaviour from the foreign unions.

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I'm looking forward to using Haneda more, with the in-laws only 1 station from Kawasaki :P

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Posted in: China holding 4 Japanese for illegally filming military targets See in context

It won't be long now til the people march on and start trashing Japanese restaurants in China - again. Once more they'll probably forget that 99% of these are owned by Chinese locals.

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It's borderline...

oh my goodness, what a cloistered background you must come from. you shouldn't ever watch the olympic gymnastics/diving/swimming competitions, go to aerobics classes, go to the beach or a public swimming pool, dance/yoga classes etc.

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Posted in: 15-year-old girl killed after moped collides with truck See in context

r.i.p.. this happened to the best-friend of one of my japanese friends. very sad for all involved, especially the parents.

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Posted in: Obama's bow to emperor causes outrage in Washington See in context

great post above, timorborder.

"Will he curtsy when he meets the Queen of England?"

if he has a sex-change operation, i suppose he will have to.

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Posted in: Australia downs Japan 2-1 to secure top spot in group for World Cup See in context

I was at the game with my Japanese friends, it was a good spectacle. Australia started well and were passing the ball with some nice one-touch play. Then Japan stepped up a notch, got the first goal. This was the best thing that could have happened for the game, as the intensity went up enormously after that.

Both teams had their good and poor moments, and both did well considering both lacked key players. As someone mentioned, it's a nice rivalry we are building, I'm already looking forward to the next time we meet.

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Posted in: Gamba defeats Adelaide in ACL final first leg See in context

Lovely to see an A-League rival fail to win.

precisely, and get completely schooled as well. I enjoyed watching a good team play some excellent football. bl reds haha!

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Posted in: Japan, UAE draw 1-1 in warmup for World Cup qualifiers See in context

Japanese soccer is so boring

you must have missed the ACL game between urawa and gamba 2 nights ago...

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Posted in: What do you think of Japanese pop and rock music? Heard anything you like? See in context

Chatmonchy. Saw them live in Tokyo early last year, it was a great show. They are all excellent musicians first and foremost, and excellent performers. 耳鳴り is one of my all-time favorite albums, up with MBV's 'Loveless', 'Nowhere' by Ride and 'The Stone Roses'. No saccharine-smothered pop to be found on it, and even now that they have hit the mainstream they still have an edginess to their sound. Honorable mentions go to The Brilliant Green, Yui, Baseball Bear. Definitely would like to check out more 'lives' next time I'm over there, esp. indy bands.

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