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Posted in: Asia arms up to counter growing Chinese might See in context

****China is being China, the 800 pound gorilla.

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Posted in: Japan, China coast guards take part in joint drills See in context

****Don't trust the Russians or the Chinese, they'll smile in your face and kick you in the ballsp and stab you in the back.

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Posted in: Germany urges Japan to deal honestly with WWII past See in context

How many times do Japan have to apologize for World War 2? My opinion they pay a horrible price to to have the war ended; 2 atomic bombs dropped on them...can YOU just imagined being VAPORIZED off the face of this earth and only a shadow is left of you; horrible. i just wish there would be NO wars or armed conflict on this planet...be very nice if we could sit down and ironed out are differences...easy said then done. 2014 peace on earth, just wishing and hoping.

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Posted in: China says Abe not welcome after Yasukuni shrine visit See in context

Let's talk about WAR CRIMES, Mao, Stalin committed more war crimes against friend and foe and they have citizens from both countries worship or admiring them as if they did no wrong. I'm sure some or a small majority of Japanese soldiers regret what they did in WW2, but it was the mind set on how to fight (Bushido) the allies and foreign ciitzens. Hope people understand my point

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Posted in: China must retaliate for Abe's shrine visit, state media urge See in context

The Chinese should look into the mirror, they're no saints either. If Abe want to go to The Shrine it is his business. i live in USA and we have people honoring the confederates who fought against the Union 1860, does it bother me yes, can't loose any sleep over it. past is the past, only thing we can do is not to repeat it

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Posted in: Emperor's funeral plans well received by elderly in aging Japan See in context

Hey folks, we all going to die someday sooner or later, make the most out of living and help each other to make i living a pleasant experience on the planet earth. Love, peace and happiness

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Posted in: Colorful geisha trainees hit Tokyo streets See in context

It's all about tradition, carry on. In some cultures across the globe people are losing some tradition that was handed down from generations to generations, have no problem with it. Peace

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Posted in: Abe to honor woman who died saving man on rail crossing See in context

She tried to save the man and not thinking she end her life, so sad, RIP

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Posted in: Abe pledges to boost Japan's defense capability See in context

Japan has to protect itself from China, because China is acting like a bully (wolf in sheep's clothing). i reaaly don't trust China.

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