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Posted in: S Koreans back soccer player over banner See in context

Not surprised Korean's mostly support him, but fact is he was wrong to make his political point in the Olypics. I hope his medal is withheld permanently as an example. Keep politics out of sports.

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Posted in: U.S. Coast Guard transfers fish piracy case to China See in context

When will these people learn they are selfishly destroying the world, and when will they care.

As for China dealing with these criminals, I highly doubt it, not a lawful country.

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Posted in: Tokyo police crack down on cycling violations See in context

Is cycling the wrong way up a street i.e. against the flow of traffic on a two-way road not illegal. Don't know how many times I've nearly ran over the cyclist or nearly bumped the car coming the other way in narrow Japanese roads as a result. Anyone know? Seems ludicrously dangerous.

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