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Posted in: No. of recorded crimes to hit lowest postwar level for 5th straight year See in context

Any stats that originate with the NPA should be viewed very skeptically.

yep the 99% conviction rate says it all. only count the convictions of the people that were actually convicted, cases thrown out becuase prosecutors didnt think they could get a convictions arent counted.

meddling in statistics is rampant in Japan

Very true. And when foreign crime is reported by the NPA, the statistics include visa overstays:. a crime that is absolutely not possible for Japanese citizens to commit and the ergo not applicable when comparing crime statistics.

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Posted in: Tired Ghosn recovering, as lawyer works on defense See in context

The lawyer added that Ghosn's defense team was considering an opportunity for him to speak with the press in the near future. But the event must be designed in such a way that it would not affect the trial and not allow prosecutors to argue that Ghosn was using the media to send hidden messages to his associates to conceal evidence.

Of course of course that hasn't stopped the prosecution from using the willing and complicit media from day one to constantly pound the message that Ghosn is guilty of something.

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Posted in: Surveillance proposed by defense team likely helped Ghosn secure bail See in context

Today  09:26 am JST

The previous defense team led by Motonari Otsuru, a former head of the special squad of Tokyo prosecutors, initially proposed having Ghosn stay in France or at the residence of the French ambassador to Japan in Tokyo.

That’s just insane! It’s not as if the judges weren’t looking for the easiest way to pass the buck and to deny the request as long as humanly possible. It’s what they do. Denial of requests is a high level art form after all and these guys are masters. Why would Ghosns previous lawyers even contemplate that this could have worked?

Hats off to you, Ricky Kaminski13 for spotting the real story in this article.

Ghosn's previous attorney, Motonari Otsuru is the former head of the same special prosecution office that is now prosecuting Ghosn. Although he is now a privately-practicing lawyer working for defendants, the 'team Japan' thinking would never have left him, especially since he's now sitting across the table from all of his proteges who are desperately trying to get a win and avoid losing face. What better way to give his former underlings a helping hand surreptitiously, by suggesting to the court that his current client could be released on bail and allowed to return to his home country while awaiting trial? I'm not surprised in the least that the court was 'stunned' by the suggestion.

If this were any other country with a decent justice system that would be prosecutorial misconduct and grounds for being disbarred.

Ten bucks says that Ghosn was not even aware of the details surrounding his lawyer's first 'attempt' at bail.

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Posted in: Farmer investigated for selling wagyu cattle sperm to smuggler See in context

"Every sperm is sacred..."

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Posted in: There are no parts of a tree that can be thrown away. We can use fallen trees as energy sources without wasting any parts. See in context

While this sounds innovative, quite a few towns in Japan already do this. I know of a town nearby in which all public buildings are heated (and cooled in summer) with 100% biomass (waste wood). The idea came from Europe.

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Posted in: Olympic meeting in Tokyo gets off to chaotic start due to corruption case See in context

According to the head minister of the 2020 Olympic games, Yoshitaka Sakurada the bentos for today's meeting cost 1,500 yen.

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Posted in: Not having children is selfish, says LDP Secretary-General Nikai See in context

NambanOnigiri: As much as I dislike the current government they are actually giving some help to families with children, obviously I would like more and they should do more to help working families. especially if they want more children in society.

They give child support payments, tax breaks, subsidised kindergarten for 2nd children, free kindergarten for the 3rd child, free school meals. I don't know if this is nationwide or just localised however.

Namban, perhaps you haven't lived here long enough, but the monthly child support payments, tax breaks, subsidised kindergarten etc, were policies implemented by the previous DPJ government from 2009 to 2012. They campaigned on, and passed laws to implement them, against the wishes of Abe' LDP. Credit where credit is due.  If they hadn't had this brief stint in power I guarantee we wouldn't have them today.

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Posted in: Pro-smoking LDP lawmaker apologizes for heckling cancer patient See in context

"I just murmured my feelings that smokers should not be discriminated against more than necessary," he said in the statement on his website."

What's next, LDP? Outrage that the rights of oyaji to flirt and fondle their female subordinates might be infringed too much by the passing of stricter sexual harassment laws?

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Posted in: Knife rampage aboard bullet train kills 1, injures 2 See in context

Oh, I know. Let's have everyone who rides the shinkansen carry a knife in order to stop such attacks. All it takes is one 'good guy' with a knife to stop the carnage! (/sarcasm_alert)

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Posted in: Airbnb says new law regulating short-term rentals 'stinks' See in context

Honestly, all of you Airbnb supporters need to take an honest look at the situation. All of you "free market is best" and "I'm tired of the government over regulating everything and gouging the average Joe" are far too young to know the past two generations worked so hard to ensure you have a safe place to sleep at night with government-regulated fire escapes and smoke alarm at your hotel, or if you need a clean reliable taxi whose driver has been vetted, licensed and extensively knows the city in which they're driving.

What's what's next for the young budding entrepreneur who wants to break down the so-called government and business bureaucracy? Building inspectors? Doctors, plastic surgeons, lawyers?

We don't need regulations for the public good, as long as I can save 20 to 30% on my bill, right?

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Posted in: 'Roseanne' cancellation brings unemployment, uncertainty See in context

One things for sure - Roseanne's certainly morally bankrupt.

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Posted in: Criminal complaint filed over Finance Ministry's document disposal See in context

Kamiwaki told reporters that if a criminal charge is not pursued it would encourage the state and politicians to "actively dispose of records that are not in their favor," thus undermining democracy.

Only in Japan, wearing its thin, tatamae of a so-called 'democracy' could someone say something like this with a straight face.

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Posted in: China has reportedly detained 21 Japanese this month See in context

Funny funny how it is that the only major religion that seems to get their panties in a knot about their so-called missionaries being detained/bothered/burned at the stake or whatever through the centuries are christians. most non majority christian countries (and now that I think of it, quite a few predominantly christian countries as well) would probably prefer if people didn't go around door to door actively encouraging people to reject their own beliefs and accept their self-proclaimed, 'one true faith'.

One can only one can only imagine in today's political climate if a bunch of sincere Muslims went door-to-door in the US trying to convert Christians. There'd be blood in the streets.

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Posted in: Elementary schoolgirl attacked by man while on her way to school in Tokyo See in context

Everyone, please relax. Japan is a very safe country for kids. It's a simple fact.

I'm saddened by this girl being attacked in a seemingly random event and very glad to hear that her wounds were not serious. But the simple fact is that despite the front page news of this attack, it is an isolated event that although cannot be completely prevented, we need to focus on the fact that the other 14,999,999 school-aged children in Japan were not attacked yesterday. And I'd wager that the number of children injured in traffic accidents (walking, riding bikes, driving with no seatbeat) far outweigh the one box cutter attack in today's news.

So let's not shut up our children in the house just yet.

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Posted in: Japan faces record low eel catch, renewing stock fears See in context

Many Japanese【have been made to】believe the eels, served barbecued and basted in a thick sauce of sake, soy sauce and sugar, provide much-needed stamina during the energy-sapping heat and humidity of the summer.

Many humans outside of Japan believe that air conditioning and sensible working hours provide much-needed stamina during the energy-sapping heat and humidity of the summer.

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Posted in: Japan eyes new residency status for foreigners amid labor shortages See in context

Lest we forget the key point of this announcement, this ridiculous plan is still only being "considered."

And this quote of bureaucratic gobbledygook takes the cake.

*Interns' families would not be allowed to enter the country, a provision meant to keep the creation of the new status from leading to discussions on the sensitive issue of immigration, they said.*

Indeed. FFS. X(

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Posted in: Japanese company makes virtual shadow boyfriends to help protect women who live alone See in context

This will certainly get the neighborhood baa-chans waging their tongues at the supposedly single woman in apartment who apparently now has a male suitor who is not registered on the lease.

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Posted in: Crown prince's accession to throne in 2019 to be one-off holiday See in context

> Schopenhauer wrote: Good things about the era names are in many. We Japanese say I was born in Meiji, I was born in Taisho, I was born in Showa, I was born in Heisei and they are interpreted as having some kind of special characteristics in each group reflecting the air of the era.

That is true. But the same can be said for the Western calendar with, "I was born in the '60s" and "I'm a '80s kid. I grew up on New Wave."

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Posted in: International call for Japan to halt Antarctic whaling See in context

nakanoguy01Dec. 19  02:47 pm JST

well before you can eat an animal, you have to kill it, right? and that in essence is the main issue.

i hate it when people throw out this phrase. yes, the younger generation isn't interested in eating whale meat, but the older generation still like eating whale. just go to my local izakaya on any given day and they will sell out of whale sashimi. they don't eat it as often but it is still popular.

the problem with this is that there are few jobs to be created in fishing villages. do you think toyota is going to build a new plant there? i don't think it's so black and white. like any bureacracy, once a program is started, it's almost impossible to kill it. so you'll have to wait another generation until funding for whaling dries up or is discontinued.

Nakanoguy, I didn't think it possible for you to completely miss the point of my response, but there you go. :/

As I said at the beginning of my post I stated that I had NO problem with killing whales for food. I've eaten whale several times so I know. I support Canada and Norway who allow traditional hunts. And I support local Japanese villages to hunt in their waters for local consumption.

But the issue isn't killing whales to support a bunch of old oyaji at the local watering hole who reminisce fondly about when whale was a regular staple when food was scarce 70 years ago. There are more than enough whales around the Japanese archipelago to supply that amount of demand. It's the problem of factory-fishing in the Antarctic, about as far away as you can get from "Japanese cultural traditions" where more whale meat is collected each year, packaged up and kept frozen for no other reason than to prop up what is a dead industry. Hell, I'd rather they just give the fishermen 2 million yen a year each to just sit at home. Or direct parking cars at the supermarket, which would be way more beneficial to the country.

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Posted in: International call for Japan to halt Antarctic whaling See in context

dcog9065Today: There is no issue whatsoever with Japan's whaling program. If these EU countries really cared for whales, they would take aim at Norway, who barbarically slaughters thousands of whales a year, in Europe. It's actually suspicious that the EU overlooks this in their backyard yet takes aim at Japan half the world away. This makes their argument invalid.

As others have mentioned, the problem isn't Japan eating whale, it's Japan's sending its factory-ship, large scale commercial whaling program half way around the world to prop up an industry that is non-existent in all but a handful of coastal fishing villages and with a complete lack of domestic demand for the product. They would do much better to just put the money towards other jobs in these remote places rather than continue this farce. But, then the Japanese would lose face, and that just can't happen.

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Posted in: San Francisco mayor accepts 'comfort women' statue; Osaka to end sister-city ties See in context

Paying restitution to those your have wronged in war doesn't mean a forgetting history and sweeping it under the rug. Statues and commemorations are for exactly that, remembering past wrongs so that hopefully they aren't repeated. War restitution and historical monuments are mutually exclusive.

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Posted in: Nepali speaks on 1st visit to Japan after being wrongly jailed for murder for 15 years See in context

On what basis was he deported? Did he not renew his gaijin card for 15 years?


We can laugh at the absurdity of the situation, but that is essentially what happened. While in prison, he was unable to renew his status of residence and was quickly deported for violating said rules.

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Posted in: Koike quits as head of Party of Hope See in context

Someone wrote in the wrong kanji for the Koike's new party. More like "詭謀の党".

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Posted in: Trump dump delights peckish carp; causes stir on Twitter See in context

Good heavens, @Blacklabel:

Abe did the exact same thing first. Good for a laugh, but next topic.

no CNN Abe didn’t “appear” to do it first like there is some doubt still, he actually did it first. They can’t even tell the truth about feeding some fish, no wonder the USA media is a total mess.

No, Abe went from spooning the fish food out to slightly shaking the food out of the dish in a whimsical manner. Trump, alpha-male, adolescent that he is took that as a cue to turn his bowl over completely and dump the food into the pond. Apples and oranges, and Trump is a road apple.

Check out the vid for yourself:

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Posted in: Preventive mastectomy gains approval as breast cancer treatment See in context

Why is this being approved just now??!? It has been a medical option for YEARS elsewhere.

Perhaps if the Ministry of Health Oyajis hadn't prematurely approved "preventive testicular removal" for cancer decades ago they'd have the stones to approve life-saving medicine and procedures far earlier.

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Posted in: Japan fails to toughen passive smoking ban due to resistance See in context

thepersoniamnowToday wrote:

That being said, changes do take time, especially in notoriously slow moving and very old Japan. When I returned here in 2002 people were smoking on train platforms, in cabs, and all over the street, and at most pedestrian crossings, outside stores etc. Things HAVE changed in this regard, and they have changed for the better.

Too true. My first half-dozen years here in Japan had no less than three teachers regularly smoking in the teachers' room, while students came and went preparing for classes. I shudder to think about it. Even more so as one year one of the staff was pregnant at the time.

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Posted in: Scientists genetically engineer hens whose eggs contain medicines See in context

Consumers may have to wait a while, as Japan has strict regulations concerning the introduction of new or foreign pharmaceutical products, with screening processes that routinely take years to complete.

This is true, unless your product is Viagra and the Ministry of Health and Welfare screening committee is full of oyaji. Six months was all it took.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 unveils new promotional graphics See in context

The excitement is in the sky?

Those fireworks are made by the same numbers and the same square shapes of the Tokyo2020 emblem?

It's good to know not even hosting the premier international sporting event in will get Japanese authorities to have their PR native-speaker checked before releasing it to the world.

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Posted in: Megumi Yokota's mother thankful Trump spoke of her daughter's abduction in U.N. speech See in context

The Yokotas are being used, once AGAIN like a political football and for no benefit to them. For those of us long versed in this tragic story that has been going on for more than two decades, it's become a farce.

Megumi was kidnapped and made to train NK spies. She may or may not have had a child in captivity. She in all likelihood committed suicide which was made known to the Japanese government during a brief moment of sanity and reconciliation with North Korea in the early 2000s. They even supplied her remains for DNA testing, but the J-government, much like the US who wasn't interested in the "sunshine policy" gaining traction between the two Koreas decided to intentionally botch the DNA test by giving it to a lowly staffer with little to no training. The tests were, "inconclusive" and further testing "not possible" due to contamination of the samples.

So the LDP got what it wanted: a never-ending story of mournful parents to traipse out before the cameras time and time again. And any thoughts of reunification died with George W's "axis of evil" speech from out of left field, setting the stage for an invasion and occupation of Iraq and the current climate we find ourselves in with regard to NK.

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Posted in: Having her pie and eating it, too: Introducing Pie Queen Amya Miller See in context

Looks great. Japan sorely needs more real baked pies.

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