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Many people (not all) will not understand, because they don’t come from a deep cultured place, some countries culture is just a few hundred years, they destroyed the original culture. How can this people understand what it means.. (I’m not talking about everyone, many understand).

This people have the mentality of conquering, destroying their culture, imposing their way of thinking, living etc.. an example are the natives in the whole American continent, their culture, traditions, destroyed, laughed, bullied.

Please have some respect to the people that feel offended.

You won’t use the n... word because it offends people right (even if is sounds cool now with all the pop influence).

You respect this people right or no? Don’t make excuses if your not them (the people affected). Don’t be the white guy telling the black guy you can’t protest.. (Analogy, just an example)

Don’t be a bully like you know who.. ; )

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