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Posted in: Pelosi calls for prosecution of any Congress members who might have helped pro-Trump siege See in context

Those who helped were probably not pro-Trump.

Of course, they were. 100% PRO TRUMP. Look at the photos and videos of the culprits including Trump, listen to the words, and there's zero doubt about this.

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Posted in: House impeaches Trump after U.S. Capitol siege; his fate in Senate hands See in context

So all of you Democrat supporters believe Democrats have clean hands?

False equivalency. Trump's hands are filthy, that's all that matters, here.

List his crimes.....

Read much?

The president of the United States incited this insurrection, this armed rebellion against our common country.

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Posted in: Visiting Texas to see border wall, Trump takes no responsibility for Capitol riot See in context

That being said, since last spring, unlike the Left, President Trump has not promoted riots nor described looting as a “nonviolent act”

The false equivalency of a BLM movement vs. the domestic terror of the Trump supporters at the capitol is completely wrong.

BLM happens due to things like police treating blacks unfairly and outright shooting them. They're trying to defend their rights, and right a wrong.

The domestic terrorists at the Capitol, led by Trump, are doing the opposite. They're invading the Capitol to try and cheat America out their rights of a fair election, thus being traitors to the constitution of the United States of America, and attempting to wrong a right.

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Posted in: As pandemic worsens, most U.S. states resist restrictions See in context

Never once have I said the leaders of the US were doing a good job with this pandemic

I agree with this, wholeheartedly. Government officials and particularly the Trump administration suck at their job concerning the pandemic.

But, the American people equating wearing masks or restrictions to stifling their freedom is a big reason for pandemic spread, along with their penchant to ignore distancing to the point of huge gatherings without caution. And they're boisterous when talking or doing things, so the spit flies.

Both the government and the people are spreading the virus, not a good combo.

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Posted in: FBI warns of plans for nationwide armed protests next week See in context

Syria, Ukraine, Belarus... and now the USA.

It's happening all over the world.

You pick and choose where anarchy exists as well as terrorism...the two qualities of those attacking the Capitol.

But, don't make this as something happening all over the world as some sort of lame excuse or justification for the crazy support of Trump.

Talk about a false equivalency, this is it. Just don't. Yours is a statement of escaping the truth of a unique domestic attack by Trump followers on the United States of America, unprecedented and totally sucks.

I don't believe you are an American patriot, at all, if you believe the domestic terror attack on the Capitol was not induced by Trump on his crazy support group, who were armed and violent.

Syria, Ukraine, Belarus...pffft...those countries you compare to the USA. Complete folly, contextually. Any support of Trump at this point supports insurrection and sedition.

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Posted in: FBI warns of plans for nationwide armed protests next week See in context

And of course, Donald does nothing. It's not like he can't just call a press conference and say "Don't do it."

Well, he cares more about his golf course being removed from hosting the PGA championship, than what mayhem may occur by his domestic terrorist following. I'm pretty sure he's fuming for former and 'what me worry' for the latter.

And, even if he does a press conference, it would have to be one of those obviously reading the prompter and being told to do so. It's a sad joke, watching him when he has to be 'nice' because he's a petulant child being commanded by someone to say what's been written, and because he can't rant in those situations, he's like a squirming bottled up child in a principal's office...contrite but totally detached from the moment.

Or, he quite possible loses his rain man moment, and goes into his usual self, and tell his people to go ahead and end democracy, as he wants fascism and autocracy, so his commands to his people are for violence and destroying the US constitution.

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Posted in: West Virginia lawmaker charged with entering Capitol in riot resigns See in context

Support Benedict Donald at your own risk. Evans is just another idiot.

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Posted in: An isolated Trump faces looming impeachment threat See in context

Trump is a domestic terrorist

Cut the drama.

The drama is, this was an act of domestic terror which breeched the Capitol and attacked our legislative branch. The photos were was like the French Revolution...people ready to die for a cause, not a peaceful demonstration. If you disagree with this, you're not a patriot to America, like all Trump supporters, who approve this attack.

By way of Trump supporters who invaded the Capitol with violence and purpose of interrupting the democratic process by destroying the electoral college ballots, with Trump being their leader and encouraging them AND telling them to go to the Capitol where he would march with them, he was responsible for their actions because he could have stopped it with a speech saying he had lost the election and tell his angry mob NOT to go to the Capitol, because it is an act against America.

The act of the supporters was domestic terror because of its treasonous and violent nature. It was not a peaceful demonstration, which is a key point. The terrorists were dressed threateningly, and ready for physical confrontation, to cause mayhem, and to destroy parts of and disrespect the American Capitol. Many people were hurt, including police trying to protect our democracy. And, of course, 5 people died.

That makes their leader, Donald Trump, a domestic terrorist. Just because he was too ignorant and stupid to realize his words aided an act of treason and terror, which even the staunch supporters must realize will live in infamy as an act against the United States of America, doesn't let him off the hook.

Trump is guilty of domestic terror, as he is the leader and his followers take his lying and racist lead and runs with it.

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Posted in: Democrats plan impeachment; Twitter deletes Trump's account See in context

Impeaching this president for making a speech would do more damage to the Constitution than the rioters, horrible as they were, did last Wednesday," Dershowitz

Dershowitz saying impeaching the criminal Trump will do damage to the Constitution? Naw, impeaching Trump would actually uphold it. Dershowitz is a tool...been drinking the same stupid soup as Giulani.

He fails to see Trump was the leader of a terrorist cell attempting a coup on the legislative branch of the USA, our voting process of democracy, by destroying electoral college votes, so they can declare Trump supreme leader.

No fooling, if they did light the electoral votes on fire, there would be no evidence of victory, anarchy further ensues. This is not only damaging to the Constitution, it would set America into a Civil War, if the GOP and its followers did not completely turn against the terrorist right wingers. Trump, the leader from a group who did a coup d'etat vs. Biden's America, who was elected in a democracy.

And you know how the weasel party works, they'll flip any direction, tell any lie, to swim in their false narratives. If a Civil War happens, side with whomever elects them, and if it is racist, backward country traitors, so be it.

The Trumpian way would be to burn the Constitution itself, and make their own dystopian 'alternative facts' a moving goalpost of rules, at least for the next five minutes, or so.

Trump didn't have to directly order them to do it, but if he agrees and wants to go to the Capitol with them(of course, he bunkered up...that was a lie those idiots believe he'll be right there with him, along with Josh Hawley), then he is the one who is responsible for allowing treason toward our constitution, and the President is impeachable, and should be, Dershowitz, you clown.

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Posted in: Trump says he will not attend Biden's inauguration See in context

She was an unarmed veteran with 14 years of honorable service who was exercising her constitutional right to demonstrate her views.

How ridiculous.

She was not a completely innocent, legally and constitutionally obedient individual who was demonstrating her views peacefully, and had nothing to do with her own demise.

She promoted sedition and attacked our Capitol, our legislature and the United States of America. I don't feel sorry for her death.

I don't feel worse for her than I did for Al Queda who were killed. They all did acts of terror toward the USA, but the difference? She was treasonous from within and knew exactly where to try and ruin America. It wasn't the trade towers, it was our law making branch of government.

The attack on the Capitol, was our own citizens attempting a coup. A worse act of terror over even 9-11. She and others would have destroyed the electoral boxes, had they gotten them. That was their goal, and they failed. It was not her constitutional right to be in the Capitol trying to achieve this goal by physical, destructive and violent actions.

Don't go thinking this was just a slap on the hands act, where this woman was just doing her constitutional duty. She and all her Trumpian cohorts were attacking the very fabric of America, and she reaped what she sowed.

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Posted in: Trump urges healing and pledges smooth transition of power See in context

the Pubs are worried that if he goes down for sedition, it will expose their enabling of him and his policies for the past four years. 

I find Lindsey Graham the poster child for this statement.

He was John McCain's lackey, turned on him as soon as Trump became President, became his loyal minion to the end, until he wasn't, when 'enough is enough'. An attempted coup can do that, even to the staunchest of 'worst of the worst'.

Damn these Benedict Donald enablers!

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Posted in: Trump urges healing and pledges smooth transition of power See in context

He should be saying, 'I apologize for being the leader of the terrorism I caused at the Capitol, an unprecedented act in modern America. An attempted coup, I did not orchestrate, directly, but as President, should have denounced quickly and emphatically, and it is solely my responsibility for agitating my followers'.

'I resign, and regret being the worst president, ever'

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Posted in: Trump says his term is ending; transition will be orderly See in context

Orderly Trump is an oxymoron. Trump, by himself, is just a moron. The end.

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Posted in: 4 dead after Trump supporters storm U.S. Capitol, forcing Senate to evacuate See in context

What u say, Lindsey Graham? You on drugs, or what? You're condemning Trump? Got bad enough for you to do this, eh? Storming the Capitol by his and your supporters...oh no, Lindsey, you say you're political future is at stake? Hey man, better late than never to jump ship, right. Get on that lifeboat, the women and children are in the way!!

Man, what a tool, Graham is!!

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Posted in: Twitter suspends Trump's account; Facebook, YouTube remove Trump video See in context

Trump, who wanted desperately deploy the national guard for BLM protests, did not want to do so when the capitol was being attacked, today.

He's a traitor, a racist and good riddance to him.

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Posted in: Twitter suspends Trump's account; Facebook, YouTube remove Trump video See in context

So, the faceless Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, executive administration will arbitrarily mandate and govern who can or cannot, the content of which is deemed to be political acceptable, or without any democratic accountability remove suspend an account they determine to violate or prescribe to be false?

It wasn't done arbitrarily, quite obvious to many of us. Trump's comments and usage of media to spread lies wouldn't be possible without a really idiotic following who believes him, but they do. That necessitates some censorship of him. He and they caused it.

Although I understand the concern for free speech, it cannot be abused to the extent of what's happening with the Trump followers and conservative media, who's blatant 'alternative facts' are doublespeak in Orwellian terms.

Limits set are very difficult to determine, but this is the world we live in. It isn't cut and dried, nor what was considered a given...wanting the truth and justice in America, no longer exists with Trump and his supporters, along with right wing cherry picked false narratives in media.

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Posted in: Warnock, Ossoff win in Georgia, handing Senate control to Democrats See in context

Trump has single-handedly destroyed the Republican party. Ha!

I think the Republicans destroyed the Republican party. Their lies and deceit, like Cheney and co. knowingly do the first unilateral US attack for the wrong reasons and, of course, Nixon, among other problematic ideals, has led to the unhinged state of conservatives, deserved distrust by many Americans and a lack of control for truth in the right wing.

A group that will allow and want a fascist like state, as long as they make their money. They will say and do anything to keep their wrongs intact and try to con the country into believing by fear mongering, cherry picking and false narrative, they are patriots, of which they are not.

Trump is a terrible and egregious symptom, he is not the cause.

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Posted in: Warnock, Ossoff win in Georgia, handing Senate control to Democrats See in context

Dems thinking that it’s going to be a smooth sail and no political consequence for rubber stamping

That's not at all how the Democratic thought process works. It isn't binary and it isn't smooth or easy, and decisions do have consequences. But decisions are made with a plan and critical thought, something the previous losing administration did not understand or implement.

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Posted in: Trump supporters, other passengers get into shouting match on plane See in context

Well, we knew things would get bad initially with Trump losers, just hope it doesn't get totally out of control. They're unhinged people, like their supreme gas lighter in chief. Actually, the gas lighter in chief is just a symptom of the disease of the people who want racism, lies and fascism instead of truth, fairness and democracy.

Imagine if a shouting match on board leads to a full scale fight, and some idiots open a door, an unlikely structural failure occurs and the plane goes down. Escalation begets escalation. Scary stuff.

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Posted in: Warnock, Ossoff win in Georgia, handing Senate control to Democrats See in context

should revert back to normalcy within two years as the GOP retake the House and then watch the Senate go back again.

With all your supporter riots promoting fascism and sedition, there's no way people in America will support these actions. In the next couple of years, the ridiculousness of Trump's reign of terror will be further exposed, as will the lies of the right wing and its false state networks, spewing autocratic hope of a single racist state.

The American people will further remove itself from the GOP, because even the GOP has no idea what it is, as a few, like Romney are being looked at the enemy by the current goons in control. Is the GOP just a bunch of liars, or does it have a platform? No one knows, because Trump's GOP is false equivalence of what the GOP actually stands for, so Republicans are confused by their lack of integrity and ability to critical think.

The pipe dream the GOP will control the house and then the senate again, which used to be normalcy in America, very well will not happen.

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Posted in: Warnock, Ossoff win in Georgia, handing Senate control to Democrats See in context

Man, am I glad Mitch McConnell is no longer majority leader!!!

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Posted in: Warnock, Ossoff win in Georgia, handing Senate control to Democrats See in context

Congratulations to the winners of the runoff in Georgia!!

Please tell your racist followers, Donald, to not riot with their feeble brains, the guns are scary and the people elected winning administration of Biden, the Democrat held senate and the Democrat held Congress protecting democracy will fight your fascist sedition right wing jerks.

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Posted in: Georgia runoff elections for Senate too close to call See in context

despite all the progress (trend reversal from the obama years). Shows the dems are very short on policy.

The reversals were basically because unethical stupid white Trump didn't like honorable black Obama, his intelligence, nor his humanity (ie, Trump is a whiny, juvenile, racist con man). The short on policy is a joke. Obama was a great president, a reason why he was re-elected for a second term, with huge approval. A winner, unlike Trump, a total loser. Obama understood policy, made them, and executed them.

Trump had few to no policies, no understanding how to implement a US government plan, and lack of any execution, thereof. He was and is a windbag. He sandbagged America to vote for him, and many realized their error, and didn't vote for him a second time. Trump was a 4 year mistake, who's approval rating dropped.

Trump, the worst president ever. The worst president imaginable.

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Posted in: Biden largely mum on Trump's effort to reverse election See in context

If a deadbeat POTUS falls in a powerless WH, does it make a sound? Apparently not.

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Posted in: Adult entertainment guidance center appears in Akihabara; some worry neighborhood is changing See in context

Maid cafes everywhere in Akihabara, with what look like 16 years olds, the next step is full on sex industry followup. No real surprise, is it?

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Posted in: Actress Lori Loughlin released after prison term in college scam See in context

Many of us have worked hard to get our kids through school, and parent them to understand their own responsibility of studies, hardship and life. I spent a great deal of time doing this, risking my job and lifestyle as a single dad, both of which were put aside, as being with my children and nurturing them became my first priority.

Lori Loughlin is an idiot who ruined her kids by making them spoiled people who feel they do not have a need to earn their way through life. She taught them to cheat and if you get caught, you lie and fight your own guilt. She taught them, hey, even if they finally catch you, you act like you regret your behavior, but you get off after two months, so don't worry girls, we have enough money, or will find a way and you don't really have to go to college, study and work a hard job. College is just for the parties, right?? She has not been a role model who understands integrity and truth as necessary qualities of good people, and for that, her girls are deprived, likely liars and likely vain.

What a loser Lori Loughlin is. With laziness and allowing her kids to get away with things, she is complicit in all their personal problems they have and will have in the future. Too bad for the girls, but so be it. They'll be known as dumb is as dumb does...and lacking the qualities and achievement of getting into USC on their own, their entire lives.

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Posted in: Biden says Trump aides setting 'roadblocks' for his transition team See in context

 I'd even go so far as suggesting your bias clouded your memory.

No, I have no bias on this matter. 'Suggesting' my memory has been clouded is an attempt of a gaslight of manipulating words, and sorry, the lies and narrative of Trump followers do not work on me.

There was never a refusal to give out transition information like Trump is doing. Nearly two months after the election, he is still refusing to even acknowledge defeat. He is not only a sore loser, his refusal to transition is hurting America and is a traitor because of it. 'Suggesting' my memory has been clouded is a complete gaslight of manipulating words, and sorry, the lies and narrative of Trump followers do not work on me.

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Posted in: Biden says Trump aides setting 'roadblocks' for his transition team See in context

I'm no Trump fan, but have you forgotten the Clinton Bush handover?

Why start out saying you're no Trump fan if you show any false equivalency in your comparison of this transition to any other? There's been nothing close in the history of presidential transition to the lack of cooperation Trump shows to Biden. Trump is unhinged and is being a fascist who refuses to go by the long held rules of American democracy, Clinton was not.

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Posted in: U.S. government heads toward chaotic end to 2020 as Trump fights Congress See in context

The bill is being held up in the Democratic controlled House.

Whether or not Americans get the $2000 relief cheques is Pelosi's choice.

Ugh. Trolling. Another alternative fact that isn't a real fact, it's a lie. 100% wrong.

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Posted in: Unemployment benefits for millions expire as Trump rages See in context

Along that binary line of 'reasoning', anyone, other than those who want to further undermine democracy that sees anything positive in what Trump's doing now must be a keyboard warrior for one of the globe's authoritarian regimes, or one of the regime's alt right supporters.

Trump has trolled democracy and the presidency. He thought his dictatorial business style, which could fail at any time because he believed he had people like oligarchs and controllable people like bankers in Germany, in his pocket, was allowed. America isn't the fascist state he believed.

Trump never had any idea how to be a president within a US democracy. He loved the label of being President, he didn't actually care for the country, and more importantly, never has understood what the United States of America is about. It isn't about lies and narratives and self importance as a priority for a leader. He's not a supreme leader, even thought he wanted to be. He isn't an American patriot, that's for sure.

Eventually, most will realize, even his most stubborn supporters, that those lies and acts of idiocy which has been a staple of his administration, is wrong. They admit the problem and vote him out.

The one's who remain are 100% minions. Few, if any, views of logic, an incapability of gathering information and making a decision of truth. Zero critical thought. They'll cherry pick and bring the false narrative and be ridiculous.

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