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Trump said he prepaid his taxes.

So, if he did, it'd give him total reason to have transparency and release those done taxes, especially since he says he paid millions.

We know he paid 750 dollars, after his pre paid taxes. His accountants must have missed the .00075% (he said 'millions', but I'll just base this on 'only' one million), for a grand total of 750 dollars he paid post pre tax.

Those damn accountants missing that .00075%, what is he paying them for??? Trump is quite the honest guy to come back and pay that 750 bucks. What a dude.

The China tax paid was more than his USA tax, as we now know. That's incredible information, every time it's written or said. Of course, Trump probably is wary of not paying taxes in China. USA? He thinks he can get away with anything. Not so. Good luck, Donald, post're gonna need it.

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The needle didn't move for the few undecided.

The moderator was the only person with clarity on the stage.

I'm glad the debates are over.

Biden will win in a landslide in 12 days.

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Bullying in schools is a symptom of the larger cultural problem. If it was just telling kids to quite bullying it'd have already been done. It isn't that simple a problem.

Passive aggressive behavior is a main part of how the culture works.

Because not verbalizing thoughts and feelings limit expression, bullying is communication. It's bad communication, but in a society where rules and not breaking them is Japan's main source of life, the frustration of being incapable of understanding one's own feelings makes self assessment impossible for many, and lashing out is the only way they know how to express themselves.

In a nutshell, Japanese are not individualistic thinking people, they're made to think a certain way, but it is so limiting, human nature takes over and gets angry.

One does not voice their opinion on anything negatively about others, even if it is constructive criticism. That pent up keeping it inside manifests itself into manipulative gaslighting mentalities leading to bullying as a means of control.

Add on the fact that psychology and mental fitness is treated as a group non problem...just fit in, whether as an individual there are issues that should be looked exacerbates the Japanese lack of a true self identity.

It's a slippery slope of lack of self worth and confidence, leading to a lack of truth in leaders and that leads to great frustration, the Japanese don't even know why it's there, nor want to acknowledge it. Bullying is part of the culture, and it's everywhere. Teachers have been bullied, and some most certainly are, at work.

When role models, from teachers to police to leaders bully, so will children follow that behavior, as well.

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Sounds to me like the unhinged stuff certain people continue to say about Trump

Dude, Trump is the source of the unhinged stuff.

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The images keep running through my head, already. The mute button will go on. Trump will keep on talking, and his ranting and raving with no sound will be too good...his unhinged and crazy mad expressions making stuff memes live for.

Or at least SNL and Alec Baldwin should have a lot of fun, with this one. I'm pretty sure SNL's going to be even funnier than the debate itself, but there's a lot of competition.

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Trump is frightened of Obama because he knows that Obama is everything he aspires to be (popular, competent, respected) but fails at.

How true! Trump is the polar opposite to the intelligent and wonderful human being Obama is.

Trump is the worst president ever and is so juvenile, he's the biggest crybaby as well, shown at the 60 minute pout and tweets at Leslie Stahl.

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Let’s face it, the deck is completely stacked against Trump winning re-election. 

Trump's caused this, of course. He's a lousy person and an even worse president. When so called big money doesn't support the supposed big money, non political, great for the economy president, it says he really messed up and they completely distrust him. The one thing he was supposed to do was to, as an 'expert' financial rich man was to make the economy and corporate life greater, and he couldn't even do that. Even with taxes favoring the rich. Trump is a failure to the rich.

The media, is, overall, something that tries to get facts right over misinformation. 'Fake news' is a ridiculous catch phrase Trump made up so his followers would repeat it to the point of their own brainwashing.

The worst of narrative driven MSM is Fox News. Those who follow Fox should know they're the one's who have driven the lies, misinformation and lack of wanting to be factual to the point its followers simply cannot critically think because they don't want nor care for true information.

People who take Trump for the truth are most obviously being gaslit. Why they want so much to believe the lies is a flaw that us people who depend on critical thought and facts as information, find completely fool hardy and ridiculous. There's a lack of credibility to those who consistently do not want truth, but rather a twisted version...a narrative which is constantly spewed erroneously by Trump and the Republican party.

Flaws which are so egregious and lies so obvious to many of us, do catch up to the culprits. Trump is being left behind by most, even many of his ardent followers from 2016, who have finally figured out his con.

This is why the deck is so stacked against him and the Republicans, who will lose many seats in the Senate on Trump's tattered coattails.

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Trump will go down in history as the worst ever American president.

Considering there've been some terrible presidents, it's quite an underachievement of intelligence and character to be outright the worst president ever, of which Trump clearly is.

Trump outdistances the disgraced with lies and gaslighting of the people who lapped up his con man gig. It isn't even close as to how he has been the worst president in American history, for America, and ultimately useless as the instigator for the true and first time majority lack of respect America is finding from her allies.

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Trump is fighting for his political and legal life.

Many lawsuits are coming his way once he's out of office, and he'll not be protected by the presidency. It's easy to see why he's so desperate, right now, but he's going to lose and lose big.

And losing the WH will seem minor compared to what happens post presidency, when the IRS and justice system comes down hard on him, among the many legal problems coming his way.

He'll reap what he sowed with all the lies and reckless behavior while POTUS.

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Posted in: Avalanche of early votes transforming 2020 election See in context

An avalanche of early voters for a landslide win for Biden. Seeya Donald.

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Posted in: In 25th Amendment bid, Pelosi questions Trump's fitness to serve See in context

Regardless of what you believe, this president has accomplished more for the country than democrats! He is not a politician or statesman that everyone knows, but where is written you have to be such to hold office? Any American can run for president it’s not exclusive! There isn’t a saint in the world no one is 100% perfect or will be liked by all. The mere presences or voice or look of people will always upset someone, if you feel you’re so perfect, post a video of you walking on the ocean surface! Critiquing this individuals accomplishments which outweigh any democratic president’s feats in the 40 years is all you can do and cry because this president WILL be elected for a second termJ The American people who work hard are tired of the democrats giving their tax money Away to those who don’t deserve!

I disagree with this.

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Trump is such a joke. He has to break the rules and, like Pence, interrupt and go on and on at his own whim. He knows he has to follow the rules, if held virtually because the moderator can cut off his mike, and poor Donald pouts!!

Donald has to play by his own rules...breaking them, too, whenever he wants. What a child. What a loser. What a coward.

But the debate doesn't really matter. Seeya the worst president ever, the Biden landslide is coming.

I'm enjoying this, now, as the size of the landslide and how it carries America for the future is looking great.

The terrible Republican party will lose even more power as America will see just how bad their lies have been, and they emanate not only from Trump, he's only a (huge problematic) symptom of the conservatives, not the cause.

Republicans just latched on and used him because they're a bunch of dishonest weasels who lack integrity. As soon as Trump's gone, they'll all say they disagreed with his demeanor, words, policy, and love for Putin.

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Posted in: 13 charged in plot to kidnap Michigan governor, start 'civil war' See in context

Stand back and Stand by was the message from the president. Domestic terrorists took it as it's ok to go into action and try to create a civil war. Trump is a terror with his incendiary words that encourage racism.

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Posted in: In 25th Amendment bid, Pelosi questions Trump's fitness to serve See in context

Not to be rude, but looking at that photo, Nancy’s in no position to be calling anybody crazy.

Of course you are rude and insulting by your insinuation.

It's a complete disconnect to equate her position in government to her appearance in a photo, but that's expected from Trump people who refuse to believe in critical thinking, so disconnects are a matter of their non fact.

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Pelosi is absolutely right. Trump 'fires back' his comments. His are completely straw man and argumentative words of juvenile nature. She suggests he needs to be transparent about his medical condition with COVID-19 exacerbating the need. He, like second grade bully, calls her crazy and says the infamous 'they' don't call her that for nothing. Obviously, he is actually the only one.

Trump constantly has used the 'they' and 'many people have said', but it's all 'I'. He's just too much a coward to say it. He's a name calling, lying unfortunate poorly developed human being who's a con man and many have gone all in on his con.

America can be so wrong, but will get him out of office after seeing just how wrong voting in Trump was. Talk about regret, the worst president ever voted in and they'll get rid of him after an excruciatingly bad four years of lies and distrust and mob government from the WH.

Biden will win in a landslide, and the lies and misinformation will thankfully be pulled back. I mean, who'd have thought we want to go back closer to the swamp Washington was, because the guy who said he'd clean the swamp and has made it a complete cesspool of lies and distrust. He can't even admit he's sick, when it's obvious he needs to. Another failure on the Trump caused COVID virus.

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If your “gotcha” moment of the night was dedicated to a fly on Mike Pence’s head, it’s because your team lost—

It wasn't about winning or losing, it's about irony and karma. :)

The humor of a fly, generally attracted to areas like feces, where it can lay its eggs(what in the heck WAS that fly doing for two minutes, anyways???) on Pence's head was funny.

Metaphorically, the significance that it was a black fly on Pence's white head was irrevocably apt.

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You're kidding right?

That she will be vice president may make those who have supported Trump's misogyny and racism incredulous to the coming election result, but as they say, 'the truth hurts, don't it?'

Biden/Harris...the fly on the wah....tever says so!! The next POTUS/VP to rid the stench of the worst POTUS/VP America has ever had the past 3 years plus.

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Posted in: Harris, Pence clash over Trump's coronavirus record at VP debate See in context

The Republicans on the run. It's amusing. Pathetic, but amusing.

Kamala's the best!!

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Kamala Harris is smart and a great person. She will be VP to President Joe Biden.

Today's debate did nothing to change her status as future VP. It most likely improved the poll numbers further for Biden. Although, admittedly, Trump is driving his own numbers down all by himself, anyways.

It's happening, no matter how much the cries from Trump supporters and Republicans cringe in fear of a strong, black woman of high integrity becoming VP.

Harris excelled. Very confident. Very intelligent. She is articulate and America wins with her.

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Posted in: Republicans see 'grim' Senate map and edge away from Trump See in context

Stand back and stand by, Republicans.

Ha. The truth is, Republicans don't really like their leader but they don't care about the racism, his misogyny, his unhinged tweets, or any of his bullying and mob ideals. They mostly support a lot of his ideals. Such hypocrites.

They know he will lose, so time to cut him loose and disassociate themselves from him. And now here will come more lies as to how they never liked or actually supported Trump, etc., etc.

Republican's are such tools.

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Posted in: Trump stirs controversy over COVID-19 death toll, halting aid package talks until after election See in context

Trump's desperation and sick anger is topping out. Dangerous when he's just unhinged, this is becoming an even higher level of problematic with his vindictive juvenile nature.

The sooner he gets beat by Biden and out of office, the better for America and the world. What a complete failure of a presidency, which is too bad, considering how American politics really did need to clean the swamp, but not with lying, ignorant, criminal, and mob protocol of Donald Trump, who made the problem worse.

A loser is Donald Trump.

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Posted in: Honda to withdraw from Formula One at end of 2021 season See in context

The logic does not ring true to me. Why are they still powering Indy cars with regular ICE power units, but pulling out of F1 which uses hybrid engines?

Probably a combination of wanting to go electric and Honda sales might be higher in the US than in Europe, and I believe very much a fossil fuel driven country, that still has a government wanting to produce more coal, with the current administration.

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Trump's words toward the coronavirus and COVID-19 have shown how reckless he has been in his flippant opinion and lack of diligence. All the things in the past he has said come back to haunt, as science catches up to him.

Trump's ignorance and choice to not listen to scientists and his own Dr. Fauci has put he and the USA in a bad situation prior to the election. How he made fun of his large, non mask gatherings vs Biden's virtual campaign and promotion of mask wearing during the debate shows his penchant for bullying and being wrong.

For those who still refuse to wear masks and believe only in Trump's lies, here is one he could not avoid. He is responsible for his own COVID-19. It isn't China's. It's his. He is the one person, the POTUS, who could have prevented his own sickness, had he done what was presidential, instead of acting on juvenile impulse. He reaps what he sowed, and listening to this serial liar can cause his cultish following the same result.

Be safe, not stupid. Wear the masks and wear them right. They're not chin protectors.

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Posted in: 'Will you shut up, man?' Repeated interruptions, insults mark fiery debate between Trump and Biden See in context

This is so outdated. There's so much information if one wants to find it, why bother listening and counting the insults and lies of a silly debate?

US debates to determine a vote is ridiculous in its intention. It's just theater. It's a disaster before it occurs, and laughable when it goes on. It really is silly to think people in 2020, will base its vote with such half assed responsibility of knowledge and sensibility on both the candidate's part and the voters', to believe a debate matters.

No wonder Trump won an election, this is just stupid American reality tv, where binary responses rule the land.

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Posted in: New York Times: Trump paid no federal income taxes in 10 of past 15 years See in context

And restructured himself again, thanks to the bankruptcy laws which is the reason why they are there.

Do you actually respect the multiple bankruptcy's that Trump has caused? With all his money and credit from daddy, I'd much rather him to be an upstanding citizen who doesn't depend on bankruptcy as his main MO for business. It's a loser's mentality as well as depending on the idea that failing is his saving grace.

I don't know if you can ever see anything from a non binary POV, at all. But if you support him not paying taxes, repeatedly, you should realize he advocates failure in life. He restructures, only to file bankruptcy, again. It's a pattern of depending on the law to save him.

As an individual, leaving out the left/right bs, which being Republican or Democrat has nothing to do with his multiple bankruptcy's, he is not a role model for young people nor is he an excellent, self made businessman.

If anything, I'd think you would look at Donald Trump for what he is on the negative side as well as what you perceive as his positives. To take a blind eye to this stuff is wrong, man. I don't get why you advocate fleeing taxes because of bankruptcy, again and again, because it's the law. Messed up, dude. Just pure bias for Trump, without pragmatically seeing the real Donald.

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Posted in: Trump pledges to make Juneteenth federal holiday in bid to woo Black voters See in context

Oh, Donald. Always getting patriot mixed up with patronize.

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Posted in: Both parties' leaders see orderly election outcome despite Trump's comments See in context

Trump is not an American leader of democracy. What he thinks is autocracy and completely ignorant to the

constitution of the United States. He is a cancer to the country and the world.

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Some want to argue Trump isn't a racist.

I don't care for the argument, but what is clear, is that he has many white supporters who are racist, making him 100% complicit in racism in the United States of America.

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Posted in: Aum founder's 2nd daughter to receive his remains, Tokyo court rules See in context

It's disgusting to think their family wants his remains. If you're of his blood and believe his remains are important, you're approving evil and I worry about people like that, and crazy cult types who likely still want to believe in Aum.

Time forgets most things, but we shouldn't forget his cruel and vicious sarin attack on people in the subway.

Remember, anyone of us could have been victims to in Japan terrorism and his family should be closely watched as red flags.

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Posted in: Pentagon plans larger, 'more lethal' navy See in context

Oil and (paranoid) military spending and consequent arms deals making money for the USA. American political agenda, Republicans or Democrats, in a nutshell.

They'll build up the navy and then sell it to someone who then become an enemy. God Bless America.

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