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Posted in: Gunman opens fire on Brooklyn subway; at least 10 shot See in context

does not help making people aware and open to a dialog toward compromises and resolutions.

how do you handle the dialog with this:

Definitely need more guns in America. If every single person on the train had been carrying at least one automatic weapon and several magazines containing high velocity bullets, then this tragedy would have been avoided.

If you've lost a family member to a gun tragedy, think you'd be more upset with pro gun over anti gun.

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Posted in: Ukrainian students in Japan See in context

What will they have to return too?

What has human nature come too?

Human nature fights back when cornered. Resilience is a human quality.

These students will have the strength of a struggle with life, and their desire and resolve will give them a lifelong cause to themselves, for their loved one's and country.

It's heartbreaking and heart warming at the same time, to see that photo. Good luck to them.

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Posted in: Excitement abounds in Hiroshima after 'Drive My Car' wins Oscar See in context

The film's so highly hyped, but everything about it is bad. Spoiler alert of a spoiled premise.

The protagonist watching his wife have a quickie and she dies. He's stricken by his (why?) love for her, never challenging her affair with even a question, while they talk of plots when making love? Give me a break. Scenes so trite, the cringeworthiness exceeds shoulder tightening, it makes one want to throw yuzu at the screen.

He then goes and gets a driver because it's policy of a theatre company which doesn't allow him to drive his own car with his dead wife's recorded talking? Aw, gee, too bad. But maybe you and your driver are going to have a great relationship. Ya never know. And that driver is a young female with nothing about her that says she'd even get a rirekisho looked at? No way. Not in Japan, ever. Anyone who as worked in the Japanese workforce knows how the Japanese hire. An established high end theatre company would not trust this girl to drive a VIP. It's an impossible story.

If someone hopes this is a film that compares to the last foreign film academy winner from Japan in 'Departures', they'll be high disappointed. I was.

Drive my Car is a dumb film.

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Posted in: Smith apologizes to Rock; Academy to launch review See in context

100% Will Smith in the wrong. Chris Rock is Chris Rock. They both are entertainers and Rock did his work, while Smith lashed out in the face of the proverbial pie that gets thrown, as a basic rule, at an actor.

Smith just lost it. His momentary lapse of reason on the biggest stage for performing arts, live.

Absolutely no excuse for his violent outburst and it was hugely disappointing.

An act of total stupidity that should get Will Smith at least a banishment from the Academy.

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Posted in: Twitter bans Rep Greene's personal account for COVID claims See in context

So AI allows for 5 strikes for harmful lies, then it 'can' banish you. It doesn't say how many violations Greene has had, but AI sure is lenient. I'd say one harmful lie from a purposefully false conservative and they should be banned.

Nonetheless, at least she got banned. The AI for this site allows the anti vax/mask, Trump cult, Greene supporting types to write disinformation as much as they desire. They should follow twitter and ban those who ubiquitously type disinformation.

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Posted in: Despite defense buildup, Japan's arms industry struggles See in context

Japan's building tanks of inferior technology is akin to making a new cellular phone with 2008 Blackberry tech and then pricing it as high as an Iphone 13.

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Posted in: Omicron spreads global gloom over New Year's celebrations See in context

The problem is with the idiots who refuse to accept facts and reality.

Exactly. All those followers who believe the guy who said COVID is a hoax, now telling his cult to get the vax, but too late! They have their own set of 'facts' which aren't and booing him.

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Posted in: Omicron spreads global gloom over New Year's celebrations See in context

This is an actual doctor working with Covid patients

Plenty of idiotic 'professionals' out there. They're called quacks, in the old days. Now, they're just lacking true critical thought, replacing it with bias and narratives that the non science people believe, but they'll believe any silly thing they choose.

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Posted in: Omicron spreads global gloom over New Year's celebrations See in context

You can’t call an unknown a big problem.

The more a virus is allowed to spread, the more it has chances to mutate into different forms.

Omicron might be leading to less symptomatic virus' or it could be the devil's variant, fooling people to believe things are fine letting it spread with milder symptoms, only to create a much severely health and death detrimental symptomatic version.

This virus is not going away. Chances are your idea that the virus gets diluted with each variant is naive at best, a dumb way to go, at worst with spread allowed to go unabated.

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Posted in: Buyers of condos to be converted from Olympic village sue developers See in context

If one has ever been in one of these apartments in Japan, the reason why the value rarely holds is because the workmanship is done so cheaply, even the so called luxury type places, often are 'kit' built with flooring, bathrooms, kitchens that are made to look used after a few years. It's a bit of dupe for buyers to want to buy an apt./mansion in Japan.

Often JR or the train companies understand the over population and Japanese mentality causes people to look at places to live and they will build owner oriented/non consumer value places of 'good' location which determines the pricing and the demand.

If the Japanese did not have the brainwashed idea that key money, every 2 year one month fee for renewal, etc., perhaps they would understand just how unfair the housing/rental market is, and the quality might go up, but this is corporate Japan and it's a lemming society, so they jump at chances for places of convenience like these Olympic cheap condos, where the Mitsui's etc. have control.

The realty market in Japan is insanely ridiculous, but it is what is is. Corporate thinking is part of the weakness of the Japanese and those who are complaining now are just reaping what they sow with their ignorance.

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Posted in: Trump asks judge to force Twitter to restore his account See in context

Regardless of your political point of view, speech - especially political speech - should never be infringed.

It's not about POV, it's about truths vs blatant lies of which Trump, the GOP and conservatives live off of. The fact Trump lies is not about political POV. If the conservatives want POV talk, that's one thing. Just lying and spreading disinformation and thinking that's OK is another.

The failure to address the concerns of citizens through dialogue instead shutting them up is a loser for a healthy society. It’s the sign of a fragile political system if the solution to disagreement with the dominant view is censorship. The counter-culture of today is on the Right.

The concerns of citizens should want to find truthful information...all of it, with an open mind...without narrative to critical think. Cherry picking certain 'facts' and having them used only when convenient to support lies and disinformation means the Right is wrong.

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Posted in: Trump asks judge to force Twitter to restore his account See in context

The case is about coercion.

Coercion? It's not. LOL.

What you defenders of Trump don't, can't, and never acknowledge is he lies and spreads disinformation.

Lying as often as Trump does and spreading them is a danger that is not about freedom of speech. Twitter suspending his account is akin to a constant time out for a kindergartner lying ubiquitously.

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Posted in: China's Xi: Handle disputes with 'dialogue and cooperation' See in context

Xi absolutely needs to acknowledge the treatment of Ughyurs and general human rights violations within China before he can credibly be listened to. An openness toward Wuhan and general transparency would obviously help us believe his words. And because censorship is so prevalent in China, Xi's words are deceptive and implausible.

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Posted in: Biden promises relentless diplomacy to skeptical allies See in context

That’s not what the world leaders thought, whatever the left tries to say about Trump. They knew he meant business by putting America first and made sure the world knew they were last.

Biden speech was sane and sensibility compared to Trump's. Trump was nearly incoherent in his scatter brained speech. It was an exercise in disinformation and boastful making his usual statements that were easily fact checked as wrong. It was a shallow address ridiculed by many UN members. The UN listened to Biden, and he most likely alleviated a lot of world leaders' fears toward a purely nationalistic America. Because of Trump, it'll take time to correct the diplomatic ties and the trust comes slowly. One can destroy trust quickly, as Trump's administration was expert at, so Biden does have to remake diplomatic ties and it won't go smoothly, but at least he acknowledges diplomacy and respect for others, of which Trump did not.

-Biden talked of diplomacy. Trump was obviously America first and kept bragging of himself. It was a display of usual boorish behavior that was embarrassing to the USA. Other nations were confused as to be laughing at Trump for being ridiculous or scared how his stupid policies would affect them and the world when there was no trust of the USA due to him being president.

-Biden talked of how the world needs to take climate control seriously, donate money for the lesser developed countries and inclusion in the Kyoto Protocol, again. Trump talked of how polluted China is, a bizarre attack on climate problems bottled up in a false package.

-Biden talked of the importance of acknowledging the strength of and fighting the virus and why it is important for all the world to work together and beat it. Trump said it was the 'china virus', after the unmitigated disaster within the US he most certainly helped create, with the high rate of infection and morbidity in America. Trump refused COVAX, the consortium working to help all countries in the world to share information and vaccines throughout the world.

-Biden talked to the world as the USA being part of that world, willing to work with and help nations of the world. He acknowledged all leaders and the reasoning as to why the UN has great importance to the USA and the world. Trump selectively talked of UN negatives and did not list positives. He bragged, falsely, how the US economy he built would revitalize NATO. He bragged of the US always fighting human rights violations as he cozied up to Xi and Putin. Such hypocrisy was never more obvious from Trump. In essence, Trump talked of the USA as the world itself, and all else less important, and make no mistake, the USA is not the center of the earth. Many Americans want to believe that, but it's a juvenile and truly ignorant small minded following.

-Biden reversed Trump's one country, America is the only one and the greatest for diplomacy and understanding that America is part of the world, and must work with others, not ridicule them. Trump talked of 'globalists' threat to popular sovereignty, a narrative not based on critical thinking only he and his lemming alternative facts base could possibly believe.

Trump was a disaster for any setting, but the UN, a body of world leaders, watched him be trumpbaby, sarcastically responded with derisive laughs and Biden's speech was received well with great content, in comparison. America took 5 steps back when Trump talked at the UN, as Biden talked to slowly take those steps back.

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Posted in: France and Australia agree submarines won't stop trade deal See in context

after all if China joins the TPP itll be the largest trading block in the world, be hard for the EU to join if you pee off other TPP members, free trade is reciprocal

With China's recent actions of genocide, censorship, cherry picking when to be capitalistic as it suits them, when to seemingly be free trade and when it's authoritarian communist rule denies it and disallows things like labor rights and transparency of regulations, it is doubtful China will agree to some rather strict TPP requirements, and more so, be accepted by the TPP.

I doubt they gain admission to the TPP, especially with Japan as the current chair.

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Posted in: Johnny Depp film sees Minamata pollution issue as cautionary tale See in context

Minimata is another example of Japan's culture leading to non transparency, and it allows for hiding things the people of Japan should know and acknowledge. This pervades to the population and it's tough to watch society have lies and secrets which if they don't acknowledge, gets swept under the genkan.

Actually, the lack of integrity and truth is detrimental to their humanity and souls, as it were. Far too many people believe it's fine to not have reasoning on a daily basis in lieu of rules and following orders. For the free nation of Japan, it is unfortunate the people are often self shackled in doubt and ignorance, with shame they don't understand, but know it is there.

It ultimately is a lack of courage and self worth to lie, and the Japanese know it, but then won't buck the lies, they'll live them, as a rule.

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Posted in: 'The Crown,' 'Ted Lasso,' 'Queen's Gambit' top Emmy Awards See in context

Sometimes two great performances happen. Any other year, Anya Taylor Joy gets an Emmy. I loved her in Queen's Gambit, yet I completely understood when Kate Winslet won.

Queen's Gambit ultimate win over Mare of Easttown turned the tables, and I was fine with that as well. Both are excellent mini series', but Queen's Gambit is a unique story and gets a well deserved Emmy.

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Posted in: France and Australia agree submarines won't stop trade deal See in context

Two things Macron was believing:

EU would support any sanction against Australia and were upset as they with the pact. But the countries in the EU, almost entirely non supportive of France' lead of an EU self sustaining super military, know their economic priorities over ride French submarinegate.

Macron also believed NATO would be derailed, but it is a dinosaur with fleas. He even said so a couple of years ago. One might as well fax NATO info to all countries. It's outdated, inefficient and mostly useless.

Countries are so nationalistic of late, alliances are less trusted and that makes each countries own priorities the main thing they're concerned with. To say the US has lost its allies is fanciful.

For a French pity party, it is mainly within her borders. England and France are the only European countries which have big militaries, but are still small without American support. England knows this. France wanted to be a military power, something Macron should have figured out was never gonna happen. Macron thinks the role of France is bigger than it really is, it is not a self sustaining power.

England, as part of the EU and NATO understood this, so they never did promote the self sustaining military strength for EU. Their difference of this new pact dissing France shows how relatively meaningless consequence to NATO and EU are, and any economic suffering is negligible.

The sub deal broken may be the best thing to happen for France. Macron wants an excuse, but the problem is, he was wrong to ever think France could center a collaboration of EU countries committing to military strength association. He need no longer worry about it, probably at the expense of his political career, but for countries wary of China, no biggie, and actually, just fine.

Australian needs changed, with China's threat, in the five years it took for France not fulfilling the order, and their subs were relatively obsolete in comparison to the US product, but years ago, there was less of a threat to them, and didn't need the best subs.

As is, Australia had a no brainer here for its own protection, and a wake up call to China.

This is in spite of Australia knowing that their main trade partner is China, as the priority of self interest and protection led to a decision of angering China, as well as France. The tech to build the subs, of which France would not give, is given to Australia. A huge sweetener, and not just the sale of subs like a military power broker wannabe in France.

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Posted in: France suspends 3,000 unvaccinated health workers See in context

Put those nurses with the anti vaxxers and send em all to Mars. They shouldn't have the privilege to live among those vaccinated and spreading viral death. If so, do it among themselves, and quit being so utterly selfish. France is right to suspend the nurses.

Viruses mutate. It's what they do. One strain leads to another and unless the idiots quit lying and believing something as stupid as their freedoms are being taken away by getting a necessary vaccination or waiting for a herd immunity that isn't going to happen, variants will continue until there is one that visibly causes death, ubiquitously. No fear mongering, it's reason anti vax fools cannot or will not comprehend.

Could be variant 14 or variant 100...but with the false narrative created by the lies of alternative facts, just wish the anti vaxxers could get sent to place they all gather and live with each other, and the vaccinated don't have to associate with them.

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Posted in: COVID-19 deaths of people aged under 60 soar in Japan due to Delta variant See in context

The anti vax disinformation is ridiculous and allows for more COVID proliferation.

That much should be obvious, but when the belief of a false cherry picked narrative sets into cultish behavior and they repeat the lies constantly to themselves, they believe fear mongoring exists, when in scientific reality, it is to help human existence.

Not believing the science is baffling until one realizes the anti vaxxers are not critical thinkers. imo, they're stupid, just like Trump.

The anti vaxxers would have never accepted polio vaccines, either. Glad they weren't around in the 50's when polio was a major problem. We'd have not almost completely eliminated the disease, today, if the disinformation fools had their way.

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Posted in: Raducanu's U.S. Open title moves her up 127 spots to No. 23 See in context

Raducanu's straight set wins indicates she can dominate a field, and she should continue on as a force. She's great for the game on court and off.

I love Fernandez. She is a fighter and proved mentally tough, but her game is not quite as powerful as Raducanu's and has an inconsistent first serve. She could definitely be a big part of women's tennis, but her mental game will be her weapon to win. Her positivity and maturity are infectious.

Tennis needed the excitement and smiles. Clarity and optimism from its star players certainly is a better look.

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Posted in: F1 rivals Verstappen, Hamilton crash again at Italian GP See in context

McLaren's one two finish is big news. Congrats to the team and Ricciardo and Lando. Norris wanted the win, and had the faster car, but team orders to not mix it up and go for the top two podium kept him in check. Lando accepts his time is coming, and takes his second in stride, with a happy win for Daniel.

Max gets a 3 next grid penalty for not avoiding the collision. It was the right call. While Lewis wasn't backing off in the least, the collision was caused by Max, who refused prevention of the accident.

Max will never learn to back off when he should, and obviously his temper gets the worst of him, as he doesn't bother to check if Lewis is hurt when he knows his car rolled over the Mercedes. The halo most definitely saved Lewis' life. Max's rear wheel would have come down on his head squarely if no halo.

Both drivers need to talk it out and realize the consequence. I don't like Max' win at all cost attitude, but it is a part of racing for competitive drivers, and we've seen it before with Senna/Prost, Vettel, Hamilton...pretty much all top drivers at one time or another has taken out another car.

The next time someone could get hurt badly, so it's time to scold the two drivers and let them know the penalties will get harsher. It should be about life itself, but competitive penalty may be the only way to get through to the drivers.

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Posted in: Britain's Raducanu, 18, beats Fernandez, 19, to win U.S. Open See in context

Huh? Why the identity politics attempt?

I didn't read identity politics into it. The PC culture can definitely get way over sensitive.

But if identity politics of being Asian is something you want to push, the difference between a surly Naomi Osaka contrasting to the positive diversity with a refreshing joy of the two finalists for the world to see, I'm ok.

Asians like Radacanu and Fernandez are beautiful, strong, gracious and smart, with great personalities. That's identifiable.

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Posted in: Biden's war on virus becomes war on unvaccinated See in context

Great job, President Biden! Exactly what needed to be said.

The fact is the disinformation crowd won't change their views, the lies own them.

Wait a minute...this must, really???......Trump has said of late to go get vaccinated. He himself got vaccinated long ago. Goodness, gracious Martha.

Well, the leader has spoken to you, disinformation as he says, eh? LOL.

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Posted in: Teens Raducanu, Fernandez advance to U.S. Open women's final See in context

It is important to note a once in the professional era for a qualifier to make the final. Radacanu has made history.

Fernandez and Radacanu make for the first final with both having asian ancestry. Their personalities and on court behavior has been not only exemplary, it has been inspirational and a joy to watch. Refreshing to watch Fernandez beat Osaka(3rd seed), Kerber(16), Svitolina(5) and Sabalenka(2). Unreal poise and excellent play. It's great to watch players enjoying themselves with spring to their steps and genuine smiles, without showing the uptight mental stress a player must endure.

During the break of the two semi final matches there was a tribute to the original 9 professional women's tennis players with Billie Jean King, Rosie Casals, and 6 members of that group. It was a group of women who broke off from what was women's professional tennis, putting their careers on the line, signing with a new tour for 1 dollar a piece because women were highly underpaid in comparison to the men. The success of their risk and determination led to greater pay for women's professional sports, whether it be tennis, or soccer, or basketball or whatever. Watching the two young players reminds how far women's tennis has come thanks to the original 9.

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Posted in: Raducanu, 18, 1st qualifier to reach in U.S. Open semis; Zverev, Djokovic win See in context

Radacanu and Fernandez are such a joy to watch.

So refreshing and fun. Great competitors.

Tennis needs them.

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Posted in: Blinken to Taliban: Any legitimacy 'will have to be earned' See in context

Chaos leads to reasons for the US to further concern itself to intervene and America will find a way to send troops somewhere. The military and war is America's gold. They know it and will always promote the idea of enemies and nations to disagree with.

If the Taliban never becomes legitimate in the US eyes, that's OK for the red, white and blue. In fact, likely there are operatives and politicians who don't want the Taliban to ever get along with America, it's another excuse to make money thru war.

It's not a Biden thing, for those who want to blame him.

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Posted in: Statue of Robert E Lee comes down in Virginia capital See in context

Wonder when they will take down lady Liberty, Lincoln, King, Mt. Rushmore and every other statue in the US., give it time, it’s coming.

Ugh. Such a straw man. The reasoning of taking down the statue of Lee and equating it to taking down all statues makes zero argumentative sense.

There are still many more statues of racist and traitorous Democrat still standing.

The liberal/conservative ideal wasn't even a thing during the Civil War. It's complete ignorance to refer to Democrats as a way of arguing taking down the statue that represents repression and slavery of black people as a cause for a war.

The Washington monument is the next logical choice.

The straw man trifecta. The fallacy might be beyond the thought of those who cannot critical think.

These straw man arguments have nothing to do with the subject of taking down the Lee statue. Pure folly and ridiculous words of fallacious arguments.

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Posted in: Evacuees from Afghanistan plead for action: 'We are in some kind of jail' See in context

This is on the Taliban and the US for being in Afghanistan. Whatever reason, liberal or conservative, is a moot point, by those who argue it in that manner. It isn't the polarized one way or the other reasoning I keep seeing, it's the United States and her politics and business of money and oil that puts her squarely in areas of the world America has no real business being there.

What's happening in Afghanistan is a no clean way out scenario the moment we went in from 2001. This left/right stuff gets ridiculous. JT is proof how silly the split has become as every argument comes down one stance or another when America is at fault. America depends on war and the military for what they perceive as the need for freedom.

America reaps what it sows, and any damage, collateral or otherwise is just a part of participation in war and being in places we have no idea what their customs are about and shouldn't be trying to force our way of life to theirs. In truth, America loves its military, the propaganda to commercialize it and guns and violence. It'll never end in the lifetime of a newborn today in the USA.

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Posted in: Alpha Tauri retains Japan's Tsunoda, Gasly for 2022 season See in context

Pierre Gasly's been excellent. He's on his way to stardom.

Tsunoda has shown glimpses. He's fairly quick at times, but consistently a ways behind Gasly. He has been a bit immature and learning on the fly. He has blamed others, including his pit and hopefully has learned he cannot do that.

He deserves a second season based on his potential, but cannot take a step backwards.

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