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Posted in: On staff following orders, Trump says: 'Nobody disobeys me' See in context

In the photo, there's an idiot in a suit, but which one?

Is this a rhetorical question? We know Trump is an idiot.

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Posted in: Trump sues to block U.S. Congress subpoena for his financial records See in context

Of course, Trump sues. He's a total weasel.

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Posted in: On staff following orders, Trump says: 'Nobody disobeys me' See in context

Oh, man, this guy is a delusional lunatic. Mentally unhinged. He makes me laugh, but it's a nervous one, as proof of his fascist, right wing, dictatorial, authoritarian and ultranationalist ways continue.

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Posted in: Top Democrats leave open option of Trump impeachment after Mueller report See in context

I'm for impeachment if there is an absolute win.

If not, I'd let his presidency run its course, which will be over soon. He's pretty much a lame duck president, already. His bipolar, but mostly insane, twitterverse should get loads of lies and ridiculousness on even a higher level and his golf schedule should increase. I have little doubt, after the exposure of his unhinged behavior from many, but the most credible being the Mueller report, his reign of terror is over.

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Posted in: Redactions heavier on Russian meddling than on obstruction See in context

Trump supporters: Ya'll keep telling yourself it's all good. It's funny to see the scramblers desperate attempts to convince themselves Trump's a good guy. A great president. A two term icon. How wrong to ignore, even the redacted writing right in front of them.

Mueller is protecting the office of the president, and by association, the lying president. No collusion? Not really known, for sure because collusion would definitively defame the office of the president. Mueller abstains from saying so.

At any rate, there's enough for the public to see Trump's finished in Washington.

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Posted in: 'A good day': Trump claims victory with Mueller report out See in context

Mueller did the investigation, honestly, but also wanting to protect the office of the president. It protected Trump because it does not want to implicate the presidential office on purpose. It's necessarily manipulative, in the lack of accusations, and greasy Trump may think he escapes with silly words of self victory, but he's wrong, and the results of the Mueller investigation will be weighted heavily in the minds of Americans so that even as an unlikely impeachment won't go forward, it doesn't have to. With the election 18 months away, Trump's lying reign of stupidity is done in Washington.

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Posted in: Trump wishes 'no ill will' with tweet on Muslim lawmaker, White House says See in context

No ill will

Trump speaks in what? Innocuous commentary and has no malicious intent? No logical or sane person can possibly believe that. He’s fueled by racism and a lack of empathy toward humanity and the earth, in general. Trump supporters are scary blind to constantly pump him up and agree with his narrow views.

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Posted in: Ghosn says in video statement he is innocent and a victim of backstabbing See in context

Cricky: Best comment in this thread. No one knows for sure if Ghosn is guilty or innocent, but the Japanese judicial system needs to be fair. It isn’t.

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Posted in: Trump complains social media sites discriminate against conservatives See in context

It's not discrimination. People don't like liars. Republicans are always muddled, relying on twisting truths and not being transparent. It's the party of Nixon and his lies, of which, I'm sure there are still plenty of Republicans who think he was treated unfairly. Even Nixon didn't lie as much as Trump, and likely knew when he was lying. It's so Orwellian now with Trump, his doublethink is now his reality. Lies are truth and visa versa, and he doesn't know when he's telling truth or lies.

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Posted in: Senate vote rebukes Trump on Syria, Afghanistan See in context

While in the future, one hopes for withdrawal of troops, the timing makes no sense. Trump wants to take them out of where they are needed to put them on the front lines of the, his silly idea of security for the US rests on the Mexican border, not in Syria or Afghanistan, where ISIS and Al Queda are not deemed threats by him.

Does he read anything? His ability to critical think is non existent because he doesn't care for information that doesn't fit his crazy, self indulgent ideas. Or maybe he just can't read anything over 50 words. Obviously, he makes stuff up, refusing information where a good deal of them are truths.

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Posted in: Japanese teacher punches high school boy in face; social media on his side See in context

This is not just a clear case of no tolerance on this teacher lashing out, partly because of circumstance and partly because it occurs in a public school in Japan, where the standards of violence are different than some other countries. If this were a school in the states, or a private school, the teacher would not survive his job.

On the other hand, the student would not be in the teacher's face screaming insults, either. I'd think both the student getting expelled and the teacher getting fired would happen in any international type private school in Japan, but his manners would never have quite come to that point, as he'd likely already had major problems with the school and teachers in elementary years leading to parent/teacher/kid/administration meeting years much earlier, where he either learns proper school etiquette or he would have been expelled.

In this case, I don't condone the teacher hitting the kid, but that kid had it coming. Although I think the teacher's approach to the situation was wrong, there's more bad on the kid's side, and he may or may not learn his lack of control and big mouth could get him into even more violent problems in the future.

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Posted in: Democratic U.S. Sen Kamala Harris jumps into 2020 White House race See in context

It's sad, but expected, to see the comments of what comes down to racial and gender prejudice. Who's fooling who, here? All the Trump camp who are against Kamala Harris see a black woman, and that sets 'em off to scurry for reasons and justification why she's no good.

The moral blindness is indicative to know so many are wrong. When Trump backs up white boys taunting diversity, his minions will follow. But, of course, they're not racists in their misguided minds.

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Posted in: Bad headlines for Trump also means ratings slump for Hannity See in context

Your side, our side, doesn't matter. Hannity lies and talks in narrative. Everyone knows that, even his followers. If they choose to believe the lies, it's their thing. It's wrong, but we absolutely know Fox News and Trump lie all the time, and followers just say fake news is everywhere, as some fallacy in logic to justify their choices.

Hannity does not care if he lies, it doesn't matter to him, and neither does it matter to his audience. They just turn it around and say that everyone lies, including liberals, instead of admitting Fox News and Hannity and Trump are lying constantly to America and the world.

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Posted in: Train etiquette: Top 10 inconsiderate behaviors that tick Japanese train commuters off the most See in context

Salarymen get upset at young people with headphones on who are upset with smelly do you ever bathe old people who are upset with the girl putting making up on who is upset because she forgot her lipstick at her gaijin boyfriend's, who is upset the salaryman is not giving his seat to an elderly woman, who is upset by the cell phone rude punk who is upset he just lost his video game, so he slouches and takes up two seats and upsets the salarymen who is upset with the gaijin's back pack, etc., etc.... it isn't the circle game Joni Mitchell was talking about....

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Posted in: Trump starts pulling U.S. forces from Syria See in context

Wait a minute....I thought you guys hated wars and wanted our troops to leave, liberals always confuse me.

Trump makes decisions based on ulterior motive, and self purposes, so one has to be very suspicious of why he is doing this now.

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Posted in: Trump panel recommends guns in schools to keep U.S. students safe See in context

I don’t think so, I think depending on the school location, depending on the city ordinance and depending on how the community feels about it, if there is a need for teachers to be armed and the local people are OK with it, then I think they should be, most definitely and by all means. I support it.

Such a naive statement. You don't add guns as a means to solve gun control problems, when will you gun supporters ever learn this? It would lead to more killing, and not be preventative. Teachers policing themselves? No way, it makes me sick to think anyone believes this is a solution, and it's downright idiotic to think it'd work.

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Posted in: Trump's son-in-law Kushner possible next chief of staff: U.S. media See in context

Jared has been given an offer he can’t refuse.

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Posted in: Trump's deputy national security adviser out amid White House turmoil See in context

so there goes the racial argument.

Not having love for the caravan itself is one thing. Having a racist attitude, of which, Trump and his supporters do, is a different subject, entirely.

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Posted in: Trump's deputy national security adviser out amid White House turmoil See in context

I love the framing of the WH constantly being in “turmoil”.

Yah, right. No turmoil. hehe. Smooth sailing with Trump and his anger with the WH staff, Melania, Kelly, Fuentes...openly saying he'll replace more cabinet members, CNN getting support from Fox News, being embittered by Republican losers in the recent election, Mueller investigation coming to a conclusion, and those noting his mood in the WH is darker than ever as he isolates himself further and further from essential aides. Yup, he's SO happy!

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Posted in: Trump fires Sessions, says he 'could fire everybody right now' See in context

The unhinged criminal's mind is manifesting itself in panic moves, the day after the election, hoping to avert the guilt he has. His attacks on the media have risen, as well. Soon, he will have a complete meltdown on twitter, as the lies and law breaking president's past catches up to him. He thinks he has two months, until the Democrats take the house, but in reality, he's not going to get away with trying to undo Mueller's work. Even if he thinks he can delay the inevitable, it's just a sleight of hand party trick that isn't going to work.

He's going to be found guilty of supporting the oligarchs and Russia, held captive by them, and shown to be a traitor to the US people, even though, those ignorant enough to believe in him will never admit the 2016 election was hacked, with a message to Trump, 'From Russia, with love'. He never won the election. He should never have been in office. The world and the US is a worse place, because of his relationship to Russia allowed him to be their puppet, and he knows it, thus fire Jeff Sessions when he knows the heat is coming stronger to find him guilty of treason.

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Posted in: Trump political ad linking Democrats and immigrants to violent crime assailed as 'sickening,' racially divisive See in context

As in the famous words of Democrat James Carville- “It's the economy stupid”

Economy takes 2-4 years for a policy to be analyzed for effectiveness. Trump's self called successful economics are from the Obama's policies, not his. When the effect of Trump's tariffs, taxes and deregulation hit, it'll show a terribly inept Republican ideal of making the rich richer to trickle down economics, and it never works. The scarier thing is the deregulation the Republicans always allow, which, of course, led to the craziness of the 2008 financial disaster of subprime mortgage that led to a government bailout and a possible world financial system collapse, after 8 years of Bush.

The years following Trump could be even worse.

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Posted in: Gunman kills 11, wounds 6 in Pittsburgh synagogue See in context

Here we go. I think blaming Trump at this point is utterly irresponsible.

It's not that Trump is to blame for this killing, but until he and the right understand a very basic and very logical concept, that guns, and especially multiple round type ones, kill people easily, and it is not just people killing people. There is a need for much harsher gun laws, and Republicans will always be held largely responsible, for mass shootings, until they can firstly, without caveats, admit guns kill, and then advocate for as much elimination of guns as possible.

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Posted in: Trump reluctant to abandon Riyadh over missing journalist, wants evidence See in context

I think this has a lot to do with the subject matter in the film, Active Measures. Trump was bankrupt at one time, due to his failure on his overly huge casino flop in Atlantic City, He needed money, and he got it in the form of allowing any tenant into his Trump Hotels and apt. living. Russian Oligarchs, and foreign money that needed to be laundered into dollars were sold unit upon unit, thereby making Trump rich, and with his bottom line of making money over any moralistic issues, he did his usual thing. This made him vulnerable to foreign money and leaders which controls him, like the oligarchs and Putin, and now, the Saudis. He never thought as a regular citizen it would come back to haunt him, and as president, was too dumb to realize how he endangers America when backing autocrats worldwide, because of his own money interests prioritized over anything and everything. This, and oh, yeah, Saudi arms deal which he wants to go thru, no matter what.

Trump is always the liar and spinning his stories, and his hypocrisy leads to wanting to give the Saudis every last chance to come up with an excuse or somehow wiggle out of this act of violence. A good president would condemn the action and demand answers, immediately. However, I suspect, he already has the answers, either from foreign or domestic investigation, but since this is Donald Trump, he will create a narrative that gives his money buddies leeway to get out. In the end, if they are found guilty, Donny will have saved face with the criminal autocrats, by saying he did his best, but they had no escape. He's such a tool, it's ridiculous the president of the United States falls to a level of this thug.

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Posted in: San Francisco to vote on taxing rich businesses for homeless See in context

Why someone is homeless isn't the issue. Whether it is a qualified worker who is homeless or a drug addict who is homeless, the need to reduce homelessness and clean up the streets for both the homeless and the non homeless is necessary. That's why the people of SF, who are caring people, are trying to help. They're not haters, they're empathic people as a whole, and SF is a great city.

While some people will put down the Ashbury Haight district, it is a wonderful place, and the summer of love is a feeling that still exists. It is unique, historic and very cool, with some of the best T shirts, ever.

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Posted in: White House adviser Conway: 'I'm a victim of sexual assault' See in context

Conway suggested on Sunday that the ire of many victims was improperly pointed at Republican supporters of Kavanaugh, as opposed to the perpetrators of the assaults.

As a victim, Conway should be saying, 'If Kavanaugh is the perpetrator of sexual assault, something I have experienced and abhor, then he shouldn't be a Supreme Court justice, so let's please have an investigation, and find out the truth.'

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Posted in: Trump says he and Kim Jong Un 'in love' See in context

Donny loves Kimmie.

That’d be cute except it’s not at all.

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Posted in: Republicans fear political fallout from Kavanaugh turmoil See in context

There's plenty of negativity in this article, but what the writer has missed that all three women haven't proven anything that just finger pointed and told a story that are full of holes. A lot of people may see this as the Democrats trying to gain power at any cost and vote Republican.

Actually, this is about due process. The Republicans are trying to rush through the confirmation, and these women need to be heard, where the FBI can investigate the claims and see if there is proof, and if there are only holes in their accusations. Republicans are running scared of the results, and the narrative it is just the Democrats witch hunting, is counter to Kavanaugh who has shown he is a very nervous and angry supreme court nominee, and that's not a. How a supreme court justice should behave and b. mostly, only guilty people act that hysterically, when confronted.

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Posted in: Senator's dramatic demand spurs panel to seek FBI Kavanaugh probe See in context

It's apparent from Kavanaugh's behavior, that unquestionably, even to the Republicans, this person has some issues that need to be looked into. At the same time, their want to push thru a candidate, in spite of realizing it is a likely mistake, makes them a cowardly bunch, who are determined to push anyone they choose to the highest court.

Do this right, no one should want a lying supreme court judge, who acts like a belligerent child using straw man arguments every time he comes up against a question he deems difficult to answer. A person like that is not the person you want making forthright decisions, that affect the country. He is not worthy.

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Posted in: Trump's Supreme Court nominee tearfully denies woman's sexual assault allegation See in context

The facts on Kavanaugh are that when writing on his high school yearbook page, wrote about his own tendency to get wasted on alcohol. He escaped the question of whether he drinks or drank too much alcohol, during the hearing. Kavanaugh and his friends described themselves as the 'Renate Alumni', named after a girl from a nearby school, whom they apparently felt it was a badge of honor to brag upon real or unreal 'scoring' with a young girl, who most certainly was ridiculed greatly. He was part of the fraternity, DKE at Yale, which is a notoriously infamous one obsessed with over drinking and women, and was a member of the Truth&Courage secret club, unofficially known as the Tits&Clits club. None of this stuff has any bearing on whether Kavanaugh to be a virgin, or not. If he approved and participated in these actions, it's on him to admit it. I don't want a weasel for a supreme court judge. And certainly he could have, in drunken and lewd behavior, done what Ford has said he did. Laughing and ridiculing her as he tried to trap her into doing things she didn't want done.

Whether one wants to believe Ford, or not, if the focus is on Kavanaugh, he most certainly showed his belligerent side during the hearing, refusing to answer simple questions by hiding behind straw man arguments, such as speaking to his academic record, when asked about his drinking. Because he studied a lot, it, in no way shows he didn't drink too much, nor was not a sexual predator. Being smart or getting into Yale school has no bearing whatsoever on whether he may have acted indecently. He didn't directly answer questions about his drunken behavior, and based on his yearbook and other evidence, he should have to respond to allegations of over drinking and lewd behavior and ideals, such as being an alumni known for bragging about conquering an innocent girl sexually. These are qualities no one wants in a supreme court justice, especially one, who cannot admit, he may have had moments of weakness.

So, if he cries and makes faces and accuses people for making it all circus, he should just do the right thing. Ask for an FBI investigation to clear his name, and let the process give the information to everyone on his history of drinking and the allegations made by Ford and the other women.

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Posted in: Trump: Heads of state 'were laughing with me,' not at me See in context

When was this magical time you speak of? Or do you follow the line that the US will do what's good for people around the world, even if we have to kill them to help them?

If you don't realize when America was the leader of the world, perhaps you don't really believe America was ever great, but the facts are that human rights and care for the basic needs of the world was very much a priority and a major reason for US greatness was because America was not a nationalistic, inward looking nation. Helping the world is looked upon as something leaders do, and America's intent was good till the Trump administration. It was never perfect, it can't be for everyone. But, the weasels cringe and hide behind silly narrative and cherry pick to support their narratives.

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