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Posted in: Minneapolis police face investigation after Floyd murder verdict See in context

This is theater. It’s the way they’ll smuggle in the St.George policing act which is all part of the defund and abolish police initiatives. It’s theater.

After the verdict, Biden spoke to Grifter Crump via telephone and said this is now the chance to make a genuine move against systemic racism. Biden also said to similar effect at the podium later that night. As well as VP Harris.

Okay. So Little Rock 9, Birmingham bus boycott; marching into packs of dogs and racist cops with batons, the voting act, the civil rights bill, affirmative action; MLK, Edgars, Malcom X; the sit-ins and the walkouts; the deaths. None of that was a genuine attempt to stomp out systemic racism? Really, Biden?

And then, if it is such, what about all the hootin’ n hollerin’ you done about all your civil rights efforts in Delaware in the sixties? Was that not genuine or just another lie? And what about all your time in Congress? Are saying, Joe, that in all that time you’ve never took a genuine crack at systemic racism? Well, I believe you if it be so.

Justice was served with the verdict. But as always with the insatiable mob, it’s never enough. And why would they let it be. Racism and victim hood the real oppressors too much money and power.

Theater? Of course, not. It's a legitimate response to a court case that has shown a policeman abusing his power to kill a man. Imagine anyone being scared by being pulled over by the police for any reason. The very thing that is supposed to protect you might kill you for no reason other than your skin color.

Don't give me that 'theater' bs. It's KKK and Proud Boy thought to not believe there is systemic racism in law enforcement and needs to be investigated. Stand back and stand by, right??

Hootin' n hollerin'??? NO!!! First of all what an insulting use of implies stupidity and foolish words, instead of reason and attempt to right wrongs. These vile words of sarcasm insult me and anyone who believes there is a need to investigate systemic racism.

Justice has been served in this one case. But the case is a symptom of a much larger problem in law enforcement in Minnesota and many areas of the USA, which is the source...the disease...that creates this symptom of unnecessary killings of people who are not given proper treatment by the police. There is ample reason to investigate the on goings of systemic problems. And those problems are created by people who have racist tendency.

Biden is trying to fight systemic racism, but what he's really doing is fighting unfairness, which was often promoted by Trump. I expect nothing less from you than to support the wrongs and the ideals of bigotry and racism.

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Posted in: 'Mad Max' prequel to be filmed in Australian outback for 2023 release See in context

Anya Taylor-Joy is a special screen presence. She is now a major star with Furiosa. The Queen's Gambit was her Golden Globe breakout, and she's been excellent in films like Thoroughbreds. Good for her, she's a wonderful actress.

Chris Hemsworth is a major star. I look forward to the film, it should be fun and in the hands of George Miller, another great look.

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Posted in: Russia bans top Biden officials as tensions soar See in context

"There are a lot of killers. You think our country's so innocent?"

I can kill my countrymen and Trump approves. I can do whatever I want with this puppy as American president. Do not laugh, comrades, we don't want to show our hand and have Biden president, he may resist my killing nature, unlike the useable Donald. Make sure to further hack their computers and give him the election, comrades!

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Posted in: Trump insults Pence, McConnell in speech to party donors See in context

Of course Trump insults Pence.

Trump didn't care what happened to Pence at the insurrection, he certainly would not care, now.

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Posted in: Trump addresses GOP as power to shape national debate wanes See in context

The worst president ever is now the worst ex-president ever. What a tool the GOP is for him. Too easy to mentally manipulate the weak willed cult. They don't even realize....

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Posted in: Biden tightens some gun controls; says much more needed See in context

America loves violence first and guns are something that are convenient to use. One of the issues no one seems to realize is America is brainwashed by the government into thinking violence by way of the military, and by association guns and multi round guns, are necessary and put on a pedestal.

Every time there's a sporting event that promotes military appreciation. Every commercial making the military look like a wonderful career of hero's. Every fly over. They're all making the military a positive glory in the minds of Americans, every day.

When a pretty sideline reporter gushes over military appreciation...thank you for your service and she is smiling sincerely, people stand and cheer. They believe thanking the military is the right thing to do, but it is a brainwashing process, where violence and guns are necessarily great and American's believe it.

It's actually really stupid to believe in violence and killing, but it's ingrained in the American thought process, which gets reinforced further by repeating pledges of allegiance, singing the national anthem and God Bless America with all her religious fervor. Kill for God, country and family is the idea and it's wrong. Religion is another subject, but it gets mixed into everything American to sports, government and the military, and justifies killing, constantly in American mind's.

This all allows for the idea that guns are good because the military uses them and the military is what is allowing for the USA and free world freedom. Guns are a positive instrument for democracy, the constitution, and religion are being filtered in by propaganda noise, but American's are either too stupid or stubborn to realize, so people emulate and want multi round weapons. It's beautiful, right??

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Posted in: Man bitten by pet dog in serious condition See in context

People and their dangerous dogs, guy is lucky to be alive. Dogs need to be licensed like guns. Especially now that we know they carry the Corona virus.

Dogs are great. Man's best friend, by a mile.

Get real, such an over paranoid comment.

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Posted in: Putin signs law allowing him 2 more terms as Russia's leader See in context

Uh-huh, you are free to believe that.

As if you wouldn't have approved of Trump cheating to stay in office. Sheesh, get real.

Seems like that’s exactly what the Dems are doing now.

Makes zero sense(nothing new).

Even your narrative should tell you it's Trump who loves Putin and puts money in his pocket, Biden's the dude who said he's a killer.

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Posted in: McConnell pledges battle over Biden infrastructure plan See in context

Mitch McConnell is still driving an Edsel. Movin' up to a gas guzzling truck, someday. Love those fossil fuels, Republicans. More coal, baby, more coal.

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Posted in: Japanese karate champion testifies she was bullied by official See in context

Maybe girls shouldn't be doing martial arts if they're going to cry abuse for rigorous training.

Notice how none of the men are are crying "abuse"? This is hardcore bushido.

Maybe men are too scared and lack the courage to say they're being abused when they know they are.

Maybe Japanese men don't understand abuse and believe foreigners and women just don't understand this is the way things are in stoic Japan. I've heard that one before, and it's a belief of ignorance and stupidity.

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Posted in: Suspect in attack on Asian American woman in New York arrested See in context

This is the usual angle adopted when suspects are pocs: blame society and the lack of social services. Despite millions given annually to such services. This story, I believe will run a short course, like the Atlanta shooting, because it doesn’t lend to the desired narrative: white nazi Trump supporters are out committing racially motivated hate crimes at the behest of Trump. This demonstrates how far from reality leftist ideology is from reality, and the dangerous consequences as a result of negligence towards the truth.

Good grief! The statement you quoted is from the police commissioner of NYC. A demonstration of leftist ideology? NO. The Commissioner is saying something he sees happening in the streets of the city, and making a comment of reason based on his experience and knowledge, over some ideology.

The worst thing about what you write is you don't have a clue what the guy's ideology because you don't know who this person is, and because of this, you expose the worst in your own ideology and bias in an attack on the commissioner who made a comment of empathy and concern.

And by the way...Police Commissioner Dermot Shea is a Republican elected to office.

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Posted in: Biden unveils $2 trillion infrastructure plan See in context

Only about 25% of Biden’s infrastructure proposal has anything to do with infrastructure. The emergency covid bill was even less about covid. 

This isn't the Trump administration, it's not about narrative and lies. Money will go where it's supposed to, not into the pocket of the President.

The goal should not be to vilify wealth; ideally, we want everyone to have wealth. 

That's exactly what Biden said. He doesn't have anything against billionaires, the infrastructure plan is to get more jobs to more people, and build an infrastructure which is crucial to America. Infrastructure is key to increasing efficiency and the basis for a better economical model due to ease of access for all.

The real national emergency is the mortgaging of the nations future. There is no chance that this debt will ever be repaid.

Actually, if one is so short sighted not to understand how better infrastructure takes investment, and that investment will lead to a better future, then one cannot understand how debt will be paid and more.

This debt is not just dollars and cents being paid back in dollar in cents, it's about America keeping up and leading by public programs such as infrastructure improvements which are necessary to allow for economic growth.

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Posted in: GOP governors ignore Biden's latest plea on mask mandates See in context

Republicans are a joke.

They're fighting a solution for prevention, instead of fighting the pandemic.

So stupid.

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Posted in: U.S., allies dissatisfied with WHO-backed COVID origins report See in context

I'm confused, which group of experts is the authoritative truth and which side is "dangerous misinformation"

Just the use of the word 'authoritative' shows your passive aggressive mentality and sarcasm toward what is truth and not.

Misinformation is actually not dangerous to those who critical think...gather information with an open mind without narrative and bias...and make a decision based on wanting to find and believe the facts. Finding the cause of COVID is based on wanting information with transparency.

Those who choose to believe the misinformation are the one's who are dangerous because they want to and do believe lies as an alternative fact. They cherry pick information and build narrative and it gets worse from there, as they influence the less than smart to believe the lies.

Republicans and people who do this are just wrong, and not really sure how they continue to live with the mentality their world of lies is good to go. I guess they hate humanity in general because truth and honesty is a staple of social existence, and living misinformation is juvenile and ignorance is their go to move.

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Posted in: Restaurant chain operator sues Tokyo gov't over COVID opening hour restrictions See in context

There was an edict, but edicts are not laws.

There has to be a basis in facts and arbitrary edicts are not how democracies flourish.

Can you show everyone here how many cases of Covid are attributed to being transmitted in a restaurant after 8pm?

8pm is an arbitrary time based on nothing and can only be considered a foolish edict. If an edict is issued that you can only wear red color clothing after 6pm when there is a pandemic, would you follow such a foolish edict without question?

Perhaps you will, but I suspect most of us will not.

Because it is an edict, as you say, but not law, then it's a suggestion by the government, and suing the government is nonsensical. The party suing must be idiotic to bother showing up at the hearing, so, just ignore the edict, right??

Why not? It couldn't be because the court of public opinion wouldn't go to your restaurant, anyways, in the name of health for the masses. But what do you care? It's just an edict for dummies, don't follow it, do as you please.

You obviously don't get the reasoning nor the culture if you think an edict by the government in Japan is easily dismissed.

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Posted in: Karate world champion Uekusa verbally abused by coach: sources See in context

My coach at the elementary school level "verbally abused" me every day.

I thought it was normal in sports.

It isn't.

You were unlucky and perhaps it has affected you in negative ways you don't realize.

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Posted in: U.S., China wrap up testy face-to-face talks See in context

America doesn't need any help making a mockery of itself.

Americans don't worry about getting poisoned and killed if they happen to say so, themselves.

China and Russia? SHHHHHH!!!! Or you know, they'll convince you otherwise.

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Posted in: Kremlin: Putin's offer of a call with Biden was to save ties See in context

It does amaze how a Trump lover will prioritize it and everything over belief of such truths as the killings by a Putin autocracy exists.

But then...insurrection and racism was never a Trump thing and he was a great president. LOL.

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Posted in: U.S., China wrap up testy face-to-face talks See in context

 The US cannot compete with China. Period. That is the reason that the USA is trying to separate from China, 

Talk about a blanket statement that makes zero sense. Of course American competes with China on an economic level.

Can you tell us what you know of re education camps and monitoring of the Uighurs?

Some basic restrictions for Uighurs:

-Official religious practices must be held in government-approved mosques

-Uyghurs under 18 years old are not allowed to enter mosques or pray in school

-The study of religious texts is only permitted in designated state schools

-Government informers regularly attend religious gatherings in mosques

-Women are not allowed to wear headscarves and veils and men are not allowed to have beards

-The use of traditionally Islamic names (e.g, Abdul), is banned

To make sure the Uighurs are watched, the monitoring system with facial recognition is everywhere in their region, so the government can control any activity they deem suspicious, sending people to camps to re educate which in laymen's terms is to brainwash them.

This is just one case of basic human freedom and rights being stifled by the Chinese government. This is the true reason the USA and Biden are opposing China, as the world should be. It doesn't mean the USA 'hates' China, but the questioning of human rights is legit.

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Posted in: Long sidelined at the Grammys, women in rock claim their due See in context

Take the article for what it is. Women are getting recognized for their talent in rock and roll.

Brittany Howard's excellent and Phoebe Bridgers is awesome. 'Kyoto' is a great tune!

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Posted in: Between Trump and a hard place: McConnell faces bipartisan unpopularity: poll See in context

Not true, the establishment was always against Trump, the establishment resented that the voters chose Trump over ANY of their candidates, the people finally smartened up and realized that the establishment doesn’t care about jobs, racism or the breakdown of the country, they care only about winning elections and ensuring that the status quo of the establishment Neo conservatism remains intact. As they move forward they still don’t have a single establishment Republican that could beat Trump in any race, let alone being likable. The party continues to expand its base, grow and fast as the party that started under the former President as putting America, the poor and the middle class and blue collar first, something the establishment has forgotten to do. Mitch is another one that’s done, he’s pretty much roasted, stick a thermometer in him from this point. From this point going forward you will see Trump and other non-establishment America first politicians aiming and trying to take out all of these establishment rhinos and seeing how the six Republican rhinos that tried to impeach Trump get censured back in their home state and that’s very bad news for them and good news for the GOP going forward to finally rid the party of these leeches.

The establishment. LOL.

The new it word for the forlorn Trump crowd. 'establishment'. :D

No, really, should just say 'pro democracy', even railing against other Republicans, part of your...what is it...oh, yes, establishment...who forgot (Mitch is kinda old, I guess) there was this insurrection and coup attempt by your non-establishment, as you put it, types. No really, I can't quit laughing.

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Posted in: Steering clear of royal accusations, Johnson praises queen See in context

Rule Brittania is out of bounds.

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Posted in: Biden, Democrats prevail as Senate OKs $1.9 tril virus relief bill See in context

Who was that insane moron GOP nut that forced the 10 hour reading of the bill, just to hold it up, prolong the agony of the suffering people who need the money? He should be drawn and quartered, oxygen thief.

It was Senator Ron Johnson, Republican of Wisconsin.

A trite and stupid tactic and talk about a true waste of tax payer much is 10 hours of wasted senate time worth?.... which typifies the juvenile mind of conservatives.

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Posted in: U.S. states easing virus restrictions despite experts' warnings See in context

Oh, so Trump and wife got vaccinated in January and told no one...his cult did not know.

LOL, the fog of his actions is typical as his minions are still arguing against the vaccine, assuming Trump was against it.

How dumb, like the insurrection, Trump gaslights his own supporters and doesn't say what his actions prove otherwise.

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Posted in: Tiger Woods seriously injured in California car crash See in context

Trouble follows Tiger Woods.

His wreck years ago of his Escalade among his accidents and indiscretion of numerous admitted affairs and soliciting prostitutes while married to Elin Nordegren, his DUI a few years ago, to this smash up all show a pattern of behavior which is undesirable.

Still, he is the most popular golfer in the world. I don't care for him or golf, but it does show how the public can overlook negative traits for gifted abilities and privilege.

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Posted in: Capitol defenders blame bad intelligence for deadly breach See in context

All the lies and push by Republicans for public sector control over regulation leads to a dysfunctional USA, as too many cooks, and rather idiotic one's, are in the kitchen arguing disinformation and self interest when intelligent and logical regulated action should be taking place.

This is a result of an America that is now becoming associated with ridiculous politics of a lying wing, where what seemed impossible, things such as belief in QAnon and racism as a rule, prove how wrong the Trump followers are. There is absolutely no question by critical thinkers, that floaters of false information like a Tucker Carlson, are undermining democracy in America.

Ultimately, the allowance of lies in the guise of free speech leads to blurring of lines and moving goalposts to the point blame goes around in circles, with no one taking responsibility for preventing and responding to the insurrection led by Trump and his horrid minions.

These type of poor response to emergencies are going to continue and get worse, like the problems in Texas, where private sector rich businesses without any regulated control, were not capable of providing electricity, water and food, because the rich right don't care about anything but their own profits and selfish agenda's. Quite obviously shown by Cruz avoiding the GOP mess by flying to Cancun. What a tool.

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Posted in: Supreme Court won't halt turnover of Trump's tax records See in context

As president, Trump should have voluntarily shown his tax returns. Obviously, there is something(a lot) to hide, as he has cheated and lies, his gaslight specialty. I'm happy to see the SCOTUS now free of his power of the presidency and it will no longer protect him. Actually, nothing will, he's upset a lot of people who will push hard to show his guilt.

Getting the numbers public is another thing. I hope there is clarity for everyone to see.

For supporters of Trump, they should be happy as well. Trump's taxes should show nothing bad, right??!? Um, seriously, don't hold your breath on that one, I think ya'll know he's a weasel and avoided taxes while spending on questionable, if not criminal activity.

Excuses and straw man arguments like quit using US taxpayer dollars on his prosecution sidesteps the reality we must find out why Donald Trump refused to show his tax returns as every president had done, before him.

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Posted in: Supreme Court won't halt turnover of Trump's tax records See in context

Still the center of the US political universe.

Actually, he's the joke of the US political universe.

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Posted in: Biden declares America, trans-Atlantic alliance 'back' See in context

The importance of diplomacy in Europe by the USA is a no brainer, but if like Trump, you actually are a no brainer, then it's better to have someone who can critically think the situation as President.

Go Biden Go!

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Posted in: After criticism over Mexico trip, Cruz flies back to frozen Texas See in context

One flew over the Cuckcruz Nest.

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