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sunfunbun comments

Posted in: Trump says Jews who vote for Democrats 'hate Israel' and their religion See in context

bias much?

This JT thing...hit the plus and it gives a minus. Hit the minus, gives a minus.

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Posted in: Trump unable to post $464 mil bond in New York civil case: lawyers See in context

Obviously, the MAGA crowd believed Trump to be a great, great businessman, but he's always been a snake oil salesman. He doesn't have the money and because he's been a grifter and illegally doing business, no bank will cover for him. I guess they're all anti-Trump? No, they also loved it when he asked them for money, but didn't know he was a fake. Now they do.

He'll try and get his MAGA folk to pay for his bond. bass...how much have you given him? It's a waste of money, and I believe as blinded as you are to Trump, even you will pragmatically realize giving away money for this is a lost cause.

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Posted in: Hiroshima grapples with 'Oppenheimer' Oscars success See in context

Not being able to face up to her own atrocities during the reign of the Japanese empire, stretching from Burma to China, and wide to the South Pacific, is an issue which hinders this country.

Adults cannot speak of the war without believing Japan was the victim, but they victimized far more than were the victim. And that attitude pervades the mentality, which has become a negative for Japan, as responsibility for one's own actions are not of emphasis for the country and for individuals. The avoidance of this issue can be construed as cowardice, for many outside Japan.

If Japan can take full responsibility and acknowledge their acts of massacres and terror thru the SE Asian region, which includes China, Thailand, Burma(Myanmar) Indonesia, The Philippines, New Guinea, Indochina(includes what is now Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Cambodia) and numerous islands...all taken by force and killing many people while raping and pillaging along the way, it'd be hugely educational for them.

The avoidance of all of Japan knowing and understanding U731(vivisection of Chinese people, use of drugs and biological effect on humans to their demise, to get data on the slow death of experimental guinea pig like people, who suffered greatly at the hands..imagine skin dripping off, waiting to see how far the human body can take abuse before giving out and things like surgical vivisection of humans to get more data of pain and organ failure until lifeless... of Japanese physicians and researchers) and forced prostitution, while killing literally millions of people, would help their growth. Instead the Japanese stick their head in the sand, as children are not taught of Japanese atrocities.

China alone had 3-4 million military deaths and 20 million total, meaning 16 million or more citizen deaths occurred. Japan lost a total of 3.1 million, military and citizens, killed, maximum in WW2. How does Japan not take 100% responsibility for the mayhem of China alone, much less the other countries which lost so many lives to the cruelty of Japanese soldiers brainwashed to be loyal to the emperor.

Until Japan truly acknowledges her actions and all of Japan knows this information, the one sided victim issue of the Atomic bomb will never ring true with the rest of the world. In a vacuum, the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were horrendous, but contextually, it is something all Japanese should be educated upon, with all the details.

At the very least, one can see how the west has taken a subject like Oppenheimer, which essentially admits guilt and responsibility for the creation and dropping of the bomb, but it was a part of human evolution and history to see the need to limit weapons, and in truth, somewhere, some time, a similar thing would have happened.

Oppenheimer is a good film and I believe the Japanese should see it with an open mind.

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Posted in: Haley wins DC Republican primary and gets her first 2024 victory See in context

DC knows. They're the one's who saw the MAGA insurrection happen on their turf.

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Posted in: Sports analytics may be outnumbered when it comes to artificial intelligence See in context

I’m not a big fan of the bunt. There are times it makes sense but it’s used way too much here

On the other hand, when a guy needs to lay down a bunt in a tight game to advance a runner and can't, or when the shift was heavy, couldn't bunt single, gotta wonder why such a fundamental part of baseball is beyond MLB players.

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Posted in: Judge orders Trump and his companies to pay $355 million in New York civil fraud case See in context

Make America Great Again!

yah, finally!

he sure did enable America to be greater to find out what a crook he is and how seriously distant his followers are from reality.

The cultish behavior to be incapable of criticizing their life ubiquitous love of their god. So pathetic the blinding of everything in their lives to throw away truth, patriotism and create poor souls who simply lie everyday for the rest of their lives.

Yes, it’s what MAGA has shown themselves to be, the humorous irony of thinking making their America great is legal charges and watching he and his cult blame everything but him and themselves. Because only those who lie all the time could possibly believe having full proof of his wrongdoings is untrue.

Liars ultimately never prosper, and Trump’s guilt is living MAGA for us. Nice that he turned the light on himself and allowed the courts to focus on his criminality.

Enlightenment by way of MAGA!

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Posted in: 3 foreign-born residents sue over racial profiling by Japanese police See in context

Still nowhere near as bad than the USA. 

It's actually worse...bias and racial profiling, and it isn't even close. You're arguing a completely different idea than what is the actions toward foreigners in Japan, which I've seen over and over, shows a ton of ignorance and flat out hate toward gaijin.

Many are not racists, per se, but they are scared and fear gaijin, way too often, without reason. Not being Japanese is reason enough for police to be wary of foreigners. Because the Japanese are so obedient and foreigners are not, the cultural rule obeying of Japan is met with foreigners being less rules oriented, who expect discourse.

This is met with disdain as confrontational communication is not a thing the Japanese can do for various reasons. They aren't critical thinkers, they are force fed their educational environment with the idea that rules must be followed as a priority, whereas foreigners believe in critical thought and making one's owe decisions based on fairness and being open minded.

Schooling is archaic, non communicative and flat out boring in Japan compared to much of the world, but the one thing always emphasized is following rules and often, having teachers and senpais and coaches, etc., bully kids from an early age, believing this is the way to learn. It isn't about discourse with students.

Because of traits of life in Japan, it causes many people to be wary of anything that is not in their auto pilot rules country that does allow for mentally abusive behavior in their education system, as well as the shokunin...trade way of the elder not speaking, being abusive to the apprentice, and expecting the apprentice to learn by observing, and keeping his/her mouth shut.

That manifests itself into bias and, in this case, a lot of racial profiling toward these people who are filing suit.

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Posted in: Kamikawa pledges $37 mil aid for Ukraine via NATO See in context

Good on Japan. Hopefully the world sees this and wakes up to the wrongs of Putin, supports and keeps Ukraine free from Russian tyranny.

People who think Russia did a good thing by attacking Ukraine and thinking Ukraine should give up are anti democracy and freedom.

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Posted in: Osaka's comeback tournament ends in 2nd-round loss in Brisbane See in context

From the photo it is obvious she has some conditioning work to do but early days on the comeback if she is really serious.

What? She looks great.

Too bad Naomi, a true Japanese citizen, better luck next time!

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Posted in: Dogs, antennas and honey for Japan's big bear problem See in context

I get tired of humans thinking they rule the earth, are the most important thing in this world, and are deserved of it.

Bears doing bear things.

Humans kill them for it.

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Posted in: Rudy Giuliani files for bankruptcy days after being ordered to pay $148 million in defamation case See in context

GOP MAGA weasel in action. The lies catch up eventually. It’s easy to spot the lies early on for some. Other are completely blind to it then and now.

Bass most of your arguments are of the false equivalency and red herring area of saying liberals/dems/Biden is at fault for everything, while rarely addressing the story itself.

Giuliani is and was a pure Trump supporter who is getting no help from Donald, now that it doesn’t benefit. Loyalty is asked by Trump, but it is completely blind to do so. Trump turns on everyone and poor dim Rudy thought Trump could rescue him. Pathetic for both him and Trump.

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Posted in: Ohtani agrees to record $700 million 10-year contract with Dodgers See in context

I was one who believed his elbow wouldn’t affect his free agency amount, but still a bit amazed at the 700 million.

Remember, when he first signed with the Angels it was a minimal contract and he bet on himself. He wins big!

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Posted in: Trump appeals ruling rejecting immunity claim as window narrows to derail federal election case See in context

How can a president be a dictator for a day?

Of course, a dictator for a day being bought by anyone is ignorance being yanked by Trump.

It's ridiculous for anyone to believe Trump is constitutionally loyal to the United States, believes in democracy, and isn't into dictatorship for himself is completely brainwashed and incapable of critical thought and reason.

Any argument that goes from what Trump is saying to false equivalence and red herring arguments by spewing things like the left does his or that or Biden this or that cannot truly have any credible words, it's just silly and those Trump supporters need to wake up, and realize what is written about his penchant for dictatorial and one man power should be acknowledged.

A ten year old with reason could understand this better than Trump followers.

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Posted in: U.S. House expels New York Rep George Santos See in context

Just another lying Republican. Worst of them, but not really. Trump’s actually the worst. Santos’ lies are stupid, but so are Marjorie ‘liar’, etc., etc.

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Posted in: Woman facing arrest for theft jumps to her death from apartment while police wait See in context

Police said a warrant for her arrest was issued on November 10 after she allegedly shoplifted food products from a nearby store.

This has got to be a warn people type of governmental media push the Japanese seem to do using NHK or printed media under a somewhat state run system.

I just don't get how a shop lifting charge could lead to this unless it was perhaps too obvious and/or a personal vendetta of a nearby shop that knew who she was. Otherwise, the idea of a massive store like an Aeon or the like figuring who she was and getting a warrant is petty for a multi million perhaps billion dollar store going out of its way to do this.

No, I think she was probably set as an example and this article is the type of don't mess with Japan inc. to scare the herd.

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Posted in: Bob Dylan's 'The Complete Budokan 1978' box set a welcome release, flute and all See in context

The Rolling Thunder Revue I think was his best tour and the live album is great. It's going to be hard to beat but willing to give a listen.

The Budokan recordings are the anti Hard Rain tour, which had various recordings from orthodox Dylan to guitar heavy, rougher sound of the Rolling Thunder tour. The Hard Rain recording of Maggie's Farm is one of the best Dylan live songs.

He had a time when Street Legal came out that was somewhat glitzy and kinda weird for him, but nonetheless those recordings of lush Bob are quite good, including the Budokan recordings.

Personally, I love them all and listen to them all, for various moods. I Want You was a classic Blonde on Blonde recording, and yet, the flutes and slow down crooner version of Budokan is a classic in itself.

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Posted in: Woman facing arrest for theft jumps to her death from apartment while police wait See in context

You can get by in Yokohama with a ¥30k or less for a 1k/k apartment working at a pt time gig and still have plenty for food. This problem is not solely about finances as many comments mentioned. I wouldn't be surprised if this woman was going through some serious mental problems.

Depends on where you live in Yokohama. Central Yokohama a 30K apt. would be impossible to find a decent living space. More like a minimum of 4.5. Minimum.

You have no idea if she has mental problems. Very condescending and judgmental in my opinion for you to say so.

Say she works 20 hours a week at 1050 yen per hour. With travel costs, tax and insurance taken out, the take home from 1000 yen ends up being less than 950 yen. A weeks take home amounts to about 18000 yen.

Comes out to around 72000 yen. Rent at a more realistic 4.5. Is there a care fee? Add another 5000 yen for kanri. Does she have a keitai? Probably 10000. Internet? Maybe. 6000. Electricity? 6000, easy. Gas? 4000, easy. Water? 3000. That's over 72000 right there...

I'm not sure how you live, but from my POV, the wage vs. living expense for part time work is poverty and less level of existence in Japan. It doesn't make me wonder at all why she stole food, she likely needed it because of finances, much more likely than whatever mental problem you believe she might have had.

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Posted in: Son Eric testifies in Trump civil fraud trial he relied on accountants for key financial documents See in context

Fric and Frac proving daddy gaslighter tries to pass down the disgrace of lying heritage.

They’re sooo bad it, tho’! They just don’t have the same ability to lie without skipping a beat, like daddy.

They say DNA traits skip a generation. Proof positive with these two dorks. Eric is so dumb and panicked.

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Posted in: Eric Trump testifies he wasn’t aware of his father’s financial statements, but emails show some involvement See in context

Gee, Capone blamed his accountants, too! I don’t know nothin’ about the numbers. Duh!

Talk about total idiots. Eric’s pouring concrete from a white collar job. His position has to know what the directives to the money side of the operation are. There isn’t a business in the world that a top executive relies only on what others are doing.

These two are the Fredo’s of the Trump organization! Couple of fools that might shame a family if not they’re just their criminal father’s kids.

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Posted in: Voters skeptical of Biden's age, but Trump's flubs risk drawing unwelcome attention, too See in context

Trump's behavior in court and otherwise is showing me his cognitive ability has dropped a great deal. It isn't just the mistakes he's making verbally, he is visibly confused, and it's his expressions which shows the face of an old man who doesn't understand what or why things are happening.

He has a dazed look of one in a nursing home, and we hadn't seen that before. With every lie he has told in the past, his ability to talk boldly in his alternative facts was a talent he possessed, but as confusion begins to build, that ability loses effectiveness as a weak minded, powerless individual.

'A very sad thing to see. You know....when I look in a mirror...it lies...it's telling a sad, sad story. Very sad. by the way, I love Sioux City. Sioux City is where I am. Sioux City. Yes, you all came from Sioux City, and Sioux City is here. Sioux City is a happy place. Sioux City...'

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Posted in: How to find good real estate agents in Japan See in context

Realtors in Japan are a scam based on a system created hundreds of years ago. In Kanagawa, the total expenditure comes to roughly 5x the rental rate. Living on the Shonan coast, Chigasaki is a haven for the realtor who believe they're doing the tenant a favor by giving them housing, while take a huge chunk of money.

They will be passive aggressive and say things that are insulting and a lack of respect. Like you are renting this place, it is not yours, so keep it clean type of bs. And when it comes to returning deposits, making sure the up keep is doing their job or replacing faulty problems with a dwelling, they'll be reticent and often not take responsibility or find the fine print why a deposit will not be returned.

I had a realtor who used the 'oyasan' lie to get me to do something, yet when asking to get the 'oyasan' to fix something, he took no responsibility and two months later, asking him the same thing, he gave the same flaccid response he would contact the 'oyasan'.

The same realtor would not acknowledge he had a responsibility when the kanri jimushou did not clean the area up, leaving vegetation to grow without impeding. He said it was the kanri jimushou's thing and not his. I asked if they hired the jimushou, and if so, they do have a responsibility and his response? 'ah, so?'.

Japan should care that a necessary part of their lives is controlled by what very well could be criminal, because the home rental system in Japan is archaic. It harms the people of Japan who keep paying 3 to 5 times the rent amount, don't ever get a full deposit back...expected not to get it back...and deal with rude and money monger realty offices. Sucks.

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court wrestles with social media cases that have echoes of Donald Trump See in context

Yet exactly what the left DID until Musk bought it.

Conservatives and specifically Cheney and later, Trump were the followers of doublethink, something Kelly Anne Conway confirmed by saying Trump used alternative facts. Right out of 1984, alternative facts or lies, creating whatever ‘truth’ they wanted.

as usual, MAGA creates their soup and then blames the left, being hypocritical, but not owning up to it.

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Posted in: Trump should be disqualified from 2024 ballot over Jan 6 riot, advocates say at trial See in context

Don’t forget his narcissism, his sociopathic personality or his complete ignorance of domestic or foreign affairs. 

That all fits under presidential incompetence and crime boss mentality, for me...

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Posted in: Trump should be disqualified from 2024 ballot over Jan 6 riot, advocates say at trial See in context

It is simply amazing how terrified some people are of Trump.

If he is president, he is terrifying due to his incompetence and criminal boss approach to leadership, but for who he is right now and in court, he is not terrifying, he's a cornered individual who looks very, very confused and I would question his cognitive ability.

I don't think he understands the process of courts and how he is specifically being given a lonnnng leash for wrong judicial setting behavior. It is as once comedic and pathetic, but I admittedly feel some empathy for his confused, pouting, absorbed and lost look. He doesn't understand the judge is in control of his destiny, and yes, he could get incarcerated for perjury.

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Posted in: Trump should be disqualified from 2024 ballot over Jan 6 riot, advocates say at trial See in context

we all have different opinions

Opinion should be based on critical thought, and yours are mostly based on a cherry picked narrative laden bias. While you often accuse everyone of being liberal or a Biden supporter, it more than not are argumentative fallacies, i.e., red herrings. Like a subject will be saying something like Trump is being shown in court to be guilty of crimes, you'll turn it back to Hunter Biden, which has zero bearing on Trump or his children's call to court. Or someone will point out that Trump shows incompetence and you will immediately turn it back to Biden, which makes zero sense. That type subject sleight of hand is way too easy for sensible readers to know, 'here he goes off on his false arguments, again'.

While I respect opinion and listen to others opinions often, your's gets negative reaction from me because it is not based on facts, and even if it is, you will, as MAGA does, skip over the facts and switch subjects.

I can hear opinion on economics, need for conservatism in the American political system, etc., but when it comes to 100% bias for Trump, and something like a criminal behavior of Trump and MAGA followers, with, i.e, an insurrection even a crooked eye test would say happened is denied, I don't bother assessing what you may believe as opinion, because pragmatically, it is total bias, and consequently, your credibility takes a complete hit.

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Posted in: Former Vice President Mike Pence drops his bid for Republican presidential nomination See in context

One of the true stars of Trump’s cabinet, the choice to be his 2nd to the presidency, Pence a true GOP, a god fearing, staunch Republican. lol

Too bad Mike, it was the fly on your head that did u in. That and your president thought, ‘yes, hang Mike Pence’ put a smile on Donald’s face, so MAGA has hated u ever since.

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Posted in: Judge asks Trump if he wants his federal election trial televised See in context

This is one subject everyone is in agreement. MAGA thinks he’s a star so they want to see him in court! The sane people want to see him because he’s a cornered rat with a big mouth. He likely will perjure himself and lie a whole bunch under oath. What entertainment!

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Posted in: Fearful Maine residents stay home amid massive search for suspect in killing of 18 people See in context

One seemingly requires being mental to think mental illness is the cause. It’s the guns, for sure.

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Posted in: Trump fined $10,000 over comment he made outside court in New York civil fraud trial See in context

Ol’ pouty face Pinocchio nose Donald. What a combo. lol.

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Posted in: Jenna Ellis becomes latest Trump lawyer to plead guilty over efforts to overturn Georgia's election See in context

That Donald. Everything associated with him…anyone that has anything to do with him gets toxic, and even the most supportive of his base gives up after it’s proven over and over he’s a slug.

Just bring ‘em all down Trump, and u go to prison. They deserve the worst for thinking they support the right thing when in fact when it gets to proof they bail, knowing they have no way out.

Sadly funny. Funnier yet there are hangers on forever for the insurrectionist in chief. Foolish, but American fake patriots.

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