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Hiroshima and Nagasaki will never be forgotten. They were singularly and collectively the worst human atrocity events the world has ever known.

What Japan does seem to forget, or be ignorant to, is not being sensible enough to surrender before the bomb was dropped.

There is a lot of right and wrong in war, and it has been documented that the Japanese military murdered anywhere from 3,000,000 to 10,000,000 civilians in Asia.

I know many if not most Americans regret the dropping of the bomb. I doubt most Japanese people even realize how many innocent people got killed by Japan. It was barbaric and inhumane. I think whomever commits war atrocities should own up to them, and it starts with teaching their citizens what exactly happened in war time.

When Japanese people have a casual to a total lack of understanding of Nanking or Unit 731...the experimental and biological weaponry research center using Chinese citizens as human guinea pigs, literally doing documented things like vivisection, and often leading to the cruel death of the subjects, derogatorily and disrespectfully referred to as 'logs' by the unavoidably shows a systemic hypocrisy in Japan.

So, while I understand and believe the atomic bomb is the single worst action man has taken to kill fellow man, and should be remembered for its atrocity, I'd ask Japan to inform and educate citizens so they can comprehend why Japan should take responsibility for her terrible war actions and also so they understand why Japan had some blame for the bomb being dropped.

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Swan interview shows Trump cannot answer simple questions.

You could do a sketch on SNL, word for word, and it'd be hilarious.

For reality and him actually trying to answer questions as president it's completely pathetic. What a tool.

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Ongoing 'peaceful' BLM protests interestingly left out.

Would that make you feel better if it was added in? Other things are left out, and it doesn't matter. There are 5,000,000 cases. How many do you need? More death percentage? What numbers will make you believe preventative measures are necessary?

My point is that raw numbers like in this article are nothing more than panic porn.

Panic porn? Naw.

5,000,000 is a huge number. The actual point is as the virus spreads in numbers it could very well lead to a higher percentage of deaths. Virus' can and do mutate. If it continues on and on in numbers, if the number gets to 10,000,000 the death percentage and rate of infection very well could rise. Awhile back...when Trump declared the virus beaten way back in January...5,000,000 would have been panic porn, but now, it's reality.

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Posted in: 'Pathetic!' -- Trump lashes out at virus coordinator Dr Birx See in context

I would never disparage her service. She has had to walk a tightrope. And worst of all, someone in her position should never have to worry that stating a scientific truth on a matter of public health will get her crossways with politicians of either party.

It was her decision to side with Trump and throw out disinformation. Completely her responsibility. It has nothing to do with disparaging her service, and her experience should have told her from the beginning to not spread scientific disinformation, of which she did.

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Posted in: 'Pathetic!' -- Trump lashes out at virus coordinator Dr Birx See in context

Trump lackey turns on him. They've taken an oath for disinformation and lies, but some just begin to feel guilty for knowingly spreading further wrong information. Others can't turn on him for all the wrong reasons, they're complete fools.

Our stupid president weakens the nation daily, and this is one more name calling tweet by him that does nothing, except contribute to his losing the coming election in a landslide.

It's a race to save America's life from his idiotic presidency, as the election can't come soon enough with his poor decision making leading to a massive spread of the coronavirus in the United States.

The magic virus fairies did not do as Trump said...the virus didn't just go away as he claimed it would. It's not just the flu, hydroxychloroquine cannot be injected and the summer months didn't lessen the spread, it got inexorably worse, under his lack of leadership.

Trump's been inept at everything, but the coronavirus is the one thing that affected all Americans, and killed many. It'll be a big part his legacy as the worst president ever, but there are so many things he's ruined for America, it'll be just one of many things that will show his incompetency as president.

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Posted in: Trump says he'll act to ban TikTok in U.S. as soon as Saturday See in context

Get rid of tiktok and anything else from China. Well done again, Trump.

His blame China obsession and lack of discretion leads to more Asian bias. That sucks, if you care about Asians. As an Asian-American, I say just quit using TikTok, people. Simple is as simple does.

He blames everything on China, hoping he can deflect his own blame for the spread of the coronavirus in the United States of America.

Even so, no he doesn't get rid of the one thing he needs to at least try to, without blaming Wuhan China. In fact, Trump's inactions have led to a huge increase in viral cases in the United States and lots of death. One thing is an origin, the other is allowing it to spread in your own country. He's to blame, not China.

Poorly done, as usual, Trump. You're time is up. tiktok. tiktok.

he takes charge

LOL. Taking charge means taking responsibility. No, Trump does not do that. At all. He blames others, and he hides. He's a coward, there's no way he takes charge in anything meaningful. Gees, the thought is really funny, actually seeing him take responsibility for anything. Pfffft. No way. He's lost the idea of taking charge to the point even Mitch is saying to fellow Republicans, go ahead and avoid Trump association, if you want to try and keep your senate seat. Bail, baby, bail.

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I read this article just to see how many uninformed, jeering comments there would be from the Trump haters.

Uninformed? LOL. This isn't about Trump hate. Trump cannot change the date of the United States election, because he wants to. That's the law. That has nothing to do with hate, it has to do with ignorance and deceit on the part of the President.

I wonder to what extent they truly represent Japan's ex-pat, English-speaking community. It's a depressing thought...It might be noted that leading American conservatives are very much opposed to the very idea of postponing the election. 

The ex-pat, English speaking community are often college educated people who want true information and make critical decisions based on that information. If Trump is wrong, he is wrong. If he lies, he lies. That's the reality of Trump. He's the worst president in my lifetime.

Also, this article is not about conservatives or Republican thought on the matter, it is about what Trump said, which is he wants to alter the date of the election, which, in addition to not being possible, is a dangerous idea. I say dangerous because this is what facists and dictators do. Along with, y'know, Putin, who's not exactly a role model for American politics.

Donald Trump is his own worst enemy, but have any of you who loathe him so much considered what the alternatives are? (I speak as a Japanese citizen who has no intention of living in the United States.)

Of course, we have considered what the alternatives are. How silly to question that. Also, what the heck does being a Japanese citizen who has no intention of living in the United States have to do with this? It adds zero information to your argument.

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is there an "accurate understanding" of these topics?

Absolutely, there is. Science and facts aside, think about this:

The argument that one's freedom is being violated for wearing a coronavirus preventative mask isn't right. It isn't tyranny to be asked to wear a mask. Wearing a mask during a pandemic is to keep you and your neighbor safe, and is a part of civility. Your liberties end where others are endangered with higher risks because of you. Everyone has a right to live healthy with less risk imposed by selfish and reckless others. You endanger people around you.

If you do get the coronavirus, and I hope you don't, remember this. You can exercise your right not to be transported by ambulance, not to be treated by first responders and not to be treated by doctors and nurses who are all endangered by every patient who is treated for the coronavirus. It should be their right to ask you if you wore a mask, and if you didn't, their freedoms allow them not to treat you. You don't get a ventilator because they don't care about people who ignored the simplicity of trying to prevent the virus from spreading or getting it themselves. Mask wearers only could be printed on ventilators. DNR tatoo'd on non mask wearers.

You should wear a badge saying I refuse to wear a mask. It is my freedom. Health care workers, you are free not to treat me.

But that logic doesn't hold up because health care workers are more conscientious and caring and selfless in their quest to help people in need. Freedom to not wear a mask. Freedom to not treat the reckless who endanger others.

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Posted in: Barr defends aggressive federal response to protests See in context

“Largely absent from these scenes of destruction are even superficial attempts by the rioters to connect their actions to George Floyd’s death or any legitimate call for reform,”

'Largely absent' is Barr's wrong narrative laden opinion. George Floyd's death is the reason peaceful protests largely occur. If he gets that straight, first, it'd help bring more peaceful solutions.

Barr is frighteningly wrong to believe there are not even superficial attempts for reform. What a stupid statement. Reform is exactly what's been the subject of unfair practice by the judicial system which is why the protests, and ultimately violence, are occurring. Voices were not heard. Pleads to listen were ignored. And now, when a protest occurs, he says at a point of where violence occurs they weren't there for any superficial attempt at reform? ridiculous.

If an incendiary comment by idiot president referring to protestors as terrorists doesn't pop out of his ridiculous mouth, people would not be so angry. Republicans don't want peaceful solutions toward racial equality, and if they did, they'd understand reform has been on the table for a long time. When violence occurs they revel in the idea of bringing the military into action. Violence should not beget more violence, but this is a Republican American mantra. They love bringing the military to war or anything to promote their gun toting.

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I just saw his live conference this morning. Half pf the press conference was trump complaining that Fauci is more popular than he is. He was jealous that Fauci got invited to throw the first pitch and that people trust him more than the president. The most interesting point was the president complaining, "Nobody likes me!"

"Nobody likes me!"

Donald 'Charlie Brown' Trump.

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Twitter, Facebook, and every single online newspaper and social media must understand that they are not more powerful than President Trump. They are going to lose their battle if Trump decides to order them to stop ceasing operation. They will have to move out of America.

Good grief, you want Trump to be a dictator according to what's written here. Just stop.

The lack of comprehension by Trump followers is typical, and this statement shows an ignorance toward the United States of America, her constitution, democracy and freedom.

Trump followers egregiously equate not wearing masks to freedom, and then make just as egregious statements where freedom is exactly being stifled. If they could get their understanding of freedom and patriotism accurate, they'd quit using uneducated misinformation for narrative over factual critical thinking,

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Posted in: U.S. national security adviser Robert O'Brien tests positive for coronavirus See in context

New scientific research is suggesting that Covid19 effects cognitive abilities of recovered patients. Until more long term research has be carried out, all recovered covid19 patients who have important decision-based positions (politicians, PMs, air traffic controllers etc) should be immediately removed from their positions.


A test could show a person incapable of remembering one of the cognitive tests, recently in the news... person, man, woman, camera, tv., and thus render that person incapable of his/her job.

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Posted in: U.S. national security adviser Robert O'Brien tests positive for coronavirus See in context

I have never seen such joy over certain people getting coronavirus.

Joy? Completely wrong. It isn't joy, it's anger. It is merely looking at the realistic problem of the spread of the virus, everywhere in America, including and because of Trump's White House with his terrible inaction toward the virus.

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Posted in: U.S. national security adviser Robert O'Brien tests positive for coronavirus See in context

Now that Trump's staff has the virus, it gets closer and closer to him. He should have realized long ago it wasn't the 'China virus' as he so often spouted and let his ignorant cult call it to cause asian bias, it should have been named for the main cause of spread in the USA. I call it the Trump Virus.

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Posted in: Florida overtakes New York State in coronavirus cases, adding 9,300 See in context

"Cases" are irrelevant. What is the death rate?

So you're essentially a supporter of the spread virus, if it doesn't kill enough for you.

The number of cases is not irrelevant. In essence, you support the spread of the virus because you think the death rate is low and the only measure of COVID-19's severity. Wrong.

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Posted in: Brawl over mask leaves security guard at LA store with broken arm See in context

why is this in the news today 

The issue of not wearing masks which led to violence and because of it, criminal charges, is the main subject of this article.

The date of when it happened is for time reference, as is the idea that not wearing masks is rapidly becoming illegal in many areas due to even the mask and scientific proof reluctant president acknowledging they should be worn.

This has nothing to do with the credibility of the news or any other nonsense people are bringing up contesting the information of the time of the incident. Comprehesion allows one to understand the reasoning behind the information.

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Posted in: China tells U.S. to close consulate in Chengdu in growing spat See in context

I'm with Trump on this one.

I don't see why. The closing of the consulate does hardly anything. It sends a pouty message and only creates just as pouty retaliations from China, which isn't exactly known for its open diplomacy and maturity in dealing with the so called free world.

There are better ways for Trump's administration to counter problems with China than to demand a consulate closing in Houston.

His lack of control of the American government and the many avenues of diplomacy and action are beyond his grasp, brought on by his abrasive and arrogant ways which cause poor communication and relations with areas such as the FBI, the CIA, and pretty much everyone. It adds up to poor ideas and execution of situations with Trump likely saying, 'well, Mike, what can we do?'

Retaliation and back and forths do little to nothing with an inefficiency that only leads to more animosity on both sides, and it'll likely end up harming others with a good deal of collateral damage.

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Posted in: Total U.S. coronavirus cases pass 4 million since January See in context

146,000 deaths in roughly half a year.

In comparison, WW2 had approximately 460,000 American deaths. A war that covered 5 years, averaging less than 100,000 deaths in a year vs. a rate of COVID-19 deaths at present of about a 1000 a day, which, doing the rough math says 365,000 deaths in a year.

With the current administrative ignorance, it isn't a stretch, at all, to think if it continues, a 5 year total could be devastating, with a 365,000 a year death rate exponentially rising, easily to a rate of a 1 million per year and more.

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Posted in: Trump's show of federal force sparking alarm in cities See in context

Hope this is the beginning.

Naw, it's exacerbating Trump's idiotic downfall. It isn't the beginning, his inaction on COVID-19 and racist reactions to George Floyd type injustice started a long time ago.

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Posted in: Trump's show of federal force sparking alarm in cities See in context

There is no justification for lawlessness.

How wrong does it get? When laws or people in charge of either making or upholding those laws are in the wrong, there is every reason to want to change them.

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Posted in: Trump to resume coronavirus briefings; backs mask wearing See in context

and what if you dont have the virus and have never had it- like 99.98% of Americans? then what purpose does a mask serve?

I heard it makes you look like the Lone Ranger. For those narcissistic types.

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Posted in: Fox's Chris Wallace gets praise for his interview with Trump See in context

So just hide your guy in the basement then. Every interview is a disaster, even with notes and preapproved questions. See you at the debate Joe.

Tons of comments on what if Biden is interviewed. He wasn't involved, only Trump and Wallace. The article is about Trump's terrible interview, incapable of keeping up with Chris Wallace on Fox.

Trump got caught by himself lying(this is his current MO of eviscerating himself) because his staff didn't know that Biden hadn't said he supports defunding, and worse, Biden wanted to 'abolish' the police.

How stupid is it going to get?

It always seems the Trump people and he max out on stupidity, but then the next dumber thing happens, which shows the preparedness of the class clown in an intellectual debate.

Wallace only went in for an interview. Trump sees it as verbal(lying) boxing. Trump was a total mismatch vs. Chris Wallace. Technical KO.

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Posted in: Fox's Chris Wallace gets praise for his interview with Trump See in context

I knew Trump never reads, so he 'asks' Kayleigh on Biden (not) defunding, going all Cars...'Let's Go!....but from that sequence, it's obvious no one else around him can read comprehensively, either. Someone should have told Trump immediately, he was wrong, but no one did. They're completely ignorant to a subject he's talking to Chris Wallace with. So inept and incapable. So laughable.

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Posted in: Fox's Chris Wallace gets praise for his interview with Trump See in context

Yes, Donald, well done, that's an elephant.

Hush, hush. There's one in the oval office.

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Posted in: 1 in 4 commute by bicycle to avoid crowds during pandemic: survey See in context

Any recommendations places to buy bicycle in Tokyo?

Also, place to repair flat tyre, etc?

Depending on the type of bicycle. If you want a good road bicycle with proper fitting, and mechanics, Y's Road is good, and has an excellent selection of road bikes. They also have cross bikes and foldies, like the excellent Brompton. They are full service, high end bicycle, store.

For less expensive 'chari' type bikes, places like Asahi cycle and Aeon are probably better to fix common flats, etc.

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Posted in: Trump not ready to commit to election results if he loses See in context

With such a weak candidate to fight against Trump I would say the election is already over.


Biden isn't a great candidate, but he'll win in a landslide over Trump.

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Posted in: Trump pledges COVID outbreak coming under control as Florida cases surge for fifth day See in context

The longer he stays the more idiotic he becomes there seems to be no limit.

And that's why Trump is so dangerous. With the handling of the coronavirus, we're watching ineptitude of unimaginable levels. Trump isn't the true problem, tho', he's just a symptom of what's wrong with America. His supporters are dumber than he is.

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I don’t want to hear about masks because most people wear them, I’m an individual

Reminds me of when I was a kid and some other kid had his bike on our driveway and my mom asked him to move his bicycle as she wanted to back the car out. The kid said, ‘I don’t have to move if I don’t want to.’ We all stared at the kid like, ‘really? Get a grip,’

Individualism certainly must be executed with at least a bit of common sense, but some never learn.

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Posted in: Divided Americans clash over mask wearing and schools reopening as coronavirus cases surge See in context

It's a stupid thing, obviously, to prioritize the Trump narrative over science, but as the president cannot say he is wrong about anything, so go his followers, allowing the virus to spike further.

Dumb sheep, but the upside is Trump's re-election chances dwindle each day his fallacy of logic doesn't separate the idea of freedom from wearing masks. Really, those things are mutually exclusive, but as we've seen repeatedly, Donald and his cult equate their freedoms, and ultimately patriotism, to not wearing a mask, and the wrong in that results in a Biden landslide coming because of it.

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Posted in: Trump administration rescinds rule on foreign students See in context

Trump is a bare knuckles, pragmatic negotiator. If you fail to grasp that then you will never understand what he is doing and just see him as a dictator.

Trump wants to dictate and not be scrutinized for responsibility of his actions, but in a democracy, unfortunately for him, he does end up having to try and answer for his mistakes, or in his case, avoid them, when asked.

The failure to grasp him as a bare knuckles, pragmatic negotiator is because he isn't that. No one has seen him do this as president. Actually, he's a crybaby who just wants things his own lying and narrative laden way. That's all.

The kicking out of foreign students follows his inept diplomatic inability to pragmatically and with information, make critical decisions that make sense. Your idea of what he is is simply not real nor true.

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