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Posted in: Tom Brady retires at 45, insisting this time it's 'for good' See in context

no other athlete in the world in any sport exceeded his standards in their respective sport.

A subjectively silly statement.

I'd say 27 year old Mikaela Shiffrin, on the verge of breaking all wins records in world cup ski racing, is at least as high a standard because she's ready to break decades old world win totals by either female or male, ready to pass the great Ingemar Stenmark.

Lewis Hamilton with 7 world F-1 championships and still going is right there, as well.

Michael Jordan. duh.

Gretzky, for sure.

and Super Mario is on par talent-wise.

What a silly narrative. Brady didn't have the best arm. Not the quickest feet. Not the most talent at QB, he was the best because of preternatural abilities, of which Gretzky had so much, if you ever watched 99 actually play, you might understand. Not the fastest skater. Hardest shot. Biggest body.

But he had the greatest hockey brain ever. Knew where everyone was on the ice, could get pucks hard or soft at the perfect timing. I've seen him do touch passes that throw off the timing of 2 defenders and barely have the puck reach his own teammate, but perfectly placed for a high danger scoring chance, often finding the net.

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Posted in: American skier Shiffrin wins record 83rd World Cup race See in context

The greatest athlete in the world.

Shiffrin's victories at such a young age is equivalent to a Wayne Gretzky type dominance as she nears Stenmark's all time record.

A Colorado native from Vail, she is gifted physically, technically and mentally to be such a great champion. It is beauty in motion to watch her ski.

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to take away the fundamental right of its citizens to bear arms.

This is the fundamental brain wash that makes zero sense to critical thinkers, everywhere, including many of us US citizens.

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Posted in: New shootings rock California as police probe dance hall killings See in context

Not the country, the idiots that think they have the right to hurt others.

USA promotes violence all the time. Because of huge military spending and the American people believing the propaganda that the military is a great service to the world(thank you for your service!) with military salutes, commercializing how wonderful being a soldier is, putting veterans on a pedestal, etc., America believes violent killings are a necessity for freedom of life, which is about as oxy moronic as it gets.

All that military spending is a part of the brain wash of America, easily targeting conservatives and liberals follow with military support which is so popular, they'd never win an election without it. Like the belief in God, you could never be an atheist or claim to be in the US and you can't be a pure pacifist, either, if you want to be in politics.

This leads to America's love for guns and a country that believes guns are a necessity, using the constitution as an obsolete excuse, to protect from so called idiots who want to hurt others with their own guns to protect themselves. Another oxy moronic take.

I'd bet the guy in Monterey Park didn't own semi automatic weapons until recently, but heck, easy to get, why not? He's been pissed off at society for awhile.

Some people in America buy guns because they think everyone else has them with no intention of actual usage, but things change, they get angry about something and one day, they're the killers they think they're preventing.

Yes, guns are the problem. It is the people, as well, but get rid of the militaristic mind which ends up with Americans saying, 'hell ya, I'd shoot someone with a gun, he/she deserved it" and the guns themselves to prevent daily mass gun killings.

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Posted in: Lakers acquire Rui Hachimura from Wizards See in context

It's a nice trade for Hachimura as he gets back to the west coast, but as long as LeBron and AD are playing, it seems a sideways move. Lakers are defensively deficient over offensively poor.

Hachimura isn't a great defensive player and what he brings offensively is some talent, but a rather light game, in comparison, to, say an Aaron Gordon who has about the same body type. Rui is good, but he lacks anger and it doesn't seem he has the competitive fire to be a great influence in LA.

It feels like a desperate move by the Lakers, and it may buy them a few more wins, or not with quite possibly worse defense than even before.

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Posted in: Kishida warns Japan on brink of social dysfunction amid falling birthrate See in context

Concern is way late, of course. At least 25 years.

Gotta stop a lot of problems that won't help enough, but one thing for Kishida to say to Japan: Quit hammering the nail that sticks out back in.

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Posted in: In lawsuit, Trump mistakes alleged sexual assault victim for ex-wife See in context

Too Trump to not laugh out loud!

His cult defends even this?

He didn’t recognize this woman suing him for sexual misconduct for his ex wife. Can his cult read? How ridiculous does Trump have to be to not defend him? Haha.

The guy lies so much it has truly taken over his feeble mind, it isn’t dementia as much as he can’t figure truth in his own life because he lies so much, even his subconscious can’t take himself seriously!!!! LOL!!!!

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Posted in: Japanese company defends Van Gogh ownership after lawsuit See in context


How can one show what the motive was for sale? The parties involved are likely no longer living, so there is no witness testimony, and it'd be only documents and historical reference, of which likely would be open to interpretation.

'He needed the money' is not proof. 'He was coerced' is not either, without said parties actually testifying. Even written statements would be subjective...I was coerced or I sold because I needed the is that not arguable in court if it isn't legally documented?

Seems like a can of worms with no way to determine what actually happened.

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Posted in: Failed Republican candidate charged in shootings at Democratic lawmakers' homes See in context

Of course the typical posters acting like their party can do no wrong and ALL Republicans are sick psychos. There are many cases of the opposite happening to Republican lawmakers as well. How about reprimanding ALL political violence instead of picking and choosing who deserves or doesn't deserve to be shot at?

Wrong. The 'typical poster' is the first mistake because you immediately separate into a polarity of party that isn't the subject and is a red herring to switch topics.

The subject is MAGA followers consistently show a disdain for the law of the land, and their confrontation with the constitution and democracy is part of the Trump narrative which has manifested itself into the dangers like an insurrection and candidates who refuse to say they lost an election and protest with violence.

Conservatives who cannot admit actions like this act are 100% in the wrong need to re examine their lives and quit making arguments with fallacy. It goes on and on, how red herring, gaslighting, straw man stuff and lies are part of the arsenal for MAGA lovers.

It has a lot to do with the inability to comprehend what exactly is an argument, because critical thought isn't part of their agenda, lies and narrative are.

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Posted in: Blanchett slams 'patriarchal' awards shows after accepting best actress prize See in context

What is she saying? I accept this award for myself but am upset by the patriarchal pyramid that ultimately is Hollywood thru the years which has led to this award and thus I must say every woman who does something should be recognized? The logic is baffling, at best.

It's a red herring to equate empowerment of Hollywood of men to an award she is voted for and accepts. If she disagrees with the process, don't accept the award she seems to believe is tainted. What a hypocritical person.

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Posted in: Baby, teen mom among 6 killed in shooting at California home See in context

Gun supporters and military love is a huge part of the American problem with public need to feel secure with the idea of guns being an indispensable item. It's part stupidity, part stubbornness, part brain wash, as American simply has a love affair with guns and bullets, and enable multiple killings, every day.

You'd think they'd disagree with the guns after awhile, but they keep promoting them with every murder. Every gun killing in America is met with guns not being the problem with the same people around here. So dumb.

And btw, those who are arguing California is a liberal state with strict gun laws, if you check the map, everything east of the coastline is very conservative and GOP. Lots of gun usage in mid to eastern California, and as America goes, gun love is a killer.

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Posted in: More youth tournaments banning angry coaches See in context

Youth sports in Japan are not combined enough with the development of the child in their educational and emotional lives.

As per Japan, protocol is priority(not fun) that can lead to abusive coaching, a long time problem as well as the senpai/kouhai system, which can exacerbate abusive behavior by the players themselves.

And people seem to believe abuse equals disciplinary learning of a sport and those thing’s are mutually exclusive.

The scholar/athlete is not something that is valued enough in Japan.

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Posted in: More classified documents found at Biden's home by lawyers See in context

No obstruction like Trump, but no excuses, either. Biden needs to take responsibility.

Biden is the definition of a politician and whether it was by accident or he intentionally took documents, there should be punishment. It is now 3 locations documents have been found on Biden, so his hypocrisy seems obvious, but must wait and see what happened.

With Trump's obstruction and precedent, it might alleviate Biden's case some, as Trump's actions could help Biden. They're similar in classified documents were found, but how they were taken, the possible motive and what documents were involved will make a difference.

For Biden, it's a black mark, absolutely. For Trump, it was just another of many his dissing the law. I dislike Biden, but he's far better a president and individual than the countless terrors of Trump.

Actually, taking classified docs was minor for Trump, the insurrection and with it, the war against our constitution and democracy, his business being a fraud avoiding taxes, sexual misconduct allegations, etc., etc...they're all making for the docs less a major issue for his lawbreaking life.

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Posted in: Trump Organization fined $1.6 mil for tax fraud See in context

That’s it?? That’s chump change! Just write a check then and move on.

Limitations of the fine is chump change, I agree.

But, it isn't about the fine, the bigger picture says a conviction of all counts means limited to no loan power, the essence of the Trump organization business, from the banks who cannot trust them from illegal actions. He may go to Russian money, it's his thing to do when things go bad, but you can forget about America, he made America a scam, not great. lol. Business in NYC, which is the essence of his image in America, is completely finished.

He's the ultimate fake.

It's obvious Trump himself is not blissfully ignorant. He's too full of himself to listen to others, but quite the weasel to create legal distance.

He has inflated his worth for years and lied to the banks and to the people who believe in an unsuccessful business built on fraud and being a fake rich persona many got bilked to believe. The ultimate oil salesman. The ultimate art of the steal. I'll grant it does take some talent to lie to his level.

Everyone who is anti Trump knew this. Only the cult believed in him and his ubiquitous lies. Now, if his people stay faithful, it's a true conviction of his organization that speaks otherwise to his legal and business prowess, which are proven to be illegal and fake.

It's only going to build from here, and he'll be further exposed as a flimflam man.

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Posted in: Garland appoints special counsel to investigate Biden documents See in context

My, how the tables have turned. And I like it.

This is exactly not what is going on.

Trump people: He’s good for everything he does whether it’s right or wrong.

Not Trump people: If Biden broke the law he should be punished.

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Posted in: Spielberg, Yeoh, 'Top Gun' feted by National Board of Review See in context

The Banshees of Inisherin by far my most favorite film of the year. Beautifully photographed with excellent script and performance from Farrell and Gleeson.

The best of McDonough's films, which is saying a ton as his In Bruges, with the same two leads, Seven Psychopaths and 3 Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri are great films.

Michelle Yeow so great in her role. Fun film to watch. Short round as a dad.

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Posted in: 'Three Amigos' friendship key to success, say Mexican filmmakers See in context

Great directors. Inarritu, my favorite of the 3. Babel. The Revenant. Birdman. Great films. And great to see how Mexico can nurture the talent and creativity of these 3 artists who give us exquisite life on film.

Being outside the circle of Hollywood, they were able to think outside the box, and that's a part of the creative process greatly appreciated as they execute their craft with such genius, humility and humanity.

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Posted in: Australian Open no-show fuels speculation about Osaka's tennis future See in context

She's a person who is popular for her tennis and her diverse background, as well as her quiet and humble words when she won. Her background was promoted heavily, like on Netflix, where fans loved the story of her life and rise to world No. 1.

As she wanted to be more vocal about issues, it was apparent her intelligence was limited. She talked like a teen age child, and people simply are too educated, too knowing and too cynical to hear overly simplistic language being said and not ridicule the source.

Her decisions to grasp her Japanese heritage would have been perceived as more sincere had she lived in Japan and learned the language, rather than take the citizenship for nationalistic fandom and the lucrative commercial opportunity afforded. Doing commercial work for a skin whitening product from Shiseido was quite hypocritical, imo.

Bottom line is she is a powerful, great tennis player, but her legacy was irreparable when she tried to be a spokesperson for diversity, which was a noble attempt by her, but her credibility was her own ruin by a lack of ability to speak intelligently and poor decision making which put off a lot of people, including myself.

Lack of approval affected her greatly, and she should have probably just stuck with tennis and not try to be a Lewis Hamilton type of spokesperson who is a great athlete, as well as having great intelligence to speak for causes.

It may sound cruel to some, but pragmatically, her demise as a tennis player is due to being affected by negative reception as she attempted to be more than 'just a tennis player.' Her simplicity of words was fine as a champion on the court. Not so when talking of issues.

Some are just not cut out to speak out and her rather juvenile mind was never taken seriously by a vast number of people. She is a sensitive person, and the backlash has likely caused her to never be a top player again, as the drive, determination, mental strength and physicality to be no. 1 has disappeared as she needed to be liked.

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Posted in: GOP in disarray as McCarthy fails again in bid for House speakership See in context

Add to the above: Bass, you often write hate for liberalism over like for conservative ideals, and I wonder if you realize that hate is what drives your opinion as conservatives do lie way more than liberals, and this is obvious in Trump, MAGA, the insurrection, McCarthy, Greene, etc. It's actually a fact, if you'd care to open your mind and see just how much the GOP lies, which really is the essential problem as Trump was such liar in the vote for the speaker.

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Posted in: GOP in disarray as McCarthy fails again in bid for House speakership See in context

That’s democracy and that’s political dissent.

So inconceivable a comment coming from a conservative who can't say Trump's actions exacerbated the insurrection and a show against democracy and the constitution. I really don't think you care about democracy if you can't have a reasonable view of the two party system and Democrats, nor their views. You've lost this ability to reason, imo, and that makes you disdain democracy and a hypocrite to speak of democracy as you did.

And no, the insurrection wasn't actually about a false vote, it was about a president who wanted to have dictatorial power by ignoring the standard of government of the USA and supporting and promoting a brand of people who attack their own government because they're a bunch of hot headed white people with guns, false intention and false reasoning. Those people there were total jerks, and by not denouncing them and Trump's actions, you support them.

Governments change and evolve over time to an extent, and if you want a different government led by a conservative agenda against environmental priority, promoting firearms, dissing equality among their people and wanting a dictatorial and fascist manner of leadership, it isn't the America created by a two party system under the constitution and it isn't democracy if you can't see good in the other side of your own country.

It's obvious you see no value in liberal ideals, a very important part of humanity, and only want one point of view, as your posts continually show a complete disdain for anything other than the GOP type narratives you support and build up. I'm not saying all your opinions are false nor necessarily bad, but your message gets lost in a barrage of liberal hate.

The way you refuse to see anything positive to liberalism shows me you don't want anything but a one system government, which is what Trump wanted...his narcissist govt.... and is the issue that is causing McCarthy and the Republican's in for MAGA or not, and from the outside, MAGA obviously is not the answer to democracy.

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Posted in: McCarthy fails in marathon votes for speaker See in context

No surprise to see the conservatives not having any clarity as their agenda is about lies and false narratives. The infighting is funny and juvenile, very much a MAGA thing.

The RINO’s have no backbone and we’re MAGA’s till they figured out after being slammed in the face with an insurrection, gee maybe we are liars but not as big as Trump wants us to be.

Pathetic people, the GOP.

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Posted in: Trump's tax returns released after long fight with Congress See in context

Trump and his 2 decade long losses leading to near zero tax payments.

likely his entire life he’s not made money and paid little on what he has. A true patriot. Not.

Insurrection showed he’s not a patriot. The guy is a loser on a massive scale of excrement. No wonder he uses the word fake so much, it’s him.

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Posted in: Prices set to rise in Japan for over 7,000 food items on cost hike See in context

Why are the +/- so polarizing?

Inflation in Japan is a fact.

Most part time jobs pay is about 1050 yen per hour. Currently on exchange about 8.00 American dollars.

Minimum wage in Marin County, Ca., has risen to 16.00 dollars per hour.

Costs are likely slightly higher in Marin, but the point is there is a living wage ordinance which calculates how much a worker needs to live to a certain comfort minimum. One doesn't have to be rich or over paid, but the lowest income people should be paid a fair amount to at least be able to get food and not live in poverty is the idea.

In this comparison, it is obvious Japan lacks a pragmatic look at lifestyle and happiness to live a minimal life. If people are truly paying out 15000 a month on food, that's pretty much 3rd world living. Not quite, as perhaps one can say if you really live in the 3rd world, you're lucky to spend 15000, but it is such a low relative amount of spending, one has to wonder what people eat. Natto. Oshinko. Rice. Miso soup with micro amounts of tofu or wakame. Flakes of salmon from a jar on Sundays?

I feel bad for anyone who thinks this is fine for a nation that until recently, was the second highest economy in the world. Lots of unnecessary spending leads to economic growth, but generally, people live very poor lives who are gaslit into thinking making more money on a minimum wage, and doing less work for it is a sin. It isn't nor should it be. Japan Inc. is a money society. Everything is about money as it's pretty much Japan's God. Too bad the yen is a cheap scam for the common people.

And either conform to it or be thrown out of society is the Japanese way.

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Posted in: Japan's last-16 exit reflects highs and lows under Moriyasu See in context

One could photoshop the background, put Moriyasu in a temple/funeral situation and it'd look more appropriate than bowing on a pitch in a black suit and shoes.

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Posted in: Moriyasu has vast array of options for knockout match against Croatia See in context

Moriyasu is always smiling, always happy,

I just don't get the sentiment this has anything to do with coaching. I understand though, this is a Japanese viewpoint thing...that they know they're too serious...too rule they try to loosen things up with a visible forced demeanor. Either way, Japanese expression is not very natural to the western eye.

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Posted in: Fleetwood Mac singer-songwriter Christine McVie dies at 79 See in context

What happened was radical and regrettable change...

A very narrow minded opinion.

Bands change and evolve. Blues was great, so was the pop band.

RIP songbird Christine.

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Posted in: GOP-controlled Arizona county refuses to certify election See in context

Speared on by Democrat rules.

The GOP strikes first with their false motives and manipulative actions, then flip their narrative ubiquitously.

It starts from GOP, as the blatant lies from a place like Fox begins and Trump exacerbates it lying so loud and often the idiot lemmings repeat his lies until they think they're in the right, and then obfuscate the truth to the point conservatives believe the lies and think the truth is the lie. Quite obviously, this has been happening for years, now.

So, no. It isn't Democratic rules, it is GOP gamesmanship as their go to method of action since Nixon.

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Posted in: Pence calls on Trump to apologize for dinner with antisemite See in context

he does not believe Trump is antisemitic or racist 


Trump's is both. He hates everyone, actually...only kisses up to those who agree with him, but lacks respect for anyone other than himself or, on the occasion, a dictator or two.

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Posted in: GOP-controlled Arizona county refuses to certify election See in context

Pathetic GOP. The reason they complain of fraud is because they, themselves, are so fraudulent, so often. It's the thing where they are liars and cheats so they think the other side does the same.

A big reason why the GOP is so juvenile and needs to quit their conspiracy paranoid mentality, and be better human beings who care about the environment, disenfranchised rights, critical thought and care for humanity and for the USA, her constitution and democracy, in lieu of insurrection and lies.

And to quit moving the goalposts when it fits a false narrative. Who is Trump? We never loved him. LOL.

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Posted in: Canadian paramedic unknowingly treated daughter in fatal crash See in context

We see a lot of stories of death, and frankly, I get numb about them because they happen every day. But this one is a heart shaking tragedy.

I feel terrible for both Mom and daughter. RIP, and hope there's solace for Mom.

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