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Posted in: New York attorney general sues Donald Trump and his company See in context

Was it Trump? or his kids? or the others? or someone at one of the companies.

a. Trump

b. kids

c. others

d. someone at one of the companies

e. all of the above

The answer is (e) all of the above. With 98.9%-99.9% (a)

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Posted in: Putin escalates Ukraine war; issues nuclear threat to West See in context

If Putin goes nuclear, it's suicidal in motive. He knows it. It can be an obvious disaster for Ukraine and the world, but make no mistake a nuclear attack by him brings down Russia, violently. He is Hitler with nukes. Getting backed into a corner for cowards is a scary thing.

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Posted in: Judge asks Trump's lawyers if he declassified records in FBI search See in context

Obviously, Trump's juvenile mind is catching up. He can fool is insane cult base forever, but attempting to bluff even the staunchest conservatives can slowly give realization they can't back lies, law breaking actions...really incredibly bad one's like stating he declassified classified documents any dummy would know goes against the democracy of the USA...and detrimental action to his country.

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy dies after being hit by runaway go-kart in Hokkaido See in context

What on Earth were they doing letting little kids drive vehicles at 50km/hour? That is just an accident waiting to happen.

There was no rule book. Someone had to think on their own, and the Japanese do not do this well. They are subservient when told what to do, but their ability to think things out can be a disaster of illogic and stupidity.

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Posted in: Higher restaurant prices add to pressure on consumers in Japan See in context

Japan’s minimum wage is about 1000 yen. Roughly 7 US dollars. Minimum wage is around 15.00 in certain parts of the US.

Japan should realize it harms their economy to have such a low minimum wage in relation to of living. It makes Japan quite undesirable a place to live, as retail prices never go down and inflation makes the wage minuscule.

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Posted in: It’s time to talk about no-mask anxiety See in context

I wear masks in public places and enclosed areas like elevators. I was on a train, had a one time dry mouth cough, and the lady beside me had a sideways look of fear/disgust and proceeded to scurry off the train at the next stop.

Her actions were somewhat over the top, but typical mind set of the Japanese mask paranoia. A culture which wore masks before COVID is now 100% with many. I do feel sorry for children who believe they must wear masks from pre school on, that'll leave a mark in their heads, for their entire lives.

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Posted in: Next generation of British royals to see more scrutiny See in context

Stay in America Megan, no one wants you in Britain

Nationalism, royal entitlement and racism sucks.

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Posted in: Serena leaves, Nadal loses, Federer absent; is this the end of an era? See in context

People look at not getting vaccinated as a badge of honor. It isn't.

It's just ignorance and stubborn behavior on Djokovic's part, and he rightly cannot play in Australia or the US.

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Posted in: Trump search inventory reveals new details from FBI seizure See in context

What a worry to see all those empty folders. Chances are high Trump has sold them to Putin, Xi or a number of enemies to try and get out of debt or create places to receive credit and money to run his election on their behalf.

He's a traitor to the constitution, as shown by his action/inaction of the insurrection, and shown continually to promote himself over the United States of America.

He's a criminal and the worst traitor in the history of the country, bar none, and his scamming narcissistic personality certainly makes it easy to read between the lines why he would take documents and have so many empty folders of importance. It's all about making money for himself.

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Posted in: Putin will not attend Mikhail Gorbachev funeral: Kremlin See in context

Donald Trump did the same kind of thing, as with McCain’s and Bush’s funerals.

Yes. He and Putin are very similar tyrant types who abhor people and leaders who tried to be fair, or at least, weren't completely dictatorial in their ways.

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Posted in: Biden warns Americans that Trump and his MAGA allies threaten democracy See in context

The ideology of MAGA is based on ubiquitous lies. Their narrative from falsehood blinds MAGA followers and allows them to be hypocritical and lie to themselves to the point they have no idea if they are lying, why they lie or how to stop.

There is no line they will not cross at the cost of the United States of America and her constitution and democracy. It is proven often in these threads. The lies just keep on keeping on with the Trump crowd, and great for Biden to call out MAGA wrong doers, everywhere.

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Posted in: Obstruction now a major focus in Trump documents probe See in context

A couple here can't admit their buddy no longer in chief is a criminal. Nixon supporters do that kind of stuff. Oh, not Nixon? You mean this Trump guy? Yep, even 3745. Wow, is that bad, cause 37 was the biggest criminal in office till 45 came along to fleece his cult. You were a crook 37. 45, you are a ridiculous thug who thinks he's above the law. Wow, this new proof of why the raid occurred is fun to see 45 and his team of supporters squirm silly and wrong answers.

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Posted in: Judge orders unsealing of redacted affidavit in Trump search See in context

There is a Presidential Records Act and the ability for a President to declassify documents at his discretion that say differently.

Just proves the point that right wingers make up narratives to fit their lies. Happens ubiquitously.

And that right wingers are blind to the truth. Funny thing is if a Democrat does what Trump did by taking out documents that shouldn't have left Washington, they'd be raging on the criminality! Love that hypocrisy!! LOL!!!

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Posted in: Judge orders unsealing of redacted affidavit in Trump search See in context

From Nixon to Bush/Cheney to Trump, the stuff Republicans do in office are constantly if not purely criminal, full of lies of which the right continues to find belief in wrong narrative and often goes against the democracy of the USA and her constitution.

Trump illegally kept documents, it's quite obvious to anyone who isn't a truth blind right winger.

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Posted in: 'Star Wars' spy thriller 'Andor' explores galaxy's murky underworld See in context

How to turn millions of dollars in decadent hollywoodish garbage..

Decadent Hollywoodish? LOL. Blanket statemenish garbage.

Production value and storylines have been great, especially the first season of the Mandalorian, done by the very talented Jon Favreau. Long live Grogu!

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Posted in: Court refuses to recognize trans woman as parent of child born after transition See in context

Of all the ridiculous things of living in Japan, this one takes the cake. The first is they require surgery on sexual organs to recognize gender change? F that. Then they can't recognize this person as a parent post gender change? Ridiculous that breaks the ridiculous scale.

Japan is scary when it comes to legalities and rules, too often.

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Posted in: Judge appears willing to unveil some of Mar-a-Lago affidavit See in context

We don’t know yet, but we might be able to surmise as to what these people were trying to do, because none of this makes sense as far as the actions are concerned, other than being a weaponized side wing of the Democrat party now

The right thinks there is a conspiracy and bias against Trump, because Trump tried to get Comey to side with him when in office. It was illegal and stupid as president to do so, but in his world of autocratic thought, he believed the president of the United States had the power to do anything he wanted. Trump was so ignorant to the 3 branches of government, he thought he could control the FBI.

The right didn't complain of the FBI when going through Hilary's emails or looking into Hunter Biden's activities, still on going.

But now they'll come up with how the FBI is a conspiracy and a wing for the democrats because the many possible wrongs of Trumps are being investigated. Laughable and ridiculous as to why they believe evil wrong doing toward the FBI by Trump is repeated by Biden's office. The FBI, of which Trump didn't understand when essentially bribing Comey...a private dinner is unheard of for the FBI director with a independent of any political party and presidential agenda.

Republican's lie and make up narrative ubiquitously and they keep lying. It's comedy but the truth they lie so freely and without any guilt makes it pathetic and scary.

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Posted in: Venus Williams, Osaka exit Cincinnati in first round See in context

Naomi needs to come home to Japan and reconnect with the millions of fans that admire her and follow her progress.

I don't think Naomi Osaka truly cares for the country of Japan, her people, or people in general, just herself. She chooses money routes and looks for accolades, more than actually caring for causes and issues, imo. She comes across as a very trite and narcissistic individual.

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Posted in: Injured motorcyclist returned to accident scene after hospital refuses to take him due to positive COVID test See in context

If you see ambulances at a scene that keep sitting even an hour after loading a patient, it is because the paramedics are searching everywhere for a hospital that will accept the patient.

I've required emergency medical twice. The first was an auto accident and I was put in an ambulance. My vision is terrible and my glasses were thrown about in the accident, and I hit my eye/head pretty hard causing some bleeding and confusion. There were other scrapes and bruises, but no broken bones.

I indeed sat in an ambulance for over 30 minutes, as they tried to find an emergency clinic who would see me, and eventually, they found one. Once there, the care was fine as I got an eye exam from a university teaching hospital physician and was patched up and cleared with cautionary warnings should I have dizziness, etc.

The second time I went in myself to an empty emergency room at the Hiroo Hospital, where I eventually was seen by a staff doctor who gave little care to my very painful injury. I had likely crushed a ligament in my ankle/foot area and couldn't walk without severe pain. The physician didn't give me anything. Just looked at it, said it wasn't broken and poof. 3 minutes and I'm done.

It was a debilitating injury and painfully, got on a train to go home. I went to my own doctor and given crutches as it was obvious, the pain was so bad, walking was impossible. My doctor was incredulous the ER gave no indication of how serious the injury actually was, and no offer for crutches of any medication, not even a wrap. Total indifference and zero care in the ER. A very strange experience.

So if one expects care of, say an American ER, be forewarned, it isn't the same physician care nor concern. It is quite amazing how health care here is money oriented with a lack of emotion. I know it can be everywhere, but it is shocking when it happens to you.

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Posted in: 'South Park' enjoys a silver anniversary of satire See in context

Parker and Stone: Comedic genius.

With apologies to Jesse Jackson.

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Posted in: Man kills himself after ramming U.S. Capitol barrier See in context

.1 % chance a non Trump follower does this to 'frame' Trump supporters, or someone outside his cult.

99.9% chance it's a Trump follower.

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Posted in: Man kills himself after ramming U.S. Capitol barrier See in context

There's a breakdown of late of Trump supporters doing self harm as shown in Cincinnati and this incident. I fear the latest proof of the FBI investigation taking top classified documents and all actions against a very wrong Donald Trump is breeding hopelessness to those ardent supporters.

It was and is a matter of time before the frustrations of realizing Trump's words are wrong, laden with lies and evil, leading to those who are waking up and smelling the roses of the total demise of Trump power.

They backed the wrong horse and some cannot handle it. Like the coward Trump is, they are doing cowardly deeds to 'prove themselves' and their loyalty to Donald by poorly constructed protests with the easy way out is to do a suicidal type act as in Cincinnati and Washington.

Truly a pathetic lot, Trump supporters.

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Posted in: Man kills himself after ramming U.S. Capitol barrier See in context

Connect the dots. Insurrection. Mar-a-Lago. Cincinnati. Capitol. Typically stupid plan, no brains just drive thru a barrier and kill yourself (look Donald, look what I did for you. I support you forever!).

The Trump cult of crazy strikes again.

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Posted in: FBI seized 'top secret' documents from Trump home See in context

The details of this story don't add up.

It makes no sense other than a smear campaign.

Trumps not even president anymore.

Of course, it adds up. That's what the FBI does is add it all up to find reason for the raid.

It's not a smear campaign, Trump has done wrong, and he got caught.

But at least you acknowledge Trump is no longer president. That means he's a citizen who can and is being investigated for breaking laws of the United States of America. Not the Un-united States of Trump. It isn't his country to do as he pleases, which is what he believed while president, and apparently is so delusional, he still thinks he is above the law.

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Posted in: FBI seized 'top secret' documents from Trump home See in context

Why weren’t other peaceful measures used to solve the situation before the raid?

There were. The FBI and Garland informed Trump and Trump ignored their communications.

Lied?? Wait? According to whom?

Wake up and smell the roses. Trump's lies are ubiquitous. He changes his tune and lies because he thinks he's so privileged he can, whenever he wants.

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Posted in: FBI seized 'top secret' documents from Trump home See in context

Pretty much all liberal ones, so what are you saying now?

The raid on Mar-a-Lago has nothing to do with liberals or Biden, or whatever argument pops up pro Trump and anti-liberal. Get off that horse, already.

The fact is the FBI acted independently with a great amount of work to determine Trump had taken documents he shouldn't have. That's now a fact.

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Posted in: FBI seized 'top secret' documents from Trump home See in context

Trump is guilty of believing he's above the law. He always believed the presidency would protect him from all wrong doing, including trying to get Comey on his side as a show of loyalty to obvious breech of the office of the president and a lack of common sense.

The document labeled 'Top Secret/SCI' is of such importance to national security, even the most ardent Trump follower cannot possibly condone his actions of purposely taking documents with him after his presidency. It is continued proof Trump is an unhinged individual with narcissistic traits from thoughts he is privileged to the extent he is untouchable in the eyes of his own laws.

No he's not. Ultimately, he is an American and has to abide by the constitution and the laws. He's going down for treason and multiple acts against the democracy and good of the United States of America as the most mentally unstable liar the office of the presidency has ever known.

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Posted in: U.S. attorney general says he 'personally approved' Trump home search See in context

Right wingers didn't denounce the FBI doing its diligence on Hillary email exposure, timed poorly for her and the democrats just prior to the 2016 election.

They do denounce Mar-a-Lago, again the FBI doing its diligence.

The hypocrisy and lies are the MO of conservatives. It is pathetic.

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Posted in: U.S. attorney general says he 'personally approved' Trump home search See in context

As any kid who ever had Civics back in the day knows, there are 3 branches of US government.

Executive. Legislative. Judicial. The 3 are created so that no one branch can over extend control the USA. Trump tried to control the Judicial branch by asking for Comey's loyalty, and it was a breech of the common good to the office of the president and democracy of America.

He has denounced the raid on Mar-a-Lago with conspiracy of the justice system, screaming bias and complaining like the juvenile he is. One who got dissed trying to get the FBI to side with him during his presidency.

Garland says: "Faithful adherence to the rule of law is the bedrock principle of the Justice Department and of our democracy," "Holding the rule of law means applying the law evenly without fear or favor."

It was due diligence on his decision to raid Trump's pad. It was warranted.

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Posted in: Trump says FBI conducting search of Mar-a-Lago estate See in context

The House of Lies: Mar-a-Lago.

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