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Posted in: After criticism over Mexico trip, Cruz flies back to frozen Texas See in context

One flew over the Cuckcruz Nest.

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Posted in: Proud Boys suspect's lawyers blame Trump for Capitol attack See in context

Of course, it's Trump's fault. He's the instigator in chief. He's the ex-president in chief, but he's still a possible instigator in chief, so good to see the dumb and dangerous insurrectionists to our Democracy blaming the right guy!!

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Posted in: Proud Boys suspect's lawyers blame Trump for Capitol attack See in context

Wow, I did Nazi that one coming.


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Posted in: Rush Limbaugh, ‘voice of American conservatism,’ dies at 70 See in context

“I came to New York,” he wrote, “and I immediately became a nothing, a zero.”

Epitaph for Rush Limbaugh, written by himself?

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Posted in: Rush Limbaugh, ‘voice of American conservatism,’ dies at 70 See in context

They say if you can't something good about people, especially those who have passed away, not to say anything: '.........................'

OK, I tried...can't help it. Rush LImbaugh was a loud mouthed jerk, who lied all the time, and was instrumental in the rise of Trump like supporters with false narrative and bravado. He was a terrible influence on weaker minded people, so it followed they were conservatives who loved his bull. Glad he is no longer on the air waves.

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The impeachment was not a court of law, so bipartisan politics was the decider. The decision itself doesn't matter much because we knew the weasels would never vote something they don't have: moral fiber, conscience and simple sensibility.

From here, as Trump gets taken to court for criminality, he will be found guilty, much like his cohorts like Stone and Cohen, were. Because when he is guilty, he will be actually found guilty. And when he gets prison time, there's no one who will give him a pardon in the next 4 years.

Those who are interpreting the acquittal as a victory, LOL. No, man, it's like parents who find their kid innocent of everything, no matter what that kid does. LIsten to McConnell, he 100% says Trump is guilty. There's no doubt in his mind, yet he acquitted.

His opinion is not how I would see it, but we all knew this is not a court of law, and many of the Republicans didn't care for, and some didn't bother to listen to, arguments being made. They should have, but didn't. It was no victory for Trump, his actions on Jan. 6 are now transparent, shown by the house prosecutors, who paralleled the insurrection with Trump's time line and inaction. He incited violence, did not try to stop his supporters from attacking our democracy and didn't care about his VP's endangerment. Talk about zero loyalty, he only cares for himself. What a joke. If he were someone's friend, he'd be ostracized pretty quickly, for being a selfish. A me only individual. But his followers cannot comprehend that because they're emotional and not critical thinkers.

Trump will have caring jurors, unlike GOP senators, for his criminal trials upcoming, where he will be found guilty of his crimes in the near future. Unlike this political trial of impeachment, which exposed him to guilt, bipartisanship won't work in his favor.

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Posted in: Trump lawyers say Democrats urge supporters to 'fight,' too See in context

Do you have any link to a video showing how anyone was calling for Pence (or anyone else) to be hanged, or are you just letting your imagination run free?

Eh, not imagination, at all.

Obviously you didn't bother watching the house managers presentation on the insurrection, as the crowd was chanting 'hang mike pence' and made a makeshift gallows. I realize Trump supporters often have proof and will then somehow believe opposite to proof, but there's plenty of footage of calling for Pence to be hanged.

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Posted in: Virus delay, sexism row: Tokyo's turbulent Olympic timeline See in context

Everybody has freedom of speech

People can say what they want, but if it is abhorrent. If it is a lie. If it goes against common sense and good. It will be condemned and have consequence.

Free speech has its responsibility to be credible, and if it isn't credible, it will be questioned, as it should be.

It is naive and wrong to equate free speech with saying anything one wants to, especially if it is a lie, insulting or untrue.

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Posted in: Trump critics call for permanent Facebook ban of ex-president See in context

Super spreader of false information and lies would put a child in permanent time out. That's what Trump is experiencing.

People seem to want to make that false equivalence of free speech vs lying in the guise of free speech.

Good on anyone who doesn't allow the lies and bs from Trump.

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Posted in: Trump lawyers say Democrats urge supporters to 'fight,' too See in context

I agree, his lawyers aren't that good

Do you realize why?

He can no longer get legit good lawyers because the lawyers know he's toxic to try to defend in his view that he was cheated out of a fair election and being a traitor to democracy and the constitution.

A top lawyer would understand the guilt of Trump is already established, the pig circus of the Republican's doesn't allow for a conviction, so defending Trump is an all loss cause for them.

It's been like that for awhile, actually and Trump's only recourse was Rudy. HIs current lawyers are a rung lower than Rudy. LOL.

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Posted in: Rioters acted on Trump's orders, Democrats say in trial See in context


The impeachment trial is of great importance to condemn Trump's role in the insurrection. Obviously, anything to do with Congress and the Senate is not a court of law, so deciding on the impeachment trial itself was voted to go through. This occurs because of Trump is thought of as a traitor to democracy and for the good of the United States of America, as the voters have given control of the house and senate to the Democrats.

Trump is being put in trial for his actions concerning support for the insurrection and do not forget that this was mainly caused by his constant words saying the election was rigged, and inciting his followers to take action.

You can argue the violent nature was not caused by Trump, but I'd say, just add up his attitude toward the insurrectionists, and violence is as violence does...he knew that his supporters are gun toting angry people, and he hoped for their usual actions. I doubt anyone was actually surprised by the insurrection and the violence of Trump's people. He reveled in it, before care of his own VP. That's some messed up stuff.

His dissing the vote and ignoring the constitution, along with his long list of lies thru his presidency is supported by his ability to gaslight, and a huge part of being able to manipulate his base is his ability to hint and nuance, without true commitment nor clarity in his words.

But, his base does get what he is saying. In the case of the insurrection, before Jan. 6 and on the day, it is Trump who is the undisputed leader of their cause. Many of the insurrectionists say as much and many have said they were there because Trump asked them to be there. I realize you will say this is circumstantial evidence, but in my opinion, as a critical thinker, I can see the circumstantial evidence add up on reasoning Trump should have admitted defeat in the election in early November so not to incite his idiot followers.

If you believe Trump and his supporters were cheated out of the election as reasoning for not admitting defeat until Jan. 6, then I get your protest to the impeachment. But to me, it is quite obvious Trump was the main instigator and could have stopped the insurrection on our Capitol.

His actions, while still president, was unlawful and he should have been jailed. Just because his term has ended, in no thanks to his angry and ungracious exit, where he never congratulated Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, it doesn't excuse him. His sore loser attitude influenced his crazy supporters to be traitors to our constitution and democracy.

In an attempt to keep that from happening further in the future, the impeachment trials are necessary, and if you want to equate or compare Trump's dissing of the constitution to the legislature's impeaching Trump as things that are anti constitutional, I'd say the reason for the latter is the former, and I'm fine with the impeachment trials, and the impeachment interpretation of the constitution, if that is the basis of your beef.

It is needed to happen to show America is not enabling anyone, including a former president, who's manipulative passive aggressive 'smarts' is one of a cult leader, and he needs to not have power to influence our nation in any way, again.

So, yes, I'm 100% behind the impeachment trials against Trump.

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Posted in: Democrats argue Trump planted seeds of Capitol attack with false election claims See in context

Democrats and their supporters had every right to question the legitimacy of the Trump presidency, but Trump supporters on the other hand didn’t have a right to question this election result whatsoever on any level.

It's because Republicans and their media outlets have chosen to follow Orwell's doublethink creating what Kelly Anne Conway termed 'alternative facts' which in layman's, truth seeker's and non liars' means just lying to build a false narrative. Repeat: It's just lying.

Even around here, Trump supporters constantly find ways to twist truth and use lies to end up with narrative that isn't credible. If you want people to listen to Trump supporters, there has to be a standard and a modicum of truth to what they say, without racism, without complete bias and without bull. All it is lies and angry huffing and puffing.

People who support Trump need to figure this out before complaining about why their voices aren't heard by Democrats. It's not the Democrats, look at yourselves and realize it isn't opinion not being heard, it's the lies by you being told. Until Republicans comprehend they lie all the time to themselves and to the country, insurrection and non patriotic acts against the constitution will happen with repudiation from truth seekers.

The thing is, many of us aren't Democrats, we're independents who abhor lies, from either side, but Republicans live as if it is a rule to do so. They lie and do the Kelly Anne 'alternative facts', and support such ideas as if it's ok, and it isn't.

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Posted in: Democrats argue Trump planted seeds of Capitol attack with false election claims See in context

Trump's words against the VP, moving the mob to chant 'hang Mike Pence'.

Trump directly said things condemning Pence as a traitor to the constitution on January 6th which led to the mob creating the makeshift hanging noose, we have all seen in photos.

The entire scene of January 6th obviously doesn't happen nor continues on without Trump. Because he's too stupid to understand the consequence of his actions. In fact, he was like a happy child, delighted supporters were attacking the Capitol and a dereliction of duty as POTUS. He's guilty and should be impeached by the senate, absolutely, with no doubt.

If people refuse to see this, it does show the extent of how conservatives and GOP always side on wrong, and continue their lies to themselves, to the people of America and are complicit in the attack, as supporting Trump is 100% wrong.

Right and wrong here is simple to see. If those who choose wrong want to make up excuses or say it is all circumstantial, it is to bury the truth, the logic and sensibility that Trump caused the insurrection and did nothing to stop the attack. He failed the oath of president to protect America and her constitution for his own selfish reasons. A true act of treason.

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Posted in: Trump trial gets go-ahead after emotional, graphic first day See in context

The Whole thing is a circus orchestrated by the liberals and there crooked media to spin the agenda into overdrive.

No, it's not.

The media is quite irrelevant to deeds of Trump and supporters who are guilty of insurrection and trying to get rid of the electoral college votes at the Capitol, an act of treason to the constitution of the United States of America.

Beyond that, they threatened many members of our legislative branch, armed with weapons and guns capable of murdering people. People died because of their insurrection encouraged by Trump.

It was violent and the idiots were trying to execute a coup, of which, I believe they were too stupid to comprehend that is exactly what they were doing, wanting to create a a fascist state. Obviously, many still want this fascist state, they're all true anti-patriots to America.

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Posted in: Trump trial gets go-ahead after emotional, graphic first day See in context

It's typical of Republicans and particularly Trump supporters to question the constitutionality of an impeachment on a matter where insurrection and treason against the constitution by them and him is the issue.

They'll try to use the constitution to support lies when they can and go against the US constitution and democracy to promote lies and narrative for fascism incited by Trump.

They're not American patriots, that's for 100% certain.

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Posted in: Trump lawyers blast impeachment trial as 'political theater' See in context

Initially repulsed by the graphic images of the siege, Republican senators including Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell denounced the violence and pointed fingers of blame at Trump. But in recent weeks they have rallied around Trump

Should have stayed repulsed, but no expectation for a Republican to not move the goalposts toward protecting their agenda of lies. It'll be awhile, if ever, before the doublethink crowd will do the right thing.

But I get it, Republicans, to survive as a party, must try to team together and they're deeper than ever in their pool of lies, and there's no way out. so the only thing to do is go on supporting the worst of all lies, with nothing standing in their way, including the constitution and democracy. Traitors.

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Posted in: Senate Republicans back Trump as impeachment trial nears See in context

GOP criminals backing other GOP criminals is what it comes down to. You have insurrection and being a traitor to the constitution and democracy with acts of violence and stupidity as a coup attempt is done on the capitol. Anyone who thinks Trump should not be impeached is complicit in the GOP brainwash.

I hoped for once, they'd get off their lies and fallacies, but shown with the censure of one of their leaders in Cheney, and reactions by the GOP members of the senate who conveniently forget what happened and why, they're not there for the betterment of America and her democracy. They'd rather have their fascist state.

QaNon and Proud Boys are better for America than Democrats is what I hear from all this nonsense of Trump supporters. They can't see themselves for what they are. Racists and liars.

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Posted in: Iran's top diplomat urges Biden to return to nuclear deal See in context

Obama was an utter fool

Obama was a great president and mind. The utter fool was and is your guy, the unhinged clown and traitor to the constitution. He didn't care about America and certainly doesn't care for his followers, but he'll milk them for all the money he can get.

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Posted in: Iran's top diplomat urges Biden to return to nuclear deal See in context

Russia and China are smiling.

Paranoia for reasoning to not have a nuclear treaty with Iran is typically GOP ridiculous and completely ignorant. It's the same basic reasoning as to why the GOP sent in a unilateral attack on Iraq, paranoia and stupid narrative leading to wasted lives, money and the loss of America's moral fiber.

President Biden is a man of action, with clarity and purpose. The treaty will be restored, as it should be.

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Posted in: Biden seeks to go big, fast and alone on COVID relief See in context

So in reality the Democrats are the party of economic success, the Republicans of economic failure.

Republicans destroy the economy while Democrats have to rebuild their mistakes. Often policy is made for certain reasons, which may be good or bad, but Republicans take those policies and abuse them as far as they can, then watch the economy at best decline, at worst, become the financial crisis of 2008...caused by GOP and its people, while Obama comes in and saves dubya, the US and the world economy. Then creates jobs and a better USA, only to see lies and fabrication lead to electing an idiot for four years, who does nothing positive, and promotes racism, less jobs and a pandemic.

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Posted in: Biden says no need for Trump to get classified intelligence briefings See in context

Give the oligarchs more information? Or others...Proud Boys. Kim. Etc....for a buck and a fake vote, Trump will do anything.

Agree with Biden, the former idiot in chief, who questionably read or didn't read important documents, anyways, doesn't need classified information. Not only for what he may divulge to foreign powers, he was a big part of the insurrection, and anyone who causes acts of a traitor within our borders should not get anything to further hurt our democracy.

So glad there's actual reason for intelligence being relayed to Joe Biden who can comprehend and make decisions based on critical thinking. And yes, Trump could not comprehend what was being told to him, making him completely unfit to be president. It's been a dark hole for the unhinged years, but we see the light for a better USA and world.

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Posted in: 2 gay men caned 77 times for having sex in Indonesia's Aceh See in context

Bit like the Christian texts, especially Old Testament.

Religions and God worship was written a long time ago. They're intolerant to some things and overly tolerant to others. Not in a good way. Before science, reasoning and information was widely a thing.

With teachings of humanity and empathy, comes a hypocrisy, from all religions, which make them, in turn, quite intolerable.

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Posted in: Suga apologizes after LDP execs visit hostess bars during state of emergency See in context

Politicians in Japan, but really just a symptom of the culture and its salaryman/company group invincibility of poor individual behavior allowed. Japan should grow up, but it won't in our lifetimes, if ever.

Inevitable with how media and educational process allows for 'betterment of the group' over individual pride and integrity.

Does this type of go to hostess behavior surprise, anyone? Not me, it's part of Japan that people might complain about, but those people need to understand they're also in that circle. Too many times I've dealt with Japanese who complain individually, but when it comes to group and company type policy, they're lemmings and won't speak up when they need to.

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Posted in: 2 gay men caned 77 times for having sex in Indonesia's Aceh See in context

Intolerance of other cultures is not the answer.


But this statement is used as a false equivalence.

There is a difference, a huge one, in just being intolerant of a culture vs. being intolerant to something that occurs due to that culture's intolerance and ideals being less than desirable.

If you approve of the caning of homosexuals, say so. It'd be more truthful than hiding behind the guise of your false equivalence. So silly.

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Posted in: Judge bars Biden from enforcing 100-day deportation ban See in context

a slap in the face to all those who obeyed the law

You talking about insurrectionists on the Capitol supported by Trump? Of course, you are, and they broke the law, and are traitors to our constitution and democracy.

Particularly in times of crisis and pandemic.

The crisis of the insurrection on our Capitol and democracy by our own citizens breaking the law or the crisis caused by some dummy saying the pandemic is a hoax, the common flu...and all his supporters believing it leading to 425K deaths and counting.

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Posted in: Trump lawyer Giuliani faces $1.3 bil lawsuit over 'big lie' election fraud claims See in context

The criminal actions of Giulani and the source of all the problems, whathisname the insurrection instigator, should be sued and held responsible for attacking our democracy.

Dominion is doing a good thing, and we will see many lawsuits upcoming. These traitors need to be prosecuted.

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Posted in: Trump impeachment trial to begin week of Feb 8 See in context

For the downvoters, do you really think you're going to see universal singlepayer healthcare and a financial transactions tax by 2022? The Democrats could pass these things tomorrow with their majority but they won't. Instead they focus on political theater. I'm willing to takes bets on this with anyone.

The new administration and the Democrat held House and Senate will most definitely move forward on many issues. Like wearing masks, for one. Try comprehending what Biden and the Democrats are already doing. If you don't see the progress, you just don't want to.

Things are never perfect, politicians are politicians, but there's no doubt, this is the party of Bobby Kennedy's moral and empathetic rights for people, and Democrats do make America better, for all the people, not just the chosen few. And, they don't try to destroy the ideal of the Constitution.

In the past, there may have been some more patience toward the GOP, but today, there is less trust in the lies and cons created by their party. Politically, the GOP has lost a lot of power among themselves and their constituents are questioning their motives, topped off by insurrection and attack on our Constitution by them, while Democratic support is high, knowing truths and science exists and using them to make things better in the USA.

This gives motive and balls to do a lot by Biden and the Democrats of America, who stand for Democracy, not the fascism of the former administration and the GOP. GOP had control of the Senate and the presidency and were complete weasels who created lies and chaos. Democrats know how bad the GOP narrative can get, and will act to their current power, in a much more positive way.

They've seen the Orwell scenario just about have a total break out with the GOP, but it was stopped in time to help America remake itself, before the GOP dystopian ideals happened.

If you don't want to believe there is a difference between the Democratic approach and what they will achieve, so be it, but I find your type of ideas just to be folly because it's cynically based on purely negative whatifs over any positives the new administration can bring.

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Posted in: Republicans grapple with post-Trump future See in context

Trump can take the flag off his lapel, and put the dollar sign back on, now. Or the Russian Ruble, his true source of laundered survival.

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Posted in: Republicans grapple with post-Trump future See in context

People will always be divided by care and empathy vs. money, self interest and business as priority. It's a never ending difference, so whether there's a GOP or not, a conservative party will exist, in some form.

How dumb were the QaNon followers? They thought Trump's military would take over the White House on inauguration day. It ended in a thud for them, as they anxiously believed to the end, Trump would still be the president and were upset with the hoax. Gullible, or what? That's just one faction of the dumb and dangerous who have branched off the GOP.

What conservatives don't get is how their poor standard of humanity leads to Trump and they are complicit in the problems of domestic terror and insurrection of the Capitol. Cruz, McConnell, Nikki Haley and all staunch Republicans are responsible.

The worry is, the GOP doesn't learn anything and usage of lies is the only way to get things done for their constituents. They lie, aligned with their lying media, and don't have the conscience to not do so, and then the constituents follow their lead and lie, as well, and it goes round and round.

It's a sorry state where the tail wags the dogs of politics, and it's true for Democrats as well. The difference is Bobby Kennedy was a man of honor and empathy, and Democrats still follow his words of truth, while Republicans still follow the ways of Nixon, a liar who believed he was being patriotic, but actually was a criminal as president.

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Posted in: Biden lays out plans for COVID-19 testing, vaccinations and masks See in context

Just curious, can anyone tell me an airport, airline, and public transit system in America right now that lets you patronize the establishment or vehicle without a mask? Prior to Jan 20th.

I doubt you're being 'just curious'. America's now into facts, science, logic and reality vs narrative, lies and illogical statements and questions of the past 4 years. Stirring empty pots doesn't work, anymore.

Please try to keep up.

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