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Posted in: Couple arrested after 18-year-old girl found dead in Yamanashi See in context

@kyo wa heiwa

Its an unfortunate situation especially for the murdered schoolgirl but all 3 people involved are at fault.

You've been arguing with quite a few people about what you wrote. Please read and comprehend the sentence and particularly 'all 3 people involved are at fault'.

This statement puts the blame on all 3 people: the two who admittedly murdered the girl and the victim.

There was a girl murdered by the couple. Did she raise a weapon to attack them? Highly unlikely. Her prior actions with the man, or any jealousy on the part of the man's wife, does not put the victim at fault for them murdering her. It's ridiculous to think the victim is at fault for the murder.

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Posted in: WHO monitoring new coronavirus variant named 'Mu' See in context

Variants will continue as the disinformation crowd(read the world is not round) keep on spewing the stupid crap Trump followers keep believing. Remember COVID-19 was a hoax and no worse than the common flu. Inject Hydroxychloroquine! Drink it! But skip the masks and don't worry, it'll be gone when the weather warms up. How many of you Trump lovers fell for that one??? How many of you still are anti vax or find some wrong reasoning to not vax up? I feel bad for the inability to want to critical think and use intelligence in a positive way, but the narrative is wrong.

Even at that time many of us who have studied and understand science knew that virus' mutate and the main reason to try and slow down the spread of the virus was exactly the reasoning it would become a Delta or a Mu variant. From here, it can and probably will get worse. That's how a powerful virus people who know like Fauci and the CDC have been trying to convey with a split crowd, half of whom can't or won't comprehend the severity of COVID-19 until it kills them.

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Posted in: NHL teams OK'd to add sponsor patches on jerseys See in context

Last year it was blatant ads and association with betting. This year it is advertising on jersey's. Bettman's priority has always been money, but instead of improving the product of the game, he looks for nothing that will help the popularity of the game itself, only to increase interest by commercial money makers. It's logical that a more popular game will increase revenue and his bettors, but Bettman's too obtuse to see it, so he never tries to cure anything, he just puts a band aid on.

He has allowed a watering down of talent by expansion, which he believes is his legacy. For local markets, his idea isn't bad, but for the casual fan nationally and internationally, it creates less recognizable players and especially in the playoffs, creates a game less about the top skilled and marquee players and more about catering to mediocrity by allowing referees to call a different game than the regular season. It stifles the best players by allowing penalties not to be called, which Bettman looks as making it a more competitive league where any team can compete.

It's a crazy thing not to do the opposite, which is to create a game casual fans want to watch the sublime talents of the McDavid's, MacKinnon's and Matthew's, instead of leveling and leaning the field toward lesser and expansion type teams no one except the local market cares about.

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Posted in: M7.2 magnitude earthquake hits Haiti; at least 304 killed See in context

Naomi Osaka just tweeted that she is going to donate her prize money from her next tournament to the relief efforts. For all the controversy surrounding her, that is laudable and I hope she wins the whole thing.

Kind of a hedged donation...she should just announce a donation, win or lose, right away. The amount obviously depends on which round she gets to, and what if she withdraws before she plays, as she is known to do?

Twitter makes her gesture a good optic, but it'd sure help more if she just appeared in Haiti, and donated while there.

She needs a PR makeover because she has a lot of detractors due to her flaws of me actions, and that causes many to believe her to be disingenuous.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 5,094 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 20,151 See in context

If one has been to the Kanagawa seaside, one can see a ton of young Japanese in the beach house/bars opened only for the summer. There are no masks and filled to the gills with people. The beaches, in general are full, as well, so no caution toward COVID on the beaches, where drink and food flow aplenty with people talking loudly and spewing germs at will.

No wonder the virus spreads more with younger people, who most likely then don't care whether they bring the virus to their parents, relatives, etc.

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Posted in: U.S. states that had a grip on COVID now seeing a crush of cases See in context

Any critical thought or scientific knowledge indicates that viral DNA wants to mutate, and there was no doubt that the vaccination was a beginning to fight the virus, but only a beginning.

Masks, getting everyone vaccinated and not gathering as if though the virus won't affect people, were the obvious things needed to be done, and the ignorance and stubborn misinformation kept the virus from spreading, as not all people were vaccinated.

Obviously, with people still arguing against vaccination and believing COVID disinformation from people like Donald Trump supporters, the stupidity goes on, and it is pure stupidity. This isn't a problem which is compartmental.

People seem to think if a state like Hawaii spikes, it is because it is either liberal or not, but the real problem is the influence of non belief in the fight against COVID that creeps into the psyche of people wanting to believe that the virus isn't as bad as science says it is. It's dumb to believe a liberal state like Hawaii is not vulnerable to misinformation.

The idiots are winning with their silly lies and narrative. People need to stand up to the ridiculous and wake up. It is amazing how incredibly dumb but influential the lies are, but much of the world and America specifically aren't capable of critical thought.

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Posted in: 'South Park' creators sign latest streaming mega deal See in context

South Park is comedic genius.

Those who don't or can't understand the show are likely incapable of critical thought and have not the informational awareness and unfortunately for them, lack the ability to comprehend the humor, subtleties, and astute up to date irony the show consistently produces.

People need more tegridy, man!

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Posted in: Senate votes to advance Biden's $1 tril infrastructure bill See in context

If my tax dollars are going into Bills they have nothing to do with actual infrastructure and will be used to help Democrat pet projects, then I want the Republicans to obstruct as much as they can

Goodness does your narrative machine ever quit? The way you convince yourself of the evils of the Democrats and the angelic lies of the Republicans, ubiquitously is a bias you just don't seem to get? That the infrastructure of the USA has never been a Republican priority, unless they profit individually, in some way, is the way it works, and it's detrimental to the country, but then, so are such things as Trump and insurrection.

America is losing out, big time, to China, and there are many reasons, but mostly, selfish nature of the American political system is causing problems and it isn't just one party or the other, it's the infighting and self interest of individual's and company's.

America somehow has to get together in a more unified ideal, but it's impossible with the polarization caused by a shaky democracy now based on lies and lack of imagination and foresight. If one cannot see how the advanced rail system and upgrades all over Chinese transportation is a major advantage...and they've spent a ton of 'taxpayer' money on such improvements that America refuses to do...give it 10-20 years,

China already most definitely to pass the US economy in less than 10 years, will influence the world even more greatly with current inability of the USA to put money into her infrastructure.

What ends up the base cause is Chinese standard of living is still relatively low, so while the economy gains, their lifestyle is slower to do so. That helps the country to spend how it wishes, and the political systems then become the issue.

Happiness or not? If happiness means individual life, then America. If it means overall no. 1 country economy, then one is looking at the stifling form of government in China. No longer can America have it both ways, especially with this lack of funds for infrastructure being curtailed by an ignorant GOP.

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Posted in: Trump blasts 'leftist maniacs' in women's Olympic soccer team See in context

Megan Rapinoe is a true voice and hero. I love her great ability to live life as it is for her, voice her platform, and bother idiots like Donald Trump.

GOP and conservatives are anal retentive jerks who will never be open to people, environment and the best of humanity, it's all money for them, just like Donald. 

He's a turd and he's a flea of humanity when he cries about Rapinoe, his big nemesis, because she's real and he's so disingenuous.

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Posted in: Trump blasts 'leftist maniacs' in women's Olympic soccer team See in context

Megan Rapinoe is a true voice and hero. I love her great ability to live life as it is for her, voice her platform, and bother idiots like Donald Trump.

GOP and conservatives are anal retentive jerks who will never be open to people, environment and the best of humanity, it's all money for them, just like Donald.

He's a flea of humanity when he cries about Rapinoe, his big nemesis, because she's real and he's so disingenuous. What small hands he has, they can't handle the squeamish world. lol.

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Posted in: Florida governor feuds with White House as COVID cases rise See in context

I knew the GOP was done after Obama was elected, but I didn't know it would morph into the party of total lies and narrative, with followers who cannot and will not look for truths, science or common sense.

Living things made up of DNA will mutate. It is a one constant of life. As one strain begins to fade, another will take its place. What should have happened is Trump listened to the science and put in preventive measures immediately, but, of course, ignored and fought the facts. This allowed for proliferation of the virus and anyone with foresight knew that with that, mutation would occur, and make the fight much more difficult.

His followers, for delusional reason are so into doublethink and lies, they have no idea what truth is, so they're digging hard to find any reason to back Trump and the GOP false information. It's incredible how stupid they are, and it is garbage, but they obviously have a voice that is resilient and will never want to find the truth.

Back in the day, they would have been condemned and knew it, but today's split society is allowing for the lack of common sense and decency. DeSantis is one of them. Florida could secede from democracy and become an isolated COVID state, with closed borders. And that'd be fine. I wouldn't care if they didn't wear masks, refused vaccines, and reap what they sow, because they're like petulant children who won't listen to anything.

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Posted in: Osaka, Kenin, Swiatek pull out of U.S. Open tuneup in Montreal See in context

no, its not worth playing in a minor tournament.

Right, just like minor tournaments like Wimbledon and the French Open, not worth it either.

Only that ill conceived Tokyo event between England and Canada worth going to, but what's tennis got to do with it?

Being THE torch lighter and THE center of attention, her 'greatest athletic achievement' was definitely a suffering she painstakingly overcame her shyness for.

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Posted in: Canada stuns U.S. 1-0 to reach women's soccer final See in context

Megan Rapinoe and the women's national team has done more for women's sports than anyone. They did not come to the Olympics only on a platform. They've been the best in the world for a long time...44 straight victories before these Olympics and so popular, even the men's national team in the last week has come out in protest saying, yes the women should be paid more than us, because of world wide success and great character of the women, including Rapinoe.

Rapinoe talks the talk and walks the walk. She doesn't just symbolize a platform with a mask, then avoid interviews due to disdain for the media, except when she's paid from the media which makes her feel good. She doesn't show up at the ESPY's, do swimsuit photos, glorify herself by having a Barbie doll but avoid her own sporting events. Then to just to show up in one she'll get 'better' attention, crying the wrong message. That person is not the voice Megan is.

No, Rapinoe is the truth. She's legit in her actions and her platform. one she's been on for years, she's a great sports person, and is an iconic hero, as is the USA women's team of people like Alex Wolfe, Carli LLoyd, Christen Press, Julie Ertz, Crystal Dunn, Tobin Heath, etc. It was a poor tournament, and yep, they're older and slower. It's likely the end of an era, but they still have bronze to go for.

People are gonna hate the best in the world for their own reasons of narrative and political reasons and bias, but winning the last two World Cups, and 44 straight international wins...a stretch from Jan. 2019 to July 2021...proves without doubt the dominance of the greatest national sports team this millennia.

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Posted in: Ocon wins chaotic Hungarian Grand Prix See in context

Seems a bit harsh on Vettel but I suppose rules are rules.

It's a dumb rule. Vettel drives a hard race, his car finishes and he gets DQ'd for a fuel consumption penalty? Garbage.

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Posted in: Olympic champ Biles withdraws from all-around competition See in context

On the one hand championship temperament and mental strength is a special characteristic of elite athletes. That temperament can be instilled with the idea there is nothing else in life, but talent, training, discipline and single minded focus of the sport.

As Biles got older, she likely realized that life to the top included being obedient and doing what was coached into her, without thinking of anything else. This sheltering happened often in the past, where athletes, particularly of repetitive sports and are young, are told by strict coaches they must not stray from the course.

She has likely matured to a person who could no longer look at gymnastics without questioning it, and her own critical thought led her to ask herself more and more about life beyond competition. And with that, she's a much more aware and interesting person, but she is no longer completely focused on the sport.

She started thinking, instead of automatically doing. When one does anything and they're negatively thinking about accomplishing the task at hand, one can psyche oneself out.

I don't know if this a mental health issue, it seems a natural progression of life, and in a sport where young girls are the main competitors, there has been a lot of manipulation and control...maybe a brainwashing...of what they need to do to be successful. It was automatic, but for Biles, it became manually powered and it can't be in something so mentally dictated as gymnastics, where neck bones are in serious danger.

Imagine being a 7 year old and you see an Olympic dream and coaching is geared toward turning you into an Olympic champion. A 7 year old has no experience to be able to critical think, and just listens and executes what's being said. Coaches don't want any outside thoughts creep into their athletes that might affect their concentration.

Biles is locked into the champion she is while knowing she needs to move on, before the Olympics. The allure of being in the spotlight again is too big a temptation for many great athletes who want that glory. It's got to be intoxicating to be so good at something.

She wanted it. She thought something would click positively to allow her to get back to that unconscious bliss of perfection. Just do, don't think. But she went the other way and was conscious while flipping through the air, and she knew that that's dangerous and that was it. She's done. More than not allowing her teammates to medal, she could severely hurt herself, and it was a good decision for her to quit.

There's nothing she needs to apologize for, because her intent was to do what she was trained to do, and figured out mid air, she was no longer in the right space to do it. She may return for some individual events, or I think maybe not, but either way, it's OK, and it's gotta be really hard on her.

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Posted in: Osaka in Olympic spotlight, but biracial Japanese face struggles See in context

I honestly think the issue of bullying is a bigger issue than racism. 

It becomes hard to separate the reality of both being an issue.

My own experience as an expat with raising kids in Japan is that my child didn't want to speak English or have me speak English or act in any way like a foreigner when with friends, at school or playing on a sports team.

Interesting thing is me being born to Japanese parents, and marrying a Japanese woman, my kids were fully Japanese in looks, but environmentally hafus.

Even that led to bullying and words of 'gaijin' in reference to one parent being from a foreign country. Ultimately, my child ended up not being able to relate to many peers because of bias with ignorance and not knowing how their acts of bullying and teasing connected a fuzzy line between it and racism.

My child looked the same as any Japanese person, but there was discrimination by the fact a feeling of not using English was required to fit in.

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Posted in: Gymnastics team, tired of 'sexualization,' wears unitards See in context

Women should not be made to expose their bodies, like having to wear bikini bottoms for Beach Volleyball, when shorts are better.

How do you know shorts are better? If you ask the players themselves, I would think it is their choice to have beach wear in extremely hot sand conditions. It's sexist to say they shouldn't wear bikini bottoms.

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Posted in: Austrian Kiesenhofer pulls off women's road race Games upset See in context

Both the men and women's road races showed how this team sport becoming an individual one for the Olympics led to confusion. With no radios and individuals on teams not working together well, one could constantly see riders wanting someone to take the lead of the peloton and make it go, but no one would. I don't know if that was mostly selfishness or what, but no one would commit, and in the end the giant that is the Netherlands reaped what they sowed, lost and looked rather silly, as their 'gold or failure' came to light as they, indeed, failed.

When Kiesenhofer won, as the other women finished, at first, no one congratulated or acknowledged her. It looked like bad sportsmanship, and maybe it was, because even after the result was known, I didn't see riders come up to give her kudos.

I was glad to see her win. She pulled off a great win as the only rider from Austria. A great accomplishment by a David beating the Goliaths.

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Posted in: Van Aert faces Pogacar hurdle in Olympic road race in Tour rerun See in context

What Tadej said about the heat and humidity are the biggest factors for him. He isn't used to the climate and has had his most difficult tour climb when hot. Along with the jet lag and the high of finishing up in yellow less than a week ago makes it a difficult ride for him. Difficult, but no impossible.

Riders who may have trained in hot and wet weather may have a decided, those who may have skipped the Tour and targeted Tokyo.

Team rides will be important so strong 5 man teams like Columbia, Belgium, Netherlands and France should have an advantage. But 4 man Slovenia and England will compete, as well.

Sleeper are the Dutch with Tom Dumoulin and van Baarle.

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Posted in: The Tokyo Olympics are rigged to fail. Why hasn’t the media noticed? See in context

I don’t want journalists — especially journalists supported by global media outlets — chasing human interest stories. I want them making lists of local politicians and mid-level bureaucrats who might know too much about their bosses’ affairs. I want them documenting the “wildly irresponsible” decisions of Japan’s government in conversations with people who were present when these decisions took shape.

We who live in Japan as foreigners know that how the government works is a microcosm of how the Japanese people are educated into a cultural rule following lemming society.

Even if the mid-level bureaucrat or anyone would say privately they abhor the actions of the Suga administration, they'd turn their backs as soon as asked to go on record. Blind loyalty and lack of courage trumps integrity every time in Nippon.

The excuse will always be...doing for the good of the group over one's own truth, and that makes Japanese people cowards who are incapable of standing up for what is right. It's part of everything Japanese, including the government, as Suga and business and media all become essentially one, when it matters most, for Japan Inc.

Fluff pieces make everyone warm and fuzzy, but anything controversial or actually looking at substance is disdained as too difficult or 'muzukashi hito, ne' or 'nihonjin no kokoro shiranai gaijin da ne' by the Japanese populace. And those in fluff pieces that make people look so human dominate the psyche of Japan and their media. They should grow out of it, but never will as the circle of a senpai society goes on and one without change. How nice everyone is! It's disingenuous without in depth reflection of more important matters.

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Posted in: Sweden stuns U.S. 3-0 in women's soccer; Japan, Canada draw 1-1 See in context

Couldn’t agree more, especially this current team of arrogant loudmouths led by arrogant loudmouth-in-chief Rapinoe.

Yeesh. NO man, Rapinoe talks the talk, but walks the walk. All the time. Whether it's on the pitch or standing up for LGBTQ, her beliefs are solid with integrity. Watch her on youtube or whatever, you might change your mind. She is not just the loud mouth, you perceive. I respect her...she's not some flake like N. O.

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Posted in: Hamilton wins British Grand Prix after Verstappen collision See in context

I saw it as a first lap racing incident, 100%. It's a joke to hear Lewis forced the accident, Max made a move and turned into Hamilton. LeClerc said so, and so did others, like Aston Martin's team principle...a clear cut racing incident.

Regardless, Max has been the over aggressor in the history of he and Lewis Hamilton. This will even things out a bit, and could cause Max and RB to implode...they're way to butt hurt at this point, and their thin skin could allow mental supremacy by Mercedes and Hamilton, in spite of having the obviously superior car.

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Posted in: Champion Pogacar hails 'incredible Tour de France adventure' See in context

An incredible adventure, indeed! Great ride from Tadej.

Jumbo Visma's Wout van Aert wins a TT, the hardest climb and the final sprint, yet is not a contender for the GC. That shows the incredible difficulty in taking yellow to the podium, and for him, his position on his strong team.

So many great individual performances and breakaways. Tough accidents and polar opposite weather difficulties, along with the lessened effect of super team Ineos beating individuals make this a defining great year. The Grenadiers did not take a single stage win, and how refreshing to see the usual peloton control in chaos with the status quo lagging behind the champion and the runner up.

The new lions: Tadej Pogacar and Jonas Vingegaard. All hail!

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Posted in: Ohtani donates HR Derby winnings to Angels' support staff See in context

Ohtani is a good guy, absolutely. Refreshing to see an athlete not be a prima donna, and do things to help others with no ulterior motives.

The center of attention at an all star game in MLB, it was amazing how he performed under pressure of the spotlight, and he made things fun and interesting.

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Posted in: Pogacar eyes 2nd Tour de France title on Champs-Elysees See in context

Quite a feat by Pogacar. Ineos comes into the Tour with a number of GC riders who have some bad luck, but essentially, could not take down Pogacar. Jumbo Visma to a lesser extent, but lead rider was always going to be Roglic.

But very good to see a different type of Tour. The pace was hard and fast and because of chaos, the usual yellow jersey lead group dominance did not occur.

Still, one can see the strength of money teams with the depth of Vingegaard and Carapaz taking podium spots, but neither taking a stage, as Pogacar takes 3 and the big enchilada, the yellow into Paris.

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Posted in: Pogacar dominates on Tour de France mountain again See in context

Pogacar leads his UAE team to greatness. Vingegaard the new sensation. Carapaz the defeated rider for the Ineos super team who's zero stage wins is a Tour de France failure, in spite of a likely 3rd in the GC.

Carapaz again behind both riders, one day after a gamesmanship ride, loses this race with a more orthodox ride, as the top two play him. Either strategy, the strength of Vingegaard and Pogacar take Carapaz at the goal.

A well deserved yellow for Pogacar and UAE. An outstanding showing from Vingegaard and Jumbo-Visma and the reduction of Ineos and Carapaz to desperately press the top two, but cannot beat them.

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Posted in: Over 60 dead, dozens missing as severe floods strike Europe See in context

I disagree, the views of science is only accepted by left power structure without any dissent. It’s accepted as fact and cannot be refuted.

Completely false. Scientific ideal, if questioned by the information refuting it, will not be accepted.

Anyone who has gone through an educational process in science understands how hypothesis to theory works, and it is done as process to observe, make inferences on those observations and then performing rigorous tests to see if those inferences hold up.

What you don't understand is this is not a left/right thing, it is completely based on proof by testing of an idea, and those tests are a detailed procedure to prove or disprove that idea in the attempt to acquire knowledge of the world around us.

Compartmentalizing science as a left belief with no dissent is a statement of not understanding nor wanting to understand the process of science nor its resultant theories.

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Posted in: Summer setback: COVID deaths and cases rising again globally See in context

COVID has been stifled to a large degree by vaccination, but it is a virus, and virus will mutate into different strains.

It is the main reason why letting the virus fix itself with herd immunity was so stupid, why it is just the flu was a stupid statement, and why ignoring it was flat out the dumbest thing anyone with any critical thought would do.

Thinking the pandemic is over, as many areas seem to, by having huge gatherings and not wearing masks is still a huge danger.

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Posted in: Champion Pogacar triumphs on Tour de France mountain See in context

Carapaz was 'discreet' and 'looked to be struggling', but was using a backdoor strategy to use Vingegaard and Pogacar as lead in's up the mountain, not taking any top three equal responsibility, on. So, it's a legit try to win, but the other racers do not care for such gamesmanship.

Ineos Pinarello looks desperate, but granted, it was a great ride for Carapaz. Ultimately, he lost and ended a deserved third. Ineos, the money team of all star riders, probably does not win a stage.

Vingegaard is someday going to win a Tour, and he and Pogacar are riders to emulate. They ride for the integrity and greatness of the sport. The UAE team proved it can ride...stronger than thought, and gutted it out for their win with Pogacar.

One more big mountain day, and hoping Pogacar carries the yellow through to Champs D'Elysee.

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Posted in: GOP state voting restrictions 'un-American,' Biden declares See in context

So, Trump supporters, help us understand...

There's nothing to understand from them. The voter fraud is fraudulent, quite obviously. Same with the denial of insurrection and their spitting on democracy in favor of Trump's autocratic ideals. They're all lies. He's got all the poor qualities of a terrible person...racism, bigotry, liar, etc., etc. and they support this horror of a human being.

Trump and his supporters lie and lie and lie and then make up more narrative so they can lie. They're a cult and wasting time conversing with cult members who lie is an exercise in futility.

As one who critically thinks, there is none of it with Trump's cult, because they lie and have no desire to believe anything they don't want to.

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