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Posted in: Russia's PM dismisses Japan's anger at his Kuril trip See in context

The kurils clearly belong to japan as recognized by every treaty russia honored before ww2.

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Posted in: 4 students suffer burns after botched chemical experiment See in context

sounds like they were making a variation of thermite. which while notexplosive burns very rapidly and vary vary hot.

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Posted in: To conserve power, TV broadcasters should shut down See in context

shut down the pachinko parlors first, limit their operating hours from 1700-2200

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Posted in: Osprey crashes fuel uproar in Japan See in context

one thing this article got wrong was saying that these aircraft are effective in combat. the osprey only goes on milk run missions where it is proven to be safe.

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Posted in: Nissan to chop Japan production by 15% See in context

japan needs a serious influx of foreign corporate leadership to change the culture

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Posted in: Gov't to test-drill for oilfield in Sea of Japan See in context

there will be a shooting war between china and the rest of asia over sea of japan assets.

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Posted in: Microsoft unveils Surface tablet to compete with Apple's iPad See in context

well judges are starting to force apple to go into mediation with the competitors they keep suing.

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Posted in: Iwate town to put Vietnamese student through medical school in Japan See in context

why not a japanese person?

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Posted in: Calls made for bicycles to have number plates See in context

like the lines at the land office isn't bad enough. luckily the only two wheeler i have also has a engine and can hit 200 km/h.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S., S Korea officials discuss N Korea See in context

the western nations would want to impose a UN security council sanction. russia and china will veto it just to spite the west.

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Posted in: Apple's Cook top-paid U.S. CEO in 2011 See in context

apple is just a really good example of abusive foreign labor practices. they make huge profits while their foxconn workers kill them selves from despair and barely make enough money to live on. apple could make their products in the states still turn a health profit. yet they choose not to.

when i get my next android phone, i'm going to find one that has the least amount of made in china. probably end up with a samsung.

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Posted in: Apple's Cook top-paid U.S. CEO in 2011 See in context

apple has $100,000,000,000 in physical cash on reserves. the most paid executives on the planet and super high stock prices. mean while all their iGadgets are made by virtual slaves in china and brazil.

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Posted in: Millions look skyward as rare eclipse crosses Asia See in context

was too cloudy out here in the boonies known as sagamihara

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Posted in: 73-year-old Japanese woman scales Mount Everest See in context

guess i know why i always see fuji-san full of old ladies every year i climb it

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd leader Watson freed on bail while extradition decided See in context

i'll bet that blowhard runs from the country and starts claiming he is being persecuted unfairly.

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Posted in: Japanese whalers leave for Pacific See in context

whale is delicious and european countries practice commercial whaling and so do the native peoples of the artic north america and asia.

should be good whaling while sea shepherd's head terrorist is in german jail.

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Posted in: Ready for lunch See in context


the royal family in England adds billions of pounds to the British government's coffers.

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Posted in: Jubilee visitors See in context

the british royal family generates billions for the british government.


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Posted in: Jubilee visitors See in context

I wish the IHA would let the Empress wear some color. Queen Elizabeth wears a lot of bright coloured (lol english english spellling) dresses and hats.

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Posted in: Docomo unveils 19 new mobile devices See in context

its an artifact of japan bubble days. the japanese domestic market for electronics is still very closed and many niche products abound.

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Posted in: Apple readies iPhone with bigger screen See in context

APPLE "we released a slightly better iDoohicky"

iZombies "oh no my current iDoohicky is obsolete, must give more money to Apple for a 5% increase"

every year Apple suckers millions of cowsumers with this. oh i don't blame apple for it either, they because a success by being fashionable. i blame the iZombies, every time a Foxconn employee commits suicide, an iZombie should feel bad.

my Blackberry is made in Europe, by people that get paid a real wage.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson arrested in Germany See in context

guy needs to sit in jail for a few years, but unfortunately it will only be spun by Sea Shepherd to prove their self righteousness.

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Posted in: Spiraling F-35 costs have Japan, other potential customers worried See in context

japan will need the f-35. with so many hostile neighbors, japan needs every edge she can get .

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Posted in: Gov't seeks 20% cut in electricity use in central, western Japan See in context

make pachinko parlor hours only 1800-0000. that will save a ton of electricity if those criminal fronts are turned off most of the day.

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Posted in: Swan lake See in context

school girl love, YAY!

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Posted in: Romney adamantly rejects same-sex marriage See in context

obama is going to win the election by leading romney into the arms of the far right and away from the swing voters.

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Posted in: In character See in context

fact - no a single bit of make up was used to make any of these Tokyoites appear pale.

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Posted in: Emperor, empress visit Sendai See in context

most likely an airplane. but it is an entertaining thought of a special shinkansen for his imperial majesty.

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Posted in: Japanese beer heads cause Westerners to froth at the mouth See in context

beer is supposed to have a head, and you are supposed to drink the beer from under the head. the bubbles keep the rest of the beer protected from oxygen which will affect the flavor.

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Posted in: Twitter users given legal warning in Britain See in context

what is this? the United Kingdom of China?

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