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Sunjovi comments

Posted in: Needles placed in jelly in Sapporo supermarket See in context

I have started chewing properly now. Good for my health as well

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Posted in: KARA appear in fried chicken ad campaign for FamilyMart See in context

Why not Chicken Wings. Its so delicious espacially in Sizeria. I wanna see how Kara gonna dance with chicken wings. Qwak qwak qwak....lol.

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Posted in: 61% of single men aged 18-34 have no girlfriend; 49% of women unattached: survey See in context

Japanese fav. Food have no spice at all, ochaya, onigiri, mijosuru, sushi, udon. I saw my colleages mostly live on 1or 2 onigiri, coffee and cigarettes for a whole day. Second is too much ofuru and sauna. Even in hot summer i see them doing oforu and sauna. Too much ofuru and sauna kills/ relaxed your sex cells in testicals whereas adding spice in your food awakes your sex hormones in brain. I love japanese food and ofuru but it doesnt come in my daily routine.

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Posted in: Man who fought with Asashoryu involved in another Roppongi punch-up See in context

Asashoryu got very bad compliments from the japanese mass bcoz of this guy. Now everyone look mum. This guy is such a bad ass.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over death of 2-year-old daughter in Aichi See in context

Many posters believe this kinda crime happens in every country. I will nod yep but not so frequent like japan, almost every week. Its soo common here.

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Posted in: 2 ASDF members arrested over theft of wallet from drunk See in context

May be they r coming from pachhinko with all money lost there lol.

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Posted in: Man steals Y8 mil from Toyama post office See in context

Seriously, its time to think for the financial organisation to employ Guard in every offices. This will ensure safety and more employment opportunities.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting schoolgirl on escalator at Yokohama Station See in context

****Lots of bla bla bla, ok posters how would you react if this incident happens in front of ur eyes huh. Just walk away.

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Posted in: 6 teenage bikers arrested after baiting police with fake call See in context

If they want real thrill i recommend them to play pc in arabian countries, myanmar north korea and i am sure the police there will show them stars.

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Posted in: 71-yr-old man arrested for beating 32-yr-old son to death See in context

May be young man decency killed him.

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Posted in: Tokyo bar busted for hiring earthquake victims as prostitutes See in context

Only one women among 15 is from sendai, didnt match the headlines.

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Posted in: 68-year-old Sendai woman stabbed to death; son missing See in context

He may not be working and living on his moms pension, then he got those ugly taste of pachinko or chain smoker. Poor mom, what a sin.

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Posted in: Shootings in Syria push death toll above 900 See in context

If these dictators are wise, they should step down and live lively like husni mubarak or stick to their passion and end like saddam and osama. They have already earned for generations.

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Posted in: Club manager arrested for hiring high school girls to flash underwear for patrons See in context

To see underwear ....... What a nonsense world he is creating

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Posted in: 89-yr-old man held for strangling 85-yr-old wife to death See in context

I dont appreciate this action but we have a neighbor couple in their 70s. The wife is too much loud and use abusive words to her husband everyday. Dont know how he tolerate her but am afraid oneday he could take wrong step like this story.

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Posted in: Why do famous men with power and influence (Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, for example) risk everything with their sexual behavior? See in context

All man in this universe are same, since the stone era until now king, priest, politician, common man all fall for women.

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Posted in: Rock musician Yuya Uchida held for assaulting girlfriend See in context

Why dont he fold his long hair to hide that shiny island. May be this can impress his GF again. Lol

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Posted in: 4 killed, 141 injured after 7.4 quake hits Miyagi Pref, vicinity See in context

We all ran out from our 4th floor and was surprised to see from our neighborhood other gaijin were also out but the japanese were still inside their houses

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Posted in: Man arrested on suspicion of kidnapping 2-year-old girl in Sapporo See in context

These kinda Perverts really spoil the enviroments. I really love children and sometime when i came across small cute children i cant help myself smiling at them but i dont make mistakes talking to them or giving them candy though i want, coz i dont want to put myself in annoying situation.

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Posted in: Up to 1,000 bodies left untouched near nuclear plant due to radiation fears See in context

Spray resin on dead bodies, put them inside box and bury them.

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Posted in: Up to 1,000 bodies left untouched near nuclear plant due to radiation fears See in context

Better send robots to collect bodies. Well 20 km radious became a zombie town. How about animals ans birds who feed on dead and insects also. Its going larger and larger.

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Posted in: Suicide bomber kills 13 at police checkpoint in Pakistan See in context

Whats the probllem with these people from islamic countries killing their own innocent people wifhout second thought. What is the root problem i still guess?

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Posted in: U.S. sending robots to Japan to help with nuclear plant See in context

Japan robotto will play violin while american robot work. Goodo understanding

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Posted in: Kan says Japan will remain on 'maximum alert' to deal with crisis See in context

Maximum alert- they should provide latest information of radiation level everyday in neighbouring state like gunma, saitama, ibaraki and chiba.

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Posted in: Y40 mil stolen from tsunami-cracked bank vault in Miyagi See in context

I think the money is inside the rubble with this dare devil person, probably dead.

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Posted in: 6-month-old baby boy dies at home of care worker in Yokohama See in context

Its a tragedy, few years ago my friends 6 month old child died the same way in Gunma in child care center. RIP

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Posted in: Starbucks customer, told to stop hitting on girls, assaults worker See in context

Is this a news?

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Posted in: 3 high school boys held for throwing stones at passenger train See in context

Let them run in a small stadium and we hurl stone at them. Real fun

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Posted in: Thieves in Malaysia steal $1.5 mil worth of condoms from Japanese company See in context

The thieves may be expecting something big, i suppose they will be punished by their boss, silly.

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Posted in: Marauding monkey captured after daring cage break See in context

Well, she is so famous. Lucky can be a next Mascot in intertainment world. Bye bye disney..

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