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Posted in: Man saves woman from train after she falls onto tracks See in context

What sucks there is JR keeps all the money, it doesn't go to any of the actual passengers who were delayed and inconvenienced.

===Well the losses suffered by other cannot be calculated - but can be somewhat calculated for JR losses.===

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Posted in: Man saves woman from train after she falls onto tracks See in context

This Hero deserves a Bravery Award from the Govt of Japan

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Posted in: JR employee caught taking up-skirt photos with mobile phone camera See in context

It's more likely the man will be fired and either face jail time or have to pay compensation money (hopefully BOTH!). LOL

That way you promote easy money ....isnt it??

Wear something short enough to just cover (fashion trend or whatever), become attraction among the audience and if get a (pic) SHOT then receive compensation.......

Well promoted.....

On a stricter approach, the jail time should also be in DIRECT PROPORTION of the minimal length of the amuser's dress code.


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Posted in: 'New' voted kanji character of the year See in context

I hope there would be new - unimaginably good events in the year(s) to come.

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Posted in: 60-yr-old man arrested for trying to molest policewoman in front of police station See in context

Sometimes one has to pay much more for the FREE pleasures of life.......

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Posted in: Arisa Mizuki to play lone wolf teacher in new drama See in context

2marushka: well i wrote - attraction - not success formula....you see...i meant time bound attraction..........

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Posted in: Arisa Mizuki to play lone wolf teacher in new drama See in context

Actually 32 and 23 is the right combination of attraction......

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Posted in: Policeman fined for driving in no-entry zone in Shimane See in context

Seriously, if he is going through all the trouble to turn himself in, why couldn't he just write his own ticket?

Or just go (ride) back to his station and ask his senior to fine him. Then the senior could pronounce upon him the fine while sitting in the station itself.

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Posted in: Cup holder for cars See in context

Hard to reach by the person sitting on the adjoining seat i suppose...........

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Posted in: Tokyo police nab 31 train gropers in Sept, including 15 repeat offenders See in context

Do they keep an eye for the Femal Gropers as well .......

I dunknow which which be higher ......if observed with the same law maintaining eye ................

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Posted in: Big Buddha See in context

If I were to be living in that house then ..........perhaps it would feel like paradise...........


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Posted in: Rare Badlands dinosaur makes voyage to Japan See in context

I wish there was a pic on this article..........

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Posted in: Low-income bachelors victims of widening 'sex gap' See in context

One thing is damn sure by this article..........Honey ....here is no love without Money....!!!!!!

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Posted in: Ex-cop arrested over rape in underground passageway See in context

That brings down my belief in the Japanese Police System........

Till now .....I strongly believed in the professional ethics of Japanese Police though I got some views by close Japanese Friends that Japanese Police is not 100 % professional.

This definately proves those views.......I feel let down........

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Posted in: MSDF member arrested for having sex with 13-year-old girl See in context

Yamauchi joined the MSDF in March 2009. Soon after, he signed up for the Officer Candidate School, and graduated in March 2009.

Does it mean JOINING & GRADUATING in March 2009 - all together and quick ??

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Posted in: Man arrested after locking himself in Kumamoto apartment toilet for two hours See in context

One thing I really like about Japanese Society is that the Police does come calling immediately on the slightest of the problem.

I really admire their response timing.................

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Posted in: Two young children found walking along expressway in Fukushima See in context

Really fills my heart with emotions that two innocent kids wander out - unaware of any danger.

Perhaps at this age, they dont even realize that they would need to find their way back once it turns dark.

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Posted in: 150,000 chickens perish as Ibaraki poultry farm goes up in flames See in context

Painful death for those who otherwise too were ultimately meant to land between two slices of bread.

But from eco point of view, a big waste of food in these times.

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Posted in: Hachi See in context

Princess Aiko has always appeared too calm as per her dignified status............

I admire her personality ....

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Posted in: Police on hunt for man in his 60s after women attacked with liquids, sprays in Chiba See in context

Are the Ojisans going Psyche.....day by day ??

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Posted in: 62-year-old Gunma man arrested for beating sleeping wife to death See in context

I wonder whether there had ever been an enemity between the two ..........which resurfaced during those moments of state of drunkness.......

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Posted in: Kirin, Suntory in merger talks to become Japan's top beverage firm See in context

I have never tasted a glass mix of Kirin & Suntory

Would like to MERGE the two...........yet..no guesses for the taste...

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Posted in: DoCoMo to launch mobile remittance service See in context

Fabulous way to pay for the group dinners in particular ..........

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Posted in: Day of the Dolphin See in context

Well.............I have been there so I too have done that...........

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Posted in: Nissan shows electric car test model in U.S. See in context

Had this been done roughly 20 - 50 years ago, we would not be facing the various problems caused by the pollution that we see around us.

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Posted in: Suspect who escaped from police station while cop slept turns himself in See in context

The questioning was meant to put the suspect on good sleep

rather it effected the young cop........

and not just that........it was already his break time.........

taking a nap during the break is allowed..isnt it ??

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Posted in: Somali teen pirate to stand trial as adult in U.S. See in context

I thought the Pirates of the Carribean belonged to a gone - by era.

History indeed, as they say, repeats iteslf.


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Posted in: Jackie Chan's China comments prompt backlash See in context

just a - catching with the OLDAGE - effect of Mr. Chan

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Posted in: 7 Somali pirates freed on technicality after NATO pursuit See in context

The 310 crew member hostages might be receiving harsher treatment with every defeat of the pirates.

If the arrested pirates are given cake treatment and left to spread the goodwill message then perhaps the captured sailors might get to have a kind treatment from their captors.

This could be a temporary solution to escertain the well being of the captured 310 crew member hostages.

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Posted in: Hassle-free espresso machine See in context

I would love to buy one which can make soups of various flavours also..................

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