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Posted in: Japan-S Korea spat over use of wartime flag continues See in context

The Japanese Navy has used the flag since 1889. Japan annexed Korea in 1910 with no military force exercise. Korean fought against the United Nations as Japanese under the banner during World War II.

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Posted in: S Korea conducts war games to defend islands against Japan See in context

They are not Japanese friend. No problem.

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Posted in: Accused 'black widow' serial killer claims innocence See in context

Prosecutors aim to use circumstantial evidence to prove Kahehi's guilty

The widow's family name is Kakehi, not Kahehi.

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Posted in: Ikebukuro fatal accident puts spotlight back on epileptic drivers See in context

As a general rule, the epileptic patients can drive if he or she have not had any seizures for more than two years. The Road Traffic Law regulates as such. But if the patients lie or conceal, the law is practically ineffective to prevent the accidents.

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Posted in: 1 dead, 4 injured after car plows into store in Tokyo See in context

As I pointed out, he has a disease. The Road Traffic Law enable epileptic patients who have not had any seizures for more than two years to drive. But if the patients lie, the law is inefficient.

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Posted in: 1 dead, 4 injured after car plows into store in Tokyo See in context

He might have a disiase like Sleep Apnea Syndrome, epilepsy or arrhythmia. He should undergo examinations.

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Posted in: Japan committed to nuclear power despite Fukushima disaster See in context

Former Prime Minister Naoto Kan stopped the nuclear power plants illegally. There is no legal basis stopping all nuclear power plants that do not have any trouble. Japan is a country governed by law. Everybody should obey the law.

★The British Ambassador welcomed the restarting.

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Posted in: A message for Abe See in context

I think the protesters are wrong. But the Constitution guarantees freedom of expression. The police guard the protesters. Abe does not crack down on them. If they executed anti-government campaign on Tiananmen what would they be?

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Posted in: Japan posts photos of Chinese platforms in East China Sea See in context

A lot of specialists think that there are not so much oil, and they cannot make the profit. But China can use them for the Navy. So Japan protests but does not drill.

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Posted in: 4th straight day of protests See in context

They are said to receive carfare and/or wages by labor unions. As a rule, labor unions are not so rich. I doubt that the source of the money is the nation.

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Posted in: Korean protest See in context

South Korea became an enemy of Japan. Japane should not help SK even if China and NK invade them.

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Posted in: Lower house OKs security bills despite opposition boycott See in context

It is good for Japan and many other countries.

The views of Asian and the Pacific basin countries to the right of collective self-defence of Japan:


China, South Korea,


Mongolia, Indonesia, Singapore, Phillipine, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico

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Posted in: Japanese firm to apologize to U.S. WWII veterans for forced labor See in context

This article seems to be more or less inaccurate. The Associated Press report that Americans and Filipinos were made to trudge 65 miles to prison camps. But they walked only 26 miles (42km) for three days. The Rest of the March, captives used trains and tracks. They had to walk because US troops destroyed a lot of tracks owned by Japanese Imperial Army. Furthermore, Japanese soldiers brought heavy arms and baggages containing foods and water. To the contrary, the captives brought nothing. All they had to do were only to walk 9 miles(14km) a day.

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Posted in: Signs of the times See in context

The number of steamrolling

the Democratic Party

Hatoyama 9 times (the period of reign 266 days)

Kan 8 (452 days)

Noda 4 (482 days)

the Liberal Democratic Party

Abe 1 (1200 days)

The LDP is more democratic than the DP, which Tsujimoto blong to.

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Posted in: Ruling bloc pushes security bills through lower house panel See in context

China and South Korea are against the bills right away. It must be very good bills for Japan.

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Posted in: Signs of the times See in context

A diet member of the Democratic Party Ms. Tsujimoto said to the chairman 'Don't vote on the bill for Heaven's sake!'. But she should say the same phrase to China invading the South China Sea.

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Posted in: Ruling bloc pushes security bills through lower house panel See in context

Democracy is this. No problem.

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Posted in: Health ministry inspects Kawasaki hospital over fake accreditation of doctors See in context

All doctors on the article have doctor’s license. So far, the ministry did not revoke their doctor’s license. They revoked the license of designated psychiatrist. Only doctors who work as a doctor for more than five years and as a psychiatrist(MD of psychiatry) for more than three years can apply for the license. They can get the license for five years in the shortest after being a doctor. The designated psychiatrist can make the patients hospitalize against their will, seclude and restrain the inpatients. The pass rates of designated psychiatrist are around 60%. St Marianna University School of Medicine is one of the easiest medical schools to enter. The students are bad at studying. I heard that the failed applicants copied the reports of their seniors or colleagues, and the staff of the ministry found the injustice. A diet member pointed out another injustice in another first-class medical school. I think this problem will spread more within a year.

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Posted in: Yasukuni Shrine set for festival See in context

There are two types of the lanterns, large and small. Large one is 12000 yen, Small is 3000 yen. The amount exceeds 30 thousand. The picture shows large ones. They write the name who donated the shrine on the lanterns. Some are the personal names, and the others are groups including corporations.

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Posted in: Abe says history will prove him right over security bills See in context

Japan is surrounded by rogue nations, Russia, China, North Korea, South Korea. Russia and S Korea illegally occupied the Northern Territories and Takeshima island, respectively. N Korea abducted several hundreds of Japanese, repeated nuclear tests, and launched many ballistic missiles. China is illegally digging offshore oil fields in the East China Sea and has persisted the Senkaku Islands to belong to them. Three of the rogue nations have nuclear missiles. Moreover, all of them do not establish democracy and stable legislative systems. So they often break promises with other countries and lie. Like Israel, in terms of security, Japan is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Therefore, it is necessary to establish the right of collective self-defense.

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Posted in: Kyoto voted world's best city to visit by Travel + Leisure magazine See in context

I recommend Noryo Yuka in Kyoto summer seasons.

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Posted in: Boston museum cancels 'Kimono Wednesdays' after racism protests See in context

It is racial discrimination. If Japanese museum did the same thing, Japanese citizens would criticize them. But I can guess what kind of guys lead such an absurd protest. Many Japanese no longer trust them.

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Posted in: War fears See in context

The protest demonstration looked well educated. It is good for Japan to enforce things which the Chinese government opposes.

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Posted in: Heritage status for Japan industry sites draws mixed reaction from S Korea, China See in context

Tokyo should have rejected Seoul. As Scarlet-PimpernelJ says, their argument was irrelevant. So, if UNESCO did not approve the registration, majority of Japanese, they are gentle, would become to hate Korea. It is better for Japan to keep away from Korea. What a pity!

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Posted in: Okinawan news editors lash out at LDP calls for press curbs See in context

I agree with Schopenhauer. Onishi can not abolish any publishers, nor does Abe. There are readers, and there are publishers. No problem.

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Posted in: Toyota's virtual crash dummy software can model occupant posture before collisions See in context

Needless to say, Toyota is one of the highest technological companies. But I think that there are problems with passive safeties. The cars sometimes obtained poor rankings in the crash tests practiced in USA and Euro. Subaru and Volvo made excellent ranking cars a lot. I hope Toyota to utilize the technologies to the most.

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Posted in: Two boys aged 3 and 4 hit by train in Yamanashi; one dies See in context

There are a lot of areas where the railroad companies do not locate any fences above all rural areas. The society and parents must teach children to keep off the tracks.

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Posted in: Solar Impulse takes off on delayed Pacific flight See in context

Revolutionary inventions often come from America and European countries.

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Posted in: China says many in Japan not ready to accept its rise See in context

Most of Japanese do not think that ‘China wants a peaceful, mutually beneficial relationship with Japan’. They repeatedly invade Japanese territorial waters. They poached red coral near Ogasawara archipelago, Tokyo. Japan's export and import dependence(exports or imports/nominal GDP) on China are less than 3% respectively. So for Japan, China is not an important country. On the contrary, China can not produce a lot of industrial products without materials made in Japan.

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Posted in: U.N. commissioner urges Abe to meet 'comfort women' See in context

The link I posted is unavailable. You can find the file from the site of Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet.

The search word is 'comfort woman'. The file's name is 'Details of Exchanges Between Japan and the Republic of Korea (ROK) Regarding the Comfort Women Issue ~ From the Drafting of the Kono Statement to the Asian Women’s Fund ~'.

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