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Posted in: Tech leaders ponder future of mobile phones See in context

Now,mobile phone have a lot of functions. I can not use it perfectly. I want not to increase functions any more.

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Posted in: Taken for a ride See in context

I rode a rickshaw at Mojiko, I was elementary school student. I felt refreshed. I want to go Asakusa.

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Posted in: A tumbler that can really party See in context

This glass is cute. I want such this glass. And I want to give a party at my house.

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Posted in: Mos Foods opens Mother Leaf Tea Style cafe See in context

I like Mos Burger. So I often go to Mos Burger. I want to eat a cheeseburger.

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Posted in: Out-of-season Santa Claus appears at evacuee shelter See in context

Santa gives dream and wish to people. So many children would be happy. He is kind.

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Posted in: Flower girl See in context

Sunflowers is very beautiful. I think sunflowers is symbol of summer. This picture is nice.

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Posted in: AKB48 performing 3-day concert series at Seibu Dome See in context

I like AKB48. They are cute. They make me fun.

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Posted in: Ajinomoto releases instant soup range See in context

I like soup very much. So I want to eat this. I think that it is cheap.

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Posted in: Yoka Wao to play Dracula in musical See in context

Yoka Wao is very beautiful. I would like to look this. I like such a musical.

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Posted in: Hewlett-Packard TouchPad makes a mediocre tablet See in context

I want iPad. But I think I can not use it. Because I am awkward.

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Posted in: Colombia National Day Concert See in context

I think this is very fun. It is good to know foreign culture. I want to join such event.

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Posted in: Researchers grow tooth in mouse kidney See in context

I think japanese engineers is great. I follow their example. Because I am interested in biotechnology.

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Posted in: Nectar alcoholic cocktail See in context

This drink tempts me. I want to drink it. I like words such "gentei".

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Posted in: Yoshino Kimura to appear in last drama before taking maternity leave See in context

I like Yoshino Kimura. When I was high school student, my friends said me "You resemble Yoshino Kimura." I want to look her baby.

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Posted in: Casio camera with touch screen See in context

My camera broke recently. So I want new camera. Please tell me your recommending camera.

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Posted in: Osaka Tenjin Festival See in context

I like festivals. festivals make me exciting. I want to go festivals.

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Posted in: Creamy shaved ice See in context

I like ice cream. I wanted to eat ice cream because I saw this news. Ice cream of this photo tempts me.

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Posted in: 8 Korean groups to perfom in Japan See in context

Now korean groups advance to Japan. I like K-pop. Korean is beautiful.

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Posted in: Okinawa's Kise Bettei Hotel & Spa to become Ritz-Carlton See in context

I want to go Okinawa. I have not gone to Okinawa. I want to see beautiful sea of Okinawa.

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Posted in: Model Shiho launches beauty book See in context

I respect Shiho. I think that she is excellent as woman.

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Posted in: SMAP's Kusanagi wraps up digital broadcast campaign See in context

I like him. But I like Chidezika than him. Chidezika is very cute character.

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Posted in: Rilakkuma official goods shop re-opens at Tokyo Station See in context

I like Rilakkuma very much. I want to be surrouned by Rilakkuma.

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Posted in: KARA to appear on Music Station See in context

KARA is good group. Their song and dance is very good. I want to be KARA.

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Posted in: Kumi Koda goes sexy for CD, DVD jackets See in context

I like Koda Kumi. I will buy this CD.

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Posted in: AKB48's 'newest member' turns out to be computer-generated image See in context

I think this CG girl is cute. I was surprised at such technology.

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