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Dear emperor Akihito, I am praying that the surgeon's will succedd your surgery, I wish to be there to take care of you as a nurse. From Florida, US

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Happy New Year Japan! I wish you all the best for the new Year 2012!

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Japan to give $ 21 million!? Is where all the money go from all the countries donate to Japan to help to rebuild the disaster areas or to help the victims!!! Japan please keep your money for your own people during the bad economy too!

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I wish to meet Emperor Akihito & Empress Michiko. I want to live in Japan to help the victims, the elderly as a nurse....

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This picture will be remember....

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I would like to be there to help....

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Posted in: Rescuers find 80-year-old woman, 16-year-old grandson in rubble 9 days after quake See in context

Keep faith...

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Posted in: Kan calls quake worst crisis since World War II; OKs power outages See in context

My friend live South of Iwaki-shi,Onahama Okaona. There are no more food. I am asking Army forces to drop food off the airplane. Please...

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