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To all Americans that are on here who are always criticizing Japan and the people of Japan, no matter how bad my country is, it will never equate nor be worse than ‘Merica.

I see that we have problems here with racism (not trying to justify racism) and the justice system has its issues that needs urgent revision, however, we will never commit such a heinous crime against another race and indiscriminately attack them regardless of their age!

Before you start pointing things out about Japan please fix the hole you are all so proud of. The same hole that is governed by bunch of imbeciles who privatized HEALTH CARE, one of the most essential part of modern quality of life.

And to all foreigners who also bad mouth Japan, again, we are not perfect and I do appreciate constructive criticism, but when I see people nitpick every aspect of our society, it boils my blood. To those who are commenting and currently living in Japan, if you think that my country is so bad, remember that aint no one begging you to stay! I know some of you are going to make inconsiderate comment like “we are only trying to help Japan become a better place” but the truth is, you are trying to mold Japan in to what you consider “better”.

I myself grew up in Canada so I can sympathize with most of you about being an expat and it can be frustrating. My time in Canada had a lot of positives but it also had many trying times. With globalization we need to find a common ground and change for the better, but this goes for all nations and not just for Japan.

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