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supercross1985 comments

Posted in: When you gotta go See in context

You can get a better look at whats on top of the helmet on their adverts,seems to be a few on You Tube. Here's a link to one


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Posted in: When you gotta go See in context

California's emissions standards are set by the California Air Resources Board so not much chance of seeing these being used by the California Highway Patrol in future.

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Posted in: Nadeshiko Japan beats France to set up final clash with U.S. See in context

Was a great win,now to face the USA.But first we have the small task of watching Samurai v Sombrero tomorrow!

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Posted in: Easy riding See in context

Was great to see him getting coverage and attention from the BBC over here in England. Says he has always trained and exercised hard.A true Olympian.

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Posted in: Tokyo Disney Resort eases rules on same-sex weddings See in context

If Mickey and Donald got married,which surname would they take.Mickey Duck or Donald Mouse doesn't sound right. I guess Mickey Mc Donald has a nice ring to it.

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Posted in: Bra with built-in ice packs aims to keep women cool See in context

Ice Ice Baby.

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Posted in: Adele dominates Grammy ceremony, clouded by Houston's death See in context

Well done Adele,this is my favourite song by her


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Posted in: AKB48 wins top Japan record industry award See in context

Well done to AKB48.For their millions of fans and record sales.And for the money they donated in 2011 to the Tohoku region.I think Japan Today likes these girls as much as it likes winding up the Ojisan's here who don't like them.

Yes I am a fan,but can't we all be happy and for today wish them,you and the staff at JT a Happy New Year,and may 2012 treat us better than 2011.

Here is a nice video and a happy song from AKB48.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blKzSXeYb28&feature=related

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Posted in: Santas distribute gifts in Tohoku See in context

Well done to all the volunteers.Any reason to do good and spread a little more happiness is all positive.Kids are just happy to get a present,and know that someone still cares.

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Posted in: Emperor, on 78th birthday, praises nation for its response to disaster See in context

Today was his day,and a National Holiday.I wish him all the best,and hope for a better year in 2012. I would love to see a more optimistic set of posts here in 2012 too!

Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday today and Merry Christmas to everyone,including the JT staff ^v^

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Posted in: Watchful eyes See in context

No musician can be put up as a role model really.Look at all the past heros.Elvis lost to drugs and over eating! Micheal Jackson,even the Beatles off smoking weed man!

Female role models,rather AKB than Dirty Americans like Brittney or Christina! Maybe you prefer Lady Gaga or the sad loss of Amy Winehouse.Things seem as bleak in the past with ABBA and their emotional baggage,earlier still the most perfect vocalist Karen Carpenter passing.

Kurt Cobain's loss,the whole endless list of Rock Stars lost to car crashes and drowned in their own vomit took so many talented musicians from us.I honestly shake my head at this role model argument.

Thanks for the support LH10

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Posted in: Watchful eyes See in context

Yeah LH10,some are just bitter.It is so easy to criticise.I agree non fans may have suffered over exposure.But the AKB franchise is not concerned with those who don't get it.They are a great success for the fans,and as a business model.

Everyone in the industry is seeing them sell every single in the millions.Tsunku-san over at H!P now supports bigger groups,Indie Idols,and will open his first theme restaurant now.New groups like Tower Records backed LinQ,Stardusts Momoiro Clover Z (they are building a huge following) Add in BiS, Dorothy Little Happy,and so many more all wanting part of this growing market,and what we have is the opposite to the shrinking music industry in the West.

Yes I know the West has suffered from illegal downloads,the loss of music promotion.Here in the UK we have no more Top of the Pops TV show.People retreat into there own iPod worlds with personal playlists.Add in youth more interested in console games and it is just hard work for the music industry.

The AKB model is all about the girls.The fans support their favourite Idol.The handshake events,the merchandise is more important than the music.To see the live shows,TV shows,streamed events,and now interact with them on Google + is a departure from the music industry standard.I do not think of them as just a Pop group because they are not.

The amazing days of seeing Queen,Rolling Stones,Guns n Roses,Nirvana.The list goes on and on ,and they are Epic and supremely talented.It is sad that era may have passed.I think their huge concerts where a high point,but the world is changing.Maybe JPop and KPop are selling style over substance,but for the fans this matters little.It's about being in the moment and enjoying it.Lady Gaga to me is style over substance,but see her perform live is magic.I say just embrace it all.It may be painful at first to your trained ear,but these girls charm and smiles grow on you.

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Posted in: Watchful eyes See in context

Angels to watch over us. &( __ )& Go to your nearest 7/11 and buy a nice AKB48 Christmas cake.

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Posted in: Who gets your vote for the greatest rock band of all time? See in context

Not the best video quality but http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCTgVITubkE&feature=related

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Posted in: Who gets your vote for the greatest rock band of all time? See in context

When it comes to rocking these days you have to look no further than Japan Today's favourite ladies AKB48.

Now before you throw your toys out of your pram take a listen to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNV8x2UH6Sg

For me hearing Randy Rhodes playing Crazy Train is still special,but that era is gone,sadly. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Se9cVOlft4&feature=related

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Posted in: 8-yr-old girl stabbed by man while walking home from school in Matsudo See in context

I am just glad the little girl survived.I hope she gets full support in dealing with the mental scars as well as the physical.This time of year should be about getting excited about "Christmas Season" and sharing some KFC.

And you do as you see fit BlueWitch,it's your right as a mother.I'd rather see an overprotective mother than some kids out late at night,with parents who don't care or know where they are.

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Posted in: If you had a baby with an AKB48 member, what would your child look like? See in context

I am a big AKB48 fan and am often on here defending them,but this is just wrong.All publicity is not always good publicity.

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Posted in: AKB48 open new store in Akihabara See in context

AKB48 and Morning Musume will be around for a while,AKB just added another 30 plus Research students (Juniors) and Morning Musume added four more a few days ago.The one group who for me are rising fastest,but don't appear on Japan Today's radar are Momoiro Clover Z.

They keep the group small,but their concerts are getting bigger and bigger.


Maybe the reason AKB48 is happy to open a Cafe is the fact that they are used to feeding their 100 plus girls each day!

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Posted in: AKB48 open new store in Akihabara See in context

Just in case you live to far away to visit,here is a little look at the new place...


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Posted in: Lucky girl See in context

@ubikwit My background is in motocross,supercross being the indoor,stadium version of the sport.Back on topic now. Mariko is a member of AKB,and think what you like they are popular and have and are doing well just now.Yes I am a fan,and yes I support them,and I have no problems with those who don't.

I live in England now and we have the same odd bunch of Big Brother winners,useless talent show winners who are now seen as artists and TV talents.Its a global problem.There are no more big Rolling Stones,Beatles or Queen.I guess no one can afford the big Global concert tours now,the music industry has changed.

But these girls are living their dream,doing what they love,and the fans are happy,and yes the promoters and management are very very happy.

If I am on a train and I can hear your music,or see you wearing a shirt from another group I may not like,or see you reading a book from an author I don't rate it doesn't bother me.I am just happy you like music.I don't get the grumpies here who hit out at every opportunity. Japan Today knows how much money AKB raised for the disaster areas,its not all negative!

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Posted in: Lucky girl See in context

This is a great story.As a fan of Mariko Shinoda I am very happy.There is always more to these things than at first meets the eye.Mariko is really respected by the girls and they all call her Mariko-sama.

She loved the music and worked serving food in the cafe to fans watching the girls perform at the AKB Theatre.Mariko had always wanted to join,but was always working during auditions each year.It was the fans and wota who knew her and eventually got up a petition to allow her to get an audition,and she got in.

To see her here now,winning through to the centre for the next video is a highlight and a peak to a long journey.To the outsider its a game of chance,but in a world of high profile members,and big money talent agencies pushing the regular front runners this process is a good thing.Although these girls are all in AKB each one is signed to their own talent agency who push for them to appear more in videos,adverts,promotions.It's a cut throat business..

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Posted in: Coffee break See in context

As a resident defender of JPop and AKB48,I must also defend Idoling.These girls are great,and have in the past teamed up with AKB48.I am proud to direct you towards a JPop classic .But if you are allergic to cute or kawaii maybe this is not for you.In that case just stick to the canned Komi-baisen


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Posted in: 10-year-old boy survives fall from 8th floor of apartment building See in context

Just glad the little guy survived.We see too many tragic stories here,at least for him it had a painful but positive ending!

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Posted in: Are you game? See in context

There is already a guy in leather with long black boots to the left of the photo.Oh sorry! That's Darth Vader /( 0 @ 0 )

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Posted in: Are you game? See in context

The games industry is massive,and this show promotes the games and tech.Showing the girls mainly tells us about the main interests of the Japan Today staff.Or maybe showing an image of just one companies game would be favouritism.

The real reason I think is that JT knows exactly what images get us all worked up and posting,and that just keeps the forum alive and healthy,speaking of which I think the two Capcaom girls look great ^v^

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Posted in: Ai Kago in apparent suicide attempt See in context

@CrazyJoe,yeah I liked the original song too.There was a purer sound back then in 69.I like to research all music,current and past.I remember the Simmons,a Japanese duo sounding similar with great old songs like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frlUVNHjh4o&feature=related

The rules are way to strict for these girls,but the fans pay the money and buy the merchandise,and reality has no place,and can not break the imaginary relationship between the fan/wota and his favourite Idol/oshimen.I think the simpler purer sound of the 60s and 70s was also part of a simpler life back then,not like the industry of today.

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Posted in: Ai Kago in apparent suicide attempt See in context

steve I know how you feel about some current JPop,but their was something special about these two girls.I don't know if I can link videos here but I will try.Not many of today's Idols would sound like this


Kago Ai is on the left and Tsuji Nizomi on the right.

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Posted in: Ai Kago in apparent suicide attempt See in context

This is so sad,as a fan I remember two young girls joining Morning Musume.Tsuji Nozomi and Kago Ai.They gave the whole group a boost with their happy and funny nature.Nono and Aibon went on to form W (Double U) and had a great future set .Then the scandal happened and the super strict contract rules kicked in.

It doesn't matter how big or popular you are as an individual,you can not be more important than the company or the group,so all links are cut very fast.Most go with a simple announcement,as has happened this month to one AKB girl and two NMB girls,one girl from S/mileage stood down,and this week one of her junior replacements stood down too. Many go for "health reasons" or "to return to a normal life and pursue their studies"

Kago Ai made mistakes,was treated harshly,tried to make a comeback with an Album,did some films in Hong Kong.She seems to be let down by bad guys,or some may say her bad judgement in choosing these losers. I hope she gets through this.You can watch her and Tsuji performing in happier times on You Tube,just look for [Live 2004.8] Nagisa no Kagikakko (The beach's "......")

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Posted in: Kyarypamyupamyu a big hit on YouTube See in context

Capsule vocalist Toshiko Koshijima,and she's been singing long before anyone had even heard of or called Gaga a Lady.The video is a comment on the whole JPop and kawaii market.Every image in the video is the antithesis of cute,even to the point of her farting!

So sit back and listen to it a few times and you will be humming the tune the next day.

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Posted in: Happy birthday See in context

Today was his 5th Birthday,so Happy Birthday seems an appropriate comment.

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