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supercross1985 comments

Posted in: Boy jumps to death after telling teacher, police he was bullied See in context

This is heartbreaking to read.Poor little guy.When your kids go into the school gate,they are in a safe place,the school has a duty of care as well as education.This system has failed,and it fails not just on Japan but all over.I know it's a complex issue,but when will Schools and other authorities get the decency and courage to stand up and address this.

We don't know the facts here,but no Mother should have to experience this,this for me just deepens the tragedy.

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Posted in: AKB48's newest album sets music industry sales record See in context

Tora-san,don't get me wrong.I also liked Morning Musume back then.From hearing Morning Coffee,before they where even known as the First Generation,I was a fan of Aibon and Nono in W.And right to the top of the page,someone mention Yui.I think she has a great voice,hearing her singing,it's real emotion in her voice.

And tide above,you have me remembering Ice,Ice,Baby..!! Bubblegum Pop..I refuse to hum anything by the Spice Girls.

Supporting AKB48 like any Idol Group is more to do with the girls than the music,they are Idols,they are not purely a Pop Group.There is a difference.They perform at their Theatre,meet the fans,you walk out and high five them all.The real fans are Wota,and are fiercely loyal to there favourites.They act,have a TV show(several) and have big Hand Shake events(30,000 turn up for these) It is the fact that an "Idol Group" has taken the top spot away from many real musicians that gets many upset.

Even the real Wota know it's a money making machine,and moan about empty wallets! But they are happy to spend all they have on their Oshimen(favourite)

At the end of the day if you love Golf,and spend all your money playing it,that's good,it makes you happy.Some people Fish at weekends.We choose to support our Idols,and if it gets us off our phones and computer games,and jumping up and down with our glow sticks,it's not doing any harm.

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Posted in: AKB48's newest album sets music industry sales record See in context

Moderator is correct,if you were at the concert in Toyama you would know this.I am a fan,and well done to them all.They are a success,and reaching markets in Singapore and Taiwan,with a growing fan base,shops,and inspiring 48 groups to start up there.

I think the 30 to 40 year old's are on here,and growing more grumpy by the day.I don't think anyone understands Pop culture or youth trends as they happen.Everyone seems to remember their own golden youth with fond memories,but dismisses current popular culture as irrelevant.

AKB48 have a release of their DVD in the USA now,have performed there,and in France and Russia.It may be thanks to You Tube,Twitter and Facebook,but kids these days have a real understanding of music.Unlike the older generations who only ever heard British and American music,with the odd Jamaican or Latino song thrown in.

AKB are Japanese and topical,and this is a Japanese News forum,so well done for them for giving praise where it's due.And it always stimulates a nice response!

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Posted in: Cool beauty See in context

Yuko looked really pretty with this hairstyle,you can see they full 10 minute presentation on You Tube.AKB48 are on a roll now too,latest single sold over 1 million copies in one day,their 8th single in at number one,breaking a record held for 30 plus years in Japan by Pink Lady.

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Posted in: X Japan pay tribute to deceased former members at Summer Sonic See in context

I might seem like the resident AKB48 defender here,but I love all music.Reading this reminds me of fans going wild at songs like Rocket Dive and Pink Spider.Honouring their friends and going back to Chiba during Obon would always be emotional.

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Posted in: AKB48's Tomomi Itano sings for 1,700 fans See in context

I support AKB48 and Tomomi Itano.She is appearing in more commercials,working at her solo career.All the girls will graduate eventually,and good for her and her agency for taking a pro active role in securing her future.

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Posted in: Defense chief questions why China needs aircraft carrier See in context

China is investing heavily in Africa,and has just like any other country the right to protect its assets.

And don't forget us silly British who spent billions building a brand new high tech carrier,and can no longer afford to put any planes on it.This lack of money is hitting both Britain and America,who will in future see their international duties cut back as domestic problems take precedence.

China is the emerging super power,and with that comes responsibilities.I do wonder how they would deal with Somalian Pirates!

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Posted in: AKB48's Tomomi Kasai takes part in wedding dress fashion show See in context

Many of us can name every girl in AKB48.It's no big deal for an otaku.I could name all SKE and NMB now.All HiP units.I can throw in Afilia Saga East,TokyoGirlsStyle,Momoclo Z (yes we all miss Akari!) Even give you the names of Houkago Princess,and they haven't released a song yet (this month,so don't worry)

Tomo-mi is a sweet girl,and is great any time she's on AKBingo.I like all the Tomomi's in AKB,saying that I like all the Minami's too.

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Posted in: British PM promises action to restore order in strife-torn cities See in context

I currently live in England,but want the hell out as soon as I financially can.Pay seems frozen,and everything seems so expensive.Just had my gas go up 16% and electric just a bit less from August.We are famously known as Rip off Britain!

We make cars here that we export to Europe,that you can order and import back yourself cheaper than we can buy them here.Had a Top Gear episode on that ( Maybe not everyone's favourite show here!)

I hope this all ends before the Olympics,don't want to see the guy carrying the Olympic flame getting shot by the Met Police thinking he is off to torch a Starbucks!

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Posted in: British PM promises action to restore order in strife-torn cities See in context

I agree Steve that the Met gets judged harshly by their heavy handed tactics.It was a botched operation that may have triggered this.It was a botched operation that led to a young Brazilian man's murder.They are in some ways corrupt,having their top two officers stepping down just before this all kicked off due to scandal.Only a day or two before this 6 of there men working in a special team all sacked due to "inappropriate behaviour"

But all that aside,they are the only people who can sort this out,and I myself would approve the use of rubber bullets,but we all know they can kill.Lucky for me I do not have to make this decision,or face the ramifications.I hope this all cools down in the next few days.Do not want to see this go on into the weekend,when even more people are roaming the streets. 16000 Police on the streets tonight.I hope they are not needed.

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Posted in: British PM promises action to restore order in strife-torn cities See in context

Just this minute on Sky News about the use of plastic bullets/baton rounds for crowd control.When ambulance and fire fighters are being stopped from getting into areas.Also said over 500 arrested so far,the youngest was 11 years old!

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Posted in: Married life going well for Yaguchi and 'alien visitor' husband See in context

Yaguchi Mari was my favourite member,during the great days of Morning Musume. Marippe is tiny,but was always happy and full of energy.Now she's married,owns a Restaurant, appears on TV shows,tours with the new senior group,she looks so young still,a true Idol.

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Posted in: Police arrest over 160 in weekend London riots See in context

Trouble breaking out in Liverpool now,copycat troublemakers it seems.

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Posted in: London violence raises 2012 Olympic concerns See in context

Mindless thugs,outdated Police tactics,School Holidays.The number of teenagers running around just looting mainly electrical goods.The crazy bit is these morons torching cars and buildings.

Add in the recession,no jobs,a whole swathe being taken out of education with crazy fees.The unpopularity of the Met Police who are corrupt,and these kids just don't care.They have long lost any respect for any authority,just ask any teacher.

I do worry about the upcoming Olympics,my old worry was we got it and all the expense just as the Global recession bit,now I worry about people wanting to turn up.Guess we are lucky they have sold so many tickets in advance!

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Posted in: In memory See in context

It's very hard to think what to say,but asianTourist put it so well.Our thoughts are with those who lost their lives in both Cities,and today with those in Tohoku.It's a testament to the human spirit that people can rebuild,rebuild but never forget those whose lives were cut short.

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Posted in: Honda to recall over 2 mil vehicles in U.S., China See in context

The software can cut power during the gear shift phase.The engine management system that runs and maps the EFI gives all the info it needs to monitor engine load and revs anyway.All this happens in milliseconds.Yes it is a fix,but for a problem that should never have occurred.Bearing can take a tremendous load radially,but when undue axial load is applied it suffers.In simple terms they are rated and capable of spinning a lot more than the engine is capable of making them,but put a sideways,load on them and your asking for trouble.

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Posted in: Temperatures rising See in context

It's all good fun,and keeps the otaku happy.Also good to see that some of these girls have formed a group called Afilia Saga East,now getting songs produced by Tsunku-san.Tokyo's youth culture is dynamic and unique,that's never a bad thing.

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Posted in: AKB48 album sells over 600,000 copies in its first week See in context

I am a fan of AKB48,and well done to them and their success.They do raise a lot of money for charity.And really,what good is achieved from all the grumpy's ranting on here.The music is for the fans,and they are a mix of regular people,otaku and wota,who all come together happily for sell out concerts!

It may not be music or concerts as some of you remember,but lean forward in your rocking chair,summon up your last breath to blow the dust of your favourite record.Then settle back and shed a tear as you remember the crackly soundtrack of your youth.

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Posted in: Poster girl See in context

It may not be overexposure.I think the agency is gearing up for Tomomi to graduate soon,she already has her singles out.She along with Maeda Atsuko who spends more time away from the group (Acting on TV) are two high profile members much rumoured to be leaving soon.Time will tell.

AKB48 has a high media profile which may seem lost on most viewing here,but their fan following is huge,and willing to spend money on anything associated with them.

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Posted in: Yaguchi, Nakamura tie the knot See in context

I am so happy for Marippe.For me my first introduction to JPop was through Morning Musume,always was a fan of Yaguchi Mari,everyone loved her,and she seemed a favourite on the Utaban show,along with Aibon and Nono.

She always was happy and genki,no pretence,no ego,just a great girl. Wishing them both the best.

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Posted in: 'Talent' Miyu Uehara dead after apparently hanging herself at home See in context

Poor girl,my thoughts are with her and her family.None of us can know the state or place she was in emotionally.I hope she is with her Mom now.Rest in Peace.

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Posted in: Winners See in context

Well done to both of them,makes the flight over there worth while,hope they bring some more cheer to everyone at home.And hope they represent Japan in the upcoming London Olympics.

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Posted in: Nice day See in context

It's a positive image of hope.The meaning of Spring,the cherry blossoms and the energy of youth.

People will sit under those trees at the weekend,some taking in the beauty,some reflecting on those not here any more.For many it's just a nice way to relax in a very hectic,fast paced city.

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Posted in: Radiation test See in context

Little Ami being tested here,the same age as the little girl seen a few days ago with the food.They could have been friends under different circumstances.Lets all give her our best wishes,and keep on helping as we can.

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Posted in: Unceremonious burials in quake-hit towns deepen tragedy See in context

My deepest sympathies to all the families and friends.As shocking as the events on TV we all saw unfold,it is the intimate stories of personal and family loss,that bring the reality of it home to all of us.

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Posted in: Beautiful flower See in context

Good girl,her smile is as important as the food she carries.And well said apple407 and alladin.

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Posted in: Members of AKB48 to appear at Hilton Guam Concert for Japan See in context

I am a fan of AKB48 and SKE48 and know from what they all say in their blogs,and as we have seen from the big donations made by the company that they all care deeply,and the philosophy of each doing what they can,even the small gestures all helps.

They had a perfect 2010,but the situation facing Japan now,and how their genki,uplifting music,smiling and greeting fans, may have to change.But they will do their bit,as best they can,to raise donations.Healing has to start somewhere.They have a huge fan base,and for those their smiles,music,and familiar faces matter.

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Posted in: Idol worship See in context

eigokun might be right about that,as the Boss of all AKB48 and related groups is not only at the University but Akimoto Yasushi is Vice President of Kyoto University of Art and Design.

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Posted in: Idol worship See in context

The average age in the group seems to be 19 now.The olde..,oops! most senior is Mariko Shinoda,born in 1986.The youngest of the active 48 is Oku Minami who was born in November 1995.

And yes the costume designers and makers are very talented and busy.There may be 200 members now,as we have AKB48(60 members if you include research members) SDN48 is the senior/graduated girls.Then we have SKE48,and the new group NMB48!

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Posted in: Does J-pop really suck? See in context

I have listened to music from all over the World and some of my favourite artists are Japanese.I watched Perfume's concert from the Tokyo Dome,and they were awesome.I also like Yui,who has that magical ability to convey deep emotion in her lyrics and song.I like AKB48 too,2010 has been a great year for them.

Music is something personal,and if you like it,you like it.Living in the West and being force fed chart music,and being told this is the only music in the World is a joke.The World is bigger than the USA,Europe and Australia! So get on You Tube,You Ku and Nico Nico D,and enjoy what's out there.

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