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SuperDonQuixote comments

Posted in: For virtual reality pioneers, no rush to succeed in 2016 See in context

Some people get motion sick from playing FPS games, it's a matter of getting used to it. I suspect the same will apply to VR.

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Posted in: As children die reaching for Europe's shores, empathy fades See in context

If countries like Sweden and Germany were to put aside some of that money they spent on receiving huge volumes of refugees they could probably quadruple the UNHCR's budget, and I bet that would be far more helpful than putting millions of people through the obstacle course of death only to be met with disappointment once they reach their destination.

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Posted in: Why do Japanese women cover their mouth while laughing? See in context

As with all ancient protocol it doesn't necessarily have any rational explanation in the modern world, it just happens to be considered the proper, cultivated way of laughing. These things are hardly unique to Japan.

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Posted in: Japan needs immigrants to boost population: minister See in context

@mikeylikesit It's hard to see how European-style immigration is a monetary solution seeing as refugees are a net cost on the economy, very large numbers of them would only exasperate the problems that come with an aging population.

That said, Japan should be doing a lot more to attract skilled labor.

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Posted in: Coming down See in context

Shame, it was a pretty nice looking logo.

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Posted in: Miyazaki's 1st fully CG film is story of tiny caterpillar See in context

^What Ronja tells us is that you shouldn't use 3D graphics to imitate 2D. Cel shading is a terrible technique.

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Posted in: 700 migrants feared dead in Mediterranean shipwreck See in context

"The West" who?

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Posted in: Studio Gainax to open anime production studio, museum in Fukushima See in context

@CrisGerSan A lot of personal feelings masquerading as a history lesson there...

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Posted in: Why cartoons depicting Mohammed anger many Muslims See in context

There will be caricatures as long as there are death threats.

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Posted in: Charlie Hebdo suspects, accomplice, 4 hostages killed See in context

Regarding Francois Hollande's statement about fanatics and the muslim religion. It's political rhetoric meant to reassure the general population as well as extend an olive branch to the muslim community. Ultimately it's a strategy that's doomed to fail because it's not the business of any non-muslim to decide who's practicing "true islam", which in itself should be an inherently nonsensical concept if you don't believe in Allah. This is a debate that should be left to the muslims themselves, our role is simply to observe them.

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Posted in: 税 chosen as kanji character best representing 2014 See in context

@Fadamor There is a lot of Kanji to choose from.

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Posted in: Sony CEO ordered 'The Interview' toned down; Rogen objected See in context

I find this situation very surprising, this is North Korea we're talking about, not the Muslims. It's not like they have millions of fanatical followers all over the world who are willing to murder people who offend them. The North Koreans threaten the US all the time, what with those ridiculous videos they put up on the internet.

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Posted in: Japan takes on the title of 'Top Country Brand' See in context

Singapore is even smaller than Sweden...

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Posted in: What do Japanese college students think about U.S.? See in context

The US is only the greatest nation on earth. And I'm saying that as a proud European. I mean it's obvious, what other candidates are there? We're all living in an American world.

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Posted in: 'Star Wars' trailer sparks fan frenzy See in context

Have there ever been an Asian actor in any of the Star Wars movies? None that I can think of, which is odd since Star Wars was inspired by Japanese samurai films. At least put some in walk-on roles. Waiting for the day when Hollywood would put a "token Asian" in it's films, like the current ubiquitous "token black".

Toshiro Mifune was invited to play the role of Obi Wan.

I eco the sentiment that it's probably a good idea that Lucas is out of the picture, dryer directing is hard to come by, if it wasn't for all the high quality production design and special effects the prequels could have passed for a TV show. The Empire Strikes back, which is usually considered the best entry in the series is also the one that he was the least involved with.

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Posted in: Luring potential members with the cute girl characters is too flippant. I’m not comfortable with that. See in context

Is there any greater symbol of Japan's emasculation than the cute little cartoon girl? It's pretty sad when the military, the one institution within society that one would expect should encapsulate the ideals of manhood with a big m feels that it has to make use of this type of imagery.

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Posted in: One Japanese man tells why he wanted to fight in Syria See in context

A regular thrill seeker, doesn't seem insane to me.

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Posted in: Architectural history in tiny Tokyo capsules See in context

As someone who comes from a country where the preservationist mafia will intervene if you so much as suggest that we should maybe repaint one of those dime a dozen sixties housing projects in a different color this situation seems pretty bizarre, I mean if there's any building worth preserving this is it.

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Posted in: Could Islamic State reach Japan? See in context

The question is how the Japanese would react to such an attack. If the Muslim community in America had a hard time following the September 11 attacks, it's probably small time compared to the persecution they would face in Japan.

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Posted in: Video shows beheading of British aid worker See in context

It's no surprise that they're murdering aid workers, Al Qaida did the same thing. The only thing more humiliating than watching the enemy take your cities and crushing your governments is for them to stretch out a helping hand, offering your people food, medicine and shelter. A deep seated inferiority complex towards the west permeates throughout the entire jihadist movement, that's why they're so edgy.

@Strangerland It was probably a mistake to meddle but what's done is done, I'm not so sure the Americans can just leave the middle east alone at this point. If they ever decide to go in there once more they should instead consider making the occupation more permanent. Power vacuum is the key term here.

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Posted in: Brand building: Why Japan plays catch-up with regional competitors See in context

Japan didn't get to where it is thanks to obnoxious self promotion.

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Posted in: Arrest of Tokyo vagina artist sparks free expression protest See in context

Japanese obscenity laws are in some serious need for revision, I can't imagine the authorities don't see the blatant irony in the whole ban on genitalia when just about anything else is permitted. Maybe the thinking is similar to the No-Dancing law, by technically relegating the entire porn industry to a legal gray area the authorities have a convenient excuse to swoop in and shut down any operation at will. Then again, just about anything goes in this country so if their goal is to keep the porn industry in check, they're doing an awfully poor job at it. I guess it could also be that this is an issue no lawmaker wants to touch.

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Posted in: 10 things Japan does better than anywhere else See in context

Bat-Man? Superman? Global phenomena. Ghibli? Niche market, unknown by most of the world's population.

That means Batman and Superman comics are of higher artistic caliber than Studio Ghibli's work? Please.

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Posted in: Apple to make 3-5 mil smartwatches monthly: Nikkei See in context

I still don't get smartwatches, I feel like the whole idea was started by tech journalists who were aching for the next big thing after the iphone.

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Posted in: 10 things Japan does better than anywhere else See in context

Better than anywhere else bar none is stretching it, but this list isn't controversial, The Japanese tend to be considered leaders in most of these fields.

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Posted in: Two AKB48 singers, 1 staff member attacked at handshake event in Iwate See in context

That's about what you'd expect when your business idea is based around attracting the country's biggest creeps.

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Posted in: Putin says Russia ready for talks with Japan over disputed islands See in context

Putin is of course very clever. He is attempting to knock Japan off the US-EU anti-Russia bloc on the Ukraine issue by dangling what Japan wants most from Russia.

There is probably some truth to that. They like Japan because it acts as a counter-balance against China with whom the Russians have a complicated relationship, on the other hand they're not so hot over the fact that the country is under the US' sphere of influence.

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Posted in: Japan split over revision to pacifist constitution See in context

A 2012 draft revision proposed by the Liberal Democrats promotes a conformist Japan with traditional patriarchal values, which place family units above individuals and elevate the emperor to a head of state. Civil liberties such as freedom of speech and expression can be restricted if considered harmful to public interest, according to the draft.

How do the Japanese actually feel about this? All I'm hearing is Article 9 this and Article 9 that, which is quite disconcerting when their very liberty is at stake. While I don't particularly agree with changing Article 9, it's of relatively little consequence if Japan has the ability to maintain a regular army like any other country.

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Posted in: Constitution Day See in context

Constitution Day or Article 9 Day? Japan needs more of the former and less of the latter.

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