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Posted in: The Hafu Project: Exploring the question of what it means to be Japanese See in context

To be honnest I could be more shocked by the term "caucasian" and "latino" used in the united states than the word "halfu". Don't you think a Spanish should feel weird when he has to tickle a box in the US?

To be fair, mixed kids will have trouble in kindergaten. but they will shine later while most of the "pure" kids will have trouble getting a job or just travel around the planet.

It's like the life as a Gaijin, sometime it has some advantages (and we don't complain) sometime it has inconveniences: c'est la vie.

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Posted in: 'The Cove' star says dolphin video shows cruelty See in context

Killing to survive is not something human invented: it's part of life. These traditions are there to remind you reality.

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Posted in: 'The Cove' star says dolphin video shows cruelty See in context

Shall we sum up this way: what you like to do and what your country do in general you consider it civilized. What you don't is uncivilized... Well, you have to figure that foreign country think the opposite. Japanese eating dolphin is not eliminating the species, it just disturb you when you sleep: not really a priority.

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Posted in: In some countries, there are moves to ban or restrict the wearing of religious clothing and symbols such as burqas, veils, head scarves, skullcaps, turbans and crucifixes in public places like schools See in context

The topic is very general, western countries started different new laws on this matter for different reasons and purpose.

I will just talk about the one where I have some knowledge, France.

First of all, there is no problem to carry a shirt saying "I love to be muslim", or wear any kind of religious symbol in public area. But you can't do this in school or administration.

In France religion and the state is separated, we made a revolution and million people died for that so newcomers have to understand this. It's in our constitution, so newcomers can complain as much as they want : it's not going to change.

So in matter of religion, we know we can go crazy very fast (St Barthelemy...), it doesn't oppress believers : it protects them against stronger communities.

But there is no problem to go in private Muslim or Catholic schools...

And to be honest most of newcomers have zero problem with the rules. Same with the muslims. A majority want to be accepted and think that the muslim religion is more than "wearing a piece of tissue". We just build a giant Mosquee in Marseille, I don't think it's fair to say we oppress muslims.

The thing is that we have small communities of extermist muslims who want their wives to live like in Saudi Arabia (but who love western evil way of life somehow...).

No problem for them if they want to do it at home and if their wife freely decide to choose this path. A majority of us, hate this but we "tolerate" it (doesn't mean we get it).

But they can't do in on the street. Why? Not only because a burqua is a symbol of extremism, but because you can't see the face of people. So it's really simple in fact. The only day they can wear burqua is for Carnival on february (no joke).

How can you prove your identity if you hide your face? How can you go in the bank if you hide your face? How can you take the plane? How can you be sure this person is really the one you think?

So technically, it's not possible to live wearing a burqua in France if you go outside your appartment. But they can live in a jail at home like in Saudi Arabia is this their way of life: you can live in hole as long as nobody force you too...

Another thing is, this law is supported by a large majority of French, because between you and me it's pretty sad to never see your neighbour. Also, when as people said before, more and more extremist are threightening your wife, mother, sister daughet: so it's better to have a law to bring peace than people taking care of them by themself (which is pretty close to happening). Also the neo-nazis in France are not against it (Burqua on the street is the best advertisement they would hope for).

The good news is, you can be naked on many beaches while it's forbidden in most areas on the planet.

So welcome in France and take out your dress :D

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