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While Japanese zoos are not the nicest by any means, anyone who has serious issues with zoo should read "The Life of Pi" It changed the way I saw them.

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Why is it difficult for a Brit to ask for the death penalty? Just because it is not part of the law doesn't mean all people agree it is inhumane. If I was her father I would've asked for a baseball bat and ten minutes alone with him.

I hope even when he is eligible for parole it gets denied.

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While I have only lived here for 5 years, one thing that strikes me when I read/hear about murders in Japan is the way the person who committed the crime usually confesses and turns themselves in. Most of my anger towards Ichihashi (and it is plentiful) is simply because of his cowardice. Not only did he brutually attack and take the life of another human being (race, nationality, age, etc are for me irrelevant), he evaded capture, changed his appearance and not once had the decency to own up. If he honestly did not intend to kill her and if the system is set up so that he could argue that point and get off with a light sentence, why didn't he just turn himself in in the first place?? That is what makes me so angry and also the fact that he is now trying to make money buy writing a book of his time on the run. I hope that justice is served but whatever the outcome I hope her family can begin to put this behind them and move on. R.I.P Lindsay

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Posted in: Funeral held for Miyu Uehara in Kagoshima See in context

It clearly says her mum dies last year aged 65, so she would be 66 this year. Miyu was 24 when she died so her mother was 42 or 43 when she was born.

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