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Unfortunately to the extreme...and that is quite typical with many Japanese female I have known.. IN our local News here in Sydney, it says she actually slept overnight there before all this crap started...... This scumbag did the sexual advances (and ultimate assault) only the next day not the first night she stayed at his Miranda home..which showed, he was calculative and premeditated his crime... Now to the legal perspective of this ..... Courts will find it tough to come up with a conclusive evidence to his probable argument of this as a consensual sexual activity as opposed to a rape...Therefore unless there is a solid evidence (which might have been found by the police already to arrest him immediately after) to support the claim of (a) kidnapping (arguably she went along on her own decision and stayed overnight with him) and (b) rape or any form of sexual assault (arguably he can mount the case against her for giving the false impression of consent by staying overnight at a single male house), and there is a victim's willingness to pursue this matter to the end AFTER she returned to Japan to start a new life, I am afraid this case will not be a cut & dry to put this criminal monster away for life...My angle here is......Ladies, when you come here, sure you can have all the fun and enjoyment but don't, please don't exonerate your usual conservation and control......There are many different kinds of Aussies....mostly good but there are also a lot of this scumbag..

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