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Posted in: NEET spouse in the house not such a neat arrangement See in context

I think that maybe he should have gotten to know his girlfriend better before asking her to marry him. It doesn't sound like he ever bothered to ask her about her goals/dreams, or whether they matched with his at all. Was it really all about the bedroom in this case, then? But sure you can find someone to sleep with you any night downtown, or at least pay for someone to (surely a pro would also stay the night and whisper sweet nothings in your ear if you paid enough).

To be honest, you can't really blame anyone (women or men) who want to spend money and hang out with their friends without having to worry about making any of that money or cleaning the house. Who wouldn't want the lifestyle that they had as a child (just with a bigger allowance and eternal summer vacation!)?

Unless they underwent a huge personality shift immediately after marriage (in which case I think it's more a question of you not knowing them well enough beforehand), then I think it's more to blame with the spouse that married this already lazy person with no goals. If you married for real love, then I don't think that this situation would really arise.

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Posted in: Cola wars return as Pepsi MAX takes on Coke Zero See in context

I wish one of them would focus on making a zero-calorie drink that tastes sweet, just like the originals! Other drinks have done it (calpis zero tastes almost exactly like the original, none of that weird aftertaste), so why not pepsi and coke?

If either of them made a zero-calorie cola drink that tasted exactly like the originals (or even sweeter), then they would dominate the market, I am certain! As someone who watches calories, when I crave coke (often), I usually abstain. Once in a while I'll drink the zero brands, but they are not really good, so I would never drink them on a regular basis. But if zero brands tasted sweet like the originals, you couldn't keep them away from me!

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Posted in: What do you think of the word "hafu," the Japanese term used to describe anyone who is half-Japanese? See in context

Who really cares? It's just a label. I don't see people using the term in a derogatory way, so why the fuss?

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Posted in: Guidebook of Tokyo restaurants where you’re allowed to smoke See in context

The book is a single word = "Everywhere"

Um, this. Are there really places in Tokyo that don't allow smoke?? I want to know where they are!!

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Posted in: Japan split over maiden names, foreign suffrage See in context

I don't really understand the name thing. If I get married, I plan to take my husband's last name, or he takes mine. It doesn't matter either way, as long as it's the same. I will still use my maiden name for work. It's not like it changes who I am or makes it impossible to use my original name.

As for Korean permanent residents getting the vote. I am totally against a split like that. Despite whatever may have happened in the past, today is today and if Japan gives Korean PRs the right to vote, then they owe it to EVERY PR. Just giving it to one ethnic group fits neatly under the term "discrimination."

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Posted in: 18-yr-old girl arrested for online sale of photos of herself naked See in context

If she didn't post her contact details, how would any of her customers contact her?

And I don't see the problem. You can go to Kinokuniya and buy a photo book full of naked 18 year old girls and it's not a problem. Looking younger, there are books of girls under 10 years old slurping ice cream suggestively in a tiny little bikini or covered loosely by a sheet. How is this really different?

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Posted in: Little Okinawa tucked away in Yokohama See in context

If only it had Okinawa's gorgeous weather, I would actually care. In fact, I would move there for the winter.

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Posted in: Kanji catching on all over, but frequently misunderstood See in context

"Hidoi" has been used colloquially in Japan for a long time to mean "really cool", or I guess "aswesome." At least with the teenagers. It's a lot like "sugoi"'s double-meaning.

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Posted in: Japan weighs up whether to give foreign residents the vote See in context

I would love to become a Japanese citizen. But not if that means that I have to give up my American passport and therefore apply for a visa if I want to go and visit my family. I am here for the long run, and I want to be able to say that I am a japanese citizen, but I'm not going to break the law and hold two passports. Maybe if, as a permanent resident, I could vote, then I could change that law that requires you to renounce citizenship.

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Posted in: Man punched in face by fellow train commuter over phone manners See in context

I have never understood how talking on the phone is different to talking to a physical passenger, either. Talking is talking, and trains are never quiet by their very nature. They're also public spaces. So how is talking, being perfectly accepted on the street, not 'alright', while throwing up, farting, and smelling like pee are above reproach?

Those who have a problem with talking in a public space- get over it. Sorry, but you have no legs to stand on.

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Posted in: I-Fairy See in context

Very unusual!! Definitely gets a plus in my book! Though I do wonder if they had their guests pay extra entrance fee to get into that wedding.

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Posted in: Do you think paper-based books will eventually become a thing of the past as digital books become more popular? See in context

I don't think so. Books will always be important, and I can't imagine replacing a real book with a digital one, where I have to be connected to a power source to read it. Aren't my eyes enough? And I believe that there are a lot of people who feel the same way.

The real problem is getting rid of all of the crappy books out there that are just wastes of paper. How efficient is recycling, that's what I have to wonder.

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Posted in: How healthy is Japanese cuisine? See in context

I have no idea what could possibly be healthy about white rice, sugar-filled bread, tons of deep-fried foods, and everything covered in mayonnaise. :/ So, no.

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Posted in: Ramen inventor's son soups up healthier legacy See in context

Why don't they add freeze-dried vegetables and such to their soups? That sounds like a really obvious way to make their soups healthier. There must be a reason why they haven't.

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Posted in: Mastering the way of the warrior: No belt required See in context

What a cute article! I recently began martial arts too, but I was unaware of the gaijin trend. Oh well, I don't care, because I want to do it and it being a trend is not going to stop me!

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Posted in: Shooting AV stars See in context

The women of the world should strive to correct this.

I don't think that it's all on the women. We women enjoy sex very much, as long as we have a good partner! It's finding faithful, sweet guys that is the problem.

I happen to think porn is a great industry. What is wrong with selling one's body for money? You can sell your face (modeling), voice (voice acting), skills, and even your name. So why not your body too?

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Posted in: Shooting AV stars See in context

I am interested in what her book says about the industry and her own thoughts. Too bad that there is not an english edition (I'm assuming)! It could be very educational.

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