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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of girlfriend in Tochigi See in context

On the news last night, they mentioned something about him being suspicious of her possibly cheating on him and that is why he killed her.

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So funny this is the picture of the day. Went here about two months ago free of charge and had a vip treatment with free bbq and onsen access, along with free admission to their rides and ammenities. If I could go back for free again I'd check it out, but that was a one-time deal thanks to the hook-up from my girlfriends family.

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Posted in: Man held for extorting money from woman he met on matchmaking site See in context

Sounds like she knew what she was getting into. I mean c'mon, online dating site and meeting in a hotel. She probably thought they were gonna hook-up and quite possibly has used the same site to do the same kind of hook-up before.

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Posted in: Prison guard arrested for filming up woman's skirt See in context

When looking for the pokemans goes bad... but in all seriousness I'm sad to hear this happened in my city.

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Posted in: Newspaper deliveryman stabbed by ice pick in Hiroshima See in context

wow... icepicks are in style again. Damn shame. Hope he recovers fully.

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Posted in: Man arrested for kicking his dog to death See in context

Ah I see, thanks @cleo and @FizzBit

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Posted in: Police begin campaign to stamp out groping on trains See in context

Living in Kobe, I havent seen any groping occur with my own eyes, but I am sure it happens. I often take the last train back from downtown on Friday and Saturday nights when there are plenty of drunk people coming home but havent seen anything too crazy happen. I do hope that this country can do better though at preventing things like this happening as frequently as they do.

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Posted in: Man arrested for kicking his dog to death See in context

Why does the article say "...three-year-old toy dog..."?

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