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Posted in: Ivermectin is a Nobel Prize-winning wonder drug – but not for COVID-19 See in context

At the time of this writing, two large randomizedclinical trials both showed no significant benefit from the use of ivermectin for COVID-19. 

If one of these was the Together trial, then it actually showed an 18% lower mortality in the very-tiny-ivermectin-dose group, compared to the placebo group. But soft subjective inclusion criteria and soft subjective primary endpoint after what looks like mid-trial protocol change, apparent randomization anomalies etc do not seem to make Together a useful trial.

Studies of IVM in various RNA virus infections started in 2011 or earlier, the 2020 in vitro was a quite late event in its viral career actually .

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Posted in: Japan has lowest share of women studying science: OECD report See in context

the proportion of women entering natural sciences, mathematics and statistics at the tertiary education level in Japan was at 27 percent, far below the OECD average of 52 percent

Japan is maintaining the average equality in OECD, the others are already slightly biased against men:l

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Posted in: Japan weighs mixing and matching COVID vaccines See in context

Studies up to now do suggest that combining vaccines gives better efficacy and durability.

But strangely the order of vaccines seems to matter a lot, with e.g. AZ+Pfizer being much better than Pfizer+AZ

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Posted in: Russian man who swam to Japan was reportedly kicked out of Japan in 2011 for visa violation See in context

That is absolutely not a Russian name

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Posted in: Coronavirus infections in Tokyo outstrip hospital capacity to treat patients See in context

How can we practice recuperation at home where people are living in rabbit houses. Infections will happen to all the family members soon.

Get a HEPA air purifier for your home.

Or one for every room.

The effect in Georgia schools study was quite remarkable

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Posted in: Olympics now ended, Suga pinning his hopes on vaccinations See in context

One HEPA air purifier is more effective than 100000 manhours of handwashing. This virus is airborne-only, spreads as aerosol, why is useless handwashing still promoted as a measure?

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Posted in: Will Suga's Olympic gamble pay off? See in context

IOC's gamble will pay off for IOC, no question about that

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Posted in: All Olympic live viewing events in Tokyo to be canceled: Koike See in context

Were the cancelled events open-air events?

During an airborne virus pandemic, anything open-air should be promoted, and indoor-air time limited.

Or air purifiers used indoors

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Posted in: Yokohama begins inoculations at mass vaccination center See in context

Looking at the pictures... I hope the facility uses HEPA air purifiers.

Distancing is fairly useless against an airborne virus like this.

Germany did (genetically) trace infections to vaccination centres, so it is definitely a concern

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Posted in: Japan OKs Moderna, AstraZeneca vaccines, but AstraZeneca to be put on hold See in context

Comparing the preventable treatable clot risks of airflight or other body position immobility to AZ autoimmune clotting+bleeding used to be meaningless, as the latter used to untreatable by traditional methods.

But l assume that all countries by now have a diagnosis and treatment guideline for the VIPIT, so the risk has dropped considerably, as long as the warning signs are observed long enough

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Posted in: EU reinstates travel ban from Japan amid surge of COVID-19 cases See in context

This ban will mostly protect Japan, as the EU has massively worse infection and mortality numbers, and test positivity rates, aka under-testing

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Posted in: Japan's 2nd state of emergency met with public indifference See in context

there is a small table outside my door on the 3 days I teach with an alcohol battery operated machine

A HEPA air purifier inside would offer much more benefit. So far only airborne infection has been proven, and superspreading events have been in closed stale airspace.

Infection by touch / via surfaces has not been confirmed

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Posted in: Japan's 2nd state of emergency met with public indifference See in context

"reduce contacts among people"

Contact with each other's exhaled air/aerosols, more specifically.

So mostly indoors contacts.

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Posted in: Suga announces new measures to stem virus surge, including penalties, review of medical system See in context

asking bars and restaurants ... to close by 8 p.m.

It's an airborne virus, rules should be different for indoors and outdoors

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Posted in: Suga seeks to make antivirus measures legally binding for businesses, punish violators See in context

Compulsory high-capacity HEPA air purifiers sounds great for everyone's safety

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Posted in: Japan struggles to cope with surge in virus infections See in context

precautions like washing our hands

For airborne viruses, handwashing only works if you remember to also wash the airways and lungs

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Posted in: COVID-19 clusters break out in Hokkaido city as winter closes in See in context

HEPA air purifiers and humidifiers are cheap and filter viral particles

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Posted in: Japanese people more cautious but continue to travel amid virus surge See in context

there are two men in the picture: one without a mask over his nose and the other wearing it as a chin strap 

I sometimes wear like that outside, and put mask on properly before getting indoors

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