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Posted in: Japan rules out withdrawal from joint Russia gas project See in context

Why not forget money already spent? 

No thank you. Japan enough debt already

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Posted in: Long wallet or bifold? What your wallet says about you in Japan See in context

I carry a trifold wallet because its waterproof and has a lot of pockets and best of all, its compact and does not protrude from your pockets, just asking to be pickpocketed.

It is clear that lots of Japanese people have not spent many time in Europe or America or other country.

I think Japan is only place that person carry designer long wallet in back pocket of pants of 30% in pocket and 70% sticking up.

In other country long wallet would be be long gone when train stop at station!

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Posted in: New column to track coronavirus calamity's impact on young women's livelihood See in context


I Google what harlot is. It look the right word to me.

Soapland is a place for prostitute.

You say she not embezzled. Did woman pay tax for sex work and Soapland prostitute? I think probably to not. Not many prostitute in Japan pay tax.

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Posted in: Save your feet in the rain with these portable, lightweight shoe covers See in context

I buy this from AliExpress 2 year ago for 300 enn. Many Japanese company just order from China with Japanese label.

many Japanese have no experience of buying from foreign country or foreign website. Many Japanese think something better with Japanese name and Japanese label. It is same thing

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Posted in: Police reminding drivers not to perform the illegal 'Ibaraki Dash' maneuver See in context

Many Japanese driver too slow to move. Japan lights change by clock timer not sensars.

In Europe circles are scary in first but I learn them in a day and think very good. Cars keep moving very well. Very less annoy.

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Posted in: Man in Kyoto leaves bag of red-stained knives in front of house See in context

Maybe a jearlous neighbor. If he has nice car and nice house, some young guy has no job and not fair.

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Posted in: Man in wheelchair dies after being hit by car driven by 80-year-old man See in context

The road system in Japan allows for drivers to hold their licence in the older years.

Other countrys allows old people drive and other countrys old people accidents too. This is not Japanese only problem.

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