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Posted in: Car carrying five 13-year-old students crashes, killing one in Okayama See in context

Looks like car has slid sideways and wrapped around a pole and blown front tire in process!

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Posted in: Three 20-year-olds, teenage girl arrested over arson death in Chiba See in context

So why are they suspects?

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Posted in: Kanagawa police eye AI-assisted predictive policing before Olympics See in context


sounds like you got screwed mate!

Did you have insurance by the way? If you didnt hit the car why didnt you keep going?

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Posted in: Man beaten to death in car; wife, son arrested See in context

Is their statistics for domestic violence here? I checked in Australia and approximately 50 people are killed in domestic violence each year.

Im sure most are not reported on here so it seems it is very high here!

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Posted in: Man kills father, injures mother in knife attack See in context

Does anybody know the statistics of family murders in this country? seems to be quite high

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Posted in: 8 referred to prosecutors over 2012 fatal tunnel collapse See in context

half a million US$ per person for negligence by a large company here killing 9 people....pretty pathetic

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Posted in: Only 35.8% of toilets at high schools are Western-style: survey See in context

I would not like to be the cleaners! When visiting public parks here where 99% seem to be squat toilets there is usually a pile of feces on the floor which is a good excuse to keep a safe distance.

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Posted in: Longest living dolphin in captivity dies at aquarium See in context

Just a reminder on the cruelty humans can deliver to other species!

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Posted in: Wary drivers fuel growing demand for dashcams in Japan See in context

Can anyone explain why drivers in accidents where people are injured are criminalised in this country whereas in many other countries these genuine accidents are treated as accidents without driver being charged with a criminal offence and landing in jail???

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Posted in: Man gets 17 years for reckless driving resulting in death See in context

I think he got long sentence because no financial compensation was given! Either insurance pays it if you have full cover or family but im guessing he had no money.

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Posted in: Female police officer hit, killed by minivan during traffic violation crackdown See in context

The other night around 7pm I saw a COP in the middle lane( 3 lanes) of Yamata dori pull over a guy and was sitting on his bicycle holding up traffic having a nice chat to the guy in the van? UNBELIEVABLE...sorry I didn’t get a photo/ back in Australia they have training on where it is safe to pull over motorists etc and here they put the driver and themselves in harms way!!

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Posted in: 2 dead as truck rear-ends minibus on highway See in context

On tv yesterday they were discussing accident where person ran in front of car and was hit! Driver was looking up to 7 years jail and $10000 fine for something which he couldnt avoid. I did not see all of show but amazing how drivers are criminalised here

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Posted in: Temporary police box opens in whaling town ahead of hunting season See in context

Nice piece of propoganda! Absolute rubbish

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Posted in: Ex-actress Saya Takagi gets suspended term for marijuana possession See in context

Did anybody notice she was held for 3 months before going to trial?

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Posted in: 7-month-old baby killed after mother knocked off bicycle by car See in context

Pretty normal behaviour walking into oncoming traffic without looking....i live in mejiro and regularly see people crossing mejirodori without glancing left or right and by the grace of god havent seen anybody killed yet. the other day i saw a guy riding through minor intersection looking upwards at the sky....ive had an idiot coming round a corner on wrong side of road and when he saw me in his path flicked his handlebars and crashed heavily into the ground/ i kept going of course!! Its about time the laws were changed here to not criminalize drivers for a genuine accident when person driving is being responsible FFS!! I also cross the street as in this accident but ALWAYS look for oncoming traffic first....sense of self preservation is non existent here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted in: Gov't considers 2nd sales tax hike delay as spending falls See in context

Japan needs deflation to bring prices to normal level and we are still not there yet. Not sure why government wants inflation when everyday items are more expensive than most other countries..... People who live here have been getting ripped off for years and when prices start coming down to a reasonable level they want to force inflation back on us here....what a JOKE!!!

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Posted in: Autumn traffic safety campaign kicks off Monday See in context

most countries a road death is one where accident was up to 1 month before....japan cooks the books

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Posted in: 75-year-old woman killed in hit-and-run in Yokohama; man arrested See in context

Im in agreement with you @1800YOULOSE The way the japanese police and their legal system crimilizes law abiding drivers is a joke. I had a chat to a police officer from japan that told me if a pedestrian is killed in a accident the driver is locked up for 2 weeks while they investigate. This was in northern japan. Also the officer told me that if the driver was doing speed limit and was not able to stop in time then perhaps if they were going 15kmh slower then accident would not have happened!!! This line of reasoning is beyond belief when a drivers life is being ruined through stupid laws. In most countries through europe , australia, NZ etc if a pedestrian is crossing road without looking and driver was driving within the rules and they are hit and driver tried to pullup in time but couldnt then it is declared as accident and generally driver is protected from criminal liability.

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Posted in: Ikebukuro fatal accident puts spotlight back on epileptic drivers See in context

So if your unlucky enough to have a medical event such as anyerism, heart attack etc and someone gets killed then your going to go to jail?? sounds ridiculous These things happen all the time around the world such as in Australia recently....where guy went unconcious at wheel and hit gas cylinders and 20 people were injured and 2 killed.....i dont think he was charged and wont be going to jail

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Posted in: 3,058 treated for heat exhaustion nationwide in week to July 12 See in context

are they kidding! The humidity is uncomfortable but nothing compared to 40 plus days in Australia and elsewhere. Stand in the sun in Australia for a few minutes when its over 42 and you will have heatstroke pretty soon.

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Posted in: Man arrested over about fatal car crash, hit-and-run See in context

In Australia running a red light costs around $500 and 3 points on your licence...and in the cities there are red light cameras everywhere....basically if you drive the way they do here in japan you would lose your licence within a couple of hours. The enforcement here is a bloody joke including the small cost of the fines. About time japan actually modernizes the way it enforces road rules and protects sensible road users and save some bloody lives!!!

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Posted in: Taiji fishermen vow to continue dolphin slaughter See in context

The dolphins killed for their meat are the lucky ones but the disgusting practice of keeping large mammals and other large marine animals who roam over huge areas of ocean and are placed into small pools for them is basically like living in a toilet cubicle. It should be banned worldwide and the sooner the better!

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Posted in: Yakuza boss arrested over 1998 murder See in context

Looks like a waste of police manpower to me!

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Posted in: Steel beam falls at construction site, killing 2 workers See in context

Safety standards are a joke in japan! In Australia the safety standards are very strict which causes costs to rise but workers in general have a reasonably safe workplace. In japan i usually see no safety googles when grinding etc, no ear plugs, cutting with oxy and using no goggles, etc etc....which i expect in SE asia but was surprised to see here. It is hilarious when i see the work safety for olympics signs around tokyo

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Posted in: Widow of dementia patient killed by train ordered to pay damages to JR See in context

Can they actually force the person to pay up?? Can they make them sell family home? Just wondering

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Posted in: Man dies after being covered in 13 tons of molten metal See in context

Workplace accidents must be rife here....i see workers grinding without safety glasses, no ear protection ,working under cranes, oxy cutting without goggles etc etc. Basically they are treated as cattle with others lining up to take their menial low paid jobs Good to see the J-government stand up for workers rights here, obviously worlds best practice!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted in: Driver arrested after car hits schoolchildren at crossing in Fukui See in context

Totally agree with Brian's ... Just the other night in mejiro I was at large intersection waiting to cross and car sailed thru intersection on red light blasting his horn so car did not crash into him who had green light to turn. In Australia we have red light cameras on large number of intersections and if you go thru on red you get fine around$500 And loss of points. Same goes for speeding... 3 or 4 times and lose license I think the government needs to have the police doing their job and actually policing and fining people for running red lights etc and then road toll would be reduced considerably here. Also bringing in cameras and fining all these arseholes driving around with no commonsense would help.... I could go on but the people who can bring about change here sit on their hands and do nothing

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Posted in: Mother ordered to pay Y95 mil after bicycle-riding son collides with elderly woman See in context

I did not know pedestrians carried insurance here!!! If it was a gaigin they would be sitting in jail I spose........

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