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Posted in: N Korean rocket to adopt 'safe' flight path, scientist says See in context

Scientist my butt, he's just a drone in the propaganda machine. Until I see an unbiased study then I'll believe them.

Hoping it actually hits a Chinese city so the Chinese have no excuse to not act.

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Posted in: Disabled in Japan take pride in wrestling See in context

WilliB: You don't. You are taken off it and put in the ring as is.

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Posted in: Saudi-led military force crosses into Bahrain See in context

It's obvious that the Wahhabists are influencing the Saudi king to prevent takeover by Shiites (which could extend to the eastern part of Saudi Arabia and form a Greater Bahrain).

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Posted in: Portugal pulverizes North Korea 7-0 as N Korea broadcasts game live See in context

Good point about politics and sports. For many years the US and USSR had faced off in Olympic sports that no one but the players actually cared about, but when it comes to the most popular sport in the world, we're supposed to cheer "good sportsmanship."

I feel for the North Korean-born players, who will most likely end up in gulags. I hope they have the guts to defect. I, however, have no love for those two Japan-born hypocrites, Chong Tese and Ahn Younghak, who were born and raised in a democracy yet support a dictatorship because of "cultural values."

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Posted in: Hoshino, SHIHO team up for fashion brand See in context

If SHIHO flew to Tehran, I wonder how far she would get before she was arrested by the police for showing off those fabulous thighs.

Shiho Yano is NOT married to Yu Darvish, she's married to MMA fighter Yoshihiro Akiyama

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Posted in: Lieberman to start Senate investigation into Fort Hood shooting See in context

Judas Lieberman as usual, showing his true (Republican) colors...

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Posted in: Separated Koreans prepare for family reunions after 60 years See in context

Problem is, North Korea on its side only allows the people it wants (i.e. people who praise the Kims) to be reunited so they cannot be easily swayed by their Southern relatives. If it were dissidents, they would be begging to be taken back to the South. Stupid communists.

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Posted in: Shimizu gains ground on leaders Kashima See in context

It's not unprecedented. Sanfrecce won the title 4 times in a row back in 1965-69.

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Posted in: Bobby Valentine's supporters gather 100,000 signatures on petition See in context

Save your money and sent Bobby V back where he belongs.

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Posted in: N Korea says 2 U.S. reporters will stand trial June 4 See in context

If they have no access to the diplomat they're most likely brainwashing them into pleading guilty at the upcoming trial.

So what are we of the free world doing about scum like Chongryon, Nodutdol, and Alejandro Cao de Benos and his so-called Korean Friendship Association?

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Posted in: Suu Kyi charged over American house intruder See in context

So now the military scum is blaming her. Someone needs to shoot these criminal generals and abolish the army once and for all.

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Posted in: Jack Kemp, former quarterback and VP nominee, dies See in context

Republican, conservative, world football hater. Good riddance.

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Posted in: Hakuho supports more foreign wrestlers in sumo See in context

If Ozumo becomes like the Premiership, where foreign players are the rule and not the exception, it would not be a boon for Japanese sumo.

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Posted in: BeeTV See in context

Manami is demure, she's never been much about showing skin. And contrary to the haters around here, her hair has for most of her career been jet black.

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Posted in: Korean clash overshadows World Cup round See in context

You notice that a few of the North players are actually Zainichi right? (Chong Tese from Kawasaki, etc.)

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Posted in: Jane Z See in context

This wasn't a political speech, hopefully. You're not in propaganda land anymore, sexy.

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Posted in: Junichi Ishida apologizes at movie preview for son’s misconduct See in context

Thepro may be right on target. Notice the age difference between father and son, Junichi had Issei at age 20 or 21. Not so much time to mature before actually having a child.

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Posted in: Yokohama mayor sued by ex-hostess for ending relationship See in context

Whoever is reporting this also can't be bothered to try to find the woman's last name?

There is such a thing as refusal to identify yourself partially or fully, and conscious journalism respects that.

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Posted in: Manchester United wins Club World Cup final See in context

Salford United merely got lucky that they didn't have to face a Brazilian team...

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Posted in: Gamba beats Adelaide to set up date with Manchester United in Club World Cup See in context

What a game coming up - two clubs who don't even play in the cities they're supposed to represent. I'm rooting for Gamba Suita because I'm sick of Salford United.

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Posted in: N Korea vows to exclude Japan from nuclear talks See in context

Here's the answer: Outlaw Chongryon and/or put pressure on them!

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Posted in: Miki Mizuno and Masato win 'Fur of the Year' Contest See in context

Where has Mizuno been? She looks so washed up as her career

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Posted in: Internal politics imperil Japan's soccer future See in context

The problem isn't Kawabuchi alone, the problem is with the old boys system itself which rewards loyalty rather than success. And it's not just Japan either - look at what happened to Kenya, Peru, and Poland, where attempts to get rid of the corrupt association leadership brought threats of sacking the national teams from the confederation competitions and the World Cup qualifiers. Apparently FIFA believes they can look on high from their ivory tower in Switzerland supporting their cronies in the national associations.

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Posted in: WWE wrestles for greater share of Japanese market See in context

I sincerely hope they fail. Japan doesn't need more theatrics than Hustle. I don't know when they stopped appreciating the old Japanese UWF - Akira Maeda would always be better than Hulk Hogan and could prove it in the ring, too.

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Posted in: NEC phone See in context

Nanami what?

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