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I partly agree with you, and i would like to remind you that the democracy can bring justice, but the democracy cann't bring food, efficiency and prosperity. Neither does Communism. The difference is, in a democracy justice is used to bring food, efficiency and prosperity. In Communism or Fascism "justice" is used to persecute people the government doesn't like, depriving them of food and prosperity. Maybe if you stopped listening to CCTV or reading Communist books you'd learn that even Latin America, as hopelessly corrupt as it is and with wealth amassed in the hands of a few (as China is doing) values democracy a lot more now.

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et's see how long it is before we hear a story about a Japanese national who fought the imperial government's policy of abduction and forced labor in this country.

That's as rare as a Southern U.S. white man who fought against slavery and Jim Crow laws. Usually the blacks were the ones who did. Similarly, if there was a Korean who fought the said policies of the Japanese government, he should be as celebrated as Hirabayashi is.

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Dream on... the only way Chinese will be a soccer superpower is if they stop corrupting the league and the players abroad

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Bravo for Lee! Let's see if he can help promote Southampton back to the Premiership!

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“You’re asking me how I really feel now but you have distorted and mocked our comments.” If she doesn't like the Japanese media then why does she live in Japan to begin with? These so-called Koreans are free to leave whenever they like, the many people the North has abducted are not.

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Not to mention that a 39-year wait is over (Kashiwa did win the old JSL title at Hitachi in 1972, when they were still in Tokyo - they moved to Kashiwa in 1986). Aside from the Club World Cup they will also play in the Emperor's Cup (Japanese FA Cup) and I doubt they can pursue a Double if they are tired.

December 8: vs. Auckland City. Assuming they win (since Oceania leagues are notoriously weak): December 11: vs. Monterrey (Mexico). If they win: December 15: vs. Barcelona (Spain). If they lose: December 14: vs. whoever lost between Esperance (Tunisia) and Al-Sadd (Qatar) If they beat Barcelona: December 18 final That's one day after they have to travel to Nagoya Grampus for the FA Cup!!!

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@Hide Suzuki a "rivalry" of near neighbors usually has nothing to do with sport. Peru hates Chile because of the War of the Pacific, in which they lost territory. England originally hated Germany because of the World Wars, same thing for Netherlands and France. Mexico hates the United States... well, for many reasons. The thing is, even if the North Korean players were weak and unskilled, say, on the scale of some poor African nation, Japan's media would always find reasons to hate them.

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Should a nation not import talent that can be used to represent it in a given sport? I got a question for you, why shouldn't one of the many talented players in Brazil play for another nation, instead of wasting away in the lower leagues and holding to a false hope they would be chosen for Brazil one day?

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Japan should just forfeit, winning might be considered "insurrection" or "sedition".

What would you guys rather have, Japan going to North Korea or North Korea going to Brazil?!!!!

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Yes, but at the same time disappointed that he's actually doing something for the country while she just has to stay at home, not because of her husband, but because of the people controlling the royal family.

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I agree with Pele's assessment of Brazil's capability to host; however I disagree with his word on Neymar. If Santos and the big Brazilian teams did not have to compete in the stupid State Championships, then maybe they'd have a chance against Barcelona.

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@Elbuda Mexicano

If there are red cards for Japan the North Koreans will cheer. If there are reds for North Korea they will riot. They did it before when they were playing Iran, who is supposedly their ally, and with a Syrian ref (also their ally).

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@ratpack "Why is this game played in North Korea?"

There is such a thing as "home and away" in sports. This is a crucial World Cup qualification match (that's why the World Cup isn't every year!) and even though we all know NK is a hell hole, other teams need to play them in order to advance. Only if the country's a total failure with NO order (Haiti, Afghanistan, Palestine) is the venue changed.

What the Japanese should do is COUNT the fans, journalists, et al before boarding the plane/bus back to China.

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Not to mention that despicable regimes like China, Russia and Saudi Arabia could use this as an example of how to deal with potential "troublemakers".

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