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Posted in: Tributes flow in for MMA fighter Kid Yamamoto, dead at 41 from cancer See in context

Thank you for all the entertaining as well as technical fights and shows you've put over the years Mr. Yamamoto. You are a well truly well deserving legend in the mixed martial arts universe. Your exciting, ferocious style especially at your prime was one to behold in the lighter weight class. As a fan of yours as well as MMA, I appreciate all your significant contributions in making Japanese lighter weight classes have exposure around the globe. You always be a remembers as one of the great legends so thank you and may you rest in peace.

As a former Navy Seal sniper well-versed in sambo (military/combat), muay thai, greco roman, boxing and systema, I am so happy where MMA is at today. UFC really did a decent job of evolving and legalizing into a legitimate, mainstream sport not only in the US but also globally as well.

I've been a big fan of combat sports since the early days of Royce Gracie, Ken Shamrock, Don Frye, Tank Abott, Mark Coleman, Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddell, Frank Shamrock, Anderson Silva, BJ Penn and many other legends that are too many to mention.

If we overlook the corruption part of Pride for a moment, arguably that organization had better entertainment value. Man I still get goosebumps from stars such Bas, Fedor, Crocop, Hunt, Silva, Big Nog, Igor, Rampage, Shogun, Gracies, Sakuraba and many more other legends.

Pride put on a lot of not so technical fights but nonetheless very fun and entertaining to watch. I missed it especially with their tournament formats.

Again thank you Mr. Yamamoto for all the exciting fights. RIP Kid.

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Posted in: Republicans dodge, weave around Trump's hurricane tweets See in context

Ike-in-Tokyo-from-89Sep. 14  11:14 pm JST

It pains me to say it, because there are plenty of good Republicans.

I’m sure “good Republicans” are relieved by these words of yours.

Have you considered that many Republicans are not actually enamored of Mr. Trump, but agree with policies his administration has introduced?

Clarify your position: do you hate Donald Trump or do you hate conservative policies? I suspect many on this site hate the latter and are hoping that removal of the former will expedite a return to a progressive agenda. Unfortunately, the progressive agenda of the Democrat old guard (literally old) like Nancy Pelosi is being replaced by that of harebrained proponents of “Democratic Socialism”.

If they do impeach Trump, America really will step down to the ranks of Cameroon and Zimbabwe. America is half way there already with the crap that has gone on, Americans should be deeply insulted by it all. US is progressively fast tracking in becoming an official banana republic.


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Posted in: Republicans dodge, weave around Trump's hurricane tweets See in context

I suspect many on this site hate the latter and are hoping that removal of the former will expedite a return to a progressive agenda. Unfortunately, the progressive agenda of the Democrat old guard (literally old) like Nancy Pelosi is being replaced by that of harebrained proponents of “Democratic Socialism”.

Socialism is essentially communism without a gun/weapon, yet... Socialist, Marxist, Progressive (whatever floats your boat) are all PREVARICATED pseudonyms for Communist.

They’ve been used as a VERBAL SHELL GAME to circumvent and deflect any discussion of the real history of Communism into inane bickering over what each deceit should mean.

Incessant mid-course corrections of the contextual symbolization empower “Indoctrinationators” to squander discussion time and waste education programs rather than conveying and contributing anything of value. :)

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Posted in: As Senate panel sets vote on Trump's Supreme Court nominee, new controversy arises See in context

Feinstein is getting too old for this game. Her antics are recycled and predictable and tends to have memory lapses from time to time. She should do the honorable thing and retire especially after the Chinese spy debacle so other next generational players can have their turn. 

Anyway this is all about Dems using up all their energy they can muster on obstructing Kavanaugh from managing over any Trump related subject matters. Dems are so afraid that it's progressively developing into higher plausibility that any obstruction charge(s) Bob Mueller imposes on POTUS could end up getting mediated by SCOTUS. 

So many well known mainstream experts stated that Robert Mueller is an ill-founded player as well as unconstitutional as Special Counsel if it goes all way to the supreme court as a case. Dems currently do not have any solid contentions for Kavanaugh's recusal. They only have their hypothesis that Kavanaugh's judicial principles doesn't place much stature in the Special Counsel office.

But the issue with Dem's recusal play is that if Kavanaugh ends up having to "recuse himself" then Elena Kagan and Ruth Bader Ginsberg also has to do the same. Dems are gonna try to push the BS that Kavanaugh should recuse himself from dealing with problems regarding Bob Mueller's fishing expedition... ahem I mean investigations on Trump. It's clearly obvious that Dems want to debilitate Kavanaugh identically like they cunningly did to AG Jeff Sessions. The issue with this is Dems do not realize or just plain ignorant that if they do get Kavanaugh to recuse, they will surely regret of doing this.

Because you see, on Bob Mueller's team of angry Dems, there's a lawyer in the named of Elizabeth Prelogar who used to clerk for Elena Kagan and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 

And as you know with Ruth stance on POTUS, she publicly lobbied openly against Trump.

Well guess what, Kagan as well as Ginsburg also have to recuse themselves from dealing any cases that involves with Bob Mueller. On top of that, Ginsburg should also recuse herself from cases involving POTUS personally.

After all, Mueller's special counsel team consist of an operative who in the past used to clerked for SCOTUS Elena Kagan as well as Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Conservative potentially loses one and Dems get the worst of it with not one but 2 lib judges recusing. So Dems just quit obstructing and just let Kavanaugh do what he's destined to do.

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Posted in: Republicans ask Trump to declassify Russia probe documents See in context

Declassify and unredact documents...

Full transparent Inspector General Horowitz report

Eveything of Steele and Ohr's FBI 302s

Uncensored version of Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, FBI lovers texts

Unedited Christopher Steel and Bruce Ohr communications

Fully declassify FISA warrants and apps that indicted James Wolfe, Security Director of the Senate Intelligence Committee (SSCI) already leaked to his young journalist sex buddy Ali Watkins of New York Times. Wolfe gave to Watkins of NYT the first 83 page FISA app on Carter Page.

2 phases of media leak stratagem that DOJ and FBI authorities in collaboration to engineer as well as defend later on the "Putin-Trump" collusion narrative. Article link below talks about how DOJ/FBI utilize libturd-leaning, willingly media allies as sources and methods.


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Posted in: Woodward book goes on sale as ex-Trump aides push back See in context

Just like Mark Felt a.k.a. "Deep Throat", Mr. Woodward has been connected to the FBI as an asset. Sid Blumenthal factually stated that Bob Woodward has been an FBI asset since Deep Throat era.

Here is Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton's State Dept. declassified email which was released sometime in 2015 as a proof of this claim.



Deep Throat a.ka. Mark Felt was revealed in 2006. He was the second highest position in FBI's ranking but was mad that Nixon didn't give the number 1 spot for the promotion.


Given with this history, there's a high plausibility that Andrew McCabe who is also the #2 guy in the FBI might be a suspect who leaked to the WaPo duo. McCabe is well known to have secretive established mutual relationship between multiple willing accomplice journalists and the institutional bureau. McCabe would be the type to have some kind of vengeance by showcasing the mighty fearsome authority of the FBI over elected politicians that can be blackmailed anytime when the bureau wishes it so.

This connects well on why Woodward's upcoming book titled, "Fear", an offensive publication tool/weapon to attack POTUS.

It's been declassified and well documented that both canned infamous FBI lovers, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, were executing media leak strategies with same printing press methodology that busted Watergate scandal by way of leaking to the media as described in this latest bombshell.


This is way too familiar nowadays with these kind of stories about very senior positions in an institution (i.e. FBI) are colluding with libturd-leaning MSM outlets to unduly get rid of a sitting president based on emotional reasoning. WTF?, to say the least!

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Posted in: Woodward book goes on sale as ex-Trump aides push back See in context

Mr. Woodward has written a well-documented piece de resistance regarding Trump's presidency that's as incongruous as it is understandable. The ridiculousness is the alternative reality formulated by the DNC that America has elected a crackpot, repugnant twitter-in-chief.

What makes this logical is that this was what the Trump admin told Woodward.

POTUS creates chaos like a skunk uses scent. Trump progresses even with all the maelstrom and commotion.

Woodward is overall a veteran and rock solid reporter. Unlike anyone else in the world of journalism, I'm faily certain that sources spoke to him anonymously and said to him what he wanted to hear.

Woodward wanted to hear that Trump is a lunatic and a moron.

Trump already stated via tweet on what to make of this: "The leaks are absolutely real. The news is fake."

DJT has gamed the media circus for more than 4 decades. He started out in the toughest media city in the world, New York. Trump knew how the media operates especially in what the MSM needs. Trump gave it to them, so he could get what he wanted from the media.

Can you guess what it is...? Simple, in Trump's 5th grader brain (as his critics call it) it's FORTUNE.

Although it would be nice to also have fame attached to it, it doesn't matter much because Trump's success was built on tabloid headlines. Newspaper people say the power of the press belongs to the person who owns it. Well I take this statement with a grain of salt due to the fact that Trump's decades long of New York tabloids domination in New York gave him power a-plenty.

Up to now the DC press corps still doesn't get it. The press is a stuck-up, to some degree; incestuous, very insular institution that still considers POTUS to be a helpless dolt.

The allegations in the book sound familiar to the asservations in Michael Wolff's book"Fire and Fury" sometime ago in January of this year.

Then came Omarosa's recent work this past summer.

And now Woodward's turn.

These publications illustrates Trump as everything the Dems says he is.

Either the Dems are on the ball, or the Trump's admin gave Woodward and others the mushroom treatment, nourish them fertilizer and keeping them in the dark.

The basis of Wolff's book was that the Donald never wanted to be POTUS but instead wanted to lose.

Wolff stated in the book, "From the moment of victory, the Trump administration became a looking-glass presidency: Every inverse assumption about how to assemble and run a White House was enacted and compounded, many times over. The decisions that Trump and his top advisers made in those first few months — from the slapdash transition to the disarray in the West Wing — set the stage for the chaos and dysfunction that have persisted throughout his first year in office. This was a real-life version of Mel Brooks’s The Producers, where the mistaken outcome trusted by everyone in Trump’s inner circle — that they would lose the election — wound up exposing them for who they really were."

Wolff wrote this because he was told that.

Same with Woodward, he was told this and that and he like the sound of it.

Trump does this and that because its the nature of the man.

Guess what... it works!! 

North Korea shut down its its missile program as well as its nuclear testing lab. Regulations are disappearing. Stocks going up. Economic growth is bit beyond 4% while unemployment is beneath 4%.

"American manufacturers are on a roll: Business conditions surged in August to a 14-year high, according to a survey of industry executives." in MarketWatch report.

"The Institute for Supply Management said its manufacturing index jumped to a 14-year high of 61.3% last month from 58.1% in July. Economists surveyed by MarketWatch had forecast the index to total 57.9%.

"Readings over 50% indicate more companies are expanding instead of shrinking."

Yep. He definitely is crazy and mentally deranged :D

Like a fox. :)

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Posted in: Ex-Trump campaign aide jailed in Russia probe See in context

This young fella’s country screwed him by getting framed for a crime enable to get secret warrants. His country totally set him up. The framers spent over $28 MIL to prosecute him for a crime that they set him up on. He is just a peasant and collateral damage to his country.

Just a lowly peasant who does not matter to the government because the authority uses him as just means to an end. This young guy is now just a peon in a police state. This young man is living in foreign communist state, with undercover police, backdoor courts, and hush-hush warrants. This young man will eventually be gone when his worth is used up. Can't have someone talking. 14-day prison term in a police state. This young man most likely will have an accident.

How many regular, hard working people that you know could handle a $28 MIL on budget prosecution? Are you peon peasants or Citizens?

This is what the America has now become under Barack Hussein Obama. I didn't serve in special ops all those years just to come back home and witness all of this crap. The shadowy coup has already began and came to realization under Barack Hussein Obama.

Fortunately we have now a different pres in the WH. He's an existential threat, agent of change trying to confront the most powerful government on the planet. POTUS has to have a QRF on standby waiting for the call. 

As a former Navy Seal sniper, I am still here to gladly serve our President. How many of you people here at JT as well as currently residing in Nippon who are ex/retired soldiers that are ready and willing to answer the call if our President Trump calls for an EXFIL and QRF. I'll be sure to be at front lines in a heartbeat and happily assist in getting rid of the traitors! Patriots stand your ground and be ready at any moments notice.

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Posted in: Anonymous official says Trump staff working against 'amoral' president: New York Times See in context

Associate Press video


- Pence says author of NYT op-ed should resign

Glenn Greenwald - co-founder of The Intercept and a Pulitzer Prize Winner, calls out the author of the op-ed, "coward" whose ideological issues "voters didn't ratify."

and them tweets the following:

   The irony in the op-ed from the NYT's anonymous WH coward is glaring and massive: s/he accuses Trump of being "anti-democratic" while boasting of membership in an unelected cabal that covertly imposes their own ideology with zero democratic accountability, mandate or transparency

   — Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) September 5, 2018


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Posted in: Chaos grips Senate hearing on Trump Supreme Court pick Kavanaugh See in context

Kavanaugh swearing in transformed to pathetic show by Dems. It's amazing that this kind of behavior the Dems are showing is tolerated without them going to jail for disturbing the peace. Hopeful for blue wave this upcoming midterms decreased significantly after this debacle. As well as after McCain's funeral and this pathetic show they have ruined their hopes with everyone other than those who have a direct motive to re-cycle old criminals who can't even behave well enough to not get kicked off a school bus while in positions that should demand the highest professionalism. PATHETIC.

Everyone behaves well while they get what they want. True colors show when people don't get what they want. It is perfectly clear the Dems are not getting what they want, and that they are an absolute pestilence that wanted the complete annihilation of the United States. I 100 percent believe the Democrats that are now protesting Kavanaugh are in fact Kruschev planted operatives that are relics of the old soviet effort to destroy the United States. Add to this list anyone who attended McCain's funeral and bashed Trump, including McCain himself.

It is obvious a major operation to destroy the United States is under threat, and the people conducting it were selected for the job because they are absolute slime. The more they scream, the happier REAL Americans ought to be in the 1970's former secretary of agriculture Ezra Taft Benson penned a book titled "An Enemy Hath Done THIS". In this book, he had a chapter which outlined what the Russians did to infiltrate the key positions of power in the United States. In Russia, exact duplicates of small cities in America were constructed (three in all). All the streets were the same, the stores were the same, EVERYTHING was copied right down to the last detail.

One of these cities was Racine Wisconsin. People in Russia were raised from children in these cities, built to perfection on Russian soil. They spoke American English and attended American styled schools, but all of them knew their end job was to go to the United States, infiltrate, and destroy the nation, having perfect reference and memories of an "American" home town. I am confident many of the congress critters that are now behaving the way they are, and MANY MANY college professors were part of this Russian program, and they are still doing their jobs. Don't for a minute think Russia is actually dead, the actions of these people prove there is still something seriously amiss with Russia. And no one is paying attention to it, because after all the old Communist order is "dead".

The type of behavior we are seeing in Congress, and the type of professors now teaching American students strongly supports the notion that a clandestine (foreign) nationally supported program is still running in the United States, for the sole purpose of destroying the country. One thing is certain - the three cities really did exist, and the people trained in them are still in the United States.

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Posted in: Anonymous official says Trump staff working against 'amoral' president: New York Times See in context

Yes, the shadowy "we are more important than everyone else" behind the curtain players wants Trump to succeed at pumping up the stock market and take care of Israel's enemies. So they are assisting POTUS with that. But when it comes to the nation, or the American people, all of us can just eff off, RIGHT?

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Posted in: New book by Woodward says Trump wanted Syrian leader killed See in context

Liberals call this “evasive” now? It could’nt be more clear, considering he also added that not only did he not say it, no one else did when he was there. It’s crystal clear.

were never uttered by me or in my presence,” Mattis said


The direction of the left side of the political spectrum is clearly heading to where they feign not to be cognizant to so many notable of things. By masking not to know a lot of things guarantees that there is no associated guilt, no actual linkage to conscience, dismissal of truth endorses effortless trespass. This type of ideology banks on on the willingness of the other side to affirm to their presentations; and of course reconciliation. Do not be fooled!!

Just another deep state Liberal in total "FEAR" of whats happening to his party.

Instead of "FEAR" it should have been called "FIRED" Now we have an interesting story.



James Comey, Director – FIRED

Andrew McCabe, Deputy Director - FIRED

Jim Rybicki, Chief of Staff and Senior Counselor – FIRED

James Baker, General Counsel – FIRED

Bill Priestap, Director of Counterintelligence (Strzok’s boss) – Cooperating witness [power removed]

Peter Strzok, Deputy Assistant Director of Counterintelligence – FIRED

Lisa Page, Office of General Counsel – FIRED/FORCED

Mike Kortan, Assistant Director for Public Affairs – FIRED

Josh Campbell, Special Assistant to Comey – FIRED


Here is the Department of Justice side of things...

Chief of the Justice Department’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Section [NAT SEC - HRC email invest] , DAVID LAUFMAN was either forced to resign or got canned

Assistant Attorney General – Head of DOJ’s National Security Division, JOHN P. CARLIN was canned or forced to resign. Connected to July 2016 rejected FISA app as well as the recusal of FISA judge Judge Rudolph Contreras

Deputy Attorney General & Acting Attorney General - SALLY YATES, canned by POTUS

Acting Assistant Attorney General – Acting Head of DOJ’s National Security Division, MARY MCCORD, canned or forced to resign

Associate Deputy Attorney General, BRUCE OHR , cooperating witness who got demoted twice and remove his authority and most like to get canned soon after his revealing testimony recently with his connections to Christopher Steele (UK spy), Oleg Depriska (Putin's oligarch BFF), Glen Simpson (Fusion GPS) and Andrew Weissman (Bob Mueller's right hand man and bulldog lawyer)

Associate Attorney General – No. 3 official behind Deputy AG Rosenstein, RACHEL BRAND was either force to resign or canned.

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Posted in: Asian factories feel pinch from escalating U.S.-China trade conflict See in context

I thought China's RCEP and Japan's TPP supposed to fix this so that all the member countries in those organizations can bypass Merica.

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Posted in: Trump accuses Google of promoting negative news articles, hiding fair media coverage of him See in context

America, you want answers... this is the woman who's off the radar that has it all: CAROLINE ATKINSON

Global Public Affairs Policy Director for Google/YouTube who is super duper expert in research and data-based solutions who's getting protected by Google's CEO refusing to come to DC and testify in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee.


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Posted in: Trump vows to 'get involved' if Justice Dep't, FBI don't do their job See in context

Declassify the April 2017 FISC ruling!! Guaranteed fireworks :-D

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Posted in: U.S. to move ahead with Mexico trade pact, keep talking to Canada See in context

As a foreign exchange trader for a living, I've been closely following this situation for few months now. Based on common sense economic fundamental standards, Mex and Merica have constituted a manufacturing accord that are reciprocally beneficial to both.

President elect Obrador is able to preserve his election promises by getting a significant victory for his labor policies as well as maintaining much of the current investments. On the other hand, Trump substantially boost American investments while at the same time causing the NAFTA loophole to be expunge as also one of Trump's promise kept.

The NAFTA loophole is where heavily dependent exporting countries China, TPP members, and EU uses Canada and Mexico as a broker for parts shipments and manufacturing the products. fatally flawed agreement loophole as a backdoor to export their finished products to American under the NAFTA regulation. As a result, global trade imbalances are distorted because of this unscrupulous backdoor approach.

Mex and Merica in their bilateral concordance have gotten rid of tariffs/subsidies as well in order to remove trade barriers which ultimately leads to instituting mutual beneficial terms of commerce.

Unfortunately, with Canada's current leadership is based on political viewpoint instead of economic perspective. Canadian counterpart in negotiations will not remove protectionist elements of trade barriers in the banking and telecom sectors. 

Trudeau also will not budge of eliminating protectionist tariffs on dairy products. Freeland will not yield to removing subsidies on aeronautics as well as lumber. Lastly but not the least, is Canada is unwilling or just cannot accept rules of origin in manufacturing issues regarding the NAFTA loophole because this would get rid of their abilitiy to exploit very cheap Chinese as well Asian and EU parts and assemble them in Canada. 

Canadian government practically is extremely reluctant to open up the country's government controlled markets to healthy capitalism element called competition as well as not wanting a reset of heavy industry.

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Posted in: Washington lauds McCain as one of America's 'bravest souls;' Trump absent See in context

*No, I do, but I just couldn’t stop laughing at how liberals always try so hard and then they hit the wall. I think the best thing the left could do is come up with policies that can help all Americans and create jobs and put more money in people’s pockets, but I know they can’t because their TURD (Trump Unacceptance & Resistance Disorder) syndrome won’t allow it.*

America is built upon a broad based economy systematically. Without this economic foundation, US won't be like what is today. As a private foreign exchange trader, it's very important for me to follow Merica's micro and especially macroeconomic fundamentals to gauge the health of its economy. Economy is first and foremost the highest priority and the rest like defense, healthcare, education, etc. are in the lower totem pole of order. Economy connects everything to other public/private sectors of the whole country. Trump is providing optimally effective solutions for expansive jobs creation and better prospects for financial security of the Main street.

As for McCain, respect his services but never fancy the old fella. He wasn't a very nice old chap but as a fellow human being... RIP John.

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Posted in: U.S. associate of indicted Russian pleads guilty, to cooperate with Mueller See in context

Dear Bob, put the low profile crims at the bottom of the inquisition chain for now. If you truly are confident with your magnificent investigative skills, you can always get these guys later. 

Enable to resolve the provenience of Trump-Russia fishing expedition impartially with fast results then you should definitely take a look at the conducts of CIA's Fusion Center and FBI's Eurasian Squad. 

To put icing on the cake, if you really want some assurances with a high probability, low risk but extremely high reward then you really need to convince senators Mark Warner and Richard Burr of the Senate Intelligence Committee to make OLEG DERIPASKA (a Russian oligarch and one of Putin's billionaire BFF) testify in front of Senate and Congress lawmakers in the open public. Guaranteed you will discover something magically fascinating :-D

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Posted in: Former Vice President Biden salutes McCain as 'a brother' See in context


Sarah Palin, former running mate of songbird McCain wasn't even invited to the upcoming funeral. This just shows the focal point of harshness of the elitist preeminence, self-importance, and bitter hatred borne inside the heart of the entire McCain clan. 

As a former Navy Seal, I respect his services but never fancy the old man as he wasn't anything special to me. At least to me and my circle of military comrades. We thought he was and still is overrated in so many ways. He was not a nice old man. But with that said, as a fellow human being... RIP John.

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Posted in: Mixed martial arts-ONE vows to succeed where UFC failed - Japan See in context

As a former Navy Seal well-versed in sambo (military/combat), muay thai, greco roman, boxing and systema, I am so happy where MMA is at today. UFC really did a decent job of evolving and legalizing into a legitimate, mainstream sport not only in the US but also globally as well.

I've been a big fan of combat sports since the early days of Royce Gracie, Ken Shamrock, Don Frye, Tank Abott, Mark Coleman, Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddell, Frank Shamrock and many other legends that are too many to mention.

If we overlook the corruption part of Pride for a moment, arguably that organization had better entertainment value. Man I still get goosebumps from stars such Bas, Fedor, Crocop, Hunt, Silva, Big Nog, Igor, Rampage, Shogun, Gracies, Sakuraba and many more other legends.

Pride put on a lot of not so technical fights but nonetheless very fun and entertaining to watch. I missed it especially with their tournament formats. But even at Pride's peak, UFC overall at that time still had better long term sustainable business model.

It's good to see organizations such as ONE and many other minor league MMA orgs are stepping up their promotional game on. This is very healthy for MMA industry and makes competition for talent even better.

Dana and co. are going to be very happy because of having more options to recruit prospects all over the world. UFC will gladly send in their talent scouts globally to look for prospective skilled fighters to go onto the big stage.

I'm looking forward for ONE to attract more talents in Asia. This is as very good development for MMA in the big picture as a sport. Also a great opportunity for fighters to showcase their skills to see if they have what it takes to compete into a bigger stage like UFC.

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