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Susan Elizabeth-Marsh Tanabe comments

Posted in: Children’s Day in Japan: A guide to 'Kodomo no Hi' See in context

Koinobori are happily flown outside the homes of children, all children, not only the homes of boys.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan releases pancake pie for new retro kissaten coffeeshop series See in context

Melon soda! Natsukashii~~~

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Posted in: Snowfall leaves more than 130 injured in Tokyo See in context

As summers grow warmer, I celebrate all the wintry weather we can get. A good freeze is desperately needed each winter. Snow is quite welcome.

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Posted in: How the ultrarich in Japan educate their kids See in context

Around the world one trustworthy proof of educational excellent is the IB (International Baccalsureate) program. Schools must prove and continue to prove their excellence to remain involved with IB. Students can choose to take specific courses or earn a full IB diploma. Public schools around the world offer this. When searching for a school, hone in on IB schools and search there first.

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Posted in: Portrayals of duality: 'Hafu' in the media and popular culture See in context

Back in the 1980s (?) someone suggested using "daburu", double, rather than half. It is indeed what people are who have a wide gene pool, wide variety of experiences, and often open minds. I do wish "daburu" had caught on.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s 'uncool' neighbor launches foreigner-friendly travel support site with free online help See in context

Husband lived and studied in Kawagoe many years. I lived in Suginami-ku and studied in Kawagoe, then lived in Kawagoe a few years. 25 years after leaving, oldest son returned to live and work there. Daughter has lived and studied there. All five of us visit annually. I especially enjoy strolling Kita-In temple and the 800 mink sculpture garden, as well as the historic downtown, click tower (and nearby Mrs. Hamburger), Festival Museum, Sweet Street, etc. for a decade we visited the wonderfully created John Lennon Museum in Saitama Shintoshin, however from the onset Yoko Ono had said it’d only exist for a decade. Still miss it.

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Posted in: Japan toy sales top ¥1 tril for 1st time, led by foreign tourists See in context

These are mostly bought by kids ages 10-25, Japanese and travellers. Why would that bother anyone? Hello Kitty is as popular now as ever, with children, teens, and adults into their "golden years". No harm no foul.

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Posted in: Five things you should eat at Muji Japan, according to staff who work there See in context

@falseflagsteve, Wha...?!?!? Male humans do not like BAUMKUCHEN? Malarkey. Tell that to most of Germany, Austria, and hell... even Japan. Open your mind.

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Posted in: French toast recipe uses ice cream See in context

As if shokupan is not SOFT enough already! We love French Toast, however it is originally and best made with slightly stale bread, otherwise it is too soft. As one often puts jam on maple syrup on French Toast, added sugar (ice cream) is not needed. Thick bread, with a good amount of fiber, makes the best French Bread!

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Posted in: 19-year-old woman who gave birth in toilet arrested over infant’s death See in context

Why is no responsibility expected of the father? Women do not get pregnant alone. It is absurd to see her suffer and be punished, yet he is without any repercussion.

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Posted in: Top court acquits Vietnamese trainee of abandoning stillborn twins See in context

Why is no responsibility expected of the father? Women do not get pregnant alone. It is absurd to see her suffer and be punished, yet he is without any repercussion.

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Posted in: Vinyl record sales keep spinning and spinning – with no end in sight See in context

Have kept our LPs. Our three have solid collections as well. Our sons' bands have released some of their albums on vinyl -- sells quite well!

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Posted in: Political boys club staining reputation of Japan's winter wonderland See in context

Every few years since first arriving in 1977 I think Japan is truly joining the modern world… than I read an article or experience a setback or hear of another being harassed at her workplace, and I realize we are far from it. OB politicians and their influence keep parental leave, gender equity, marriage equality and other issues just a dream for most. Though some municipalities are doing well, national strength and consistency are needed.

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Posted in: One woman dies every 2 minutes in pregnancy, childbirth: U.N. See in context

I am in a rather unique situation as one who has given birth in both Japan and the US, in highly efficient hospitals with professional care and good insurance. Aside from the obvious problem, that the US has far too many residents without access to that excellent health care due to a lack of insurance, one other dramatic difference is vital: prenatal care. In Japan, when the pregnancy test is positive one immediately registers (or is registered) for prenatal care. It is frequent, consistent, and has the aim of delivering a healthy child and keeping the mother healthy as well. Every issue is discussed and plans are carefully made for the birth and post-natal care. The US is superior to Japan in allowing/encouraging parental leave (though that leave is too often unpaid and far shorter than most other "developed" nations), however regarding preparation for the physical needs of the infant and mother Japan is far ahead.

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Posted in: Tokyo hospitals and clinics welcoming birth partners See in context

This is shocking and disappointing. When preparing for the arrival of our first born in 1984, we spoke with a few hospitals. It was not easy, however my Japanese husband was allowed to be in the birthing room. He was also with me during contractions and afterward, with our son. This has been the norm in many nations for decades. Only NOW is this becoming an acceptable step? Astounding! I suppose I congratulate Japan on finally doing the right thing, however I am concerned this might be limited to Tokyo. Truly disappointing.

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Posted in: Families moving out of Tokyo to get up to ¥1 mil per child See in context

What about.... the young couples who mindfully chose to live in smaller communities? They are already there, inspiring and motivating others to stay, or to try it anew. They have struggles specific to smaller town life. Might they not have some financial benefit/tax cut/bonus?

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Posted in: Miss International 2022 See in context

@Jack, I believe those four women are Latina or AfroLatina. Certainly Asians do live in these nations, especially Peru, however I wonder how you have learned these women are Asian. Was that information in an article, elsewhere?

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Posted in: Woman leaves 3-year-old daughter tied up at home while she goes skiing See in context

This young woman's actions are despicable, disgusting, inhuman... and at 19, a teen parent, she was likely too young to be a parent. HOWEVER we must also ask WHERE was the father? Is he in the child's life at all? Why are women forced to take on this sort of responsibility when the father has NO burden? And the child suffers most of all. Sad.

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Posted in: Outgrown or unwanted? See in context

Yrral --not sure of your point however in Japan once anything is set out as garbage it is common for others to take a look and take an item (or two, or more) home. This amount of gomi is a bit frightening, as some as said perhaps one of the residents is unwell.

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Posted in: 72% of survey respondents say border controls reason for not visiting Japan See in context

Testing and masks? No one minds. The requirement to be with a guide based in Japan, always? Definitely keeping thousands away. Many teachers and guides in the US, Oz, the UK, Canada, etc. etc. take groups to Japan regularly and are perfectly capable of keeping the rules while there. It is insulting to infer non-Japanese are more likely to spread CoVid and are incapable of guiding a group in Japan. Drop that requirement!

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Posted in: Over 80% of university seniors in Japan secure job offers See in context

kaimycahl, spot on. Incentives, a signing bonus, a bonus for continuing in a job, all are rather new to North American workers yet they are becoming more common. College grads in North America are being courted by corporations and firms of all types, schools (quite the teacher shortage), hotels, companies large and small, etc. etc. Whether in Japan or North America, the job one obtains immediately after school is rarely the exact thing one hoped to find and will keep for one's entire career. In North America it is said adults will change their job five times during their careers. Change, by the way, is NOT necessarily a bad thing.

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Posted in: Japan second-most popular country to move to, according to Google Search analysis See in context

Interesting. This is according to Google searches... not reality. In reality the US warmly accepts thousands of immigrants and refugees daily and has for many years. Young people in the US are often interested in a move to Japan, and many have tried it, however the reality does not reflect that "Japan is #1". Particularly not at this time, when even sincere and well-prepared visitors are not accepted to visit! Japan, work on this! And yes, I think it'd be grand to welcome more to live in Japan!

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Posted in: Japanese travel agency reveals summer 2022’s most popular destinations domestically and abroad See in context

How very absurd that Japanese can travel freely yet travellers from safe nations with steady CoVid numbers, and low hospitalization/death, are not allowed to travel TO Japan. Test all you like, require masks, but allow travel! Japan's reputation AND economy are both suffering.

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Posted in: Last of Japan-made matchbooks to end production this month See in context

Somewhere I have a large Mexican pottery piece filled with matches, mostly from Japan in the late 1970s through the 1980s. Must do a search of the basement and locate these.

You may recall how lovely some were... coffeeshops, pubs, "jazz kisa", izakaya, etc. each had their unique designs. Sometimes we'd visit an eatery on the recommendation of how cool their matchboxes were.

I miss smoking... never smoked more than a pack a month, only for a few years, but i did enjoy it.

For our fireplace, outdoor firepit, and candles, we now use the more environmentally friendly giant boxes of wooden matches.

Just not the same, but it'll do.

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Posted in: Japanese musician Ryuichi Sakamoto battling stage IV cancer See in context

A survivor of colorectal cancer, my prayers are for Sakamoto Sensei to feel peace rather than pain, know how much and how long he has been appreciated, and that his loved ones will find ways to spoil him in the months (years?) he is able to stay here, on earth. The beauty and beautiful sadness he created will last, just as his beloved Bach and Debussy. Our own children, in their 30s, discovered his work and love it just as we do. I hope and pray he somehow knows this, knows and gains comfort from it.

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Posted in: Rice-planting event See in context

ea, Why you ask? Fresh air. Fit bodies and minds. 9-5 desk work is an unhealthy lifestyle, and as a retire educator I know would have hated sitting all day...!

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Posted in: Tucker Carlson: Voice of white America's outrage and fears See in context

"Modern Liberals hate Fundamental, Conservative, Hateful, Violent, Racist Fake Christianity"...? There. I edited it for you. "Modern liberals" are often Christians. You'll find, the official stance of Episcopalians, Methodists, Quakers, Presbyterians, Lutherans, and more is officially progressive. These liberals take actions to improve the lives of their communities and the nation. Example: https://www.presbyterianmission.org/what-we-believe/social-issues/

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Posted in: Lemonade by Lemonica tackles food waste with lemon peel jam See in context

Is this the old favorite, Lemon Curd? Or, something completely different?

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Posted in: Tokyo hotel criticized for 'Japanese only' notice for elevator use See in context

Hmmmm... considering the low vaccination rate for Japan (no fault of the Japanese) and the higher rate for many other nations, perhaps travellers are more safe NOT riding the elevator with Japanese...!

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Posted in: Social isolation spreading in Japan See in context

Shallow lives… in many communities there is simply no time for anything else. Since my teen years I’ve made time to volunteer as an activist for progressive causes, enjoy gigs, concerts, museums, and galleries…read, exercise, attend church and volunteer in that community. Creating a well-rounded life is not difficult, however it requires mindful decisions and choices. Well worthwhile. At 64, retired, active and involved, i have friends and colleagues of all ages. Sadly Japan usually does not allow one time to do so.

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