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Many of the vicious comments above, reflect ignorance and anti North Korean Japanese media influenced propaganda. Has anyone ever stopped to think that parents might choose to send their children to one of these schools, because they want to preserve their culture and educate their children in a safe and nurturing environment? Japanese schools do NOT provide this option.

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Shinkansen tickets can easily be changed for cash, reason for using the credit card.

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I think the author’s observations are correct, in fact, they are spot on. I might also add that I think this ultra-right leaning is also becoming quite common among middle aged 2 channel addicted housewives. Despite their limited knowledge on historical or current events within this geographical region, sinister sites like 2 Channel have pumped them up with courage to say what was previously considered offensive and now they know no limits. Thank you for pointing this matter out. Despite being a researcher and married to a Korean, I have been confronted with nonsense originating from these sources. Not only has it been ridiculous, it has also been hurtful.

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