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This is clearly a great initiative and will need a lot of work to pull this off successfully. I'm a foreigner who registered a training and leadership consulting business here in Japan a little less then 2 years ago. We have been quite successful in a short period of time and seems like our services are helping fill the "gap" with domestic and international businesses. However, the process to get a business registered is unnecessarily complex compared to other nations (like Singapore and the U.S.), but the most archaic and challenging part of the process is banking, specifically obtaining a global friendly corporate account. Japan, you will succeed in brining in foreign business talent if the banking system becomes modernized, simplified, and internationally friendly. Stop being aggressively obedient to tradition and culture in the banking system. It doesn't belong in banking and it SLOWS down progress. I have spoken to high ranking banking officials in Tokyo and they express disappointment at their own banking system but all say the same thing... Change is slow and nearly impossible. Good luck Governor and let me know what Alpine International K.K. or the readers can do to help this along.

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