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Posted in: Japanese companies to be banned from locking cell phone SIM cards See in context

Buy your new phone from Apple store UNLOCKED, do NOT buy from the providers this way they have NO control over anything. You Are FREE.

Free from Docomo/AU/Softbank perhaps but not free from Apple.

You can buy the top Sony, Samsung, Huawei, Pixel unlocked devices off any website like Amazon,Rakuten etc for way less than an overpriced Apple-phone.

Warranty is better, there's less chance you need repairs ( as they are built to last longer) and "cospa" is generally way better. Why limit yourself to one company, which is not even the best?

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Posted in: Spain beats Japan to reach men's soccer final against Brazil See in context

who is this wonder boy, world beater called Takehiro Tomiyasu ? , so if this wonder boy was playing Spain or any team for that matter won't have space to shoot let alone ?. Nice equating Ivory coast with France to buttress a lame point. How convenient for you to forget that Ivory Coast qualified 2nd from a group and drew with eventual finalist Brazil while Japan scoring 4 against a France Olympic team with a porous defense that also conceded 4 goals against Mexico, 3 against RSA leaking a total of 11 goals in 3 matches suddenly makes Japan Olympic team a gold medal favorite or world beater. An Ivory Coast team that almost beat Spain stood a good chance of beating Japan.

Tomiyasu is the best defender to ever come out of Asia, and a move to one of the top 15-20 clubs in the world is imminent. Certainly you know that?

Noone have made Japan into a Olympic gold metal favourite, but that they were a challenger for a medal were obvious even before the tournament.

Expected by who ?

Mexico maybe but France who, because they are world cup holders ?

Expected by bookmakers, pundits etc. Odds setters and proper sports analysts usually know a lot more about team's strengths and weaknesses than any so-called expert in newspapers, tv or social media. Although the French team lacked any proper stars this time around, a lot of their players were regular starters in a top 5 league in Europe. If you had asked any so called "expert" in Europe or US who they thought would have won between Japan and France, 8/10 would probably have said France.

Obviously I knew otherwise, and maybe you too?

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Yep, Japan completely dominated both France and Mexico, 2 teams that were expected to go far. Mexico was "only" a 2-1 win, but could easily have been by 3 or 4 goals if Japan had been a bit more clinical up front.

In the match vs New Zealand Japan looked very nervous and didn't play their usual game which kept NZ in the match. They were still the better team.

Vs Spain it could have gone both ways, but the referee certainly didn't help Japan (despite VAR overturning the pk call) and made a lot of wrong calls which mostly went into Spain's favour. Not playing the advantage in 2-3 situations for example when Japan would have been 2 vs 2 or better on counters were some (especially the one in injury time in the 1st half). Seems he was also very easily persuaded by the Spanish players (in Spanish, as he's from Peru) whenever there was a 50/50 call, and overall the Spanish players showed very little sportmanship in this game.

The timewasting in the last 5 minutes was also annoying, but this is what the best team often does (Italy, Spain, Argentina, Portugal, Brazil) and maybe Japan need to implement these tactics as well to level the playing field.

They will not win the World Cup by being the good guys.

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Posted in: Warholm obliterates his own world record in fast, fast Olympic hurdles See in context

Fantastic race! Norway's only 2nd gold in track & field ever, the last one being Vebjorn Rodal on 1500m in 1996 Atlanta Olympics. In Winter Olympics however...

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Posted in: Conveyor belt sushi chain where foreigner filmed GoPro video considers pressing criminal charges See in context

Casey Baseel: Does Go Pro in any way sponsor this article? I have to ask because Go Pro is an action-camera exactly like dozens of other brands. Would you have specified it by if it was a different kind of brand? Like Olympus Tough? Or a different equipment? Like written Huawei if it was taken by a phone, or Panasonic Lumix GF if it was a mirrorless camera?

And are you 100% that this was indeed taken by a Go Pro, and not another brand, like for example the far superior Sony X1000v?

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