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Posted in: 8-year-old boy dies after fall from 4th-floor Saitama school balcony See in context

This is the third time this week that I read an article that dealt with a small child or an infant falling from a three to six story building... For the infants, where are the parents? Why aren't they directly under their watchful eyes like they're supposed to be? And for the child, God knows what that child was thinking before and in between the moments of him falling from the classroom window. I really hope that parents will take the proper steps for the well-being of their children. This is starting to get a little too outrageous.

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Posted in: Woman murdered after argument with man over feeding stray cats See in context

People who regularly feed stray animals are heartless fools with no friends. They need the "affection" of animals who come to them for food.

you are the definition of an oxymoron....

what makes you think that people whom feed stray cats don't have friends? on many occassions, my family and i have feed a ton of stray cats and i have, not a lot, but a descent amount of friends. not only that, all strays aren't violent and hateful. you're thinking of physically abused strays; the ones whom can no longer trust human kind for the abuse their owners dealt them for no apparent reason at all. either way, these strays--abused or abandoned--still want love and affection. my family took in two stray calico cats and one of them sleeps with her paws clinging to the fabric of the couch from some sort of physical abuse she endured from her previous owners. the one whom was abused cuddles with us, walks on our shoulders to rub her head against ours and sleeps on our chests when she wants to feel love.

sometimes its not the person whom wants love but the animal since they're the ones whom are entirely friendless. all they want is love from a human, not from people who feel they have to to impress somebody or fill a black whole in their life

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Posted in: Baby boy dies in locked car while mother plays pachinko in Akita See in context

The pachinko parlors should not be blamed for the negligence of the parents. The parents should not be given a slap on the wrist for the death of their child. The world cannot teach a man and/or a woman how to be a parent no less to parent properly. The pachinko parlor posted a sign telling them that they should not leave their children in the car. The parent should have enough common sense to take their child to a daycare, a babysitter, or to a relative to look after them if they knew it was going to be that hot outside. I mean, it's summer! And to park in the sun?! How redundant is that?!! If they "forgot" to take them to whomever or where ever so the child can be properly tended to, they should have had enough common sense and consideration to take their child inside with them. I don't blame a parent for wanting some fun. Every parent wants to take a break from their child. However, her method was extremely stupid and I do believe she should be charged for the death of her child. It was involuntary, but it was still a crime.....

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