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Posted in: Music stalwart Peter Barakan looks back on his illustrious career See in context

Concur with Sensato. Barakan is a class act.

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Posted in: Japan confronts disability stigma after silence over murder victims' names See in context

But I was very impressed with New Zealand, not just for the facilities - ALL the buses accommodated wheelchairs, but you could often see handicapped people working in shops and offices. They are part of the community.

Actually, New Zealand officially discriminates against disabled persons. Entire families are denied residency simply because of an autistic child or one of them is in a wheelchair.

So this is clearly an issue that is not limited to Japan.

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Posted in: Blast injures 29 in upscale New York City area See in context

DeBlasio's description of the bomb as "a deliberate act" brings to mind Obama's description of the Fort Hood shootings as "workplace violence". Their unwillingness to address reality corrodes the public trust in politically-correct elected officials.

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Posted in: Finding a half decent gym in Japan: A survival guide See in context

Literally every gym in Japan requires that you change from your outdoor shoes to shoes specifically for the gym. Don’t show up empty-handed, or you’ll be forced to rent a pair of indoor gym shoes for an added fee.

Can anyone help clarify this? Just it mean you have to bring a new pair of sneakers (Adidas, Nike, whatever) that aren't also worn on the streets? Or do the gym specify a certain type of shoes beyond that? Is this something that is checked on entry, or how strictly is this enforced?

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Posted in: Man beats up 75-year-old woman in Tokyo for 'staring at him suspiciously' See in context

Broken ribs are incredibly painful. It is disgusting that an elderly woman is attacked this way. The guy needs to serve a reasonable, but real, jail sentence - no suspended sentence as too often is the case.

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Posted in: Worrying 'climate of xenophobia' in Europe: U.N. refugee chief See in context

climate of xenophobia

No, Europeans have just woken up to reality.

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Posted in: Hooliganism scars Euro 2016 as England, Russia risk expulsion See in context

Why don't the host city ban the serving of alcohol in bottles or glasses during these events that attract hooligan violence. Just serve up beer, wine and spirits in plastic cups. Make it more like a off-campus kegger.

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Posted in: After 5 days, no clues to missing boy's fate in Hokkaido See in context

The family's home needs to be searched. That is the likely crime scene, not the remote mountain area.

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Posted in: Searchers struggle with lack of clues to fate of missing 7-year-old boy See in context

The police need to interview the older sister, away from the parents and with the interview conducted by a female detective familiar with child abuse cases. The story (stories) told by the parents just don't add up.

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Posted in: Trump says he's open to raising taxes on wealthy Americans See in context

The odd thing in the discussion about tax rates is that almost half of U.S. workers do not owe or pay any federal taxes. The amount taken from their paychecks, if any, is refunded when they file their taxes. On top of that, a family of four earning up to about $55K per year can expect to receive refund of the Social Security taxes they paid - and still retain their right to claim the full amount of Social Security when they qualify to receive it. Moving up into the middle incomes, a family of four making up to $125K per year will only pay 6 or 7 percent of their income in federal taxes after taking the standard available deductions and getting credit for property taxes and mortgage interest paid. The reality is that the rich already pay almost all of the federal income taxes collected by the government. Poor and lower middle class people are largely exempt from paying federal income taxes - so how can the rich be "not paying their share"?

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Posted in: Actress Jennifer Aniston is world's most beautiful woman: People See in context

It is disingenuous when the women selected each year by People magazine express surprise or false modesty. It was their own publicists and PR teams that lobbied People for the "honor". Jennifer Aniston is one of several actresses that are attractive, but not nearly as gorgeous as the media continually assures us they are. Others include Kate Hudson, Chelsea Handler, Gwyneth Paltrow, Renee Zellweger, Kristen Stewart, and most of all, Sarah Jessica Parker.

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Posted in: At the Vatican, Sanders blasts 'immoral' wealth inequality See in context

Not a brilliant campaign move by Sanders to leave New York four days ahead of its critical primary election.

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Posted in: Los Angeles father charged with killing son for being gay See in context

The Issa family were members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Glendale.

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Posted in: Man arrested after doing yoga, meditating on Japan-bound plane See in context

About 50 Okinawa-based Marines were on the flight, which had no air marshal. The Marines responded to flight attendant request for assistance and managed to restrain this man "without a scratch":

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Posted in: Canada moves to repeal law that revokes citizenship in terror cases See in context

Amara grew up in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Cypress before immigrating to Canada in 1997. A mere nine years later, his group built detonators and acquired explosive materials for large truck bombs that were to be detonated in 2006 near the Toronto Stock Exchange and CN Tower. An Ontario military base was also to be attacked. Prime Minister Trudeau and Immigration Minister John McCallum are poster children for political correctness gone mad. Amara has nothing but contempt for Canada and this weakness by its leaders will only increase his contempt for it.

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Posted in: Pope vs Trump: 'Not Christian' to only build border walls See in context

The U.S. is generous in its acceptance and treatment of legal immigrants, refugees and even undocumented aliens. My kids' school district spends hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to support migrant children and reach out to their parents to get involved in school events. You don't see Central Americans trying to head south to Argentina or Brazil. And not many try to go beyond the U.S. border into Canada.

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Posted in: Police restrict access to Oregon refuge after fatal standoff See in context

If they were black men they would have all been dead ages ago even if unarmed.

This is one of the more ridiculous, knee jerk, and all too predictable, opinions spouted by uninformed observers throughout this incident. It flies in the face of reality on the ground. The Malheur Refuge is literally in the middle of nowhere. The FBI would never move quickly with force against anyone taking it in the middle of winter absent any immediate public safety concerns like active shooting. And, of course, it should be pointed out that there were at least two black activists at the Refuge supporting Bundy.

I don't agree with anything the Bundys spouted but I can't stand to see such uninformed opinions by folks that don't really understand the area and what was going on.

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Posted in: MPs debate banning 'fool' Trump from Britain See in context

It sure appears that the British Left is desperate to gin up a straw man for its phony arguments. Would be funny if it weren't for the sad fact that Britain continues to allow in its citizens and residents return after fighting for ISIS and other terror groups.

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Posted in: Obama defends forthcoming gun restrictions as constitutional See in context

Mark G

The current federal laws require all pistols to be transferred by licenced dealer, used long arms (rifles and shotguns) are not.

There is no federal law or regulation requiring pistols to be transferred by licensed dealers. Some States like California have laws requiring private party transfers to be completed through a licensed dealer but that is it. Nothing in federal law prevents me from selling a pistol to another non-licensed individual as long as that person is a resident of my State, at least 18 years old and I have no reason to believe they are prohibited from firearm possession.

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Posted in: U.S. militia group occupies Oregon wildlife park headquarters See in context

Typical racial double standards.

White militia terrorists = treat them gingerly and with respect and listen to their demands

That probably sounds good to write in a sanctimonious, politically correct way but it is contradicted by reality. Just Google militia members charged to see the continuing focus of federal law enforcement agencies on right wing militia activity. And as far as blasting away with multiple rounds, talk to Randy Weaver or the surviving Branch Davidians.

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Posted in: U.S. militia group occupies Oregon wildlife park headquarters See in context

they and others like them pose a much more immediate threat to public safety in the United States than IS does.

The reality is that this group of perhaps15 to 20 militia members are occupying a small building literally in the middle of nowhere. There is nothing but frozen earth for hundreds of miles around little Burns, Oregon.

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Posted in: Japan, wary of outsiders, keeps doors closed to refugees See in context

Maybe this explains why Donald Trump is so popular in Japan.

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Posted in: Obama to act next week on gun background checks See in context

Violent crime in the U.S. continues to be centered on the criminal use of handguns in poor neighborhoods. That is why the focus by the media on the NRA and so-called assault weapons misses the point and reinforces the perception by many law abiding gun owners that the Administration is wrongly focused on them and not on actual criminals.

One thing I wonder is why the foreign critics of American gun culture don't pressure their own domestic gun manufacturers to stop exporting so many guns to the U.S.. Using the cigarette analogy, aren't the companies that are profiting from the carnage - Glock, Taurus, Sig Sauer, Beretta, Heckler & Koch, FN Herstal, etc, the REAL problem?

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Posted in: George Lucas apologizes for calling Disney 'white slavers' See in context

Rose did not ask a follow-up question on his PBS show

Of course he didn't - Rose is the most overrated media personalities in history. He probably wasn't even listening to Lucas, just getting ready to ask the next question his intern wrote.

And Lucas should not feel comfortable speaking publicly about injustice when he ruined the Star Wars legacy with Jar Jar Binks!

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Posted in: Obama to act next week on gun background checks See in context

Gang-bangers in Democrat controlled cities do not drive out to conservative states and go to gun shows to buy weapons from private individuals in order to evade gun laws.

Really? That very scenario seems to being what happens:

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Posted in: Obama to act next week on gun background checks See in context

A better initiative would have been to push for greater funding for the US Attorneys Offices to actually prosecute ALL federal gun crimes. Right now the focus for prosecution on the federal level are so-called Armed Career Criminals - folks caught with guns or ammunition after being previously convicted of at least three prior violent crime or drug trafficking felonies. The ACC mandatory minimum sentencing of 15 years in prison is an effective tool in removing violent offenders from the community:

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Posted in: Japan business lobby head won't commit to higher wages See in context

There is no substitute for broad, sustained economic growth which leads to higher wages. It is just insane for politicians to ask companies to pay more if the natural economic conditions are not present.

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Posted in: Trump uses vulgar language to mock Clinton See in context

Oh, please. Anyone who stays married to Bill Clinton after the humiliation he has put her through for the last forty years cannot possibly be offended by this. I wish her campaign would make up its mind. Is she a warrior grandmother or not?

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Posted in: Some businesses are experiencing a labor shortage, so increasing the minimum wage will probably provide more merits than demerits to Japan. See in context

This is rubbish. It is essentially the system that keep people down while providing a select few with opportunities. Success is a matter of luck. Every job I've had was academic or connected to teaching

A broader work experience would have been good for you.

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Posted in: Some businesses are experiencing a labor shortage, so increasing the minimum wage will probably provide more merits than demerits to Japan. See in context

My first real job when I turned 16 paid minimum wage. After a short stint there working as hard as I could, I applied for a higher paying job and have consistently earned more money with each job since then. That is the way it is supposed to work. When minimum wage earners complain that they can't raise a family on their wages, the fault usually lies with their poor choices or behavior that has stunted their earning potential.

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