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Posted in: Would you support legalizing marijuana use? If so, why? If not, why not? See in context

Yes, I would support the legalization of it.

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Posted in: Ichiro's 4,000th hit earns praise in Japan See in context

Counting his hit from the J-League would be the same as if a player would count their hits from the minors.

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Posted in: 10 travel ideas slightly off the beaten track See in context

Why is this only about the Tokyo area?

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Posted in: Travel picks: Top 10 coastal drives around the world See in context

Top ten drives in Japan!

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Posted in: Police arrest suspect over rape of 5-year-old girl in India See in context

Torture this pos until he dies.

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Posted in: 2 elderly people die after falling from roofs while clearing snow See in context

So sad. You'd think their children, grandchildren, or younger neighbors would help them. RIP

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Posted in: 2 deaths at home for elderly attributed to E. coli infection See in context

I have seen people urinating on their vegetables as well as using cat and dog feces as fertilizer. When asked about it I was told that it was normal and a great way to help grow vegetables here in Japan.

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Posted in: Test driving world’s first augmented reality car navigation system Cyber-Navi See in context

How much is it?

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Posted in: Big boys See in context

Do the truffle shuffle!!!

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Posted in: Has Facebook caused relationship problems for you or somebody you know? See in context

@JDB That is a bit old school thinking! But hey whatever floats your boat! I use it, but I keep everything private so I can't make those silly mistakes.

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Posted in: Outrage grows over Shiga school's inaction over bullying See in context

How can the school get away with this nonsense? How can bullies and their parents get away with this terrible behavior? This is beyond sad, it's just plain sick!

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Posted in: Team creates liver from stem cells See in context

This is fantastic news!!!

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Posted in: Fukuoka police sergeant arrested for leaving scene of accident involving his vehicle See in context

I was starting to worry about the police. I didn't see any morons in the news from the police for a while. Thank you Mr. Kamata for keeping up the high level of the jcops.

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Posted in: Man stabbed on platform at Shibuya subway station See in context

They'll never catch him.

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Posted in: American engineers design plan to help Fukushima clean-up See in context

I can't imagine Tokyo allowing this.

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Posted in: 35-ton device found in spent fuel pool at Fukushima reactor See in context

This sounds like an old your momma joke!

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Posted in: 'SPEC' to be remade into U.S. TV drama See in context

Fringe. Genius check. Cops check. Unusual cases check. Criminals with special abilities check. What are we missing?

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Posted in: Policeman in schoolgirl uniform arrested for flashing See in context

The worst police in the world by far!

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Posted in: Man on Honolulu-bound flight from Japan dies See in context

@Riffraff What observation was?

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Posted in: 73-year-old man arrested for attempting to steal police car in Kanagawa See in context

Just out having some fun! You gotta love it!

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Posted in: 1-year-old girl dies after being hit by car in Saitama See in context

There are so many things I could say about how drivers in Japan are terrible and how the mother was just irresponsible, but the fact is that it was just a sad accident. The family of the child as well as the driver will never fully recover from this incident. RIP

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Posted in: Speeding Ferrari driver caught after YouTube post See in context

Nice car, sweet road, terrible driving skills equals a fail. Oh, and is this douche wearing driving gloves?

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy stabs mother after she confiscates video game See in context

I agree with Netninja to a point. Today parents treat game systems like baby-sitters, which is in itself an invitation for trouble. Add in the violence of the games and you have created a monster.

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Posted in: Power harassment exposes dark side of 'kizuna' See in context

Strange Japan! If Japan wants to stop bullying at the school level they will first need to stop the parents from participating in bullying acts at the corporate level.

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Posted in: Bullet train service disrupted by train enthusiast taking photos See in context

I don't understand why he wasn't fined. In any other situation the suspect would be fined for causing such terrible delays and affecting the lives of others. Just because he is a train otaku he gets away with this. Strange Japan.

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Posted in: Company warehouses damaged by ice falling from Tokyo Sky Tree See in context

Strange Japan! This is and was preventable but...

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Posted in: Man attempts suicide after police find mother's corpse hidden in vacuum bag See in context

Now I got it! Thought he was cleaning house, but he was just organizing.

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Posted in: Elderly man, two grandchildren perish in Yamagata fire See in context

Both parents survived and the rest died, something isn't right.

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Posted in: 5 missing after undersea tunnel collapses at refinery in Okayama See in context

Japan just can't catch a break. Let's hope for the best.

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Posted in: Water temperature rising in No. 2 reactor at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

Liar liar pants on fire!!!

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