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Posted in: Giants edge Patriots 21-17 for Super Bowl title See in context

I'm not a Giants fan and I don't like the Pats, but this was an amazing game! I think I will watch it again!

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Posted in: U.S. Marine fights conviction for suicide attempt at Okinawa's Camp Schwab See in context

This boot was just trying to skate out of duty. These kids sign the dotted line and then they want to go home when they realize the life of a Marine is more difficult than hanging out on the block with Suzie R. C. Some boots try to off themselves, say their gay, runaway, and so on just to void their contract. This kid's plot failed and now his poor wife has got to deal with his problems as well as being teased by her fellow brothers and sisters for having such a weak husband. I was warned with the same article of the UCMJ when I got badly sunburned. I ignored the pain and did my job, not like this pog.

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Posted in: Madonna's guarantee: no half-time wardrobe malfunction at Super Bowl See in context

I like her music, but it isn't Super Bowl music!

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Posted in: What do you think about Twitter? See in context

Whatever floats your boat, but I am not a fan of it.

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Posted in: New material takes 3D 'invisibility cloak' a step closer See in context

So it isn't invisible!

I sure am glad that scientists find this to be more important than finding the cure for HIV, cancer, and other deadly diseases!

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Posted in: NZ police alarmed at breastfeeding motorists See in context

They trasport their children in the trunks, are they nuts? One should be arrested for breast feeding while driving. That is more dangerous than talking on the cellular while driving.

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Posted in: Flu cases increasing rapidly across Japan; Tokai hard hit See in context

Please cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing! Also use soap when washing your hands. This is common sense, but this isn't a common sense country.

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Posted in: Police haven't ruled out suicide in severed penis case, media report See in context

No way is this a suicide. According to the news this dude's junk was under the bed and the knife was in the other room. So, he detaches his junk, stabs himself more than once, and throws the knife clear across the room into the other room. JT also failed to mention the heated arguments this male was having with a female sometime prior to the so called suicide. Oh, and the door was open.

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Posted in: How do you think Yu Darvish will do in the U.S. Major Leagues? See in context

He will do average.

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Posted in: Fighters manager says $112 mil too low for Darvish See in context

If 18 million is so cheap then why didn't the Japanese teams offer him more?

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Posted in: Meteorological Agency says pollen will come later than normal See in context

Yes! Another year spending the beautiful spring indoors!

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Posted in: Wahlberg apologizes for 9/11 comments on how he would have overpowered hijackers See in context

I can't believe people think like that. Was he not thinking about the people who were involved when he said it? Even worse is the interviewer asking that question.

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Posted in: Bum's the word in Japan security scans See in context

I guess driving naked will become the preferred method. Just be sure not to lend your car to your hairy family member.

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Posted in: Sexy undies yes, G-strings no, say French women See in context

Doesn't matter in Japan because Japanese women love their granny panties.

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Posted in: How to be funny in Japan See in context

Japan doesn't have comedy, it has grown-ups acting like 7 year olds.

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Posted in: Iraq vet charged with killing 4 homeless men in California See in context

I'm not surprised that a vet was out doing this. I am surprised that this doesn't happen more often. Members of the military mainly infantry are taught and trained on a daily basis to kill. They perform to the best of their duties and are then reunited with civilization and everyday life where their specialty is no longer needed, but they never forget it. It is difficult for some to accept the change and this is whyI'm surprised this type of action doesn't occur more often. RIP to the victims and I hope the vet can receive some mental help.

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Posted in: Wikipedia to go dark to protest web piracy drafts See in context

They all should go down for the day.

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Posted in: Body of naked man with genitals sliced off found in apartment See in context

My mistake, Bobbitt must have learned the trade from Sada Abe first. Wow it went full circle, so terrifying.

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Posted in: Body of naked man with genitals sliced off found in apartment See in context

Welcome to Japan Ms. Bobbitt. And the Bobbitt procedure has been introduced to Japan.

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Posted in: Iran warns Gulf Arab oil producers against boosting production See in context

Hmm. The US pulls out of Iraq just in time. Coincidence, or planned from the start?

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Posted in: Our judgment that radiation levels were 'non problematic,' and the way we addressed the issue immediately after the outbreak of the nuclear disaster caused anxiety among many young households who have See in context

And it took him almost a year to come up with that one all on his own! I'm positive he didn't ride the short bus to school as a young boy.

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Posted in: Child abduction issue should be key concern in Japan-U.S. relations See in context

I agree with gaijinfo. It is important but not to those who aren't involved.

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Posted in: Seniors take over Japan's arcades See in context

Retirement age is too young in this country.

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Posted in: Japanese man fined $2,500 for assaulting Delta flight attendant See in context

I hope his son, daughter-in-law, and whole family were and are embarrassed. His actions shouldn't ever be forgotten nor forgiven. Hawaii needs the tourists so they won't punish foreigners to the full extent for something like this.

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Posted in: Nicotine therapy doesn't help smokers quit: study See in context

I smoked for 13 years and quit using willpower. I just woke up one morning and threw out my cigarettes. If you can make a decision between what you are going to eat for dinner you make a decision to quit smoking. Easier than one would think.

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Posted in: No long-term lung damage from marijuana: study See in context

I would rather see people smoking joints instead of smoking cancer sticks. At least they smell better, are better for us, and don't cause deadly accidents like alcohol does. People who are against the use of marijuana but accept cigarettes and alcohol are ignorant to the world outside their conservative lives. Don't get me wrong I'm against all dangerous drug use including cigarettes and alcohol, but marijuana is not a dangerous drug.

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Posted in: Noda says no decision yet on reducing Iran oil imports See in context

We need the oil. Simple as that!

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Posted in: Nicotine could ward off memory loss See in context

Smoke don't smoke make up my mind government!

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Posted in: Scotland clashes with Britain over independence vote See in context

For some reason Scots are never content, they always need something to complain about. It is quite funny at first, but then quickly becomes very annoying.

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Posted in: 5 injured after car plows into ATM See in context

This is why I have been saying for years that Japan needs drive-thru banking!

Seriously this happens a lot. Elderly people pressing the wrong pedal and then being excused due to their age.

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