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Dylan SmithAUG. 13, 2016 - 05:22PM JST   The Philippines... all they want is a free ticket to the US.

Mr. Smith, What exactly are you implying? Can you elaborate what you meant? I think you're going out on the topic , WHAT DOES IT HAVE TO DO WITH THIS ARTICLE'S TOPIC OF JAPAN HELPING THE PHILIPPINES? Are you saying Filipinos are opportunist in general, that all they want is a free ticket to the US? Well, for one - i am here and not in the US. I've chosen to live here despite families and kins have all mostly migrated and settled in the US. I work helping shaping children in Japan through means of Education; i live and raise my kids in Japan; married to a Japanese National; and yes i pay my own taxes like you do and everybody else here.

Not all the Filipinos are so eager to get to the US as you claim in your remark. And even if you are correct in what you said, i don't see any wrong with that as long as them-- Filipinos going to the US are law-abiding; working and living decently; paying their taxes and isn't a burden to the nation. (America) welcomes all different races, right? A country who gives equal opportunity to any individualー regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, race and color?

Your first sentence sounded like Filipinos in general are all just wanting a "free-ticket" to go to the US. What are your basis in saying it? Real, nice Americans do not give such remarks. A quick Google check would show you how Filipinos are in the US now.

Contrary to your comment, of all the many races and different ethnicity migrating and settling in the USー the FILIPINOS are doing exceptionally well, with flying colors, may i add. Mostly professionals; college graduate; higher-income; or if not rearing kids; excellent home-makers and loving housewives to American Nationals. Filipino Immigrants infact had much higher education rates compared to both the native- and total foreign-born populations in the US. Using the most recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey (ACS); the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Yearbook of Immigration Statistics; and the WORLD BANK's Annual Remittance Dataー 48% of Filipino Immigrants reported achieving at least a bachelor's degree, compared with about 30% of native born and 28% percent of all Immigrants.

Likewise, according to these recent year 2013 datasー compared to the total foreign-born population in the United States, Filipino Immigrants were more likely to have strong English-language skills and be college educated. They were also more likely to be naturalized U.S. citizens; have higher income and lower poverty rates; and were less likely to be uninsured. Let me add too, that all Filipino Immigrants are also tax-payers to the US, thusー contributing greatly in America's socioeconomic growth and to what the US is today, as a whole nation.

So NO again, I don't think that Filipinos are generally just a bunch of people wanting a free ticket to the US. What you said is just a classic example of American exceptionalism MYTH.

Dylan SmithAUG. 13, 2016 - 05:22PM JST Japan, stop wasting our tax payers money on "aid". This isn't Africa

You do not equal Africa to "aid" or charity. That, again, is a bad-taste remark. The Japanese care about where their taxes go as much as you do, and they don't whine nor complain when their country help and assist a nation in need- particularly when the one they are helping are a neighbor or an ally. Yes, Japan is that good and generous, whether you agree or not.

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Impressive on their 1st week. In London they won a total of 38 medals with 7 golds. With still a week-long, there'll be plenty more hopefully, with their strong eventsー Wrestling and Women's Marathon still left.

My personal bets to medal are KENZO SHIRAI on (Gymnastics Floor Exercise and also Vault) ; World Champion Duo-pair of TAKA-MATSU on Badminton's Women's Doubles) ; Wrestling's 3-time-Olympic gold medalist KAORI ICHO and likewise 3-time-Olympic gold medalist SAORI YOSHIDA. All of these athletes are potentially capable of winning gold for Japan. They can be strong in Syncronized Swimming and in Rhythmic Gymnastics as well and pull an upset..。Even in Boxing, Athletics and Cycling where Japan medalled in the last past three Olympics. Go Japan! 頑張れぇ 日本!q(^-^q)

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The 1st thing that comes to mind was when Takahashi Naoko hesitantly bit her gold medal at the podium after winning women's marathon at Sydney Olympics. That particular scene/instance has since been stored in my memory. It seems many medalists do it in the past even before Sydney, and has became a sort of tradition until now for many athletes winning medals. Could it be, a gesture of joy/jubilation for the athletes when they win their events and bite their medals? A way of expressing fulfillment and triumph.. least i'd like to think it that way.

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Finally, it's coming into the surface. Promised words into actions. This is a step-up move by Japan, and good news to the Philippines. We could only be thankful. "Japan has always been the Philippines' top source of aid." No doubt about that.

"The new vessels and planes are on top of 10 coast guard ships that Tokyo pledged to the previous Philippine leader Benigno Aquino" , Yes, it was promised during PM Abe's participation in the last APEC summit held in Manila late last year. Added to this the Japanese Coast Guard has also conducted sea drills with its Philippine counterpart since their two countries signed a Declaration for a Strengthened Strategic Partnership and its Action Plan last June 2015.

・From Japan ~ 2 ninety meter coastguard ships and 10 fourtyfour meter MRRV ships. ・From Korea ~ 2 corvettes.. ・From U.S. ~ 4 one hundred seventeen meter ships.. ・From Indonesia ~ 2 one hundred twenty five meter sea lift vessels.. ・From Australia ~ 5 landing craft utility, 6 fifteen meter locally built MPAC and two brand new frigates.

These ships are enough to patrol our borders, however each one of them is not sufficient to defend itself from naval threat, air threat or submarine threat. A sufficient weapon system should be installed to the ship to protect the Philippines from external threats, yet overall these are all such a great boost to the Philippines' weak, under-equipped maritime security.

ー ー ー ー

As for the loans, Japan's $2.4 billion loan for a new railway aimed at easing Manila's notorious gridlock. If it pushed-through the 38-kilometer (24-mile) elevated commuter line would connect Manila to nearby Bulacan province to decongest the capital and help spur economic activity. I just truly hope the loaned amount will go to these projects alone, and not in the pockets of corrupt officials.

"This is one of the biggest projects Japan has ever embarked upon using the yen loan, Japan was also open to building a railway in the southern region of Mindanao, a project Pres. Duterte previously said China had offered to fund."

Personally, I'd rather be indebted to Japan rather than be a puppet to China. I am certain many of the Filipinos feel the same about that.

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This is sad, heart-rending and unfortunate...。

There are many beautiful beaches in Ibaraki, yet the currents and waves there are also known to be high and dangerous even in the summer, especially in the Joban Area side where Hokota is. Why there aren't any lifesavers in the beach, and a surfer instead tried to save them and brought them back to shore? I am assuming it is a public-beach, Was it? Hearing many tragic water-drowning incidents every summer here is sad. Children should always be accompanied by their 保護者 (guardians; parents) when going to any water-leisure.. must always have an adult on watch.

Obong is approaching and many will flock the nearest river; lake; the sea; and the coast and beaches to relieve and escape the heat. Be very careful. Be SAFE everyone.

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BIG CONGRATULATIONS Kaneto Rie for winning gold in the women’s 200-meter breaststroke!!!????It's been 24 years since Iwasaki Kyōko (岩崎恭子) last won the 200-meter breaststroke in Barcelona. Also well-done KOSUKE HAGINO for taking the silver in the 200-meter individual medley! Hagino now have all 3-coloured medals to take home, how awesome could that be! So really happy for Michael Phelps as well, creating records and history one after the other~ Such a great Olympian!!! What a brilliant race in the Women's 100-meter freestyle!! Congrats to both 16-year-old Penny Oleksiak of Canada and Simone Manuel of the US for the tied- Gold!!!

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Prices of International Airline tickets rocketed to as high as double their regular prices. Good that I am going outside the country. Bad that in my return it would surely take me hours to reach home by car 'cuz of the holiday-rush. A relaxing Silver Week to everyone in Japan.

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Ain't this topic over yet? Hanging on still to this matter and insisting everyone in "present-time" Japan has to/must give their apologies.

Just only yesterday most of you here who cannot or simply do not want to understand there is NO SUCH NEED of repeated apologies - wanted PM Abe to personally go and visit the "comfort women" in Korea by himself and ask forgiveness personally to every women who apparently suffered as "sex slaves" under the arms of IJM during WWII. Now you wanted the Emperor to do the same and suggesting the son must also give his personal heartfelt apologies to the victims that suffered under the symbol and name of his late father? - the then Emperor Hirohito during those years whom Japanese Imperial Army went to war in the name of their Emperor???

Just how exactly do you want it done this time? What would it make of a good accepted apology other than what they all have already previously done? It's all becoming sad and partly a shame that even the present Emperor is being dragged and burdened with this baggage, the baggage that he never even started, the wrongdoings which he never commited (but his father) , the accusations and false reasonings and all these "must've beens" that Emperor Akihito should do and must do.. Quite unfair IMHO when he has really nothing to do about the war then, in the first place.

And yet the peaceful Emperor, still, humbly stated and offered remorse and words of apologies. Can't we all just acknowledge the Emperor, accept that his words are sincere and respect his own offer and feelings of remorse just this time, once and for all?

Again the same people here are arguing that "deep remorse" ISN'T an apology? Common just how do you give justice to the word 'remorse' ?

via Wikipedia: Remorse is an emotional expression of personal regret felt by a person after they have committed an act which they deem to be shameful, hurtful, or violent. Remorse is closely allied to guilt and self-directed resentment. When a person regrets an earlier action or failure to act, it may be because of remorse or in response to various other consequences, including being punished for the act or omission.

By it, if you feel the descriptions above are still not an apology to you (and you still refuse to accept remorse is indeed = utmost apology) More ellaborations on the same sense of the word :

Remorse - a feeling of being SORRY for doing something bad or wrong in the past ; a feeling of guilt ; a gnawing distress arising from a sense of guilt for past wrongs self-reproach...

Should we all continue this topic → "Japan needed to apologize" and must acknowledge their past wrongdoings (don't they've already did that repeatedly many-a-times? The Emperor just did acknowledge Japan's wrongdoings on the above ariticle) ...and go on until the morning.. of the next morning.. till next week.. until the next 71st Anniversary of the end of WWII, next year? Or should we rather go on discussing more different, important subjects? TBH I'd rather talk of more relevant, important and immediate issues and matters than hang on to this neverending unagreement about Japan's true "ultimate apology" for the countries of China and Korea.

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From his last week's hardcourt title in Washington, Kei kun has been in good form and no doubt on a momentum. Rafa is Rafa even not in his 100% form.. Such great service aces Kei, Congratulations on the win! Good luck on the Semis to both Kei and Andy Murray (o^-')b !

圭君、めちゃくちゃカッコイイよ!! ナダルさんを相手に圧勝! サービスエースの連続など 素晴らしい活躍でした(/▽\)♪ 準決勝進出 おめでとうございます♪ 日本から家族全員で応援してま〜す☆ 頑張ってください q(^-^q)

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Prime Minister Abe has earned it this time! I have to give it to him on this. A very well-defined, delivered speech! Heck, he even did it in a lengthy, clearly-outlined, accurately-stated manner (without even needing scripts/props/ready memo) ... He just did it!

The "引用文 = quotation way he addressed every topic was not even a problem. IMHO easy to perceive every word and clearly he meant every sentence and did infact put everything in there (the things we all wanna hear and people wanted to put an end on, ehem!). An almost close to 20-minute speech, long but straight (dubbing it while listening wasn't easy for me either). He sounded as if declaiming and delivering oration. The right and proper way to do it, no bloopers no hesitations.

itsonlyrocknroll : PM Shinzo Abe is an experienced politician and gifted orator, perfect timing, balanced and focused. Abe san 70th Anniversary of the end of the war has already been described as a 'tuned down' apology from a Chinese government agency. I support the essence of the statement as reflective, remorseful, reconciliatory. There are inspirational moments within the speech.

Ditto. I likewise agree with you on PM Abe's message! Nevermind the Chinese, they're expected to react in favor of their sentiments. Indeed, not long after dinner last night the South Korean Govt. had also released their comment that to them the apologies wasn't coming from PM Abe himself as if they still wanted to deny the whole thing is actually happening or just i suppose they just wouldn't wanna listen. Someone on Korean side even stated and questioned that while China was mentioned in the Speech, them - the Koreans or Korea wasn't even mentioned and addressed by PM Abe....

I reckon, China and Korea are damn with faint praises/if not filled with just deep hatred and only unreasonable criticisms at practically everything that Japan DO or DOESN'T do. Tsk.. tsk.. Don't you guys have any thing else to do??? Aside from dwelling; mocking; blaming; criticizing; assuming; complaining; whining; demanding; ridiculing; blah.. blah。

To the Chinese and the Koreans: Both of you have been endlessly criticizing Japan and it hasn't work. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.

Holding grudges will not do your country any good. Go on, live for the present instead of the past. Move on in the direction en route to the Peace and in our Asian Region's growth and for its owngg full-prosper, instead of harboring long-kept, severe abhorrence towards Japan.

A Realist : We live in 2015, not in the past. What counts is now, and I think Japan has learned from history and has been about the most peaceful country in the world for 70 and has no intention of waging war now; infact it does not even have the capability to do so. The danger of war in Asia now comes from China which has the largest military in the world and is threatening its neighbors over territorial claims, and from Korea where South and North Korea are in a constant state of hostility. Why do the Japan bashers ignore those things?

ITA, i happened to watch Fuji Tv's debate and panel discussions yesterday prior to their live telecast of PM Abe's address speech. The debate discussion was so timely, informing and very educating, and was really something one wouldn't wanna miss. At some point in the discussion the topic was heated on China - claiming territories of its neighbors and i was a bit apalled at knowing China has the most largest military (army; plains; war ships/submarines; tanks, missiles, bombs, and land weapons) in the whole of Asia, and closely coming in 2nd to the US worldwide for the most numbers of military weapons such as i mentioned above. And the fact that China is one of the few nations in possesion of Nuclear Weapons is kinda alarming, they've been claiming every island even farther from them, and build blockades and slowly but surely building industries and stuctures in some islands that are up to this writing - still in disputes. China harrasing South-east Asian countries such as the Philippines and Vietnam, and creating tentions in Asia is not nice at all. One can only imagine what it's like to be neighbors with this continent..

saketown: On the contrary Japan has done more than just apologize. And there is something about the Japanese if you all have not learned by now living in Japan is that the Japanese do not engage in Bragging Rights - it's just not in their culture. But I can tell you that in addition to Millions of Yen paid out to Koreans and Chinese who suffered under Japan's Militarism during WW2, Japan also built Airports, Schools, Roads, Bridges, Railways, and Industrial Infrastructure inside South Korea and China - Post WW2 at No Cost to those Nations. Plus the Japanese had sent Milllions in economic aid to Post-War China and South Korea AND North Korea. Did they get 1 Thank You from The Korea's or China? Nope - Just more rhetoric and bitterness. Japan has contributed SO MUCH to 3rd World Countries around The World after WW2 because they really are remorseful and reflective of the events that their former government and they have not rattled a sword at ANYONE since then. And China and The Korea's had better understand that despite their "Choice" not to accept Japan's Apology (pending their remarks) Japan will protect their respective boarders and they will work with The U.S. at maintaining "The Status Quo" even if that means engaging in Collective Self Defense in order to help out a friend.

Well said! I couldn't agree less. I echoed your thoughts. Everything, not just the above comment, all you posted in this thread alone are so true!

To Prime Minister Abe, his cabinet, and all our lawmakers in Japan: Y'all have it in your hands now to work on these and fulfill your responsibilities to everyone in Japan, and your neighbouring countries, esp. passing the responsibility on to the coming young generations so as history will not and never repeat itself again.

"Let the refining and continued improving of your own country keep you so busy that will have little and no time to mind criticisms from China and Korea."

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If this will be the case continuously over and over again then i would say it is ALSO and ONLY fair for our Filipino women to want and wish for THE SAME apologies; admittance of atrocities; compensations etc.. etc.. NOT ONLY from the Japanese who colonized our country for merely 3 years. But and Then, also it is only morally right to ask the same demands of apologies et'al from the Spaniards of Spain - whom for more than 300 years have abused, raped our women, took our lands and completely ruled over us, tortured and killed our men, and silenced and murdered our Filipino Heroes from mid-15th century that went on until the late of the 18th century.

Over the years i find it very hard to comprehend that not one in the old past or present among the Filipinos have asked the Spaniards the same as they did with the Japanese in present time. Maybe the Spain, colonizing Philippines happened too long ago yes, but personally it is the same logic as what most wanted from the Japanese. Is it because ONLY THE JAPANESE actually took action and repent from their sins for several times and infact legally paid compensations in many-a-cases? Is it because only Japan have been bothered by repeated demands of paying their WWII abuses of women?

" I think war is disgusting and almost every country has had their share of atrocities. The solution is not just the apology but how they do it that counts. From the beginning of time rape, murder and other atrocities have been committed by various countries around the world.."

I couldn't agree more. I share the same thoughts.

70 years after, still the Koreans haven't gotten over this yet.. after so many demands Japan has entertained from this country i still don't know until when will the Japanese have to pay for their ancestors's wrong doings.

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Obon is always a "special time" my family looks forward to each and every summer. Since the kids are also on school vacations during this period, and me and the hub get to be officially off from our respective jobs as well. Every year, we make it a priority to visit my husband's family in Hakodate in the North. Our week-long "Obong" will start off mainly with the visiting of the graves of my late Mother-in-law and two brothers-in-law 御墓参り(ohakamairi) usually on the first Obong morning. There, we clean the graves, light up osenkos and candles, pray for their repose in heaven, talk and tell stories to them as if they are still alive, and offer and leave Suzurans (Lily of the Valley) blooms and little wagashi sweets (和菓子) two of my MIL's favorite things when she was still alive; and leave bottles and 2 ochokos of "Sake" and 2 pack of cigarettes for my two late BIL. The Family Reunion will follow at the main house, eating and drinking for the elders, and "Ghost-story telling" and 花火 time (little fire-crackers) at the house backyard for the kids and younger members of the family. It is both solemn and fun when we talk about our departed loveones and just thinking they are also with us present and having fun, spending time with the whole family even though they have already passed-away.

After about three days stay at my Husband's family house, we will set off for Mikasa Chuo-Park, and ride the Hakodate line down to Minenobu Station for the annual "Hokkai Bon Odori Festival" ~ a festivity that preserves the local flair and intimacy of the past. The city of Mikasa in Hokkaido btw is the birthplace of "Hokkai bon-uta song" ~ one of the most famous traditional songs in Japan. Compared to other large more famous Obon festivals in Japan, the HOKKAI BON ODORI in Mikasa city is tiny and intimate, which run by the locals for the locals. Highlights of this festival include the interactive chanting of the Soran Bushi and a fireworks display.

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War is ignited by selfish interests and greed. The root is always self-interest and greed, helpless and weak countries who cannot depend themselves are doomed to their instinction. While big, capable countries under any circumstances can both go to wars if they wish and likewise can depend themselves when threatened. Engaging into war by the only reason of "because you needed to depend your country's peace and people" can be concluded justifiable, but War in the face of greed and only self-interest is doubly-times NOT justifiable.

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Let's say, to those of you who all say it is a moral, right thing to do (and there were not any other more options left but to drop the goddammed bomb the second time around) Let us say some of you here are infact correct and accurate on your claims that Hiroshima Bombing was rightfully justified and necessary to force Japan to surrender.. but

(Fact no. 1) Japan still refuses to unconditionally surrender to the US yet, despite "Little boy" already being dropped ; 3 days went by.. a weapon as massive, deadly harmful as an Atomic bomb just only 3 days, three days after Hiroshima, with all the horrendous informations of what it did already reported to you and are already in your hands, and you now know what it had done to Hiroshima.

Fact no. 2) Key word here → 3 days, in a matter of just only 3 days -- "Would you still (in your rightful mind, conscience and full-reasoning) again drop another deadly atomic bomb this time in another different Japanese city??" because the Japanese still wouldn't surrender, even if the US at the time of those 3 days between Aug. 6th and Aug. 9th know what a terrible weapon they had just used on humans civilians.. "Would you again.. i ask you #nerveShattering (/_;)/~~ Would you still drop the second A-bomb??" Given the..

Fact no. 3) that you know, are aware, was promised to and been notified by STALIN that he will declare war with Japan on the "9th of August"..

Now Here Fact no.4) Would you still choose or consider dropping the second bomb knowing the Emperor is already on the brink of giving in and ready to give his surrender speech hours away after learning Stalin's Soviets troops are already closing in to their borders arriving in Japanese territory in the North and had just declared war against their Imperial Goverment that 9th of August... Would you still drop again the second bomb? Or will you wait till the Russians are already firing in the woods of North of Hokkaido just like as how Stalin had promised Truman he will do「which was to invade Japan on the 9th of August」? Would you not or would you still wait and give some more time, just a little more time... would you consider giving just one last thought.. maybe there are some other more less-destructive ways to make Japan surrender??? What is the rush in dropping another second bomb to Japan when Stalin had promised Truman he would do come the 9th of Aug., they will declare war and invade Japan

(Fact no.5 -- in which a promise Stalin kept eventually) will you still decide on the bomb option? Honestly try to ask yourself. Can i wait more before taking an action as heavy of a consequence as this? Would you consider to drop or not to drop... another nuclear bomb after all these considerations a leader must responsibly take and must decide?? Will you pause and hesitate after giving in some of those thoughts?? Perhaps we should take a less-destructive way and drop "Fat Man" somewhere less populated.. in the mountains or in the Japan Sea or the Pacific maybe?? We already nuked Hiroshima just days ago so why not this time i will try to think more and make Japan surrender by negotiating instead.. i ought to try i guess.. If we wanna make a stop Japan what other options we could do??? These.. , are some questions i kept on asking myself many times..。 My answer is no, the second bomb wasn't needed. It clearly shouldn't happen.

How about YOU? What would you do? If you're to decide for Nagasaki to be bombed? Is it really needed and necessary? Or it could have been prevented?

Fact no. 6 --- they had decided. It was done! The 2nd Nuclear Bomb in History was dropped in Nagasaki 「9th day of August, 1945 • 11: 02 am」

With all the shams, chaos, drudgery, and evil of war our countries have been involved at.. i pray to GOD, PM Abe is this time really sincere in his intentions and promises to not support any lenient new laws that would put Japan's Peace and People in jeopardy in the future. I haven't really liked this PM eversince.. but i couldn't wait to hear of what he has to say come August 15.

Rest in Peace all the victims of Hiroshima, and Nagasaki.. May every Nuclear Weapons of today, kept and in the hands of those who think and deemed it is necessary -- may never, ever see and feel the need and purpose to use it.. I am all for the Nagasaki people in the article above - Abolish and Against Nuclear possession here forever. Peace on Earth.. and Gooodwill to men.。

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Posted in: U.S. diplomat: Hiroshima A-bombing should never be repeated See in context

souka : japan mostly still thinks that somehow they are always at the top, the best in everything, others the worst - well sometimes I think you need to be humble,"

Preach humbleness?

In every commemoration and ceremonies they have about Hiroshima and Nagasaki.. Japan always, i repeat, always say or mention "Watashi tachi no yatta ayamachi wa nidoto kurikaesanai youni" meaning = to never, ever repeat the same mistakes they have done during the war 私達のやった過ちは二度と繰り返さない様に..。 They never played the victim, as far as i can hear, understand and seen here every year, each time the WWII Anniversary came,  Japan is always humbly admitting the wrongs they have done, Medias from the world present or not.

They surrendered despite being bombed TWICE by a Nuclear Weapon and its cities people being  wiped out, nuked, radiation on the survivors, alive but family all gone wondering what had hit them, shunned, weary of the future, terrified and physically and emotionally sick by shocks and traumas from the A-bombs ; they surrendered to the US after literally been destructed, and bombarded by many, multiple conventional fire bombings in almost all of their major cities; they were punished heavily before AND after the surrender, the war was over but not for them Japan continue to suffer tremendously even after surrender, remember that please.. up until the late fifties the sufferings went on; they submerged completely to American rules and laws despite most of the time the Laws the US and the Constitution they created were all pro-US instead of for the good, welfare, and well-beings of the Japanese they now ruled. ; Japan surrendered and many IJM that were captured were not given a fair-trial, mostly ordinary soldiers and were just following orders from the bad ones, and of course naturally being on the loosing side, so many of them Innocent captives, unfairly accused with war crimes were wrongly convicted and were unjustly hanged to death, while those that had infact really done wrong and hideous things were spared and freed. ; Japan  humbly submerged themselves to the then US Army's stationed in Japan frequent bullyings and racial discriminations to the Japanese, for the mere reason of them being Japs, the losers of the war, the Asians they suffered severe discriminations and wrongdoings even if it is already a War-is-over-situation. Some GI's even treated their women unfairly and do anything as they please with the Japanese Women then anywhere in Japan.. ; they were humiliated, judged - former IJA or ordinary civilian it doesn't matter all experienced some sort of misdoings, and so on and so on..。

You see if that is not being humble enough for you.. then i don't know what is. What the Japanese did too to all the countries they have severely-wronged after Surrendering to the US, and after everything in Japan normalize and they become able to at least pay back in words of apologies, in paper (in finances) in return to the wrong they did, i believe they did it well, to some even more than thrice they paid the huge demands and price.. in China, Korea, the Philippines it was all humbly given, not as funds in exchanges of their families loss (death of a lovedone can never be re-payed) but as assistance because they do not else know how to make it up for what they have done during WWII. If those aren't enough humbleness to you, then tell me what else is?

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It isn't art. An art is made out of one's creativity or imagination primarily to be appreciated for its beauty or mainly to endow emotional power to anyone who will view it. "Sexual images of minors, women or not - in Mangas and Animes" do not provide any of the two, but instead disturbing, perverted and unpleasant. I am not fond of mangas or animes yet likewise I do not have anything against it either. Japan is by far the best when it comes to Anime and Manga Art, but this just goes way beyond the norm. It is alarming and obscenely sinuous to brutalize children or youth even only thru images as such in this form of entertainment/pleasure or whatever you call it, it is disgusting. I wouldn't wanna have my kids near any of these unappealing crap. <(`^´)>o(`^´*)

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Unbelievable even to this day, this was even considered a question, much to my chagrin and horror, reading all those who think there is justice in randomly nuking two cities, with a scale as huge as a NUCLEAR WEAPON targeted to innocent civilians is deliberately a (war) crime, inhumane, barbaric, and evil. Both cities, and especially Nagasaki could have been avoided. In all the guilt and conscience of a sane human mind, heartless or not, blind or dumb, it should NOT have happened.

By early August of 1945 from February of that same year, the Japanese military might was crumbling fast. Finances were all but gone. Imperial Navy Forces were all down and defeated, They were already ready to surrender... and it was only a matter of days, if not hours before it became official. Japan was ready to surrender by the Hiroshima bombing, which led to the number of casualties of about 150,000 innocent civilians or more. Still, America decided to drop ANOTHER ONE on Nagasaki! So, it merely seems that America just wanted to flex their muscle and show the world what they're made of... scare tactics for all to quiver at. Just wanting to test their weapons of mass destruction ... does not justify killing 100's of 1,000's of innocent people - women and children!! And not just once ... but, TWiCE!! Obviously they don't know when enough is enough ...

Overall, up to this date, whatever justification or reasoning and those who said yes it was justifiable, I hope you understand that human lives are valuable and can't be thrown away like unneeded garbage.

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Human consumption of whales and/or dolphin meat have always been controversial and has been denounced by detractors on wildlife conservation, toxicity, and animal rights grounds for many years. Practice of human consumption of whales continues today in Japan, Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands, by Basques, the Inuit and other indigenouspeoples of the United States (including the Makah people of the Pacific Northwest), Canada, Greenland; the Chukchi people of Siberia, and Bequia in the Caribbean Sea.

In Japan it has been an old tradition. Whales have been hunted for meat in Japan since before 800 AD dating back centuries ago believed to begin in the old Jomon Period or Era. An old norm of "tradition".. that has gone a rarity now in Modern Japan. After World War II, due to damage to Japan's infrastructure, whale meat became an important source of proteins.

What i don't see and never will understand is how it is that the denouncement and judgements are mostly and only pointed out to Japan alone? For this old practice / "tradition" is not only done in Japan....

In Europe, whale could once be hunted locally throughout the Middle Ages for their meat and oil. Under Catholicism, aquatic creatures were generally considered "fish"; therefore whale was deemed suitable for eating during Lent and other "lean periods". An alternative explanation is that the Church considered "hot meat" to raise the libido, making it unfit for holy days. Parts submerged in water, such as whale or beaver tails, were considered "cold meat.

In Japan with regards to dolphins, Taiji, Wakayama Prefecture is the only town in Japan where drive hunting still takes place on a large scale(???) Although if this is true, it is only in that particular region i believe. It has been criticized, documented and filmed in "The Cove". I have been residing in a Kanto prefecture (very near Tokyo) for more than 23 years now with my family and been to a lot of places from the Northern Japan to the Souths of Okinawa Islands, but up to this date fortunately i swore i have NEVER seen a dolphin meat yet anywhere here, in any markets nor in any restaurants. Least to say i have never tried eating or will never will.. even if it will be served in front of my meal here in Japan.. With regards to Whale meat though i have twice or thriced saw one served back in 1992 as beef jerky only as "whale jerky" in a gourmet restaurant. My hub who's a Japanese said to me along with my Father in Law confirming me that whale meats were served back in the days as school meal "kyushoku" dating back until the fiftees during post war as substitutes to cattle meat as beef, pork, and chicken meat are too expensive then and if there are cattle meats only rare and unaffordable.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in 2014, asked for understanding of Japanese dolphin hunting in a small town (Taiji) in western Japan responding to U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy. He said "The dolphin hunting is an ancient practice rooted in their culture and supports their livelihood. In every country and region, there are practice and ways of living and culture that have been handed down from ancestors. Naturally, I feel that they shoulb be respected"

For once in many, this time alone i agree with Abe.

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Why is it that when everytime Japan do remember and commemorate the Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Chinese and the South Koreans are always the first to react and criticize? Common it is expected i understand. I despise and hate Japan's hideous war antrocities all over the Pacific during WWII. The Japanese and its country are without a doubt and unmistakably perpetrators of War Crimes and personally it cannot be forgotten nor forgiven. I am a gaijin who is living in Japan for more than two dacades now, and the country where i was born and a Nationality at- was both been colonized by both the US and Japan. JAPAN during WWII did so many terrible, evil things to the Filipinos ie. Bataan March, the raping of our women, and the likes, same goes for the Americans (although on a somehow milder scale) as compared to what the Japanese did to the Filipinos during their occupation. But our people aren't like the Chinese and South Koreans who hold extreme grudges on Japan and its people to the point of always attacking and criticizing their ways of remembering the war and the Atomic bombings. I also should mention that i beg to disagree on the above article on this: "Ceremonies like this water down the fact that Japan was also a perpetrator of war crimes. This shows how adept Japan is at scheming and calculating."

Wrong Assesment, China.. Sorry to be blunt and straight. Japan do annually commemorate Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings here in Japan NOT because they want to forget the fact that Japan itself did so many war antrocities. They don't hold ceremonies to convinced their people that they hadn't done anything wrong at all during the Expansion of the Imperial Armies of Manchuria and all the Pacific Countries. Truth is I was infact surprised upon learning that the Japanese young generation now know what their ancestors did during the Pacific war... they know and are aware of the Nanking Massacre, the Manchuria Occupation and so on. My kids in school are being taught of it now in History Class, equally all BOTH the good and the bad about Japan during WWII.. whereas during my Japanese Husband's era in the 1960's you hardly cannot find any information on the Jap. War Antrocities written in their textbooks. Now fortunately it is different, and Japanese Media played a big role in exposing everything through documentaries and even dramas and movies. Internet and modern technologies now also helped.

Japan remembers and hold ceremonies of the bombings annually to mainly show its people what war has did to them.. what it likewise did to other countries they occupied.. to not forget.. to not commit the same mistakes again.. to hold its firm beliefs against any use of Nuclear Weapon on Civilians and unto the Environment.. to campaign and appeal to the World for Nuclear to be NOT ever again be used. Let's face it Japan is the only country in the world that was attacked and destructed by Nuclear weapons and they were the only ones who were able to experienced it and.. They are the only ones who know what its like and how it feels. They have all the right to do commemorations and ceremonies. Let them be please.

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sfjp330 "The Soviet invasion made a decision on ending the war extremely time sensitive."

I certainly agree on this.

In the last course of WWII, Truman had enlisted the help of the Soviets. However after doing this it is told and believed that he regretted the decision as it would provide the not completely trusted Soviets the opportunity to move further east. In result to all of this Truman needed a way to end the war quickly, and the US had already been testing atomic bombs, the timing could not have been more perfect. Soon after the testing had finished in New Mexico, President Truman was informed that the US had atomic bombing capabilities, the perfect solution to his problems. The US would be able to end the war quickly, and at the same time show the Soviets the potential of destructive force and power the US had. Soon the first bomb was dropped, but Japan did not surrender as they did not wish to fall to the terms of unconditional surrender. Under these terms their emperor system would be removed, and they could not stand for this. Therefore surrender was heavily debated on, eventually they decided to ask the Soviets for help, but it was too late for them, as the Soviets had been near the border of Japanese territory, and closing quickly upon the inland of Japan. It was now when Joseph Stalin declared war upon the Japanese. Eventually the US had another bomb to drop. They arrived to Japan within 5 hours, and the alarm had been set off in Nagasaki. But it turns out that the first plane sent was merely a weather recording plane, and the alarm was lifted. Soon after more planes came, this time carrying the bomb. They could not however drop the bomb without the third plane which had not yet arrived. Eventually they decided that they had wasted enough fuel, and decided to drop the bomb upon Nagasaki in order to make it back to the US safely because it would be the only way, they had to drop the excess cargo, the atomic bomb "Fat Man". Hundreds of thousands of people were killed. Children killed, children who survived found themselves without parents or family. Thousands died later due to radiation. The US had responded rashly and without thought only trying to show the world that they still held power. And it was never recorded once that Truman or his officials ever questioned the use of the bomb either. It was decided without any further thought or questioning. And when the Japanese did surrender, the US cheered, but did they actually know what had happened? Children touching the bodies of their parents only to see the bodies poof into a cloud of ashes and particles only to be swept away. People everywhere died from radiation. The US responded to the attacks not once but twice, causing the Japanese to decide to use kamikaze pilots. US had made them desperate with the second bombing. BUT the SOVIETS joining in to the war against Japan had pull off the trigger for surrender and it foreclosed all of its options of battle strategies for the Japanese..

Still. Many lives could have been saved if they only had stopped after the first atomic bomb, Little Boy, which wasn't justified either. America could have negotiated instead...

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White Light, Black Rain........ those were among the descriptions after the blasts. It is that time of the year again when i really get very, very sad and begin to hate hearing the words "WAR" ; "Nuclear" ; "ATOMIC BOMB" even more. Enola Gay's~ "Little Boy" was dropped in Hiroshima and followed 2 days after by "Fat Man" in Nagasaki - making those Two Atomic Bombs no doubt the World's 1st and World's Most deadliest weapon in History ever used in a Country and its innocent Civilians. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were sadly only the random unfortunate targets. Up to now, 70 years after, still thousands and thousands of people in those two cities are still suffering, living the effects from radiations and turmoils from that fateful day of Aug. 6 and Aug. 9, including their children's children and the many, coming generations of those who survived and were radiated.

I am sickly tired of hearing people justifying those A-bombs to be (so-called) "necessary" to end WW2, and continue assuming that Japan would not surrender hadn't the US used those bombs in those two cities which weren't even a threat to the US at the time. Stop it, we all know what really made Japan to surrender and it wasn't because of either of the 2 bombs. We also know why Truman decided to use it when it could've been avoided. NO ONE AMONG US HUMANS HAS THE RIGHT TO PLAY GOD. These numbers says it all, these numbers have each a "face" and each have an equally "life & living" that were all- of-a-sudden ended and forever changed in effect of those bombings.. literally and instantly nuking them alive. if not killing them. It's "NUCLEAR WEAPON" we're talking here, and twice at that! Picture it happening to your country.. to your loved-ones. It should NOT have been made and be used again, ever, by any human to an equal human. Truman should've been hanged too and punished as much as those Imperial Japanese Militaries that were executed for war crimes. Bombing innocent Civilians is not only cowardice but totally a War Crime against Humanity. If some say the US wasn't the only country to have used a Nuclear weapon capable of mass-destruction in history.. then i say the US started it all. They opened the gates to our civilization's own doom and created a scary, massive, terrifying World of Nuclear Age! No wonder did Japan ever engage their country in a war after that (WW II). And no wonder too that the United States has been in to EVERY wars there is then.. and until now. Many Lives will never ever come back, but reflecting on what it has done to the whole mankind, and learning lessons out of it may hopefully serve as inspirations in our continued goal and willingness towards World Peace.... No to Atomic bombs.. NO to Nuclear Weapons! Never again..

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