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Posted in: Australia abolishes divisive carbon tax See in context

And this is the country that thinks it has the moral high ground to teach Japan about whales.

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Posted in: Iran warns it could walk away from nuclear talks See in context

Iran says the west has "excessive demands" and west says Iran has "unworkable and inadequate positions". I wonder what they do in those negotiations, neither party seems to be prepared for a compromise.

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Posted in: Bodies of 3 missing Israeli teens found in West Bank See in context

Something the Israeli search showed clearly is how little value they see in Palestinian life. They probably murdered at least two children in their efforts. Israel regularly abducts Palestinians, it only calls it "arrests", but what is an arrest without a fair trial? Israel is moving more and more towards Apartheid. Netanyahu has called the Palestinians human animals. It seems that to the Israeli state, Arabs are not as valuable as Jews. Why don't we impose sanctions on them for state terrorism?

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Posted in: Germany edge Algeria 2-1 in extra time See in context

Certainly this wasn't the best performance we have seen from Germany. But this is a general observation for in this world cup, all the favourites didn't play as well as expected. Brazil barely managed to get to the next round, Holland had so many problems against Mexico and of course big teams like Italy and Spain never even got to the last 16. France by the way showed its weaknesses against Nigeria and Germany will exploit this on Friday and win the match.

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Posted in: First HondaJet takes to the skies See in context

Numbers are very unimpressive; the G650...

Maybe that's because the G650 is a much bigger plane? The F-22 also has more impressive numbers. According to wikipedia the G650 has a unit cost of $64 million while the HondaJet is just $4.5 million (pre-mass production). The numbers are not bad at all for a plane of this size. But what I'd be more interested in is fuel consumption and safety.

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Posted in: Germany, U.S., Belgium, Algeria advance, completing final 16 See in context

At least South Korea lost so Japan can still think of itself as the strongest team in Asia. Group H was arguably the weakest group which makes Korea's last place there even worse. The only impressive performance of an Asian team was Iran in the second half against Argentina.

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Posted in: Kagawa blasts Japan's 'pathetic' World Cup exit See in context

Japan played well, but they need to learn to use the chances they get. The final score against Colombia was not representative of the match. Being in a weak confederation with no world class teams also doesn't help to get the experience they need to succeed in an international tournament like this.

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Posted in: Filipino ex-sex slaves demand justice from Japan See in context

Estelita Dy, 84. “Justice is what we need, justice now.”

You could have had justice when the asian women's fund was set up.

This is NOT to say that ALL "comfort" women were prostitutes, and even the ones that were prostitutes were not mistreated.

The question is, how many of them were prostitutes and how many were enslaved? And how can you find out if a former comfort woman was forced or not? Even the 20,000 to 200,000 estimate for the total number is not exactly precise.

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Posted in: Angry scenes as TEPCO shareholders demand end to nuclear power See in context

Irrespective of what you think about nuclear power, idling plants cost money. Investing in renewable energy and building a whole new infrastructure costs even more. You can't demand that and at the same time ask for more compensation. Who is supposed to pay?

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Posted in: Abe says he is not considering visit to N Korea See in context

Abe visiting North Korea before South Korea should cause interesting reactions. The South might even realise that fighting Japan only hurts itself.

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Posted in: Abe unveils grand plan to boost economic growth See in context

It all depends on how much Abe will actually do in the end. These plans are a step in the right direction, maybe he'll take another step after this. Maybe, maybe not.

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Posted in: Portugal scores in last minute to draw 2-2 with U.S. See in context

the best possible result from germany's point of view

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Posted in: S Korea holds live-fire drill, ignoring Japan's protest See in context

Anyways, what's wrong with hosting their own military exercise in their own territory? Didn't Japan conduct their own military exercise in Sengaku Islands as well? Look at this irony over here LMAO

In fact Japan hasn't conducted exercises on the Senkaku islands. That's the difference between Japan and Korea, although Japan views the Senkaku islands as its territory it still respects China's claim despite the behaviour of the CCP. That's why nobody is allowed to visit the islands. Korea however doesn't know how civilised nations should act.

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