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Posted in: Japan considers joint air patrols with U.S. in South China Sea See in context

superpowers need to counterbalance

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Posted in: Japanese victims of Tunis museum attack identified See in context

badman, normal muslims r like u or any other reading the news. what r u doing to stop the terror besides writting a post?. All muslim nations r also combating the terror by cutting down terror networks, preventing potential terrorist from going to iraq etc stop increasing the terror group numbers etc. normal muslims in iraq etc r fighting the battles on the ground doing the high risk jobs while foreign fighters fight in the safety of their cockpit although that might b an understatement.

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Posted in: Kawasaki murder victim's mother releases statement to media See in context

The story of this boy really moving, nvr fails to make my eyes damp with tears everytime update on the news comes out the television. i hvnt post anyting for quite a long time here but i feel very strong for this boy's tradegy. Sorry mom, i think u didnt do enough for ur poor kid! Regret all u can ur whole life. This story will be an eye opener for all parents to learn from to avoid such regret.

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Posted in: 200-strong Japanese business delegation visits China See in context

china gov: See? japan begs at us. we r always right. senkaku is ours, south china sea is ours, no matter what we do to them they will always need us. we r the bos.

citizens (both countries): we just want to do business and make a living

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Posted in: Court orders TEPCO to pay Y49 mil over Fukushima evacuee's suicide See in context

I support the idea of paying for tangible property loss or compensation for loss business or jobs.

But I dont support compensating for suicide because this will promote more suicide and encourage ppl to give up.

I dont support this even more when the money used to pay the enormous amount is through the taxpayers money.

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Posted in: Japan rejects U.N. committee's call on 'comfort women' See in context

I can bet high that the patriotic Mr ban ki-moon doing much of the 'pushing' in this issue. For s.korea, i guess only when all the comfort women and the old age japanese army veterens finish their last breath does this will quiet down. For china, only when the downfall of the communist party's will stop the endless history propaganda. The old world and the world after the war is not the same. Every body who has been to all three countries, s.korea, china and japan today would know which county has the most polite people in the world and which has the worst manners in the world or temperament.

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Posted in: Patient in Niigata hospital psychiatric ward kills another patient See in context

Everybody needs a proper private room, for normal and especially psychologically ill people. Otherwise this would not have happened...

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Posted in: Grapes fetch record Y550,000 a bunch See in context

Personally i feel it is a very irritating news to read. I wish they could spend the money to feed some hungry family or some kind of charity instead. Would love to see the face of the buyers, just curious to see how they look like.

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Posted in: 6 former 'comfort women' demand apology from Japan See in context

not demand apology, but demand quick money before they die. because children n grandchildren wants quick cash.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. to back ASEAN's sea surveillance See in context

china rude and greedy nature cannot be more obvious. been to china recently, got shouted by taxi driver, cut cue line, non helpful hotel staff etc. first hand experience met few good quality helpful fellows though, I hope these kind of quality ppl increase there!

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Posted in: Naraha mayor rejects gov't plan to build nuclear waste storage facility See in context

it is sad but fukushima have to sacrifice it self. it is already contaminated and will take decades to or eons?? to lose its radioactivity, so its only logical to use the same site to store the waste. Dont spread the nuclear waste all over japan. I know fukushima inhibitants r sad about this but its the fact.

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Posted in: Gov't panel OKs expanded eligibility of women with children to use daycare centers See in context

why are the day care centers not privatized? does it really need to be under the armpit of the government?.. There is a lot of demand for daycare center because women in japan works now, it will also provide job when more day care center is opened. It is a good business too so there shouldnt be a short in the centers. Of course the qualifications of the care givers should be monitored and certificate of qualification be given to proper day cares. Its actually simple, dont complicate things

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Posted in: N Korea calls Abe 'militarist maniac' See in context

hahahaha laugh so much by reading this news. Japan is increasing its military capability because china force it to. Whos to blame?

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd catches up with Japan fleet; 4 whales dead so far See in context

why would research be done using a factory ship?? something smells fishy

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Posted in: Female suicide bomber kills 18 at Russian train station See in context

normal muslims are fine, but extremist are scary. Any extremist or obsessed ppl r scary.

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Posted in: Abe reaches out to Hashimoto for possible alliance See in context

omg, the worst news i ever heard just before newyear!

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Posted in: Russia blocks U.N. action against Syria air attacks See in context

Russia dont want to lose its customer, weapon trade seems to be very profitable now?

I dont get it why the 'special council in the UN is necessary'? it should be a democracy, all nations should have equal rights and authority regardless of the size or wealth of the country.

one country blocks a world decision? is not funny?

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Posted in: Savage murder rocks city in Toyama See in context

never play around with people honor or treat others disrespectfully no matter if they are your subordinate or have low status in the society. Human can only endure so much before things turn black... (Just a hunch). Still I hope the murderer will be caught immediately and to keep the neighborhood safe...

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Posted in: China denounces 'slanderous' air zone remarks by Abe See in context

Who would ASEAN be willing to work with? a country that promises peaceful business and development or a country that wants to forcefully take the sea that belongs to the ASEAN region? gosh its is such an easy choice lol

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Posted in: Don’t own a TV? NHK doesn’t care, but still wants your money See in context

NHK should start getting income from commercials, I love watching the commercials, its fun. Thats what TV should do right? to entertain while getting information across.

The unfair forever requesting for money till one dies should be stopped

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Posted in: Japan food scandals cloud export hopes See in context

I always think japan's strength is in robotic or engineering and not natural sciences. The IPS nobel prize is some rare achievement in biological research.

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Posted in: Foreign trainees in Japan face exploitation See in context

bring them to justice! make a lesson for others to send the message that abuse will not be tolerated! pay fairly!

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Posted in: Japanese airlines to stop giving China flight plans through new zone See in context

spudman, ppl really want quality not quantity, made in china is famous for its poor quality while made in japan is praised for its high quality. what does ppl want to buy? made in china or made in japan? the world is not just china and japan. minus china out of the world map still leaves hundreds of other countries with many resources and market.

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Posted in: Japanese airlines say they will obey China's air zone rules See in context

If the communist party goes to war with japan, will the whole country will go to war? do you think the uighur, tibetians, inner mongolians etc will sacrifice themselves for the repressive regime? when all strength is brought to the frontline, its the best opportunity for internal rebellion to rise up and down with the communist party.

For now, the current situation of airlines acknowledging air zone demand is what the communist party wanted. The communist party greed is too clear to stay neutral or take its side on land and sea matter.

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Posted in: Asian airlines to give flight plans to China after air zone created See in context

Other nations wants japan n china settle it peacefully thats y not many official remarks are said to avoid complicating the situation. If china makes the same move with the south china sea, I think all hell will break lose, the asean countries who is already siding with japan will stand up as the fight is brought up to them as well. China ambitions has gone too far, they should accept what they have, big land less sea, thats the fact. I know they wish they are like australia having both land and sea area, but stop being greedy.

If china dreams to one day control the whole east asia, that day will be prove to be a nightmare, dead pigs will fill in the rivers, poison smoke fill the air, poison in the food and death to freedom.

Seems like china is also acting like north korea, making a fuss of something to take attention away from domestic troubles.

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Posted in: China warns North Korea; blames Japan for tension See in context

north korea will not exist today if china didnt sent its troop, seems like actually china is the reason why the korean peninsula is unstable. otherwise the korean peninsula would have been one country a long time ago under democracy. pff

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Posted in: 8 reasons why Japanese workers are so slow at making decisions See in context

I went to a korean restaurant in Japan, I asked for meat to be excluded in my meal and ask egg instead in exchange, logically i deserve it because the price of the meal includes the meat so technically it should be cheeper but an egg request would be good enough in replace to prevent a fuss but NO~...

It infuriates me how unfair the businesses are, if u take off something from the menu its ok, still pay full price, fine, exchange instead, egg is much cheeper than meat, duh

I understand that the management calculates the stock precisely how much slices a 50g tomato should be cut to make xyz burgers, but they should also know to value the customers, think what the customers want, that was the fundamental of business right pff

Its not the japanese workers, its the superiors who are bad decision makers.

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Posted in: China praises Korean assassin whom Japan calls a 'criminal' See in context

I heard rumors by south korean friends that they fear China is just waiting for north korea to crumble so it can take the land which 'belongs to china since ancient times' lol, china must be happy that the south is going along well. Y dont the koreans glorify all the assassinations done by china 'since ancient times'? lol i bet china has colonized the koreans dozens if not hundreds of time over more than japan in history. puff

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Posted in: Japans defends U-turn on greenhouse gas emissions goal See in context

Japan is not being inconsiderate. It clearly reasonable because of the misfortune that fallen to Japan. What do you prefer? a nuclear radioactive wasteland over CO2? Japan is being realistic on what promises it can keep and at least japan is being honest and still look forward to develop clean energy (solar power, wind, geothermal etc). Other industrialized nations that are not affected by disasters should instead sacrifice a bit by cutting down more? hows that? reasonable?

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Posted in: Emperor breaks with centuries-old burial tradition See in context

I still think the tomb still takes a big chunk of land regardless of burial or cremation...

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