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Posted in: Man arrested for cutting off octogenarian neighbor's ear in Tokyo See in context

Thats also historically a very old kind of punishment, btw still represented in the Kanji letter for 'take'. So you can see that 'sign' representing the ear-cutting everywhere, many times a day, although it has changed a bit its original meaning over the centuries. Obviously not for everyone...

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Posted in: What's your stance on the death penalty? See in context

It's a necessary setting of a high price to pay if someone is considering killings of many (here usually above one) lives. Such applied, it's of course not preventing all mass murder, but it surely potentially prevents completely or limits to one victim quite some of them. A comparison of crime statistics with countries where's no more death penalty shows obviously a certain success. For example, most US and EU states have abolished death penalty, but now have the burden of more killings and following much higher crime rates in general, because the criminals now psychologically have to fear just nothing. They are even pampered by society a lot of years more, if ever landing in jail or getting even away with their crimes, inadequately answered by gentle justice , sometimes even giving a not outspoken but in fact advantageous invitation for committing crimes or even murder as an easy 'problem solving'. If there is any problem with death penalty, then it is consisting of the two possible extremes, too much applied like for example in China, Saudi Arabia or a complete lacking of death penalty like in Europe.

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Posted in: Epic Games, Lego join forces for latest 'Fortnite' game See in context

And why do you especially read that very rare 'The New Paper' that brings such a picture? Are you somehow addicted to find such symbols everywhere and then complaining as a method of camouflaging the addiction? Anyway, I even doubt that such a paper exists with the name 'The New Paper'. lol

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Posted in: Bitcoin rally shines spotlight on investor risks See in context

No, of course it's not collapsing, because they keep their big Ponzi alive. Like in sine curves, they pushi it up to attract new investors, then extort quite a part of the money and then the next cycle. It's their money printing machine, in poor countries, dictatorships and of course in the original area of IT grey zone , money laundering gang and hacker gang circles.

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Posted in: How come there are few new Christmas carols or songs created anymore? Why do we just keep listening to all the old favorites written decades ago? See in context

That's only one small symptom as it is illustrating the decline and disappearing of everything related too. Another example, The first some kindergartens in EU already avoid putting Christmas trees on display, because that could potentially hurt religious feelings of the many different minorities who are in sum the vast majority already. So the answer is, enjoy the old songs instead of no songs, while you still can.

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Posted in: How do you think movies made in recent years will be perceived in the future, say, 50 years from now? See in context

Movies, 50 years from now? What an easy to answer question for everyone walking around with open eyes. You also exactly know the answer, or still don't you? Almost all depictions of people will be prohibited, only calligraphic book verses allowed, as only legal artworks. Isn't that what can be expected, already more than obvious now, in our era?

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Posted in: Australian government hopes to rush through laws that could detain dangerous migrants See in context

Who really cares so much anymore? EU is lost already and soon falls to them, then not so much behind US, and then Australia and NZ alone also aren't self-sufficient enough to withstand anymore too. Of course I mean more the bigger historical time span, not that you should fear already for next week or month. But anyway, that's even also not fixed and may be too optimistic, as the quite sudden war outbreaks in Ukraine and Gaza hopefully have already shown and taught everyone with open eyes, knowledge or anticipation 'antennas'.

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Posted in: Clean energy innovation or illusion? JETP climate funds See in context

Then simply all that money spent there lacks in the countries where the money comes from, usually those with much higher development or industry output, and then can't be spent for own transition there. Isn't that easily to apprehend? If you have one dollar and your transition costs that one dollar, than you can't give fifty cents there and think both areas get their full transition, because then neither of both gets it. And if you give them your one dollar, they have the transition and you not anymore. I guess, even a nursery toddler can comprehend such issues.

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Posted in: AI could judge if user is of porn-watching age under new UK guidance See in context

That won't work well, if the kids come up with another, an adult's face holding into camera during the age check.

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Posted in: UK unveils tough new rules designed to cut immigrant numbers See in context

As if that still could help with anything. Even if a few less come, then come the more to continental Europe and UK earlier faces a complete and big Islamic / African neighborhood. So this is not even a postponement, but in fact a trigger for becoming taken over completely too.

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Posted in: Putin plans to visit UAE and Saudi Arabia this week, according to Russian media reports See in context

Well, he is obviously sometimes turning into a gifted strategist, not so completely untalented and permanently on the error paths like we are in the West. If he ever manages also to to pull them as Sunni representation, he is already allied with Iran Shiites, into the Russia - China union, which is less difficult for him because those countries are far away from democracy too, then he can use all the Arabic and Islamic agents that are already installed and sleeping Troyan horses, for activation calls in all Western area. And if those minorities strike concerted and at the same time we're done completely within a very few days.

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Posted in: Toyota to make 20% of European sales zero-emission cars by 2026 See in context

That's of not much use. Not the production, model palette and sales offers are the problem , but more the non-existing refilling infrastructure, the still much higher prices and the market acceptance in general. And we have some specific market conditions in EU in the coming decades. The origin population shrinks and ages, means less income , pensions , physical capabilities to drive any car etc. And all the many new youngsters / immigrants are either dependent on welfare or want a strong, fat combustion car that makes some motor noise and impresses the surrounding guys and even more the potential girlfriends or women. They spend not a millisecond on thoughts about such car companies managers' or politicians' considerations for a better environment or EV / solid fuel quota.

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Posted in: World carbon dioxide emissions increase again, driven by China, India and aviation See in context

Of course aviation to COP meetings is excluded, because it solely serves higher, honorific goals, right? lol

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Posted in: Europe's world-leading artificial intelligence rules are facing a do-or-die moment See in context

They'd better quickly create some rulings on border restrictions there, otherwise they are gone away long before the existence of any AI.

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Posted in: The challenges of being a religious scientist See in context

At least both sides have one thing in common, they cannot prove their own absolute theory of existence respectively non-existence of a higher power or god. Religious people can't present a god and scientists cannot assign a probability value of exactly zero, for illustration. But if that common fact alone is already a sufficient and durable base for limitless cooperation, coexistence, coworking etc, , that surely may be massively doubted.

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Posted in: What is the secret to decorating your Christmas tree like a professional? See in context

Maybe the secret is to somehow bring 'warmth' onto the tree. Of course it's not anymore ecologically correct, but the usage of cheap LED , blinking effects or plastic decorations is usually a no-go. Use better only old warm light bulbs, of course real candles would be best but are too dangerous, then natural and wooden deco pieces and thin aluminum stripes (lametta) for a professional look. Anyway, when your fine work has been done hide your perfect tree under all circumstances from the eco police and climate change front within your family or guests. They won't have any understanding for such a professionally decorated Christmas tree.

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Posted in: 7 burned to death in South Africa township 'mob' attack: police See in context

Of course it cannot work there. Formerly they were kept in check, not so nice, ok, but nowadays, have you ever seen a chessboard match without any white figures? That's simply impossible.

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Posted in: On COP28 sidelines, philanthropies invest $450 million to help tackle methane See in context

It won't help at all with climate problems, but it will help global south to stomp us in the west very much down and bring themselves a very small bit up. Very clever by them, killing all bigger first world economies simply with that imaginary climate vehicle.

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Posted in: Dozens of U.S. adolescents dying from drug overdoses every month See in context

It's simply a question of education and public information. When I was young, it was more than only a short topic in the school curriculum and additionally also very cheap books for young readers were sold at all bookstores with every thinkable detail about illegal or dangerous drugs , all known kinds, where they come from, ingredients, chemical structures, which effects occur, consequences for own mind and body health, society, economy etc. After those lessons and that lecture everyone was informed perfectly and no one ever consumed drugs other than legal alcoholic or tobacco products. Well, you guess it, that was still during and behind the Iron curtain. There even haven't such drugs been available , produced or sold, even if an educated and informed person would ever have wanted them anyway. Potential penalties and harsh justice was very clearly to be expectef and absolutely no tolerance shown, not for dealing and not for possession. So a drug free country obviously can work absolutely fine, but only if really wanted. So my guess is, when it's about drugs, there is also a rather wrong understanding or too much of private and public freedom.

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Posted in: Canada says Google will pay $74 million annually to Canadian news industry under new online law See in context

Surely you mean, the paying customers of Google pay those millions, not the company itself. No company pays anything, no wages, no energy costs, no penalties, no taxes, just nothing, finally those all are kinds of operative costs that current or future customers will fully have to pay. And if in some rare cases that doesn't work, then the company gets into reds or bankruptcy and again the company won't pay, but the society in general or some bank customers of the bank where the bankrupt company has its debts in. You hopefully now see, a company pays nothing, not even your wages. Everything is paid by customers.

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Posted in: New technology installed beneath Detroit street can charge electric vehicles as they drive See in context

As for me, I wouldn't declare such an old and known physical effect or retried attempt as a (new) technology. The energy losses are enormous, my guess. Neither creation of the needed infrastructure nor its continuous operation make any sense, energetically and ecologically.

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Posted in: U.S. continues to fly Osprey aircraft in Japan, despite Tokyo's request not to See in context

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

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Posted in: Amazon launches Q, a business chatbot powered by generative artificial intelligence See in context

But anyway, the name choice is very clever, referring to OpenAI's ultra capable Q* which there led to the quite some confusing problems and speculations about its outstanding capabilities.

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Posted in: Singapore, Zurich world's most expensive cities: EiU See in context

Well, those are globally the financial and bank hubs and grey zone Ponzi as well as tax haven centers, that's what they have in common leading to higher prices.

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Posted in: Musk uses expletive to tell audience he doesn't care about advertisers that fled X over hate speech See in context

Well, one promised X feature was reactivating all temporarily banned Twitter accounts and reinstalling free speech for everyone. But even that doesn't work. Although I theoretically could use my account again, it is still barred, unless I fulfill certain tasks like a penalty waiting time counter of several hours and of course withdrawing the last message in former Twitter. But no way, I am at least stubborn like they are. Keep your online software platform and I keep my opinion, banned or not.

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Posted in: 'Napoleon' conquers French box office, if not critics See in context

Watching the trailer is already difficult to stand and more than sufficient. What purpose does that movie attempt have, besides making some bucks? Look, he neither acts, speaks nor even looks like Napoleon.

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Posted in: U.S. Osprey with 6 aboard crashes into ocean near Yakushima; one death confirmed See in context

Don't always throw this kind of garbage in the air, better completely recycle it, before the next people die. Anyway, they won't listen and learn and I even know already what will happen instead. Here thumbs down, and there the next stubborn Osprey starts, tragedies and dead counts.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges to do utmost to tackle negative impact of price hikes See in context

Tax cuts are only a very theoretical solution and practically will help almost nothing at all. If for example your daily lunch budget is 500yen, but the inflation has suddenly brought up all the lunch prices to 770yen, including 10% tax, then show me how you can buy any of it, when the tax would be completely cut and it then still costs 700yen. Additionally to that you still can't buy anything, the state, prefecture or city / village community lacks then the 10% tax, needed for anything infrastructure, education, defense, child rearing support, social security and pension funds and all such. Tax cuts will massively fall on own feet and won't make better your situation, neither short nor long time. The only solution is another, but I'm tired of typing it again and again. Well, it's ignored anyway, so let's continue suffering more and more until the nearly irreversible decline is completed and the game is over. That's obviously the priority everywhere, not only in Japan btw.

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Posted in: China turns to households in fight to slash carbon emissions See in context

What a senseless attempt. Of course the installation of those coin, token or voucher systems as well as the production and distribution of those prize goods etc consume the next energy and bring the next loads of carbon. They trick themselves or use those campaigns as an alibi in front of international meetings on carbon or climate issues, but that is all on this useless attempt.

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Posted in: Japan's lower house approves ¥13.2 tril FY2023 extra budget See in context

Nice try, but without courage, in a small and useless size. That money goes into short term consumption and then it's over again for everyone. Instead of such a little cute paper crane a real money helicopter would have been needed. With some real money young people could afford a family and children, all young people, workers and employees could could study at an university or skill-up their capabilities for new technologies. Then innovation and production of new services and products would appear which sell on global markets and bring everything in economy up on newest level and even pay the helicopter money back. But this useless attempt here, 7 or 10 man Yen? Yes, of course nice to have, but surely not at all problem solving or worth a deeper discussion.

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