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Posted in: U.S. denounces Russian 'disinformation' over COVID vaccines See in context

Let’s shortly think about it...If you are a Russian and directly situated in Russia you can probably trust their vaccines. why that? They surely very quickly got full hints or the whole recipe on vaccines from the Chinese, by simply reprogramming some missiles targeting on Beijing, if not. Putin just wouldn’t accept only some ‘heartfelt’ excuses from Xi for that friendly fire out of Wuhan. So that’s the best possible vaccine. But the vaccines exported to other countries, outside Russia? Difficult to say, again it may differ what country you are in. It’s surely a hazard game on which vaccine you can trust then. Pfizer/Moderna are both a new concept and a great invention, admitted, but do they really reflect all the gain-in-function alterations made in that infamous laboratories and without fully information support from China, if any? As for me....still undecided, but tending to Moderna or then the much more gamble, Sputnik.

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Posted in: U.S. denounces Russian 'disinformation' over COVID vaccines See in context

Seems to be more widespread than written above. Also the EU is complaining those disinformation campaigning by the Russians, that is more on other topics and especially voluminous against Germany and France. I would count it all under ‘thanks for Navalny’ and stabilizing own positions that are under massive economic and corona pressure.

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Posted in: Majority of Nagasaki high schools have white-underwear-only rules, study finds See in context

Is it checked, and by whom, with or without witnesses, male, female, lgbtxq? Protocols written? Photos made and sold in the net? And where is it checked, right before the entrance gate or in a decent lighted locked bedroom? No need to answer, we all have our five minutes of perverted thinking. lol

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Posted in: Suga vows to step up rebuilding of quake-hit Tohoku region See in context

The problem are not the still never holdable promises now, but those ten years ago. That has cost them there ten years in false hopes and a ten years postponed search for a start from scratch anywhere else if they realized and would start now.

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Posted in: COVID-19 inoculations in Japan off to snail pace start due to vaccine, syringe shortages See in context

It’s all so crazy...For example, if they explicitly say the vial is for five (or ten) injections, how can anyone come on such a completely stupid idea to extract six or seven doses (or twelve) with what syringe or method ever, only to raise the published numbers and distribute more vaccinations? That’s surely the craziest nonsense ever and endangers the whole global vaccination process. The producers have a distinct reason for saying that the contents is equivalent to five doses , respectively another producer the ten doses. I could and would explain it, but it’s of no use anymore and I’m tired...

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 116 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 600 See in context

Come on, now surprise me with sinking, negative

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Posted in: Anti-nuclear rally See in context

Feel free to sit in your homes shivering from cold and having only cold water and a small candlelight, while even that already produces CO2. No, that’s only a lifestyle for a few people at a few places, but you can’t solve the whole global energy problems with a rising population in many countries and without producing usable energy out of whatever you like with having no negative side effects at all. That’s not possible. If you completely avoid problems with one energy mix component, in this case nuclear power, you’ll have more problems with the other methods. The same if you go for zero CO2, then you’ll get even more problems again with nuclear power and such. You all become happy and take all the candles and the big rest is happy too with their nuclear energy and some CO2. How about that? lol

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Posted in: UK schools to reopen, backed by frequent virus testing See in context

The problem is ability of learning and providing good education. You can open or close any buildings with any number of testing and it’s still irrelevant.

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Posted in: Can Tokyo Olympics be held with spectators? See in context

Yes, if you gather to watch some ‘64 tapes.

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Posted in: Global players brainstorm to boost COVID vaccine output See in context

No brain, no storm. It’s probably more like perfectly windstill. lol

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Posted in: U.N. congress on crime prevention opens in Kyoto See in context

U.N. congress on crime prevention opens in Kyoto

Yes, and it will soon close after, also in Kyoto.

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Posted in: New Zealand to buy enough Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines for entire population See in context

Getting it really delivered, delivered in time and then fast distributed, that is the problem, not the ordering or buying for the whole population in whatever small or big volumes.

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Posted in: COVID's impact could mean millions more child marriages: UNICEF See in context

Soon you get it....Finally just guess what kind of countries will make it and how the world will develop and look like, compared with all your home countries that have almost only seniors, no countable marriages and lowest ever childbirth rates ever.

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Posted in: Women speak out about sexual violence after Great East Japan Earthquake See in context

I just don’t agree with fixing that to social status, geographical places, bad times, wars, quakes and such. It is happening everywhere, at all times, in all countries and also in all society layers.

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Posted in: Tsunami survivors call lost loved ones on 'phone of the wind' See in context

Superstition that maybe really helps. It’s quite a paradox, I don’t understand.

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Posted in: Hitachi develops electronic signature service that eliminates personal seals by using blockchain technology See in context

Yes, and as about the half or more of all the world’s blockchain servers are located in China , they only need to read all documents , contracts etc. or manipulate them. At worst, they could switch off the equipment and all contracts, documents and signings are away, lost or invalid. Very clever invention...not. lol

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Posted in: Race, title and anguish: Meghan and Harry explain royal rift See in context

Compared with all of us here, she hasn’t any reason at all to complain about anything. She is crying out from a very high level and it is not so thankful to the court to widely lay out internal details to the public, if those are true or not. To make it short, she had no noblesse before and she also couldn’t manage to get a very small bit of it afterwards.

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Posted in: Okinawan women's civic group chronicles sex crimes by U.S. military See in context

Of course it’s very bad and must not happen and also has to be severely punished, no question. But besides of that I wonder a bit why there are almost no, if any, of such crimes regarding the other big bases and also by far not such a loud or visible resistance at any of the other places. That’s a little bit strange or too much probability biased, or not? There seems to be something or someone in the back who heats up the conflict especially in Okinawa, leading again to more crimes and more demonstrations and so on. But I don’t know so much detailed data about all countrywide cases or base sizes.

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Posted in: #MeWho? Global firms lag on sex harassment, women-friendly policy See in context

What a strange discussion. Then make it something like the schools were organized decades ago, companies only with female staff and others only with male staff. No more stupid discussion and accusations, no possible workplace harassment, even equal pay, equal numbers of leading positions and so on, finally we can even look who has more success and why or why not. What are you waiting for? lol

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Posted in: You never know when something might happen with a helicopter. There are times when something goes wrong with the aircraft like an engine stop, or the pilot suddenly becomes unwell. If not carried out in an area where safety can be assured, the chances of a terrible accident cannot be discounted, and we seem to be in a situation where anything goes so long as the U.S. military calls it training. See in context

Yes, that makes not much sense to train with helicopters at low altitudes over highly populated areas of big Japanese cities. A real assignment would be over the water, near Taiwan or South China Sea, the coastal areas there, and similar such.

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Posted in: Japan may approve 2nd COVID-19 vaccine in May: health minister See in context

Considering all the daily announcements without any significant testing or vaccinations they already now deserve an Olympic gold

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Posted in: No. of people out and about in Tokyo up despite extended virus emergency See in context

That’s by far not representative data. For example I doubt that customers of other and cheaper communication companies have the same resources to travel around extensively or go by train for shopping in the city at the same numbers or frequencies. So while NTT customer data shows rising numbers, the bigger part would have shown lower numbers. You can see that too in the daily infection rate and an excellent low stand of infections compared with other countries. Summed up, the interesting effect is that the pandemic leads to economic downturn and that downturn then leads to less pandemic.

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Posted in: New Tokyo Olympic president tries to assure Japan on safety See in context

Someone should stop those crazy people, that have not significantly much more in their head than money and a little bit of sports. The viruses don’t care about her words and calls for trust or confidence as they only react on complete testing and vaccinations and also that only in the best case or scenario. And neither one nor the other will be completed before the scheduled start of that event.

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Posted in: Doctors may overlook abnormalities when they are tired or lose concentration. AI can make a critical difference in such cases. See in context

Doctors may overlook abnormalities when they are tired or lose concentration. 

Shouldn’t they consider themselves to quickly change their profession if that has happened a first time , or if not seeing the point be prohibited to practice that and similar types of work? I only

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Posted in: Arguments for 'right to disconnect' from work draw more attention amid pandemic See in context

I disagree with that. There are cases when you need communication access to special employees, for instance an IT guy if there are currently hacking attempts are going on, or an engineer who is the only one knowing about a special appliance soon to fire or explode. You have to solve those conflicts pragmatic not with a feeling of hate between employer and employees. In general their is of course a certain responsibility to let the staff their private life, but also some responsibility of an employee for the colleagues and company, so that all can keep going on working, not the whole thing burning down , exploding or all data lost, because you deny to have short look on your device outside working hours.

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Posted in: Chinese cyber-espionage unit on U.S. hacking spree: report See in context

It’s not so difficult as it sounds. Just disconnect your private (=corporate, company) network from the public network, internet etc. Then take extraordinarily strict measures on the interface machines, that are used to connect between the both nets. Not so much staff and resources needed for this, right? One well-paid trusted IT guy or girl can do it for any size of company. By doing this, you only transfer the necessary and filtered or anonymizes data to that machine, without any value for the black hackers, intruders , rival countries and all such. Also you ensure in return to get only raw or structured table data back from outside, that therefore simply can’t contain macros or executables harming your Intranet. A short send only product availability and price lists to that interface machine, so no one can have access to your PDF, patents, research documents and such. And in return you only accept table data, like customer data, orders, delivery states and such as outside input for your interface machine. There simply is no dangerous virus, spyware, scum , macros or executable files in those simple text data. Of course still physical access in your building must be avoided, by a guard man, someone you hired, not from a security service company. And then...You can sleep relaxed like a baby, private, as a company or as a

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 301 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,148 See in context

Whatever...there is coming later the one day, when all 150 have been counted.

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Posted in: Decision on foreign spectators up to Japan, says IOC's Coates See in context

How merciful... Of course that is a decision made by a country not by a sports

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Posted in: Is Japan really a nation of nature lovers? See in context

Yes, they love nature and environment intensely. You can see presents and gifts like garbage bottles, eaten bento boxes, old towels , shoes, anything else, while driving or walking everywhere.

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Posted in: Supercomputer shows doubling masks offers little help preventing viral spread See in context

What a misuse of such expensive technology. Next time they’ll probably prove that PI is somewhat between 3.1 and 3.2, but probably nearer to 3.1

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