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Posted in: U.S. to supply green fuel-laggard Japan with bioethanol See in context

Bioethanol isn’t so very much ‘green’ , sometimes -depending on how and where produced- it’s even worse than fossils, and of course in all use cases it’s finally burned into CO2 and H2O anyway.

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Posted in: Japan apologizes for J-Alert malfunction after N Korea missile launch See in context

In contrary, the malfunction in this case was not the additional information to a few other areas but not informing all of Japan by J-Alert. If the NK claim was true that it was a modern hypersonic type missile with maybe an unpredictable trajectory, any place could have been hit potentially, the same btw if there had been a simple unforeseen malfunction of their missiles.

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Posted in: Views on U.S. bases shift in Okinawa See in context

I see it only pragmatic. They profit from our burden, when getting support from the rest of Japan over average (otherwise they wouldn’t have any economic activities, income and jobs there despite a few in tourism industry), and in return they have a burden over average to host the US forces. It’s that clear and easy to understand.

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Posted in: Smaller firms are in a tough situation. They don't have leeway to raise wages to attract and keep employees because surging raw material prices are squeezing their profits. See in context

Yes, it’s boring, like always both sides cry out loud all the time and under all economic conditions. The employees always want higher wages , deserved or not, economically possible or not, and the companies always don’t want to pay a fair price for their employees’ work weather they are in a big boom with full order books or in red numbers. It’s natural behavior, yes, but it also doesn't make much sense. It would be better if both sides would sometimes leave their bunker and cooperate a little bit in good and bad times.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka to publish picture book 'The Way Champs Play' See in context

Tax it highest possible for those strange buyers. lol

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Posted in: Body found in Chiba river may be that of missing 7-year-old girl See in context

You can’t conclude from that one tragic case on the safety of kids in the whole country. Almost all children are very safe here, they are trained and used to walk alone, do some shopping or take trains etc. and they very well listen to their mothers when it is said to meet in park A, then they are in that park A, not going to park B and then go swimming in a strong river.

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Posted in: Kishida appoints eldest son as his executive secretary See in context

You are overdoing a little bit. This one case is still within normal probability ranges. Think it yourself, with so many secretary posts given anywhere, there is of course a probability that it is also given to a family member. You would be right complaining if many , the majority or all such posts would be given only to family members. And btw. yo7 also wouldn’t complain if the son of a doctor becomes a doctor too in the same hospital and later take it over, and the same for many other professions or workplaces or company leaders. So I would recommend to calm down a bit and not to overestimate it so much.

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Posted in: Retreating Russians leave their comrades' bodies behind See in context

As far as I’ve heard this is only true for the very lowest ranks or soldiers, but which of course is the majority on the battlefield. They are all treated like garbage, when dead but also like nameless slaves and cannon fodder when still alive. The procedure for the few higher ranks and officers very much differs. Their bodies are collected and given to the families for burying, followed by a little compensation money and official public honoring in the media.

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Posted in: Canon to invest ¥50 bil to double chip-making device production See in context

First I’d like to see their much simpler home desktop printers to work error-free. lol

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Posted in: Biden consults Kishida after N Korea missile test See in context

So unless you actually get a saboteur inside the nuclear facilities, tough luck.

You are right, of course. On the other hand, there was plenty of time through all those many decades, for a skilled intelligence service to place or buy a few of them and activating them. It’s difficult but not impossible, to do something behind those iron curtains as other examples in younger history have shown. So the question is, why it’s not considered or done.

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Posted in: Kishida asks firms to match pay hikes to inflation See in context

Of course everyone wants wage rises , or more generally, have his incomes increased, as not everyone is employed. In this dramatic current situation with inflation, low currency value and extremely high prices for resources and energy it is fully understandable and also surely kind of necessary to do something into that direction. But look, that’s absolutely not how it works either in capitalism or in his so-called new capitalism. First something has to be invented, produced and then successfully offered and sold in numbers on the local or global markets, before all those companies can begin to think about raising wages.

Japan is known for its persistently slow wage growth, low labor productivity and low job mobility.

And then this one here. If it is really true, then it’s of course another part of the discussion. However needed, wishful and welcomed those wage rises are, with a lower productivity and mobility in comparison to other countries or companies, they are of course also becoming less possible and probable.

So, in short words, sorry, but it’s just impossible and bare of logic to distribute any wealth that hasn’t been generated beforehand.

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Posted in: Japan reports 39,723 new coronavirus cases See in context

No reaction, as always. If the PM is shot, a NK missile comes flying or corona cases massively rise again, everything is fine. What’s the branding of their perfect tranquilizers?

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Posted in: UAE's latest bet on tech: A ministry in the metaverse See in context

How it will develop is unknown.

Is it? It will end up like the first attempt twenty something years ago, Second Life and such. First it’s really very interesting and it attracts you, but then you soon realize that you often become dizzy , develop headaches or get tired too often, and that you can’t stand it for more than 30 or 40 minutes for one session and then, if you’ve seen a few of those virtual worlds or better to say, the many unprofessional attempts of them, then you throw the once bought expensive equipment into the attic and after a few months it’ll be all forgotten and covered with dust.

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Posted in: Japan car sales up for 1st time in 15 months as parts crunch eases See in context

That’s surely only a temporary and limited increase. From now on, everyone will spend the few remaining money for the higher priced supermarket goods and energy bills. OK, admitted, you soon might need a car to carry the tons of money for paying those exorbitant inflation prices.

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Posted in: N Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan; some trains suspended See in context

Taking cover? What if it intentionally or by accident hits your cover? No, the only options are to shoot it down at an early stage and / or send afterwards a similar one on the same trajectory (of course also flying a bit longer over their territory and disappearing in their nearby sea) as fast as possible to show them a minimum or at least the real existence of defense capabilities. Or isn’t there any? One might begin to think so as not even once, after so many fired NK missiles, a single adequate response is not yet considered.

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Posted in: Four bikers dressed as Spider-Man arrested in Saga City See in context

Times have changed quite a bit. We had to have returned home or at least leave any outside activities before 10 p.m. when at the age of 16 and really everyone latest before midnight , also at the age of 17/ below 18. Official adulthood was set to 18 so only the 18 years old bikers could ever have made it onto the streets after midnight.

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Posted in: Kishida pinning hopes on big-spending tourists to revive economy See in context

The really rich tourists either have already visited Japan and made their excessive shopping sprees before the pandemic or they are now also a bit poorer than before and buy less or have their few wishes delivered by internet orders or so. A little short time boom and some repeaters, yes maybe, but I wouldn’t even rely on that. They surely first pay their extreme energy bills before they board an airplane for a 12 hours flight. In addition it’s very costly to have all the needed infrastructure , transportation , accommodation, the needed staff, many cultural events etc. held ready and prepared in advance and not knowing if it is really used by the targeted number of tourists and then also brings the needed profits that they all dream of. That can quickly end in the red numbers even if a few more tourists find their way to here.

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Posted in: Business sentiments cool as cheap yen, costs weigh on Japan See in context

In many Asian areas they prefer to use green for negative stock exchange rates and red for positive ones. But what’s the problem with those colors? You wouldn’t complain that in some countries the car handles are on the right while in others on the left, or would you also make a problem out of it while there isn’t one?

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Posted in: Not only students from Islamic states but curious Japanese students can enjoy the delicacies. Through the cafeteria, I want them to become interested in each other’s cuisine cultures. See in context

I guess, it’s not even halal, because that would at least require two completely separated restaurant storages and kitchens and believing Muslim staff employed. Or he really has all that in one restaurant, but then it means that all meals , also the Japanese and Western recipe ones, are halal.

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Posted in: Have you worked out a plan on what to do if a major earthquake (M7 or greater) should strike your area? See in context

No, because in that case, no plan can or would work. You need much luck and external help in that case.

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Posted in: The Nobel Peace Prize laureate will be announced on Oct 7. Who do you think should get the award this year? See in context

I have no idea, where there’s really 100% peace and who has made it possible there, if such a place should exist. Maybe an unknown leader of a small Micronesian island or so should be given the prize.

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Posted in: 67% of young people in Japan routinely engage in power saving: survey See in context

And do they somehow save the planet or climate or have a lot of money now or soon become mega rich by saving routinely the energy? I don’t think so. And the biggest problem nowadays is, if you already long time have made those efforts and saved the possible maximum of energy, how can you now potentially react as everything becomes still even more limited and expensive? Impossible, and quite shot into the own goal, isn’t it?

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Posted in: Japan revises law to speed identification of anonymous cyberbullies See in context

Doesn’t make much sense, because such a cyber bully who is now busy only typing something on his keyboard, will then again go back analogue and bully directly and physically before, during work or school and afterwards. Now tell me where’s the merit for the victims when the computer or smartphone monitor is now clean, but the nose bloody, the school bag emptied into dust or the victim pushed into a river etc? Cyber bullying is very bad, yes, but it’s virtual and harmless and no one gets really hurt or killed physically.

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Posted in: No Terminator: Musk teases 'useful' humanoid robot See in context

And if you put that new toy just only into the corner for rusting down, it is even a little bit green , carbon free and self-sufficient. Otherwise I guess the eco and climate fraction will come by and put it into the corner for you.

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Posted in: Strong U.S. dollar an unstoppable force endangering other currencies See in context

Quite a big part of that development is surely caused not for substantial economic parameters but by something like wartime psychological effects I would guess. The US dollar is now very strong and the Russian ruble too, both the currencies of the global block leaders so to say. It’s an effect when many investors or other business people gather and stand supporting in line behind their leading nation, intentionally or not, doesn’t play much a role, but the effect develops out of that and has now become obvious and getting momentum.

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Posted in: Business sentiments cool as cheap yen, costs weigh on Japan See in context

Should have beforehand strengthened the internal buying power of the people when there still was time, significantly more money for the Japanese so to say, so that the local economy could have been supported and balanced it all out. Because it now doesn’t make any sense to buy everything expensively from global sources, for example parts, ingredients or energy, and then trying to sell all those products globally very cheap and much under their true value, both caused by the much weaker currency. That might only bring accelerated deficits.

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Posted in: Ukraine reclaims full control of logistics hub from Russia See in context

Though I’d also add incompetent, demoralized and ill-equipped. Can we agree to that too?

Barely. Holding still 18% with those attributes isn’t so bad. And this one here, Lyman, I guess, the whole planet including Russians and Ukrainians themselves, have before the war neither heard of that place nor could show it on a map. That bigger village is of no real or significant importance for the whole picture.

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Posted in: U.S. Marine arrested over assault in Okinawan bar See in context

Are they here for defending or for fun, drinking in bars and violent disputes? Don’t tell me that it was in his leisure time. The leisure time of a soldier is always meant to be for regaining his physical strength needed for the job he subscribed for.

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Posted in: Digital minister aims to drag Japan out of analog doldrums See in context

No one will ever completely or successfully beat analogue processes. Latest in cases of earthquakes, floods, electricity outages or some of those hacking attempts, you can throw your card readers and data outsourced on database servers just right away into the garbage can. Often it doesn’t even need incidents or catastrophic situations to recognize that it finally won’t or can’t work correctly. But hankos, real cash and pen and paper will still do fine in any situation. I’m not against that digitalization attempts and many ideas are technologically interesting, but the point is, it first has to work analogically and everything else like those digital versions of administrative processes can then be kind of a redundant and nice to have extension.

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Posted in: Japan to invest ¥1 tril in human resources development over 5 years See in context

Very generous. I’ve even never said that I could need 1 trl. for my development. lol

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