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Posted in: Manga creator admits to groping 14-year-old girl; asks for suspended sentence See in context

With such a majority of manga lovers in audience and jury it goes easily through as ‘urgent search for further artistic inspiration’ or such.

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Posted in: Brazilian man admits raping Japanese woman before killing her See in context

It’s obvious not so much human, so they should hang it higher, before it’s ever sent back again into the streets.

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Posted in: Death penalty sough for serial murder suspect See in context

Yes, that’s easy (and of course right) to hang him and silence is reinstated, but that’s all only surface scratching. The society has to ask itself how it ever can come, that someone does mass crimes such easily and also many people are easily ready to suicide or self-sacrifice. Such killers are obviously only an indicator, a ‘litmus test’ if you want.

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Posted in: Japan pledges $720 mil for Afghan reconstruction at int'l conference See in context

Isn’t it easier to throw it in a nearby garbage container?

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Posted in: Suga trips up with messy reversal on Go To Travel campaign See in context

He has no mandate from all the people so far. That alone is rather strange. Anyone can reach the top without being elected? That is even stranger than in dictatorships where there is at least a theoretical chance that all electors deny any stupid leader.

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Posted in: Starbucks Japan tells us what we’re getting for Christmas: matcha green tea brownie Frappuccinos See in context

I deny getting that. It would definitely further ruin my this year’s Xmas.

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Posted in: Japan not planning to shut schools despite surge in virus cases See in context

Anyone here thinking of daily health or even life threatening conditions for teachers or other staff at schools? No? Expected exactly that.

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Posted in: Declaring 'America is back,' Biden introduces nominees See in context

America isn’t back, only the nasdaq. lol In addition, I don’t think that the average American, having lost majority and the election, is sooo totally keen now to switch side and support Biden and Obama entourage. They will probably draw back into privacy and then there isn’t anybody left to bring America back. White old men depressed at home, MS-13, gang shooters , black militias and drug addicted white youngsters filling the public, that hasn’t a future, isn’t that obvious?

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Posted in: Japan pledges $720 mil for Afghan reconstruction at int'l conference See in context

Good that I wasn’t asked as I would have disagreed. lol

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Posted in: The pandemic is driving non-regular workers and the self-employed into a corner, and that the government must implement measures to protect their jobs. See in context

Forget it, they don’t care about non-regulars and self-employeds in good times, so they also don’t care during this crisis. They care almost only for themselves and stockholders and nobody else. That doesn’t change with the occurrence of a new virus.

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Posted in: Do you think the media should post the number of coronavirus infections each day? See in context

Twice a day , because the data summary switches with GMT, and also a weekly / monthly summary would be good, so that anybody still denying can see the still exponentially rising numbers.

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Posted in: Hokkaido woman arrested for poking holes in 13 expensive melons with finger See in context

Arrested? That costs us even more, considering police work, court, lawyers, prison. She should take them, pay them and eat them all instead, under supervision. That is enough and cheaper punishment.

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Posted in: Koike says Japan can host Olympics despite virus spike See in context

Yes, I agree, the Olympic facilities, staff, volunteers etc. are perfect for extending missing ICU units, necessary staff for treatment and mass accommodation of infected people. You really should use them at all costs. lol

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Posted in: Japan's corona-named businesses (and ladies) struggle to survive See in context

Nice to hear that all the many real problems still haven’t shown up at the surface. lol

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Posted in: The five least stressful jobs, as ranked by Japanese working people See in context

Night shifts are usually great and completely stress-less. No stupid bosses with even more stupid questions or surveillance, mostly very nice colleagues, and when everyone else rushes to their jobs in the morning, you can slowly and with smiling face return home and take a deep long bath and sleep. Well, it’s also not healthy for other reasons, but that’s not the topic here.

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Posted in: Coronavirus stokes fears for UK music industry See in context

There’s no doubt it’s been a crap time. But with the end now in sight,...

There is everything else in sight, but surely no end. Start your thinking over journey with reading about the variety of vaccination side effects and that many people won’t stand or will deny the second vaccination shot after having experienced the side effects of the first... The light at the end of the tunnel is the incoming train and nothing else.

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Posted in: Woman assaulted, robbed in Kobe See in context

I am more interested in the probability of existing any summed up number greater zero of all female JT readers and commentators who are also carrying 80000 or more in cash at 11.45 p.m. in dark night walking alone.

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Posted in: COVID toll turns spotlight on Europe's taboo of data by race See in context

@RawBeer According to your and the writer’s strange sick-minded theory the whole African continent would be extremely corona affected because of obvious even worse healthcare, housing, vitamin D conditions. And now let’s quickly return to reality and real data... lol

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Posted in: Gov't to exclude Sapporo, Osaka from Go To travel campaign for 3 weeks See in context

Two cities, three weeks, and further virus spreading is ok, but import not? Decisions are now obviously made by throwing dice, right?

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Posted in: Hello Work, Go To Travel, My Number Card; the English used for government programs is strange and doesn't make sense to native speakers. See in context

What exactly do you complain? Completely in Japanese it would even make much less sense , if any, for most of the ‘native’ (English) speakers, right? lol

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Posted in: Millions of U.S. Thanksgiving holiday travelers defy COVID-19 warnings See in context

They probably think having many lives like in computer games. They haven’t and all those others they set into danger haven’t too. Freedom in their interpretation is only selfish and egocentric, not considering all other people and their freedom. What a shame and how rather stupid those masses are.

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Posted in: Japan eyes post-marital title for female imperial family members See in context

They just are born as Imperial Highnesses and are that their whole life and also inherit nobleness to all of their children. It is therefore completely irrelevant, if not noble people think about anything or even crazier, try to give or deny them a title. They are by no possibility empowered to interfere. Nobody cares what bourgeois people think or plan to do about anything concerning it.

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Posted in: Human rights panel: Japan was wrong to detain Carlos Ghosn; owes him compensation See in context

Yes, Lebanese clans... They have the world completely in their grip. In comparison, Mafia, N’dragheta , Chinese triads and Yakuza altogether are only a kindergarten birthday event. Look at France, German biggest cities, U.N. etc. for reference.... No one can mess with them, therefore Japan alone even more not. Pay silently triple of what they demand and hope they will forget and forgive anytime soon. lol

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Posted in: When a vaccine that is proven to be effective against COVID-19 becomes available to all, will you take it? See in context

Yes, if it is proven, as stated in the question. The current available ones are not, they are thrown on the market for profit, because of big panicking or political reputation. Many will have to be vaccinated before a valid statistic can be produced and shows trusted data summaries and then, yes, then I take it probably, why not...

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Posted in: Hope growing that married couples will be allowed to use different surnames See in context

Face the truth and don’t trick yourself, if the two partners can’t even find that one name together for their new family they probably also won’t find the way to walk together during their marriage.

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Posted in: Pandemic inflames violence against women See in context

The house is the most dangerous place for women...

Yes, in tents, caves or in the woods it would be much better, or what? No, it’s the behavior and mental state of the people in the house, which means that both sides should ask themselves what is wrong with their own behavior, not only one side. It doesn’t work if both want to be the boss at the same time and it also doesn’t work if only one is the boss all the time.

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Posted in: Suspect arrested over fatal stabbing on Miyazaki street See in context

Another ‘new normal’, as you only could stop those killings by stopping all construction works. lol

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Posted in: What do you think is the best way for the central government in Japan to strike a balance between controlling the spread of the coronavirus and supporting the economy? See in context

And there is the problem. You have to temporarily leave that balance into the direction not even tried up to now. The balanced version and also the ignorance option a la Trump both showed no success, did they or will they? Of course, not.

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Posted in: 50 pigeons found dead in Kumagaya See in context

!!! JUST DO IT !!! You can still verify it afterwards in Wikipedia, if you don’t believe me.

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Posted in: 50 pigeons found dead in Kumagaya See in context

...traces of insecticide or herbicide...toxic substances in agrichemicals used on the crops...methomyl, thiuram and mecoprop

Maybe the people in that area there should drive a little bit farther away for their shopping of daily necessities, especially if there are any babies or smaller children or pets in the family. I would also suggest collecting some statistical data about earlier deaths, higher hospital rates of patients, related to short term or long term ingestion of anything there in that chemical hazard horror area. Make a 10 km radius, avoid shopping agricultural products and turn every stone upside down, until those terrorists are arrested and the soil decontaminated. There is surely more than only ‘pigeons’ problems and some people know it probably already.

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