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Posted in: How often do you wear face masks? See in context

Can’t say, how often. I am too lazy and also see no reason for counting that. lol

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Posted in: Private-initiative soup kitchens spring up to deal with child poverty See in context

how about the politicians give up their privilege of dining out at our expense

I ‘admire’ those senseless proposals. Just think about it for a minute or two. They can set their income in parliament votings and decisions and all of it is then paid by the taxpayers, like in all democracies. Now tell me where the difference is, if they go out dining from that money just the way they do it like now, or if they instead raise their self-set income by the amount of restaurant costs and then pay it officially and separately and with printed receipts, but now from their income, that has been increased by the restaurant costs. A little hint, there’s no difference at the end, and again the taxpayers pay everything and minimum the same as before of course (in fact even more, because you now even have more bureaucracy efforts and costs to check and manage all those payments and receipts). You see, that will turn out an own goal, so to say.

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Posted in: The policy environment in Japan has become increasingly unpredictable and challenging. The Japanese market is losing its attractiveness. See in context

Crying for no reasons. Of course the huge and quickly aging society here is their best flagship, right after the U.S. home market and the many addicted there. His concerns may be about the time of a day and its only available 24 hours for commercials on TV promoting pharmaceutical products without interruption by news or movies. Yes, that’s soon limited and can’t be expanded. Expose yourself to the maximum for fun, just switch on one of those BS channels and then count how often you have to switch the channel until you find something else than a pharma products CM. lol

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Posted in: Biden says U.S. would respond militarily if China invades Taiwan; announces IPEF members See in context

What commitment should that be? Successful military engagement like in Afghanistan? Or only press announcements and big mouth speeches? Or finally the two most used super weapons, tears and prayers? lol

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Posted in: 'Enormously risky': How NFTs lost their luster See in context

Yes, it’s completely useless and stupid, but still less dangerous than our real world with Cold War, military conflicts, nuclear armament and all the like. Let them enjoy their little virtual bubble, they don’t harm anyone else than only themselves.

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Posted in: Teen calls police over man she thinks is holding a knife See in context

With such a youth all thinking about how the future will be becomes obsolete. lol

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Posted in: After 3 months of war, life in Russia has profoundly changed See in context

Do I get it right, that we throw away all our kernel industries for environmental reasons or climate change theories, but due to war sanctions they have to fly now 12 hours to Tallinn in Estonia via Istanbul in Turkey? Is now everyone going mad on this planet? No need to answer, I know it already. lol

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Posted in: Kishida cabinet's approval rises to record 61.5%: poll See in context

Tourism may directly benefit sellers of knick knacks and treats and few others

It’s not completely wrong… lol Try to put your few knick knacks into relation with what’s really sold on the global markets and at much higher scale, like game consoles, cars, electronics, whatever else. Those few tourists and their pocket money is nice and maybe some are dependent from it, but that’s a joke and not sustainable. The tourism infrastructure , transportation capacities and resources and staff to provide and have available is more than often more expensive than the money those tourists bring in, even if you would only pamper the riches from China or Arabian countries, I might still well stand with my opinion on that.

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Posted in: Gangs strangle Haiti's capital as deaths, kidnappings soar See in context

No, that’s completely hopeless there. If they don’t start helping themselves, no one else can, no lended helping hands and no peacekeeping forces either. Look, they can’t even copy the little economic and tourism successes or the slightly better behavior of the directly neighboring country, btw located on the same island. They don’t even try that. Also , this has nothing to do with that earthquake as they have had and are used to massive violence and brutal dictatorships for many decades too. My guess is, their only chance is Baron Samedi or any other Voodoo’s big name, Not a real promising prospect too…

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Posted in: Asia-Pacific region is at a crossroads – to further break down or break through to a greener, better, safer future See in context

crisis in Ukraine will have wide-ranging socioeconomic impacts, with higher prices for fuel and food increasing food insecurity and hunger across the region

I don’t get it anymore. One day you promote less using of fuel and less consumption of food, the next day you complain about it when it is reached suddenly and much earlier than expected. Before continuing all those crazy discussions you should form and come out with an opinion and goal, not the full spectrum of contradicting opinions and goals. lol

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Posted in: Kishida cabinet's approval rises to record 61.5%: poll See in context

Love these polls of 1200 people who respond that share the views of 126,000,000 people.

Yes, you can trust and love them, statistically. At a confidence level of 95% the results above have a confidence interval of 2% (for example that Kishida approval rate from above is to be read as being in reality between 59.5% and 63.5%). More people in the polls would of course increase that confidence level even more. For example 99% confidence level would have required to interview about 4000 people. Don’t complain beforehand , if you only don’t understand some statistical basics, better try to dive in a little bit into knowledge, or just simply use one of those online calculators that are available out there for such easy calculations.

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Posted in: Kishida cabinet's approval rises to record 61.5%: poll See in context

the results suggest that more people are hoping the government will focus more on measures to help the economy recover than prevent the spread of the virus

Why is that artificially stated as contrast or contradicting? Of course both can and should be done, economical recovery plus virus prevention. An economy usually doesn’t consist of only tourism industry and wide open airport gates. That might be the case for a small tropical island, but not for diversified Japanese economy, the world’s third largest one.

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Posted in: Do you think it is important that world leaders meet in person sometimes rather than online? See in context

Yes, of course, because you cannot say and communicate everything via those hackable and surveilled communication tools. And sometimes you even need to see the full face , hands or other body’s conscious and unconscious or unintended movement or reactions , or even sweats and smells , the chosen perfume, the fashion details and accessories maybe also carrying a message etc so much more I omit here, just to tell lies from truth in negotiations etc. which is all completely impossible if you only see a masked 320x240 pixel face of the counterparts on a computer or video phone monitor.

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Posted in: Number of Ukrainian evacuees to Japan reaches 1,000 See in context

Yes, many others here, me included, have even quite less money a day, but that’s still no reason for being or talking such extremely greedy and enviously , considering that they have lost most of the personal things, their homes , their country and also had fears or severe shocks for their lives and potentially being killed , hurt or raped by Russian military or other secret police forces while still fleeing inside UKR. Be happy that you haven’t to walk in their shoes so to say. It’s not so bad, but it’s of course also not making them rich…

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Posted in: Biden arrives in Japan for summit, Quad meeting See in context

Yes, right from the start a nice hidden exchange of those little animosities and showing dislikes by quite some diplomatic etiquettes affronts…lol He chose not a civil Japanese airport for landing, but a military one, even on own quasi-occupied airbase area. And in return of that only the foreign minister is sent to the reception, which is about almost two ranks below of his presidential status.

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Posted in: BOJ under pressure as inflation tops 2% See in context

That’s all only becoming a problem if a majority of 51% or more would be affected and getting some first slight feelings of becoming poorer. But that’s obviously not the case so far. They all have average or quite ‘fat’ cars and completely fill with them all available parking lots of the Pachinko parlors. That’s the economical indicator here, the only one that really counts and gives you all information you need. Complaining loudly about some lunch or food prices rising a few yen, but still happily gambling away several 10,000¥ bills, that’s giving you a more realistic picture.

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Posted in: Dogs ride bullet train to Nagano See in context

Yes, maximum disgusting. And it’s also very decadent, when considering that quite some poorer people can’t even afford a simple bus ticket or one for slower regular trains. A society that values pets much higher than co-citizens is very sick and crazy.

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Posted in: Preparatory work to salvage tour boat starts, with 12 still missing See in context

I have no idea what this procedure could be good for. That’s now only a wreck, also the remaining devices, because of the pressure at 120m depth, so there’s nothing left to be found working or giving new clues. Then it costs a lot of money, gasoline, energy, manpower, also it sets the next lives potentially at risk, and it is not even the place where they all died, because before sinking of course everyone got off the sinking ship, wearing a life vest. So please someone explain what it could be good for, whatever minimum sense it could make, what the slightest benefits are for the ship, the sea, the victims, the families or whoever else involved.

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Posted in: Nonprogrammers are building more of the world's software See in context

A strange discussion, because everyone is a programmer. You get up if the alarm clock rings, you program the next steps, for instance putting clothes on before leaving for work, and when you use the washing machines you start their subroutines with only putting dirty clothes in and taking the clean ones out, and so on and on. Everyone on this planet is a programmer, so it doesn’t play a role if you can program a computer or a computer can program itself. That could theoretically be done also by everyone else with pen and paper or whatever else. It’s all very much overestimated and it maybe only lacks of some self-confidence of non computer programmers compared to computer programmers, because you can’t tell who is better, for example a Python expert or a mother of many children…who programs better, one the computer the other daily family life? You cannot say, they are both experts in different kind of programming.

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Posted in: Woman dies after jumping from moving car; driver arrested See in context

No, no, that’s of course all on her, the victim. The danger started when she continued arguing during the car’s moving at higher speed, which decreases the attentiveness of the driver and puts not only both into a dangerous situation but as well other cars and their passengers nearby. And then of course jumping out of the car was the next and decisive trigger , also done by herself. No behavior and also no simplest knowledge of physics, that combination often doesn’t end so well and in this case it didn’t end well too.

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Posted in: When we allow spectators to cheer loudly, some of them may feel an increase in the risk of infection. But the passion of fans through cheering is necessary in soccer games. See in context

But the passion of fans through cheering is necessary in soccer games.

No, it is surely not. They can also watch it on TV, silently and with a beer can in their hand. There is absolutely no need or necessity for spectators and their cheering during a soccer match. You only need a ground, a ball, two goals, 22 players and a referee. What he means is getting much money into the accounts by full stadiums , but that has almost nothing to do with playing a soccer match.

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Posted in: Senior Finance Ministry official arrested for alleged assault on train See in context

What else could he do than severely getting drunk when daily seeing all the mess in the fields he is working in, policy making, bureaucracy, financial planning, budgeting and such? That’s of course very normal, but the aggressive and violent behavior he then showed, that is not. It is of course avoidable and needs excusing and bearing consequences.

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Posted in: Electricity, gasoline and many food and drink items now cost more in Japan. What are you doing in your daily life to cut back on costs? See in context

Everyone needs some energy, food and drinks, so I can’t do much even if I wanted , especially as I cut costs already before, but what remains is that I cut my sympathies for those who put the higher costs on me.

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Posted in: Japan to allow 20,000 daily international arrivals from June See in context

Yes, why not, to get in line with those who make errors you just only have to make the same errors. lol

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Posted in: Divers find no sign of missing people in sunken boat off Hokkaido See in context

Of course there’s nothing to see in that sunken boat. Would anyone put on the life jacket and then just only wait for death calmly sitting inside a sinking ship? Other questions here, life jackets were available, yes, and there’s also some minimum cooperation and communication with the Russians, they might have found some of the bodies or at least other parts of luggage or boat. But I am not having exact details too, sorry.

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Posted in: Biden to highlight U.S. chip production — in South Korea See in context

That's a possible vulnerability the U.S. hopes to protect against…

I don’t get that one. In such a case it would have been sufficient to buy some knowledge and licensing for producing the chips at other already existing plants, expanding Texas Instruments capacities etc. for example. But with the new plants, managed by Samsung directly, they obviously can keep all their secrets , production methods and patents and that means the vulnerability is still out there as before.

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Posted in: N Korea's low death count questioned amid COVID-19 outbreak See in context

…and that officials must study how China and other nations have handled the pandemic.

A quite ‘nice’ demand from that psycho. They shall study something out of informations and media that are prohibited and they are of course nearly completely barred off?

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Posted in: 1,600 empty seats at major Japanese gymnastics competition reserved by single unpaying person See in context

No real problems here? They could do their sports and the visitors got even a better seat for watching. Also every ruling abided. What is this about? Can’t those mimosas just only simply cry silently into their handkerchiefs? Unbelievable, making a story or news out of such unnecessary bs.

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Posted in: McDonald's finds a buyer for its restaurants in Russia; locations will reopen under a new name See in context

As far as I heard of…the logo design is turned clockwise and the yellow M put on a line ,which gives a Cyrillic letter B , standing for V as in their new name Dyadya Vanya, meaning something like Uncle Vanya. Although I still don’t know how the burgers will be called, I know the changed beverages names, Cool Cola, Fancy and Street. I guess you know what that formerly was…lol

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Posted in: Most automakers fall short on climate goals: report See in context

Of course, the car industries have real companies, real businesses, real products , real responsibilities for shareholders, staff, customers, economy, society etc. Those goals on the other hand are set at pure random and are only of theoretical nature, the mind ‘product’ of dreamers and idealists far from any real life experience, practice and science, strange people who are hovering in their phantasy bubbles and having really sick brains.

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