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Posted in: Russia presses along Ukraine front after reports of Bakhmut slowdown See in context

As if it were about territory. Look, they have already both plenty of territory on this globe. You can calculate both population densities yourself, there almost isn’t any. It’s just like with all big global powers, US, China and in this case Russia, that they don’t tolerate opposition in their neighborhood. If the Ukrainians want it more silent or peaceful they have to abide to that only. Not neutrality, not EU or NATO membership, no, Russia will only accept completely silent (Baltic) or devoted regimes (like Belarus) as direct neighbors. Otherwise they are occupied or forced to regime change.

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Posted in: Harassment destroys mutual trust among members and shakes the foundations of the organization, and is something that should never be allowed to happen. See in context

I also don’t understand why there’s harassment in the JSDF. Do those attacking people don’t fear consequences? While in normal civil life they don’t have so much retaliation to fear, but in the military? If I were such a female harassment victim for example, I would latest at the first shooting training grab a machine gun and shoot their worthless heads’ contents empty and into the landscape. They assured wouldn’t do it again to me or another victim.

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Posted in: China threatens consequences over U.S. warship's actions See in context

Look, already ‘Paracel’ doesn’t even nearly sound Chinese.

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Posted in: North Korea tests new underwater nuclear attack 'drone': KCNA See in context

Does not make so much sense. If it is for defense they mostly will contaminate own sea and ports. But if it is meant for attacks far away it would have to contain a lot of fuel or nuclear powered machinery and as an unmanned drone sub it then needs to somehow be remotely controlled, maneuvered, monitored and instructed , therefore it’s then very big in size and can easily be detected before it can reach targets or make otherwise bigger damage.

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Posted in: 1 million march in France as unions call new pension protests See in context

Not a single problem is solved by striking and violence. They don’t want to work to 64? Fine, then work a bit more or more effectively to 62, if you want the same amount of pension money. Other countries have a lot of resources they can sell, oil, gas, whatever. Again others roll their eyes with tears and hold some babies into cameras and just only rely on UNO care packages brought in by planes. Works too. But both methods won’t work in France. They have to develop , produce and sell products on the global market for keeping living standards and pensions. Strikes and street violence don’t sell to anywhere and bring in no money at all.

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Posted in: Ukraine president visits front-line areas as new phase nears See in context

I have no understanding for that war. Those two idiots there have just only to end it immediately. It’s a geographical fact that they both have enough territory for all people living there, independent of seeing them as two peoples , Russians and Ukrainians, or if it is considered only one people, that doesn’t change much. They just have to end it and to find a way to coexist in that combined or separated and maximum territory available, very much more and also resources filled than anyone else on this globe has. All the rest of us on the globe has very high costs, less own life quality and less future potential because of those two stupid amoebas and their war over there. That really shouldn’t be tolerated or even supported so much longer, period.

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Posted in: Toshiba says it will support ¥2 trillion takeover bid See in context

Foreign investors get denied.

No, that’s not the case. No one is denied here. You might have difficulties to directly become a JIP member, but of course you can freely burn all your mega money anytime by indirectly investing instead into some or all of the 23 companies and banks of that consortium.

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Posted in: Chip war and censorship hobble Chinese tech giants in chatbot race See in context

They have splendid AI research in both countries, US and China. And although this bubble might be becoming smaller in China due to US restrictions, the contrary effect might even help Chinese economy, because if those two bubbles burst, and surely they will as AI is not the expected miracle medication for everything, then in Chin will burst only a smaller bubble but in US a significantly bigger one. Well, you surely know what effects that will have then.

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Posted in: German unions call for wide-ranging transport strike Monday See in context

They only again harm themselves, other employees of all the private companies who already have to finance them in public sectors, and of course harm the whole country even more. Everyone wants more, especially under hyper inflation, that’s surely understandable, but anyway, for all of the more money wanted, first also some more products have to be produced , sold and you guess it, transported. More work, more money, less work and striking, less money. That’s finally what can be expected therefore, less money and higher taxes due to those massive striking, if they get their five percent or not, doesn’t play much a role for that on average negative result.

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Posted in: Australia decides referendum question to create Indigenous Voice See in context

And this is not because of a shortage of goodwill or good intentions on any side of politics and it’s not because of a lack of funds.

So obviously and logically nothing will change in practice afterwards, even if they had a ten-fold number of election voting rights or the whole constitution would exist of only and nothing else than Indigenous Voices.

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Posted in: Japanese fast food chain Mos Burger to release soy sea burger See in context

It surely will sell great on the Moon. The new moon prices also already fit.

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Posted in: Launch debut of 3D-printed rocket ends in failure, no orbit See in context

Refrain from it. Also it’s bigger brother contained 3D printed components and already failed before, that widely known big H3 JaXA rocket a few days before. This misfortune here could have easily been avoided if they would have been capable of learning from former errors. But instead they just only try and error, for becoming famous and rich if it somehow luckily worked. But it won’t work.

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Posted in: Official campaigning for nationwide local elections begins in Japan See in context

Of course I am not allowed to take part and elect someone, but if, I surely would choose out of the ones who are silent and don’t come by with their loudspeaker cars. Good things or in this case a good party or party manifesto, doesn’t need promotion and loud propaganda, it would just speak for itself.

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Posted in: How AI 'revolution' is shaking up journalism See in context

AI isn’t and won’t be at all the problem. The damage has long been done with all those wokeness, framing, propaganda and censorship.

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Posted in: Police urge cyclists to wear helmets ahead of mandate on April 1 See in context

Well, I will just stick to what I have learned at school in the physics and biology lessons. Everything with only two points on the ground is somehow unstable and resulting force vectors onto head or body at higher speeds are all potentially deadly, regardless if you’re moving or only the incoming object or both. The rest of course is normal risk and luck anyway. Btw cycling isn’t climate neutral either, because you of course still need the same basic amount of energy to move yourself together with your heavy vehicle when moving from A to B. Instead of filling gasoline into your car you have then to refill more energy into yourself when you are the cyclist with muscle activity as the energy source. A bicycle has less weight than a car, that’s of course right and the positive point under energy consumption considerations. Merits and demerits, like anywhere else too.

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Posted in: Russian drones, missiles hit Ukraine apartments and dorm, killing civilians See in context

It doesn’t play a role what they do there on the battlefield, if they fight and die or not, if they have lot of ammo or none. That’s all insignificant. There are practically only two thinkable outcomes, and those are political ones. Either no Ukraine and the area becomes part of Russian Federation, or a Ukraine that is smaller than before and anyhow associated or treaty guaranteed Russian friendly, not only neutral or avoiding EU and NATO membership. Anything else is a naive illusion or even a threat to the whole globe. And I am sure, that deep inside your head you all know that already. No bigger world power like US, China or in this case here Russia, tolerates any bigger problems in their neighborhood , or a country that is not associated or even trying to contradict or become member of the counter pole blocks. Cubs, Taiwan , Baltic states, that works somehow as long as they are small and silent. But here in this case, it somehow doesn’t and won’t work, maybe they just have become too big and too rebellious after 2014.

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Posted in: Japan unveils fresh ¥2 tril inflation relief package See in context

I only believe it, when I see it in cash or on Mynumber-Account.

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Posted in: Japan land prices up for 2nd year in post-COVID rebound See in context

My guess is, that it is simply inflation based and has nothing to do with an economic revival , end of corona and all such. I mean, not only a poor family has more to pay for eggs, but also a rich land owner or company has higher cost burdens to cover. The difference is of course that they can hand over big parts of their higher costs to their land buying or renting customers.

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Posted in: World Bank puts cost of rebuilding Ukraine at $411 billion See in context

My guess is, it will instead cost nothing, because Russia will have to pay everything. It only costs 411 bln. in the rare and improbable case that Ukraine will prevail, completely win and regain all lost territory. In the case of a Russian win with full occupation it costs nothing as already said and in the case of a smaller rump state Ukraine it will cost significantly less, because most damages are to be cost covered in the then still occupied areas held by Russia.

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Posted in: Kyoto to introduce Japan's 1st empty homes tax See in context

Look, you simply can’t only enjoy all those nice but unnecessary things like Olympics , G7, JSDF engagement in Africa or anywhere, ordering sophisticated defense systems, JAXA rocket starts and space exploration , humanitarian help to Ukraine and a lot more, but now complaining that it suddenly costs something and tax have to be significantly raised for those expensive hobbies.

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Posted in: Censorship or evolution? 'Sensitivity readers' divide publishing world See in context

Nothing new here at all. There always have been strange history epochs or eras when it has been usual and common sense to censor books and art or even destroying or burning it to ashes if it was not mainstream. And again we are entering or already are in between such a weird new era of brainwashing and violent propaganda measures or let’s say cutting freedom dead into small pieces, by correctness, wokeness and such. My theory is even such that we humans in fact have so far never completely left those eras and archaic behavior. We just can’t stand it seeing someone else in more freedom, love , wealth, health, peace etc. than we have. No , we always envy that in an extreme way and want to end it once and for all if possible, even if the cost is very high and results in own less freedom, love and peace. That we humans don’t care so much, as we only want the main problem fixed, to destroy it all for the others immediately.

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Posted in: Robbery at Tokyo apartment leaves one suspect dead; 4 get away See in context

Wow, what are those scissors? The ones I have at home can barely cut paper or finger nails. lol

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Posted in: RNA base in asteroid Ryugu samples suggests origins of life on Earth See in context

And now what is so new with that? Bees fly from one flower to the next, or brain information is transported by stimulating target neurons by nanoelectricity and chemical transmitter molecules and so on. It’s just everything to function by such source-target-interactions and their combinations. Even some kindergarten or elementary school children do already know or feel such basics and surely are bored by such a hype around such results of space research.

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Posted in: Some Americans return to cash to curb spending See in context

Yes, surely a nice and helpful retro technique, and I have envelopes too, but the problem is that the other retro technique of beforehand getting those bills for putting them into envelopes doesn’t work so well anymore, especially during a hyper inflation. In fact it doesn’t work at all with empty envelopes. lol

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Posted in: 'Winnie the Pooh' film pulled from Hong Kong cinemas See in context

That’s simply only another small mosaic part of the big psychiatric or forensic pattern that can be observed everywhere. Some turn crazy when seeing a cartoon figure, others when criticizing a country’s king or elected leader, again others prohibit the Z letter in public or car numbers containing 88 and so many more other irrational incidents or rulings everywhere. More generally said, the whole globe is currently severely sick in the brains. Look around wherever you like, but completely normal people with (formerly) normal behavior have become the very rare statistical outlier almost everywhere.

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Posted in: G7 summit can send strong message against nuclear war, says ex-U.S. lawmaker See in context

No, the G7 can’t and will completely fail too, like all attempts the decades before if there were any. There can even currently an increasing activity be observed when it’s about nuclear material and potential developments of arms etc. Cancellation of treaty with / by Russia, many North Korean missile testings , almost complete Iran centrifuges enrichments, incident of a handful barrels of ‘yellow cake’ in Libya, missing very high radiation capsules here and there, for example in Australia and Thailand, just to name only a few publicly known incidents of the last few weeks.

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Posted in: Western powers, including the European Union and United States, have been taking an increasingly tough approach toward TikTok, citing fears user data could be used or abused by Chinese officials. What's your view on this? See in context

Don’t overdo on this topic. Yes, it really has to be banned or strictly monitored, but on the other side, the ones who currently use it are not the brightest lamps on the ceiling, so China can use their data, but of no use at all. The ban should be of course implemented without leaks when there’s a chance of any link or access to important companies, military locations or government and administration offices.

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Posted in: Screen time has limited effects on toddlers' development: study See in context

Don’t worry too much. I am very optimistic, that the natural limit of 24 hours screen time in one day won’t be exceeded so very soon.

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Posted in: How AI could upend the world even more than electricity or the internet See in context

Not so quickly. It’s still all very much too overrated and loaded with to much expectations. I still couldn’t judge Bard, Ernie or the newest version of ChatGPT, but so far there’s no decisive game changer at the horizon. Without another some major evolution steps and most important a lifting of those constraints and injected biases due to p.c. , wokeness or so-called social issues, that whole AI topic is soon ripe again to land in the garbage cans or sleeping again for some decades in the desktop drawers. Still attributed with many errors, lacking of simplest capabilities of math or logic, it’s still only a funny chatting or search toy, funny, time and energy consuming and in most cases useless in practice.

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Posted in: Model Jessica Michibata, friend arrested over MDMA possession See in context

Rule number one, where there’s one, there’s highly probable more nearby. So if I were police, and maybe luckily for many I am not, I would comb that whole hotel, the city quarter, the nearby post offices and the private and working environment of both suspects written about in the article. I am very sure, I would have found a very big and deep illegal drug swamp there without much effort.

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