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Got it. When seeing the PCR test site on weekend and the prices there, I realized why this is all so extremely low. Would you pay 8000, plus 3000 if wanted quicker plus another 2000 if you wanted printed on paper, but only have light symptoms? No one would because it’s not affordable, instead of course for those today’s 7. lol

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Not unique to Myanmar. That only shows the total weakness , having no arguments and bad character of such a dictatorship or military junta, if they consider it to put a 76-year old woman into prison. It’s btw not the only country hunting down old ladies, there are also some well known western first worlders doing it and describing themselves as a democracy. Sometimes the judged woman is even in late 90’s, but they have no shame or scruples for hunting, trials and prison threats too.

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Posted in: How much attention do you pay to the point of origin and ingredients listed on labels of food and drink that you buy? See in context

We have not the slightest chance as the final consumers in the whole global food or beverages production chains. I can therefore only handle it pragmatic, with common sense and of course much luck when trusting the labels or descriptions of contents etc. Doesn’t make sense to check it intensively, because the uncertainties are still countless big. I bet all-in you all cannot do so much more, except you are really involved as an employee in a specific production cycle for a certain product and have an overviewing position there. Then and only then you can maybe make a some clearer decision for that one product.

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What’s your problem here? We have three bigger players, U.S. , China, Russia, all equipped with the corresponding arsenal of atomic weapons, and all other countries are in any kind dependent or what you prefer to say occupied or a being colony and all such descriptions by all, two or one of the three. So it’s of course about alliances or the search for one. But I recommend a more pragmatic view on this. Just watch your daily receipts or things at home. It’s probably all a mix consisting of all those three global players, the burger and your computer OS from the U.S., most other things and smaller parts or clothes made in China and energy from Russia, a little bit simplified that’s valid for all countries. No choice or change, the world is distributed between them, so just abide to the natural , geographical or historically grown alliance and do the best out of it with pragmatism.

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That’s nothing more than another childish fairy tale fitting for the Christmas season. On the other side it’s understandable that overdoing in baseless optimism is easier to stand for everyone than a more pessimistic or pragmatic view or just the simple truth based on science, logic, math and statistics. In fact, they even don’t believe their talking themselves and many have already made orders and agreements for further vaccines deliveries in the next some years, 2022, 2023 , indicating that it is of course not over now or in a few months.

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With still the worldwide highest numbers over there I wouldn’t give a dime on what that guy talks about.

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Yes, they are quite better in administrative or non-operational tasks like investing the company’s money in stocks , changing the company atmosphere etc, but not in doing the specific business of that company like for example operating the CNC machine, and they are much harder cost cutters and performers than Ghosn ever could be and also have much higher creativity for some new product lines , design improvements and such. So your physically hard ‘male’ job is much safer, and you also get nice decorated lunch tables and cleaner comfortable toilets for your break times, but your salary is probably halved in a few years and invested into other stocks and coins instead, out of reach for any employee or other board members, only still visible as a good black number in the news, and before tax. lol

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Posted in: If it can be limited to use as a means of early prevention of incidents to protect the lives of passengers and station facilities as assets, then it may be a legal exception that is unavoidable. But if it goes beyond that aim and begins sharing information with investigative institutions, then it becomes problematic. See in context

Don’t worry, it’s simply limited nowadays to recognize only different types of corona face masks and wigs, but simply won’t detect any former prisoner’s face and if taped or otherwise covered by a bad person it can only recognize different grades of darkness. lol

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What a strange hype about it. There are no safe passwords or accounts and on the other side there’s also no totally safe haven for the hackers, intruders, stalkers etc. Both sides aren’t completely safe. In this case here it’s even easier to catch the bad person, because if anything happens , the group of suspects to trace is very small , identifiable right from the start and very highly probable limited to the teachers and other school staff plus their nearest surroundings. That revealed account and password written down and given to the school is the safest thing they can do. And of course there’s still the possibility afterwards to create another separated account for full playing, if there are still other needs or doubts.

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Better eight or six months than nothing, but it’s hopefully clear that even six months are still quite a hazardous gamble for many, if you look at the statistical data and immunity decreasing graphs. At least for elderly, men in general, and of course all otherwise vulnerable indicated, I really suggest and recommend much earlier third vaccination or so-called boosting , about four months or so, especially when also considering rising omicron occurrences. Luckily the low infection and spreading numbers here might currently give that time buffer, but that is also not guaranteed for all the coming months of boostings rolled out rather lately.

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Staying shivering from fear in the cave as well as excessive partying with a group of southern African exchange students are obviously the both extremes to avoid. With those low current numbers and some distance and hygienic precaution measures at the bonenkai place I don’t see statistically relevant obstacles. Enjoy the party, who knows for sure if there ever will be one again in the years to come.

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Isn’t that just only more a general fiscal problem on all levels and affecting all citizens? I guess, a lot of other regions, prefectures or projects are also facing less possible money support. Tohoku , the Tokyo games, a continued pandemic plus omicron now, international duties and higher defense spending regarding more possible threats from China, Russia , NK etc, that all already has cost and will also cost more than comes in during a quite halted economy. They surely take it a bit more personal there in Okinawa and attribute it all to the disputed bases or US forces presence, Futenma relocation and such, but I really think it’s not the main reason, no , just everywhere, people or businesses or governments , all purses and accounts are now rather empty or short before becoming exactly that.

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Posted in: We believe the profitability of our bookstores will go up by adding the function of shared lounges. See in context

First it was still funny, converting a few hotel rooms, lobbies etc into mobile offices, but now it’s becoming a bit disturbing when in numbers. Every store or business desperately tries to transform itself in a kind of profitable rental business office. Even the onsen we have just visited, made the bar seats into corona distance like mini business boxes with those separating plastic shields. You can also often now watch work teams in restaurants, not eating so much there, but hammering their keyboards and loudly discussing their next senseless projects, quite disgusting for all normal restaurant guests who want to relax and eat a good meal in a restaurant atmosphere. Here in this case some bookstores, and I really wonder what strange ideas come next. How about transforming public toilets , misused as business offices, fully equipped with LAN, WiFi, wall mounted IT rental devices, and if you are ready with whatever you have done there, you can chose to print it on paper or just skip printing and press paper feed a few times to get some sheets for you know what I mean. lol

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In fact it’s more about a healthy balance between a state and citizen’s individual rights and freedom. And while all (western or whatever) democracies of course have also quite some disadvantages and restrictions, it’s surely very much biased to state totalitarianism in countries like China and similar ones. Pure and hard capitalism has to be tamed, but even more those (group or party) dictatorships that are also by far not so communistic as they are saying they are.

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Of course city living is in most cases or for most people better, because you have everything at place, especially in emergencies or cases of getting ill, as well as all kinds of shopping, transportation, infrastructure, administrative offices , medical treatment and much more. You can buy an egg or a cucumber also in the city, but you won’t find a CD shop or a clothes department store in a small village, for example. Of course for the few of the bio or eco fraction with real money at hand the countryside or a fisherman’s port village is much better as it is nicer, healthier , silent etc and in urgent cases you can similarly quickly get all treatment, help , shopping wishes and services when hopping to the city with your private jet, helicopter or motor yacht. But I guess, most of us here cannot afford a safe lifestyle in a village. Just only imagine you get severely sick and the only bus on that day has just departed, if you even have a bus stop at that place. You’re just simply dead before you even have spelled your once favored ‘country living’.

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It surely doesn’t reflect the real numbers, but it’s good enough to be considered an indicator for being again behind the graph’s minimum turning point and now starting to increase.

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Posted in: How do you feel about all the surveillance cameras being used in public and private spaces? See in context

No problem, soon they everywhere run out of staff for handling all the growing tons of collected data and photo or video footage. Or does anyone expect 90 years olds to watch surveillance videos all day long? Even if an AI detects something, it will take time until someone gets his rheumatic a** up and some other people go for anything or anyone detected in their EV wheelchair. An illusion, thinking of being capable of handling all that in the near future, also in most other similar countries…

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Partly agree, they do almost nothing and cost more than they bring, but on the other side, if they weren’t existing we would all wake up in brutal slavery already tomorrow morning.

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Yes, it’s of course very much unsafe, but on the other hand it’s also easy nowadays to track down the criminals if it is really wanted. There is no secrecy or complete privacy, neither for us, nor for them. Look, you have no chance to avoid it, because in the example of a credit card, anyone in the data chain can get your number or data even if you try to make your transaction secure. That can be someone from your household, a friend, colleague, of course any bank employee as they have the raw data earlier at hand than you lol, a hacker, a server maintenance staff, a secret service, police etc. and so on. If added up, you can say , potentially everyone has access to your credit card if he/she really wants and tries with effort or connections.

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Posted in: Japan reverses halt of inbound flight bookings after criticism See in context

So we have to die from omicron or at least have only a virus and LongCovid caused much lowered life expectancy, because of a few people now insist on traveling and not want to feel a little bit discriminated? Unbelievable, I have no idea to pack my opinion into civilized publishable words about such a strange decision.

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Posted in: 2nd Omicron case confirmed; Japan to bar foreign residents' re-entry from 10 African nations See in context

What's the point of our visa's then?

A visa (from the Latin charta visa, meaning "paper that has to be seen") is in the correct form usually an only one time allowance for entry after the willing to enter person and his / her papers have been viewed or looked at live and in person, as well there are no other contradicting facts or details that speak against an entry. That ‘viewing’ is not always at immigration points, in many cases people have even to ask for a visa at the destination countries’ embassy in their home countries beforehand. In that case the entry procedure is usually easier then, because they can quickly proceed because they have already been looked at before and only have to show the already received visa stamp or statement.

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Posted in: 2nd Omicron case confirmed; Japan to bar foreign residents' re-entry from 10 African nations See in context

Can be anything, omicron also already longer in Peru, or infection caught in the not sufficient disinfected plane, airport, toilet, any other room or area where southern Africans have been before…anything, we don’t know. But what I know for sure, all that global traveling and open airports or borders, that’s nothing else than completely idiotic and potentially life threatening. Damage has been done anyway, so now better concentrate on handling the remaining delta and new omicron as good as still possible.

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Yes, a necessary, helpful and nice try, but for arising omicron those 77% , using only 72% ‘effective’ vaccines, if added quite a generous optimism bonus, are in fact almost like nothing, if not accompanied with a big catalog of other measures. At least 96% are needed from now on, again more than those 91%-94% with delta.

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That’s looking like it’s not at all about or for the well being of the children but rather more for the parents’ two own egos and drawing widespread international attention or becoming anyhow famous everywhere quickest possible. What comes next, a YouTube channel, campaign at and biggest possible crowdfunding or a series of book publications?

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but denied intent to kill…

Of course he did, when going for the chest, otherwise he would have hurt arm, leg or better only given in putting his knife down instead.

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They can still be no, not happy, but kind of a bit relieved, that they can play that card anytime in one way or another. Men cannot do that in such a number, but have to face the same bad pandemic and economic situation. Maybe they would also react very much differently if forced into such things. You better don’t want that…lol

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The probability is very high, but I wouldn’t say it so absolutely, that Omicron is from and only from there. There are so many areas or countries with no sufficient vaccination and immunity levels or near herd immunity , that it can also easily develop randomly into something very similar or equal to omicron fully independently. In my birthplace they’ve just found a 39 year old guy with omicron, completely without of any travel or acquaintance connections to Southern Africa. Compare those famous pyramids in Peru and Egypt for an impression of what I mean.

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Sounds easy and cheap to solve. The internet outputs following information. ‘A COLT PEACEKEEPER pistol is currently worth an average price of $1,244.73 used . The 12 month average price is $1,244.73 used.’ lol

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Posted in: We will work on achieving a new form of capitalism through a boost in women's income. See in context

That means in return, at same available sums of money and resources in fact more or completely excluding men from their income and economic participation. I doubt that such a new capitalism based almost only on some fashion, jewelry , tapioca drinks and flower shops is any or the holy solution. lol

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The problem is relying only on vaccinations. Those can be an important but not winning factor. Decisive is a dedicated mix of measures, all directed to the goal of decreasing the pandemic situation into a more endemic one. Opening up everything while thinking of having many people vaccinated won’t help anything. That’s simple math, isn’t it? If 96% and above (omicron) for vaccination or otherwise gained immunity rate is necessary , then it is of course not reachable even with an ideal vaccination rate of 100% , whole population , when the vaccinations are only optimistic 72% effective and quickly blurring over time. That’s easy to understand even for toddlers at a nursery if they look at different high towers of Lego blocks. lol

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