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Sven Asai comments

Posted in: Toshiba to cut 6% of domestic workforce in big revamp after delisting See in context

Firing the most experienced and most willing to work Gen.X staff with a golden handshake into early retirement? That's in fact not the retirement for those people, but probably soon the complete retirement of Toshiba. lol

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Posted in: Teenager referred to prosecutors for using smart glasses to cheat on university entrance exam See in context

Now there is one, out of the rarest and few left and seldomly born resources, who is capable of handling it all already before the real university studies even have begun and what happens? He will be punished and denied, highly probably. lol

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Posted in: Japan economy suffers worse-than-expected contraction of 0.5% See in context

I made enough proposals for a vivid, flourishing economy and their new capitalism. But they just don't listen and stubbornly go into the opposite direction, an accelerating downward spiral. Unbelievable, such an intentional ignorance, but so be it, if they need their own slow learning curve.

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Posted in: France declares state of emergency in New Caledonia as riots continue See in context

Emergency? They can be very happy to now have a reason to go out from there without losing face, which will save billions of Euros for the French and EU tax payers.

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Posted in: On the ball See in context

Doesn't look any healthy for back or backbone, and still not mentioning what an environmental mess the production and later recycling of those 'exercise balls' are causing.

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Posted in: Red, yellow, green ... and white? Smarter vehicles could mean big changes for the traffic light See in context

Smarter, but needing even an additional fourth color? That joke made my day.

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Posted in: Honda, IBM tie up on development of chips, software for future cars See in context

A car just only needs to drive, being capable to safely move a load of things or persons from destination to goal. No wonder that they all have self-made problems when only discussing computers instead of their original products which once were real cars.

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Posted in: Hotter, drier, sicker? How a changing planet drives disease See in context

Are they kidding? Try to exist a few hours in the Arctic where it is surely not hot and dry, and after that we discuss your new and assumed much better health condition, if there still are some left.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. move ahead in co-developing hypersonic weapons interceptor as regional threats grow See in context

That's surely only a very first step of many necessary ones. Next requirements are of course considering also other technological developments like drones etc and in general the related outnumbering problems. The new capability to intercept a hypersonic missile might be looking nice, but what to do if there come a lot and each carrying several real or dummy warheads? The same for drones, when jamming or intercepting one is already quite challenging, but how to handle one or many big and connected or AI self-coordinated swarms of drones? Chances for reaching a successful defense with a sufficient success percentage of at least a significantly over 90% interception rate are still extremely low in both scenarios, the multi hypersonic or drone swarm one, if there even are any chances in practice, not only in a one time training environment under ideal optimistic parameters and conditions.

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Posted in: Around 68,000 elderly die alone in Japan annually: police See in context

So dying not alone but surrounded by attackers, hospital staff, other similar accident victims and all such is better? I mean, your ideal case of dying happily and surrounded by family members or a loved person holding your hand and talking warm words of good-bye, that's really the rarest of all possible scenarios. But I would agree that this topic is more a synonym for the single and atomized 'modern' society as a whole.

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Posted in: Young Japanese workers don’t even consider rural areas. Talented foreigners are our lifeline. See in context

Desperately trying to correct a very big error with another even bigger error, that hasn't worked out well in other countries and that won't work out well here, too.

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Posted in: Teleworking in Japan falls after COVID; hybrid working on rise See in context

Finally it's not what employees want or need, but what the companies want and need, which is workloads effectively done, for own and background investors's profit marges. If this can be reached by remote work in a few rare cases, fine too , then just feel very lucky sitting at the beach resort's hotel bar, slurping expensive cocktails on company's expenses and from time to time moving slowly a finger over the laptop's keyboard, but usually and considering human nature and behaviors, in-office work, mental pressure, supervision and surveillance by the bosses etc, that is the only way it works for most companies. That won't change at all in general or by anything, not by corona or such, not by staff lacking, not by those new life-work balance trends and all such. In short words, your master wants to see with own eyes, that you work hard and that you work for him.

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Posted in: Kishida's cabinet support rate edges up to 24.2%: poll See in context

Statistically, that's nonsense, especially values with decimal points. One can only say, that there might be a detectable slight upward trend under a certain confidence percentage, so that the support rate is highly probably within a certain range of about 22 to 26 percent or so.

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Posted in: Sunday is Mother's Day. What are your fondest memories of your mother? See in context

Although I have only a few memories because she had died early from colon cancer when I was 7, but I remember two things, she was always quite strict , letting me eat also unliked dishes and she also taught me reading and basic math even before my first school year and such, but sometimes she gave me a spoon and let me eat a whole of those small cans with delicious sugared milk, at those times a very rare and expensive delicatessen item. Nowadays it comes in tubes and many spread it over strawberry desserts. I guess you know what I mean. Well, that's it in my case, she showed her love by a balance of strictness and bonus treatment.

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Posted in: Japan's real wages fall in March for record 24th month See in context

Crying on a still high level, they should be happy and thankful that they {still) have the luxury of getting income like real wages.

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Posted in: China criticizes U.S. for ship's passage through Taiwan Strait See in context

What's wrong with a passage? Is staying, anchoring and taking some targets into aim pleasing some more? lol

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Posted in: 1 in 5 people aged 65 or older in Japan predicted to have dementia by 2060 See in context

2060? That's already an era without me and my prediction is, that it will be a special honor to be 1 out of the 5 who are plagued by dementia then, so that you can sometimes completely forget which mess all around you are entangled by.

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Posted in: There’s an intensity in the life of the dying that maybe the living can learn from See in context

Nothing is forever and no one will escape death. And even those with phantasies of immortality surely understand, that finally the planet is absorbed by the sun, the sun by a black hole and so on.

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Posted in: More money going to African climate startups, but huge funding gap remains See in context

That balances out too. Ok, fine, they now install a few solar panels there in Africa with the help of Western countries or investors. And in those Western countries the first bunch of news arises, that thefts dismantle the panel parks to sell the copper cables at recycling stores for making ends meet. Something one would have thought they do it in Africa. lol But this world is maybe turning upside down faster and faster.

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Posted in: Berlin senator struck on head as concern grows over attacks on politicians See in context

The real problem is, that the political parties on offer all are left wing, although admittedly they have a few irrelevant nuances. Some people now have given up, others leave that hopeless new Arab-Africa of the North and again others finally turn violent because they don't are given any possibility to express their deep and ignored anger or arguments.

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Posted in: Tax office investigator, arrested for theft, says he needed money to pay back debts See in context

It's in fact also collected tax money anyway. Where is the difference if taken planned officially or afterwards declared as theft from a colleague? And flowing back into economy it is too finally. lol

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Posted in: World's record-breaking temperature streak extends through April See in context

As if we humans are the crown of genesis and development. lol There's a universe, a galaxy, our sun, our planet and its conditions and climate. We as living creatures are already the very rare and extreme outliers here, while almost everything else in the whole universe is a big vacuum of nothing and a bit of dead matter like stars and planets. I tell you something, we don't have any influence on all this. No, we should be simply extraordinarily happy that we even and still exist and luckily have already developed a few technologies to survive and to more or less abide to the usually very deadly conditions, allowing us to be still a little while within our very narrow biologically given parameters and limits. To think we would have any chances or influence beyond of that is completely irrational. We just don't set the standards, limits or speed here. The universe and the planet set them.

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Posted in: Japan Post, Seino to team up on deliveries to counter driver shortage See in context

@Yubaru is right. It's more the back-breaking work before and after driving. And maybe additionally all that administrative work, like filling forms, giving or receiving receipts, delivery papers, stamps, even if it really would in a digital form nowadays, abiding to all the traffic rules and laws and exemptions, route planning, work regulations, taxes, import-export rulings, technical checks and truck specific obligations and all that very big sized overhead. Smaller logistics enerprises or one-man companies probably don't even have much or any time left for the pure driving or transportation process, if they fully abide and care. lol Driving for some hours might be hard too, yes, but that is probably still the more funnier part of the job.

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Posted in: Putin begins 5th term as president, more in control of Russia than ever See in context

Yes, formally he's very strong and in control, but in practice he's a very small replaceable nothing and for representation purposes only, fully dependent on support of military, secret state police and orthodox church. That's working for him as long as he steadily delivers to those three basic entities, otherwise he hasn't even the time to go to the window he might be forced to exit it all through. lol

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Posted in: What is your opinion of Elon Musk? Is he the sort of person you'd like to work for or with? See in context

Yes, why not give it a try? He (and we all) urgently need someone who can warn him in advance, dismantle his irrational ideas and visionary projects or show him a way to self and professional treatment. But I guess he doesn't tolerate any antipode in his environment. lol

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Posted in: Asia-Pacific economies are key to raising global economic growth and the region is facing a variety of challenges such as poverty and disasters caused by climate change. See in context

to an Asian Development Bank fund to help low-income nations

Isn't it currently much easier to give the money directly to BOJ when it's about helping a low-income nation? lol

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Posted in: 12% of Japan convenience stores don't open 24 hours due to labor shortage See in context

Outside of busy city locations, why would any of these stores stay open? It makes 0 business sense.

That is exactly when the convenience comes into play. Of course all other stores too don't make a business sense outside of rush hours in the morning and evening and during lunch time. Those three intervals served let's say 2 hrs each, that alone would make already 95% of all shopping business deals in those six hours summed up, I guess. It's by far not unique to convenience stores that they cover much more time frames than really needed. It's a bit different for many stores and supermarkets during weekends, frequented more constantly by general public and also different for department stores which are more frequented by wealthy pensioners between 10am and 3pm or so. But in general there is still a big potential to cut all business hours due to future lacks of workforce or logistics capacity.

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Posted in: Hamas accepts Gaza cease-fire; Israel says it will continue talks but launches strikes in Rafah See in context

Money rules the world, not religion.

Really? Although that admittedly has been valid for a very long time, it is quickly changing. Birth quotes and number of citizens in the younger generations are or soon will be ruling the world. What's all your big money worth when entangled by a group of 5, 50 or 500 youngsters, knife wielding or just only disliking your religion? Just nothing anymore, maybe with much luck you can buy 15 seconds if you throw all your money into their hands.

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Posted in: Japan left to rethink COVID grants as telework facilities empty out See in context

Sounds very romantic, such matchmaking at remote work facilities. I guess the overwhelming success stems from such 'ideas'. rofl

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Posted in: World wasted 20% of food produced in 2022: U.N. report See in context

Did they count it? I say it's only 19.34567% , which is a similar crazy and lied value because I also cannot count or estimate the amount of wasted food. lol

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