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Whatever and how long you discuss here, but only NoCovid is good Covid.

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Yes, prolonging at the same conditions and keeping the 22.5% of the shares and volume, that’s clear. But much more interesting would be, if they also now step into the now free vacancies, taking the former and now free 27.5% minus one shares from Shell. That would give quite a boost for stability in energy supply, but it would probably cause some political issues when contradicting those sanctions.

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I wrote I won’t see much of that. Of course they run a few test balloons to attract more publicity and investments from public or private entities. And second, if it all isn’t paid by taxes then the lower carbon footprint requirements you wrote about are still not for free, but have to paid by much higher transportation costs put onto the prices for the last ones in the product chain , the buyer or final consumer. The companies you wrote about also do not invest money for fun , for nature and environment, or for nothing, they just want in return a remarkable profit. If the UN IMO would have to pay for their agenda and requirements themselves they would of course not put it in whatever small reality attempts and keep it instead secretly in their desks. It’s very easy to demand something, but let only everyone else pay for it.

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Posted in: LDP policy chief visited Unification Church-linked facility See in context

I wonder how the right wingers are processing this.

Nothing to process here, maybe looking more carefully next time. Look, what would the alternative for those politicians have been? Not so much better, because it’s difficult in general for politicians to not meet with people who have directly written peace and world unity and all such phrases on their flag. Their would quickly have been an otherwise complaining too, that they are right winged and heartless and deny to meet with those oh so peaceful religious and unpolitical believers etc.

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No, I surely won’t see much of all those many new technology attempts in practice or widespread application. That’s physically, energetically and under consideration of really needed resources just impossible. But maybe I have to pay much taxes for them and also stand the daily green propaganda of how wonderful they all are and have great potential to save the planet. (which they only have in the heads of their developers and the phantasies of their shareholding investors who draw out their big money out of the public tax pool for nothing substantial)

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Very funny. Then all move to your Great Lakes, then want jobs , infrastructure, energy and industrial businesses, then all that is quickly built and then your lovely Great Lakes area is simply becoming a contaminated desert within a very few months. I guess you don’t really want all that for you, extended family or anyone else.

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Posted in: Prosecutors arrest ex-member of Tokyo Olympic committee, others for bribery See in context

Who cares when a few lower ranks are sacrificed to keep the rest of the big money machinery unharmed and running on and on. Let them just go, they are of no significant importance to the whole case covered and still under the carpet.

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Posted in: No. of suicides in Japan increased 8,000 due to pandemic: study See in context

First we should exclude all those economic reasons, otherwise whole other continents or countries would be emptied too from suicides, but they are not. Some have hugest populations, many childbirths, Africa or India for example, others party and dance all day like in Brazil and such. It’s more a thing of individual mindset or capabilities of abiding to new situations or plans for life. Yes, for example the young women in majority can’t marry rich anymore , because even two of those nowadays low standard incomes are a daily challenge and an economical threat for everyone of us. And if the nightclubs and bars are closed due to corona they can’t get hands on new expensive handbags for selling or meet a new sugar daddy every evening. But that’s still no reason for suicide. One could try another career, study something new, develop a hobby or simply wait for and enjoy then the newest manga book or song from the favorite boy group and so on. Difficult to understand or analyze, my guess is that it is always something very individual and something we not involved bystanders can’t ever see or feel like they have before they commit it.

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That’s the typical calculation method of all those greenies. So it costs only a few pounds to fill up this guy’s car, nice for him, but how expensive and how many resources does cost the neighboring plant to produce his cheaper hydrogen fuel? And who else pays for that all, so he has the small benefits? The tax payers, the plant owners or investors, putting it onto the prices of their other products and customers? It’s much too simple and very cheap propaganda, just to only say that a few persons can fill their cars now cheaply at half of the usual gasoline costs.

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The winner gets it all, including that base, and if it’s blasted or not, doesn’t play a role afterwards.

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Posted in: Dairy farmer shoots man in head with air gun while attempting to exterminate crows See in context

Sounds like something rather bigger involved than an air gun. Yes, one can be severely hurt by those little 5.5 mm plastic balls (or even steel balls/ diavolos in other countries), but in this case here such a drastic head injury and falling into coma? Maybe it’s another type of weapon or a massively tuned air gun with energy of much more destructive amount of Joules.

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First, we have to know who the first recipients of those earning reports were. My splendid teacher at the business school taught me, that those reports are all created in different versions, colored and biased , according to the recipients or intentions. Companies present good numbers and future outlooks, for example when trying to impress politicians and public or to get a loan from banks or new big investments, but they create them more pessimistic and with negative future expectations when addressing shareholders who want to be cashed out, or employees and unions if they want wages rising etc. We just don’t have enough details and hard reliable numbers here to applaud for the big earnings or complain about not willing to raise employees’ wages.

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They must be kidding. Probably one or two men can easily take it with them so it never finds its refueling station again , just barring it away into a bathroom cell, take the battery out, pour acid on it, dismantle it at home, throw it anywhere from the roof , simply tape the camera eyes and so on, and done. That’s a useless and energy consuming toy , but surely not a guardian robot.

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Some extraordinarily dangerous ‘Einsteins’ at work again. Moving chemical waste for detoxification from an already otherwise contaminated area into the area where quite a percentage of our food stems from, is just only insane. That’s not a detoxification, but another and intentional contamination spreading. Someone in a responsible position should early stop those sick psychos.

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It’s of course nice and important to know all the history, but in fact you just have to completely overcome it, not forgetting, but forgiving. Maybe it’s too much to be expected and too difficult to reach that, which is exactly the reason why still everyone is trapped or intentionally and ideologically kept in the past and this whole planet simply cannot and won’t find the path into a better future and lasting peace.

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Posted in: If Biden decides not to run for reelection, he faces a big threat: Being a lame duck See in context

So it’s a threat in any case, either for him or for everyone else.

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Posted in: Public elementary school in Aichi offers rare English-immersion program See in context

"How many cherries are there?" asked a female teacher from the Philippines in a second grade mathematics class, and many students exclaimed, "I know!" in English.

Sounds like much room for further improvements. Those kind of questions (where is that mysterious ‘there’, in the picture, on a plate, still hanging on the cherry tree?) and answers are usually also put or given if there’s no immersion at all. lol On a question containing ‘how many’ one should usually answer with a full sentence containing a number ‘There are five cherries on the table / in the picture’ etc or ‘I don’t know it exactly.’

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Posted in: German fighter jets en route to Australia as Berlin shifts focus to Indo-Pacific See in context

Near complete economic and social breakdown they should better hurry up and focus on themselves while they still can.

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Give it up, it’s of no use. You just replace one problem with new arising ones. If you once managed everywhere to install all those many wind turbine, solar panel parks or whatever, plastering the whole landscape, agricultural areas and sea , where do you 8, 9, 10 etc billion of people on this planet get their daily food from then? Is it nicer starving to death at an average 1.5 degree lower temperature. I guess no, and you?

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Posted in: What are some environmentally friendly ways to keep cool in summer? See in context

I have no idea how that guy from above keeps himself cool with solar panels. I wished he could explain or illustrate it some more or post some photographs of doing it.

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Posted in: Iran denies being involved in attack on Salman Rushdie See in context

They once loudly shouted the Fatwa into the whole world, so they are of course the ones with the most responsibility, right next after that violent and brainwashed Islamic attacker himself.

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Posted in: Do you think it is possible to remove the Unification Church's influence from Japanese political parties? See in context

I have no doubt that they quickly draw some conclusions or learned something from that rather drastic lesson. Influence of religions , churches or sects is in the very most cases of absolutely no good for politics, their representatives, parties, governments and their decisions. Not anywhere else and also not in Japan.

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It’s probably one of those many smaller crimes done by poor pensioners or precarious low income workers. Some steel fruits or vegetables, others copper or other metal pipes and parts or some dismantle road side guard rails and so on. We’ll surely see more and more of it in the coming years. For them it’s no risk at all, they get the needed money from the crime for living expenses , food and accommodation or if ‘unluckily’ caught they are also fully accommodated and supplied in a prison.

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It really doesn’t play a significant role, if something like data, research papers, military or dual use products are tried to be kept a secret or not. Sooner or later the other side or interested parties get a hand on it anyway or develop something similar by themselves.

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Do you wish for a restrictive dictatorship or such? It’s still a free society, also for police officers. He can drink as much and fall asleep in his leisure time as often as he likes and there’s also so far no problem if the data isn’t misused and he timely solves the cases he is investigating.

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Posted in: Putin says Russia and North Korea will expand bilateral relations: KCNA See in context

Nothing else can be expected. They had the same basic commie education in their youth and now the same dictators’ genes.

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Posted in: Kishida yet to deliver on promise to create new form of capitalism See in context

so why do people think Kishida is any different?

Because there’s no other option if wanting to have a future, that he is or soon turns out to be quite much different.

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Posted in: Kishida yet to deliver on promise to create new form of capitalism See in context

It’s not so difficult as it looks like. New capitalism is new growth at all costs, because also capitalism is nothing else than growth at all costs. That means initiating a new bubble economy by using the tons of printed money. Until now they only filled some upper top glasses of the champagne glasses tower while the most glasses under them have tried out completely. And I don’t mean pouring champagne until a few drops reach the bottom glasses, half-hearted tax reductions or cash handouts that are too low to live from and too high to die from. No the whole room with the glasses tower has to filled with champagne, so to say. That even hasn’t to be real cash , landing only in pachinko parlors, izakaya or Ginza fashion stores. No, it also could be coupon based or bound to the target goals. For example, support for young couples that they can afford children, school lunches, educational coupons to be used for expensive books or courses on IT, AI, robotics, genetics, pharmacy, development of integrated circuits , GX technology etc. In short words, it first needs to take a massive amount of money into hands that reaches everyone but only can be used for the policy targets, so that in midterm timeframes new research , innovations and products can be developed and sold inside Japan and on the global markets. Then this new bubble or new capitalism can also easily pay back all the former money that has been needed to initiate this process. Continuing with Abe policy and only giving big presents to those pampered ones who already swam in money before, that just will lead into nothing. And no, it has nothing or not much to do with corona, Ukraine war and all that. It depends only on willpower and speed, because it’s becoming less effective if other countries copycat this method. To become number one or two again, Japan must be quick , set the wanted priorities and then helicopter and allocate all those amounts of money.

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Yes, @M.Sanchez, we probably harm our bodies , but that’s still the better choice than giving the coronaviruses no limitations and all possibilities to harm and us to earlier than necessary die from that. It’s of course nothing else than choosing from two bad options the less worse one. Something similar to eat processed or contaminated food and getting sick only or eat nothing and starving to death immediately.

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Posted in: N Korea declares victory over COVID; blames S Korea for outbreak See in context

Someone have mercy and buy those brainwashed ones a simple world map. Wuhan is located in China, not in South Korea.

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