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Posted in: Hollywood is bombarding us again with prequels, sequels, remakes and spinoffs from past films? Do you tire of these sorts of films? See in context

The real problems are wokeness, preemptive own censorship and such, as well as the same political correct patterns in every movie, without exception. To illustrate it, take any of such combat teams in any of the action movies, and you don’t need to be statistician to estimate that it consists of three whites, one black , one Hispanic and one Asian looking fighter, or a multiple of it when it’s bigger. And the fictional antiheroes or enemies are a heavily tattooed neo-Nazi or a Russian like military guy or a drug dealer etc. You just watch one movie and you know at least 99% of the rest. The remaining one percent might be a little cinema pearl , not to miss and really worth watching.

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Posted in: N Korea appoints veteran diplomat as first female foreign minister See in context

Well, obviously only an easy to understand show for tricking the public. Replacing a former hardliner on that post by a woman who can speak English well, but not from her thoughts but from her given notes, and who has already longer been walking on the red diplomatic carpets, might be considered new and promising. Nice on theory and on paper, but the reality is consisting of more NK nuclear armament and excessive missile shootings like only the same psychopath regime as before could do.

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Posted in: Ruling lawmaker quits party over allegations of drinking with teen See in context

Sometimes one just has to set the more pleasant priorities. What was or will be your choice when around 40? The girl for sure or the party career, limited in time and unsure right from the beginning? lol

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Posted in: Putin likens himself to Peter the Great; British, Moroccan foreign fighters sentenced death See in context

Yes, but even more a great sample for the Peter’s principle.

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Posted in: Survey suggests about half of Japanese companies has an 'old guy who does nothing' See in context

Doing nothing is a very difficult job. Lol In addition it’s also a burden on those employees, if they have nothing to do , don’t like the job or aren’t capable to do the specific difficult work. And btw, isn’t there a gender consideration? Why only and always attacking men, also here on this topic?

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Posted in: WHO: COVID origins unclear but lab leak theory needs study See in context

Searching for the obvious doesn’t make so much sense anymore. It would be more necessary to close all those dangerous gain-in-function laboratories for that such a global and deadly pandemic won’t artificially triggered happen again soon.

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Posted in: Japan's outdoor mask relaxation yet to filter through See in context

Fear of standing out in Japan far exceeds fear of Covid.

Why that? Such a fear is very time limited. You surely won’t stand out so long here. lol But Covid accompanies you the whole rest of your life.

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Posted in: Thailand decriminalizes marijuana, but smoking discouraged See in context

There has never been any dam in that whole area, the Golden triangle is infamous, a synonym for Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos altogether.

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Posted in: Boxing champ Inoue's home burgled during fight See in context

Agreed with @timeon. The security staff shows up very quickly, but I guess in this case the criminals must’ve had information or exact knowledge about the valuables and their location as well as how to access the house very fast. In most such similar cases they are no complete strangers, but known or once met and invited people , like poorer family members , friends, former party guests, not so successful co-mates from the same sports, feeling underpaid trainers, massaging staff etc. , and of course those successful people also often visit some certain girlies or women and then when drunken tell them too much about what they own or where they live and so on, and then those have the surrounding crime helpers as they don’t do it themselves.

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Posted in: Straw dolls with Putin's photo keep getting nailed to town’s shrine trees See in context

First of all, Big thanks to @Skeptical for his effort to tell us the real story and historical background.

“Do wara ningyo curses have the kind of range to hit people overseas?”

Interesting question from those Twitter reactions… I am not so much sure about this direction, but I think and there are proofs for that, into the returning direction, Putin still has the potential power and range to hit people anywhere overseas. lol

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Posted in: Infections jumping from animals to humans becoming more frequent, warns WHO See in context

Well, excluding human involvement and propagation of zoonosis isn’t so very scientific too as long as you don’t show your poker hand after calling, in other words put your one or however many missing link animals of the Covid zoonosis on the table. If you can… But there isn’t any, you self-empowered ‘scientists’ are bluffing and even much worse, still continuing gain-in-function research after all that has happened and so many millions have died. You are irresponsible and potential killers, no scientists that vow to serve the human beings. Or did I miss the news, that all such labs worldwide have been closed? Highly probably not.

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Posted in: Conspiracy theories cloud pandemic treaty push See in context

The truth is always to be found on the long way between the conspiracy theory and the officially published theory. Not so easily to find and often never found.

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Posted in: Japan's economy contracts, but at smaller rate than thought See in context

No, that’s too harsh. At least he has invested some first thoughts and presented a concept. Of course I know too, that nothing will change for better, but that’s surely not on him, because he’s got too less power and influence and the resistance in the political, economic and financial centrals is massive and overwhelming. Anyway, respect for that he started a first little test balloon.

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Posted in: Docomo, NTT to collaborate on 6G experimental trials with mobile technology vendors See in context

Doesn’t make much sense. Even with the highest ever mobile download speeds you, as a human being, will still need those whole ninety minutes to watch your downloaded movie. And at the other end? Well, I am sure, for urgent or time critical stock exchange transactions, even 6G is still very too slow.

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Posted in: Walmart heir Rob Walton agrees to buy Broncos in record deal See in context

It’s more an intellectual thing, if you like that sports or not. Most kinds of sports are only emphasizing the physical aspects, force, power, fitness, speed, action, entertainment and such. Rugby is included in that group. But a few other sports like American Football, Curling or Chess are a bit more balanced and also need additionally quite some brains if someone ever wants to succeed in their matches.

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Posted in: Saiki City mistakenly let resident claim ¥1.3 million in gift certificates See in context

And where exactly is the problem? Those vouchers were all printed beforehand and it was intended to hand them out , producing and accepting a certain minus amount for the society represented by that certain percentage of those bonuses. So it is all priced in already. Would also make no sense to initiate a bonus program in the hope that it is not used. In addition, that customer spends now a lot of own money for that car, which is in a certain sense keeping jobs at the car maker and the profit from the car sales is also taxed again bringing back some money of the issued. There’s economically almost no difference, if 100 people buy several cheap products bonus promoted , which also little by little saves jobs and brings some tax back, or if one customer buys a big expensive thing also bonus promoted.

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Posted in: How long should you date someone in Japan before going on a trip with them? See in context

That’s the official version. One of those sugar daddies needs only a line on a matching site, a delicious restaurant invitation and that’s it, from hotel, onsen trip to foreign country vacation travel , everything is immediately possible and scalable. So, it’s similar, but without all those fears and much shorter, two to six hours the sweet spot here, I guess. lol

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Posted in: Sony ex-CEO Idei, who led brand's global growth, dies at 84 See in context

You can’t compare Apple with Sony, @Mizuame. One stands for quantity the other for quality. And the big pity is, that the quantity makers are on the winning road, while already many quality makers had or have severe problems nowadays. Many famous brands are gone forever or have been bought and integrated into mass market companies and only kept the brand name but changed their products into lesser quality ones. It’s a real tragedy, if you look around and can only see all that cheap useless crap that’s surviving and even being celebrated for selling that garbage.

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Posted in: How do you prepare children for an uncertain job future as technology and AI make more jobs for humans obsolete? See in context

Wrong question. All those technologies should be used and maximum taxed, so that the children or let’s say all people in the future, can easily afford to work less hours but at much higher income at those hard, dangerous or mind’s and bodies’ forces consuming low-paid jobs and do other important work in society. A robot or an IT server cluster with AI doesn’t realize or care if completely taxed and operating 24 hours for the people. Of course, this process has to be economically fair , let’s say capitalism compatible, and therefore very attractive for the owners, businesses and shareholders, so that the money for all is taken only after it has been generated by those machines and has fully covered the investments plus a big significant profit. But after that first time span, the robots and AI have to be ‘socialized’ and bringing less hard work at more money for all citizens. That’s also simply what they once really had been invented for, if you remember.

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Posted in: S Korea, U.S. launch 8 missiles in response to N Korean salvo See in context

If that’s the new global communication, then good night. I think, a very cheap phone call or a diplomatic letter would be sufficient when dealing with them. No need to blow millions of dollars into the sea for nothing.

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Posted in: Japan, Lithuania vow cooperation to stop Russian invasion of Ukraine See in context

Yes, that’s funny, like two toddlers versus a Yokozuna.

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Posted in: Japanese schools banning nicknames, mandating use of '-san' divides opinions See in context

Again not complete and only half-hearted measures. Let’s really accomplish it with court-like majestic bows and curtsies.

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Posted in: We'd like schools to continue reviewing their rules with students, guardians and other related parties at least once a year. We'd also like to closely examine the specific nature of the revised rules. See in context

I guess, only the two main rules, to teach and to learn something, are the ones you won’t find anywhere at all those schools. That’s the real problem and the only one.

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Posted in: Toyota releases storage battery system for residential use See in context

power outages caused by natural disasters

Those few words, and it will sell in numbers. The typical Pavlov reflex. How often had you a power outage during your lifetime so far? You see… Anyway, I like that idiotic part, where you fill up your ev car and then draw the power from it during a disaster, instead of fleeing the dangerous scene in time with a full loaded car. So great.

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Posted in: Inflation is rising faster than wages in many countries due to increases in the cost of raw materials and energy supplies. How can governments correct this imbalance? See in context

If government takes a firm hand and orders wages increased…

Haha, sorry but we are not in China or North Korea here. lol Still, in capitalism the wages are defined through negotiations and single work contracts between employee and employer, or in a more broader way by their bigger entities like worker’s unions and representatives of many companies or employers in economies’ branches. The government itself has no real decisive influence and can only give out to the public some loud paroles, wishes, recommendations or pleads.

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Posted in: Inflation is rising faster than wages in many countries due to increases in the cost of raw materials and energy supplies. How can governments correct this imbalance? See in context

Should have created that proposed copy of the bubble economy, before that now unhealthy inflation started. But although late it’s not too late. Some significant helicopter money and a revival like in the 80’s and 90’s ignites and will astonish everyone and everywhere. Then there will still be inflation, but the percentage of unhealthy inflation caused by energy or food prices is fought back into an insignificant part of the whole inflation or let’s say in other words, the now much bigger, vivid and innovative economy easily outweighs those high prices for everyday life basics.

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Posted in: Lithium price jumps fivefold as demand surges for use in EV batteries See in context

That has been crystal clear as a very wrong way right from the beginning and hasn’t too much to do with the war. But let them go ahead a little more, as they really need to touch the hot plate in practice, like a toddler, otherwise they never won’t understand all the warnings.

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Posted in: Sapporo rejects referendum over bidding for 2030 Winter Olympics See in context

since its polling shows 52% to be in favor

That’s a great piece of ‘argumentation’ especially under but not limited to statistical considerations. lol

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Posted in: Majority of Japanese firms struggle to get materials due to war in Ukraine See in context

I would agree to quite a degree. The sanctions, embargoes and boycotts of course only can massively damage countries who also have a wide, active and vivid economy, and that’s by far the West itself, but surely not Russia. In relation or size comparison the Russian economy is of course a bit affected, but only corresponding to its much smaller size, let’s say about that of a country like Italy or so. And the rest is now affected at nearly whole global dimensions, because it represents all the non-Russian economies. Easy to understand, isn’t it? A severe ball hit into the own goal…

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Posted in: There are two thoughts behind the implementation of the campaign -- to get society moving again and to keep the outbreak under control. See in context

With my a little more mathematically based views I can see only two half thoughts into contrary directions, one half thought to get the society halfway moving again and the contradicting one half thought keeping the outbreak halfway under control. Summed up those vectoring half thoughts result in zero i.e. no thought at all, scientifically. lol

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